Clumsy nurse batch 26

Clumsy Nurse
Episode 73
” seems he is dead.”I dropped my phone tears streamed down my eye.
” madam …..
“shut up!!.” I screamed out and ran away , oh God not my Ryan plea-se.
if Ryan gets hurt am finished ,i will never forgive myself.
” madam he is in r.d” Rachel said runing out with me
I entered the car soon we arrived I rushed in people where bowing. I ran fas-ter trying to control my
tears. the lead doctor walked out , doctor Joe
” where Is ryan?” I asked him
” my lady, plea-se take left.
I rushed up with my guards.soon I arrived I looked at ryan throu-gh the glas-s opening of the door.
” madam he will be fine “rachel said.
I opened the door slowly and walked in,the nurse and doctor bowed.
“how is my fiancee,how is Ryan? ” I asked in tears.
” actually my lady ,he was sh0t and …
” and?
“well we alre-ady did our best.
I ran to the be-d and sat beside him
Ryan don’t get hurt plea-se.I hvgged him ti-ghtly.
Mr dervantes pov
its an awkward weather,I pickecall phone just then my boy Victor stormed in.
” why the rush?
“Ryan was sh0t.
“what! who sh0t my son.
“well it seems it was an accident,he c@m£ in contact with criminals… that’s what we Got
“criminals! better be criminals,where is Ryan?
“he is in r.d Right now sir.
“good ,call doctor damon and also call his mum. hand Ryan over to him Damon’s care.
“ok sir
he walked out.
clara’s pov.
I dried my tears and wiped my face on Ryan’s b©dy. Ryan’s mom walked in very young and
clas-sy. she dropped her bag she was streaming tears alre-ady.her guards stood outside.
“Anna what happened?” she asked me dropping her bag.
“mum I don’t know,I just got a call
she hvgged me and hvgged Ryan
” ryan you are okay right? tell me my love” no response a doctor walked in
” Mrs dervantes,my lady. u both shouldn’t be disturbing him…let him rest now.I am doctor damon I
will take care of Ryan
” but
“I beg of you
“I wiped my tears and walked out.Ryan’s mum t©uçhed my hair
“he will be fine
I stormed out and met liam coming in with his guard’s I paused and dried my tears . liam c@m£
” Anna?
” Liam,am….in a haste.” I looked at Rachel and tried walking out Liam dragged me back. i Pushed
my tears out with the BACK of my hand and folder my hands to my che-st.
“are u ok
” Yes ,am fine.
i tried waliking out he blocked me.he signaled all the guards to wait then he dragged me into the
elevator. soon we both stood on the roof t©p looking at each other and looking down at the world.
” did you tell lia what I said
” what are u saying, who is lia?.
” Clara cut it out … I know it’s you,it’s all you .
” Liam are u drun!k, is this how to console a person.
” won’t u just accept the fact, i alre-ady know it’s you.
” I am going out ,i dont un-derstand what you are saying. I tried walking out he dragged my hand
“Liam st©p you are adding to my pain.
he opened the door of the room on the roof t©p and dragged me in then he locked the door.I
looked around many lights sparkled.few chairs where there.very neat and spacious….from there
you could look Into the sky cos the roof was glas-s. I looked at Liam
” liam open the door,what are u doing?
he pu-ll-ed me to the wall gently and stood facing me
“Liam st©p,let me go
he care fully pu-ll-ed out the mask.and dropped it… I pushed him out of me and ran free
” why are you lying to me Clara,why lie to me too.I thought we where becoming something.
” liam just leave me alone,” I tried walking out he took my hands and held it ti-ght.
” I called you last night and u said u were not with a man but u were with Ryan.
“Liam you are hurting me, I am helping anna so I should live where she lives.
” so with Ryan is it plainly business or are you mixing it with plea-sure. are you staying with Ryan
as a lover Clara.
“Liam let me go! I pu-ll-ed him out and tried walking away he dragged me again and placed me on
the wall.
” Liam st©p!
he f0rç£fully k!$$£d myl-ips. I pu-ll-ed out
” Liam what are you doing ,” he c@m£ in again and k!$$£d me ti-ghtly . I pushed him out and
sl@pped him. he looked around and li-cked hisl-ips .
” so I mean nothing to you huh? u just sl@pped me cos i k!$$£d you , dont you feel anything for me
? not even mere attra-ction?. what am I to you,nothing?
” Liam what you were doing was wrong,you are hurting me.
“so what should i do? I am in love with you. you are back together with Ryan, you even live
together . it hurts, just when I thought we were getting somewhere.
“liam I never d@t£d u,I have the right to d@t£ any man I want and I have the right to be with
anyone. so just st©p
” Clara! Clara plea-se ,” he took my face into his hands. “Clara i love u very much, st©p hurting me
am jealous.u shouldn’t live with Ryan Clara, I thought u would finally give me chance.I never felt
this way before not for anyone plea-se.
“Liam I will never and i never meant to hurt you but am sorry.liam I am with Ryan now .let me
go,let me be.
I rushed out.
liams pov
this is why I always avoided love,why I bec@m£ a [email protected] makes me go crazy, It controls me.
I love Clara and am jealous.I don’t want her to be with ryan even if I have to expo-se her real
identity to the world I will, that way anna can go back to Ryan and Clara will come back to me.
I nee-d to meet malcom. i will tell malcom the truth ,i will do anything to be with clara.I headed
home and called Malcolm on phone
” liam king
” I have info for you
“is it important
” do I look like a kid
” what is it about
” Anna
” lets meet
“of course,I will text you the location
” anyhow you want it
I dropped my call.
Clara i love you and I want you.I nee-d you to be with me.I will do worse and I will do more…. to get you I will do anything.
I arrived my mansion and sat in the front yard
” welcome sir” a maid said
“get out ,all of you ,get out!” I said and the maid left.soon all the maids left.
better,I feel like being alone.I feel so much pain.
I finally s£nt a text to malcom
lets meet at silber stars,only by 6.
ok .
I dropped my phone.and sat quietly on my chair with my face up.I headed to my bar and picked
few drink I couldn’t even drink them so I kept them all on the table.I am really tired of this
lonelyness,I got tired of too many girls and finally I found one ,I found someone who meant
something,she was different from the rest but now I lost her too.
Liam must have been drun!k,the doctor alre-ady allowed us in But Ryan’s mum left. Ryan is not
waking up .i sat looking at Ryan quietly then I checked my’s been 3 hours, i didn’t resolve
the loz Angeles issue omg.
but why did Ryan get sh0t, my b©yfri£ndis not someone who is troublesome or who has
enemies.who could have sh0t ryan.I gently t©uçhed him just then it rang on me, why today of all
days,why now? oh no malcom wanted to distract me from me work. he knows ryan will make me
leave work. oh gosh its all malcom, if he did this then what’s his plan. I k!$$£d Ryan’s fore head
and stormed out almost guards followed me rachel c@m£ to me.
” where too?
“a.g.h.c., I nee-d to go to a.g.h.c now. malcom will do something, malcom wants to do something
big. if he could just shoot Ryan to distract me that means whatever he wants to do is something
“but madam are u sure malcom sh0t ryan
“he did, and that was his worst mistake. I nee-d to get to work now..
” but what if Ryan wakes up
” I nee-d to be in a.g.h.c ” I shouted in frustration as we stormed out the press rushed me security
covered me.
what’s going on…why is the press talking like this.i started breathing ha-rd .the crowd shouted
” A.G.H.C IS FRAUD!!!!!
what’s going on..oh God i don’t want any problems.I turned to Rachel
” what is it
” malcom, he did it
I took her phone from her as we walked throu-gh the press.what I saw made me st©p waking.
I DROPPED her phone and it broke.I almost fainted. oh no..oh no. i turned to Rachel
“Clara u have to BE strong,don’t cry. they can’t see u cry, be strong.
don’t let malcom think he won, he might have won but be strong, Clara hold it in.
I took a de-ep breath and wiped my tears. malcom has done the worst.
I smiled and walked down into my car almost falling I held myself. I entered the car and placed my
eye out the window my tears steamed…Anna I failed you… what will you do now.
~Anna’s pov~
finally I got to my critical level.I can’t move again. i thank God that if nothing else , tony was the
last man who made love to me.
right now am finished, my skin white. my hair face Dried. i cant move again I am halfly
dead. the doctor said it is a positive response to my medication.
being with Tony made me believe I can push throu-gh. I am happy because a.G.h.c is safe…at
least I secured it fast. Clara is protecting my most valuable commodity and I trust her.
if die I will die happily cos I know that Clara Will secure a.G.h.c and find my mom.she will secure
a.g.h.c into my mom’s name and Chase tonia out.Clara won’t fail me she can do it cos her name is
clara David.
someone alre-ady told me what malcom did, that was before this test began. do you know what I
relied her?
i said ” don’t tell me the problem malcom caused, rather tell me how Clara hit hm back.” yes thats
my watch word… everyb©dy makes mistakes but i guess the universe wanted to show Clara how
tough her new environment is so she will bu-tton up.
they gave my angel 72 hours before the final lockdown of all A.G.H.C’s hospitals. goodluck Clara I
know you will make it,but i might not be alive to hear how you thought malcom a lesson cos after
this test comes my surgery.but I know u will win ,even if I am not alive to hear it pls win for me
clara….. don’t ever get weak.Anna got weaker now,Anna can’t even stand up,I Wont pick if you
call. you are now alone Clara.
I felt something cover me as I closed my eye. I wonder what kind of test this is. I felt myself move
into a bigger computerized closed down on me and I heard voices
” Anna what’s the temperature in there If it’s h0t raise a f!nger.
I raised a f!nger up
Clara pov.
my name is clara David and I am not a failure.I will not let Ryan’s sickness pu-ll me down.I
promised Anna that I will fight for her and I am going to do that.
I will hit malcom back where it will hurt him ha-rd est.I can never get weak.I won’t shed a
one will make me shed a tears… Anna’s revenge just started its time to give all of them a piece of
their pie.
” madam all share holders are in the hall,there has been an emergency board meeting.what will u
tell them, how will u handle this Clara.
” let’s attend the meeting Rachel.
I packed my hair up… I nee-d to s£nd Liams address to lia if she doesn’t get her wallet today she
will loose that job opportunity.. now its alre-ady late.I hastily texted her
liams POV
I couldn’t even drink all the drinks I brou-ght out,I am experiencing a different kind of pain.
it’s almost time to meet malcom I better change.
I tried standing up when someone rushed in,she bowed I looked well and it was lia. she bowed
again and scratched her hair strolling in.I paused to wait for her.I can’t even describe what she is
she wore a black jean but it was obvious she was sagging. She wore a black cap then wore a
yellow shi-t.she wore a black school bag to her front then wore male sli-ppers.Jesus is this a
girl.she waved at me and rushed up matter what she is wearing her drop dead figure can’t be
hidden.finally she reached up and hastily re-moved her cap her long hair fell free .
” oppa…..sir,I c@m£ to take my wallet. quic-kly,I am almost going to loose my job. u see this job I
Got downtown, my letter is in that wallet. well I could have written another one but Clara wrote that
one and clara is my good luck charm so that’s why I nee-d that p@rticular can you give it
to me? I will just sit down and wait for you….go get it hurry! ” she sat on the floor then finally lay
flat. She turned to me and whispered” oppa quic-kly, my wallet .
I swear I didn’t even know when I smiled.
” Ok I will find your watch in my room where I kept it” I replied.
she nodded and I rushed into my room , I don’t even which one is her wallet.DiD the maid join all
the wallets together as one.. well I will give her the bag so she can find her own.I rushed out and
handed her the bag where 6 of my wallets where.she nodded and smiled I rushed in to change for
my meeting with malcom
I c@m£ back but i couldn’t find lia again ,omg could lia have gone with all the wallets? oh jeez
important cards are there where did she go too.
I entered my car and and rushed out after her seems she alre-ady went for her work…ahhh.I
paused my car and sat on the road.wait she got a job downtown.. ok.
I drove down and there she sat with her legs crossed on a pavement. her hands in between her
legs.her curly hair fell all over her face ..she is beautiful but she looked sad.I horned and she
looked up then she sh0t a tear filled smile at me.. she bowedsmishe ully and ran to me leaving her
cap well as her school bag.
” am sorry ,I didnt know when I ran off with your wallets.” she handed it to me
“Ok ,so did you get the Job.
she scratched her hair
“well , they said am not proper so…
” who ever said that ,the person must be drun!k
“heish its ok, I just nee-ded the money I hate the Job anyway
” so uhmmm ,are you going somewhere
” No,am just waiting for my friend..Ahhh there he is.” she pointed at a p@rticular boy who walked
out and sat near her bag he opened it and took out a gum,the same boy that hvgged her that very
day .
” Ok, if you want I can drop you
” sure why not , hey Ray quic-kly!!
the boy stood up and bowed to me both of them entered my car and this was the worst decision of
my life.they opened up all my Windows and f0rç£d their faces out.the noise was frustrating but i
swear she is ma-king my day… both of them sang in crazy voices till i turned off my radio. she
looked out the window for a while and turned to me laughing
“oppa you won’t believe that mad man was dancing..ahh so sweet ” she smiled and sat back i
“lia I told you to dress better but you prefered to wear my cloth” Raymond said
I turned in shock ,are they living together?
” uhmm do u guys live together?
” most times ” Raymond replied
I nodded.
soon raymon dropped and shouted to her from the window
” don’t forget Saturday night!
” ok
he left. Saturday night,they must have a d@t£
” uhmmm sir
” tell me
” why don’t u give me job
” what!
“I can be your gardener,cleaner,cook uhmmm sweeper ,maid anything that gives money
” uhhh can you really work as my maid
“Yes ..but how much will u pay me
“any amount you want
” anything you want lia.
she smiled happily and cl@pped her hands together. as long as she is clara’s sister I will give her
anything she wants.
” I am re-ady
“oh that’s good.
“if you want I can start today
I remembered I s£nt all my maids away , I might nee-d help
“Ok. you can start right away.
she smiled and nodded soon we arrived my house..I c@m£ down and she too c@m£ out
” I will look around sir
I walked in.
after close to 30 minutes I c@m£ out and watched her,she stood looking into the pool smiling .I
remembered the day Clara’s mum warned her to st©p swimming..she must really like water.she
squ-atted and watched the water like she was scared to di-p a f!nger.
Lia’s pov
Ahhh this cute sir has a cute house.
“its so pretry” I shouted .just then I heard his foot steps I turned he held a wra-pped outfit.
” if you want to swim you are free” he said
” but , won’t the mermaids think I am one of them ?” I asked innocently shooting my blue eye into
his and scratching my hair.he smiled
“No this is not the river ,there are no mermaids here.don’t worry I smiled
” why do you like water so much?
” it’s just like me ,calm when I want to be and destructive when I want to be
he smiled and pushed the cloth closer to me.
” take left
I walked behind and re-moved my cloth then I opened the outfit he gave me was a swim suit very pretty.I wore the was short but covered my h!pI guess long enough.then I wore the half cut.I looked at myself in the mirror…omg I look like a girl..I look to h0t..what if he….no ,no. I rushed out and he looked at me for a while his eye searching from my leg to my h!p.I moved my curly hair and smiled
“u look pretty” he said
“thank you
” there’s water …swim all you want.” he rushed into his house I smiled and dived into the pool.
Rachel’s pp oo vv
I and clara Got close to A.g.h.c.I looked at Clara , how will she convince her investors not to go?,
this might be the end of all Annastasia’s ha-rd work.
I watched Clara who looked out the’s time to find out who is smarter between u
two.Ryan is at the hospital i still can’t believe she left Ryan at the hospital, gradually she is
becoming re-ady and ruthless,just like Anna.minutes later we arrived a.G.h.c… Clara walked she walked the press rushed her she didn’t say a word. she wore a thick Red suit. her walking
steps where fast and perfect just like Anna when she is angry.
Clara walked into the main hall. she wasn’t smiling at all , soon the door man opened the door she walked in.
all investors where panicking.some where standing,sitting,strolling,
shouting.oh jeez! Clara walked in fully and took Anna’s chair.they all turned to her.
tonia pov
finally Anna c@m£ I thougt she won’t.
hahaha all your investors are about to leave Anna , how will u convince them to stay with you in this fire.I can’t wait to watch a.G.h.c loose all investment and investors..even if Anna later
succeeds in covering up the drug case she won’t have a single share holder again and no one in their right mind will invest again…soon they will leave u, just give them 20 minutes.
” is this hall now a secondary school as-sembly”Anna said calmly opening her file.
” Anna didn’t u see the news? something so big happened and we are scared” a share holder
” Anna what where you doing when something so big…..
” Anna we are sorry but we can’t continue with you. we are scared and you alre-ady lost. I
personally I am withdrawing my shares.
“me too
“me too
“me too
“me too
” I too
“me too
” me too
“I can’t stay
” am scared me too.
hahahaha I love this they are all leaving how will Anna convince them to stay.
” I don’t back out from a battle field rather i embr@ce war, because I am a Grande . we are in the middle of war we should fight together and we still have 3 days to win this war ” Anna said
” Anna u have 3 days but we have 2. didn’t u see the verdicts? on the third day no investor can withdraw their investments anymore.
” Anna we just lost a.G.g.c -l, plus Chicago which we alre-ady lost .now in 3 days time all a.G.h.c
br@nch in the world will be lost,we will losse our ha-rd earned money so don’t blame us for
picnicking.if we are to stay with you we nee-d an as-surance ” Mr Choi said.all investors started nodding.
” if there is no hope we Will all withdraw our shares so we won’t die when a.g.h.c is dying “Lee
Jung woo said
” what kind of hope can she give us,we have only two days,let’s leave now. remember the
verdict,act fast act now.” president gu said
” what is the as-surance you are giving to us Anna… why should we stay with you even with the
fear of loss of investment. mr kang said
Anna stood up
” I Will solve this problem and no investor who sticks with me will have regrets.i am a true grande and my word is law. i give you my word, In 1 day I will solve this issue. stick with us for only 1 days and if at the end of 1 days I didn’t solve this issue then all investors are free to withdraw their shares before the third day . this is my word. this is my law. this is my as-surance to you, just a days.
” all right Anna ,we will watch u win this war. One day it is.
oh no ,well let me see what Anna can do in 1 day.
“the meeting is adjourned” .she walked out.
Rachel’s pov.
wow I love Clara …I love how she handled this.she walked out to me.
” I want to meet malcom
” what!!!!” I started shaking
she turned to look at me her eye pained and red
” malcom Manche-ster,foun-der of m.h.c. I want to meet that Bastard.
I started shaking in fear,who doesn’t fear that man ,malcom is dangerous oh God.
” take me ,take me to m.h.c
I looked into Clara eye and I swear those eyes are worse than of Anna.
we entered the car and took off I almost peed on myself.
lias pov
omg its alre-ady evening ,Icant believe am still in liams house he didn’t go out cos I told him I can’t stay alone.right now he is in his room and I am in his kitchen.he has not been out for a while i
wonder whats wrong.but wait , I am home alone in a house with a man who is not related to me
..Jesus am a girl..oh gosh lia what where you thinking…where are the other maids then. that cute sir hadn’t eaten anything since… am cooking but i dont know of he will eat.
soon I was Done .I wore my cap well do he won’t see my disappointed face when he insults Me for cooking.
I rushed into his room and knocked
“it’s open
I opened the door he held a glas-s of wine.he dropped his glas-s of wine on the table then looked at me
” uhmm do you want something
“well ,have you ever heard of ulcer?
he chuckled so sweetly
” what happened to ulcer ” he asked looking up at me
” well its very deadly and if A person doesn’t eat it develops ,clara Told me that
” and
” well you had not Eating anything sir so I …. well I … the thing Is, I cooked for you but i don’t know of you will like it.
he didn’t talk so I leaned quietly on his door
” oppa should I come closer?
he smiled again and nodded I rushed over and knelt on the floor so i can easily set the food on the little table which was there.soon I was Done .I knelt properly sitting on my leg.don’t mind me this is my best sitting position he didn’t t©uçh the food.I used the cap to cover my face well
” uhmmm don’t you like it?
he finally picked the fork and tasted my food.. just then I felt him re-move my cap from my face
” it’s delicious” he said and I smiled happily cl@pping my hand together.
he ate my food but he didn’t t©uçh fish I stupidly used my f!nger to cut out fish for him I tried placing it in his plate then I got myself..omg what did Clara teach me? I forgot he’s not my family
member and I used my f!nger . I tried dropping it back on the plate when he spoke
“I thought that was for me
” the fish
” well
he shifted his plate and I placed it smiling.then I care fully cleared out the remaining bones.I like him , he is kind. but it seems he likes Clara,this cute sir.
I saw the news of Ryan on the t.v.omg really , Ryan was sh0t ,I nee-d to call my clara.i picked my phone Liam didn’t talk.
” oh hy, Lia.
” what!oh hy , lia. who am i unto?
” lia its me , did you get the Job
Jesus what happened to my Clara her voice changed and she’s too serious
” No I couldn’t but Liam gave me a job
” where?
” well…. well… in his house ,as a maid.
” that’s good ,don’t worry Liam is a nice person. he found out about Anna he knows the truth .
“oh ok, so how are you Clara
” am not fine lia. Ryan, I should be with him right now but i dont know when next I will be able to see him. it’s time to get my revenge ,no one had the right to hurt the man that I love.
” Clara don’t act In anger
“you alre-ady know what my anger is like Lia.
” be careful,bye.
I dropped the call and looked at Liam.
” it’s good,thanks.
I smiled
“Clara thought me
he didn’t talk
” that Clara , uhmmm tell me about her?
” ahh I will write a book
he smiled
” Clara is kind ,innocent, sweet. but clara can be the most dangerous and wicked person on earth
if you annoy her. i remember the man that beat her mum when she was just 18, clara poured fuel on him and lit him on.
” what?
” clara david is a tiger inside. calm on the outside but deadly inside. u will only see her other side
if you annoy her but luckily she never gets annoyed
” what happened to the man
” thanks to the crowd of women the man had harrased someone else took claras blame , the wife of a lawyer and the case was covered as self defense.
” nice
” but shes gentle, she places others happiness over hers just like she is doing for Anna now cos
Anna is dying
” wait, Anna Is dying?
“Yes ,Anna is dying. that’s why Clara will take her place only until she gets back. clara has to live in that cruel world,she must be in so much pain.
his phone rang he placed it on his ear and looked in my face for a while as I knelt down… then he looked down and finally spoke.
” am no longer interested malcom,I will make it up for disturbing you.
“Ok… rest well.
and those where the only two statements I heard . I re-moved the plate and cleared out
everything.then I walked out.
after all my firmness I have one big problem ,I can’t sleep alone. it started after my best friend was R@p£d. that singular incident changed a lot of things in my life,a was in my room that
clara’s mum cleaned her up .. she was still a little she was ra-pped at 14, ever since then slee-ping alone sacred me cos they c@m£ in throu-gh her room window and if only she sle-pt with her sister she could have been safe. I guess that was why I prefer looking like a boy cos girls are soft and helpless.. we are helpless.that night as Clara’s mum cleaned her blood,Clara also vowed not to sleep with or d@t£ any boy. she said she would rather become a nun. I was surprised when she gave it to Ryan,she must really love ryan. I like Liam ,I liked him ever since he c@m£ to our
house but i just like him as a person I guess. I looked at the be-d for a while, well lia! its time to be a big girl.
I jumped on the be-d and closed my eye , I heard noises and I rushed up..oh jeez it was a hawk.
mmmmm maybe I will just sit by the door so I can easily run away.I sat their quietly until liam
opened the door.i turned in shock.
” will you sleep with me?
” waaaaa….
Rachel’s POV
its really late , only dangerous people operate at night.Clara David what are you made of ?Clara is not scared of malcom,no single fear is written in her eye. soon we arrived m.h.c .malcom was
walking out smiling with his guards around him.. the bright lights sparkled. Clara fearlessly walked to him Jesus I was shaking, malcom st©pped in front of her with his guard’s.
” hahaha Annastasia, did you come to……………
Clara raised her left hand and sl@pped him fearlessly. I almost peed in my p@n-t. malcoms guards rushed out malcom told them to st©p
” that was for hurting ryan” Clara said with a very anger and Pain filled face,malcom smiled.
“I don’t know what you mean, i am A very kind man and I didn’t hurt anyb©dy.
“hahaha I always knew you were scared of me malcom Manche-ster.
” u can’t even accept the simple fact that u sh0t Ryan cos you are scared of me,u are sacred of
what I will do to you.
“am not scared of anyone!!” malcom shouted
“yes you are ,you are scared of Me so scared you are shivering.
” i said i am not scared.
” if you are fearless why don’t u challenge me by confessing to your crime. you are not scared right? then why are u denying the fact that you sh0t Ryan. scared fool, u know what I will do to u and that’s why you are scared.
” I malcom, I fear no one Anastasia. no one, not even God.
” but you fear me ,your boys should laugh at you cos you are a coward.they all know u sh0t Ryan
but you are denying it because of a are denying it because you fear what Anna can
do!!”clara shouted
” Anna can do nothing,yes I sh0t Ryan. bring it on Annastasia! I sh0t him,i sh0t ryan.I sh0t him
and I enjoyed it .I am challenging you Anna what will you do!.
” good ,”
” yes.
” listen now malcom, run for life cos I am coming back at you.remember the old saying, an eye
for an eye,a tooth for a tooth.but I promise you today malcom, I will not follow the old rules…..
” Anna!!
” shut up!! ” Clara shouted
” don’t dare me Anna
” malcom manche-ster , between me and you ,it is not an eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth.
rather!!, an eye for two eyes and a tooth for two teeths.
” Annastasia!!
” a hospital for two hospitals, a loved one for two loved ones . I will hit u twice as ha-rd . always
remember this, an eye for two eyes.
Clara Turned and walked away. I froze what a threat.
malcom looked very shocked and scAred.
I swear Clara is worse than Anna. I am suddenly scared of her.

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