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June 18, 2021


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Clumsy nurse batch 24

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she turned her face and the lights went off.

” Anna are ok

” yes just work on the lights

” ok… what did that stupid boy do this time. I turned and walked out ..

claras pov

omg that was close … Ryan almost saw me.I somehow wished he would see me..I really wished

he saw me so I can blame it on coincidence.i miss and desire him so much.i pulled myself up and

walked out I wrapped the towel round my body.the lights came I faced the mirror and wore my

mask.just then Ryan opened the door I walked to him

” what went wrong

” it’s been resolved


I nodded and walked out.both of us strolled down into the room i pulled my gown in and removed

the towel I hanged it.

” let’s eat

I nodded.

we walked into the dinner.I love Ryan’s house.I saw Anna’s picture on the wall the woman of this

house I smiled and looked at her.Anna I already promised myself not to be jealous of u concerning

ryan..we won’t fight over him.let fate lead.

I looked smiled as he used his fork

” Anna Is this woman really your best cooking choice, her food is not that great

” well I didn’t know ..sorry ” I said forcing the food into my mouth ryan pulled me closer and used

his fingers to wipe my lips he licked his


” eat carefully


” although I think it tastes better from your lips

I smiled. so sweet soon we were done eating. the maid cleared I and ryan sat on the parlour

couch. I sat a little distance from him

” uhmmm is something wrong?” he asked


” it’s just that you are unlike you ,why are u avoiding intimacy.


” I told u I wanted to make us work right so are u really going to stay with me like just a friend.

” no.. that’s my not plan… actually I was just carried away thinking about work

” well there Is no work now…he dropped the remote on the table and kissed me .oh gosh I don’t

want Ryan to do this with me as Anna.I won’t forgive him for cheating.even if i left him hes still

meant for Clara. just then my phone rang thank God.I picked up and it was diana.I hid the phone

” uuhmmmm can I …I will ‘be back.


I stood up and rushed in I carefully locked the door and sat on the bed with my legs tight.I was

shivering with pain.I picked

” Clara

” oh

” did I distract something

” no its fine

” why ‘re u crying

” am not


” Ryan forgot about me Diana

“but you

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are with him right … I don’t get

” well I didn’t tell him am Clara .. I can’t cos Anna didn’t tell me to kick off my romance with Ryan

again,he’s still hers I can’t hurt her.

“oh Clara

“but i had hope…I said this breathing and swallowing hard. I thought Ryan will

recognise me

Diana. I cried out and used my hand to cover my mouth

“he didn’t?

” he didn’t ..he completely stopped loving me.he didn’t even recognize my body..he couldn’t

recognize my naked body but he made love to me.

“u guys?….

” yes i did ,i can’t go on Diana,i might fail Anna… I can’t handle the pain I feel when he is kissin ,

caressing ,caring,

,desiring,touching me. cos he is doing all this to Anna .. he even wanted to make love to me. the

last time he slept with Anna really killed me if he does it again I won’t handle it

“but Clara its you

“he doesn’t know that….he is doing all this to Anna not me not me Diana.I cry every minute.I might

develop heart pain.

“Clara its ok but if u can’t handle staying together U can go Anna’s suite

” seems I will Diana..I can’t concentrate.

“it’s ok.

I dropped the call.and hastily wiped my tears with both hands.. so paining.i opened the door and

walked out to Ryan in the living room.he looked at me

“are u ok

“yes am fine.

I faced the screen.

lias pov

wait where is my wallet important files are in it. even my application later and tommorow is the

interview day …ahhh does my enemies want this break to waste.I started looking around the

house but no sign of it .am dead.

Anna’s pov

I hadn’t called Clara i really wonder how she is doing.I might call her tomorrow.I hope she is not

missing still waiting for that stupid lazy doctor… thoughts of him gives me head ache.

Clara pov.

I turned and ryan was looking at me with so much pleasure I can’t handle it anymore i need to go.

” uhmmm Ryan


“actually I need to stay in my suite


“well I have a big project coming so I need concentration

“how long will u stay away from me

” few weeks.

he smiled

“ok sure.

I rushed in and packed up a small bag I changed and wore my school bag accross my back . I wore a better slipper .i arranged my hair.I better go before I die of jealousy. soon I was good I

walked down Ryan sat on the couch

” Ryan be safe and careful

he nodded.

I walked out soon I got to the car.I dropped my bag.. just then I heard Ryan’s voice shout

” hey CLUMSY!!!!!” he said laughing

I turned to look at him he smiled and waved at me

” hey clara…did u really think I won’t recognize you….


by me and only me (haha).

Ryan !!!” I said crying he walked down to me.

” are u not indeed clumsy ,do u really believe I won’t recognize you ,even if I die my dead body will

still love you..even if i was blind I will recognize u .Clara I recognized u immediately u stepped into

the room.. you sleeping on your side was just an added information, your beautiful legs, wide hip,

beautiful teeth, eating style e.t.c was just an added information ,your shyness?,”Ryan something Is

at the door ?”.I knew u where too shy to wear your cloths in my presence cos you are Clara …my

clumsy look more pretty enough of this game he pulled off the mask my tears

streamed down as he lifted me into his arms

” will you live with me now

I chuckled

“yes for sure

he smiled and we walked inside.I sat on the bed.

” u really think I wanted Anna that much,cared that much ,u think I said those beautiful things to

Anna ?,I did and said all that because I knew it was you…it will always be you. ” I hugged him.he

unlocked and smiled

“thank you for helping Anna

I smiled.

he gently turned my face and kissed me very slowly and beautifully oh God i missed him but

Anna.I slowly withdrew.

thank God he didn’t understand what happened.he thought it was a simple kiss. Anna sent me

here I don’t have the right to be intimate with her husband.what will I do now.I looked at Ryan and

took my lower lips into my mouth looking down.God I need self control from heaven.

” uhmmm sir ryan I will be in the shower

“bath again



I stood up and walked out what’s with my tummy. I walked into the shower then I saw a cupboard

on the Anna i smiled and opened it.her toiletries where there.her

cream,soap.wait is this water? I lifted the sachet its very flush,flush what.

I saw the bigger pack and turned the back to read. natural and hormone strengthening .hmmm

my hormones are weak I always feel stomach pain. gosh no direction for use… too bad I took out

one sachet and still went through her cupboard. ahhh I hate being curious what is it for.

Anna’s pov

what a lazy doctor am still waiting for injection , ahhh.just then he walked in

” hey listen ,don’t ever call me 22 again ,I don’t like that.” I said looking at my arms where he would


” if u don’t like 22 maybe I will call you

p – left

” p ,p what” I said angrily lifting my face just to see Tony

” Tony ?

” Anna ?

“omg Tony

” hey 22 don’t shout.

I wiped my tears and he hugged me .

“Anna how Come you are

“I don’t know

” u will be fine trust me

he hugged me deeply again.God I didn’t know u answered prayers just the arm I wanted to be in..

finally he unlocked

” Anna I hope you are tough for injections now

” yes

“ok your hand.

I gave him my hand and he tried pressing in I hastily collected my hands crying he laughed out

” really ,Alexandra the first?

I hit him and he smiled.

” it’s not painful ,trust.. will u trust me

I smiled and nodded.

” close your eye

I closed my eye tight and he kissed my lips I deepened the kiss when I finally unlocked I saw the

white cotton on my bleeding hand.he was done injecting.

” hey , how dare u trick me with a kiss

“even though u dont love me anymore I am honoured that my kiss still holds the power to trick

you ” he said and i looked down

” I will be going ,I have surgery


he walked out just then Ryan called me

” Ryan

” Anna u broke my heart


” not telling me the truth ,I won’t forgive u for that

” sorry….

” are u really sorry

” yes

” ok I forgive you but send a message too u hear

” but am a sick patient

” hey

” ok I will , how Is Clara

” fine ,she’s good

‘ok good night ,I love you

” I love you too

” I love you 3

“I love you 4

” sir ryan !!!!!!!!!!” Clara shouted we both laughed . I dropped the call.hmmmm seems sickness

made my life beautiful.I need to call Clara.

Clara pov

I closed the cupboard and opened the sachet if Anna takes it it must be healthy. her skin is good I

tried drinking just then my phone rang Anna called I smiled.perfect timing

” hy clara” Anna said

“hy unnie

she chuckled

” are u ok

” curious, this uhm instant flush how to use it..

” awwwn so u guys already had sex,how was it ?

” Jesus!!” I screamed .shes so open with the word . I threw away the sachet thank God i didn’t

drink..Clara your mouth will kill u

” what’s Jesus here, u should take it not more than 5 minutes after’s effective and natural.

totally safe. its better than adding salt to water or any of those drinks..its perfect I swear no side

effects…trust me, try it huh

Jesus who am i taking too.what is anna saying

” Anna won’t u be angry if Ryan and I start… uhmm

she chuckled.

” omg I was expecting this.Clara do u think I will send u to Ryan’s house if I was jealous

” well

” I would have just sent you to my suite.but I want u two to be together, I didnt send u to his house

to be looking at the wall I sent u to have your man…he is yours. have fun.enjoy the moment so u

dont have regrets .when the future comes u know the future has come.

” really

” yes i give you u full license to be a lover to Ryan. Clara am not jealous I swear its even what I are making a huge sacrifice for when u are outside u have to be Anna ,

work,stress your brain.but when u come home , when u are with Ryan u must be clara have

fun,live a little,have crazy sex,dance, go on dates,enjoy dating him..I didn’t let u enjoy dating him

before so dont ruin this one…

I smiled


” that’s my angel but don’t let anything come between your work focus…

” ok madam

” woooooow so what are we waiting for,where are you

” shower I was …

” sweet , go out quickly and tell him to take action… what are you wearing

I started laughing.

” omg she’s shying for me!!” anna shouted ,gosh Anna is kind and fun.any man will be lucky to

have her

” Anna i have not learnt how to tell him that i always wait for him go first, am shy

” ahhh who said the man should always go first .. sometimes u should try pleasuring him ,

knocking him off his feet

” what!!!” I said and chuckled shyly

” yes !” Anna said

” heish, I dont know how to do that ..I said looking up and scratching my hair

Anna laughed at me

” why?..

” well….., hey Annastasia did u forget everything about not experienced in that field… am a

very big novice.. I don’t know anything.

Anna chuckled sweetly

” so shall I teach you

” yes

” ok expect the pdf.

I smiled I know she’s kidding

” Anna thank…

“Clara thank….

we both said it together.I smiled.

” I am happy clara

” me too.

we both laughed simultaneously

” tell me something?” anna said

” what

“if u rejected someone’s ….

” love before how do u tell the person you want him back ?

” how did u know

” well Tony is in London so I expected this

she chuckled

” so

” just kiss him for a long time and unlock then say” I love you ,now and forever ,I never stopped

loving you.repeat

” yes,I love u now and forever,I never stopped loving you .

” perfect he will come back

“and after that?

” hot sex follows

” Jesus Clara I thought u said u were innocent

“well…my mouth isn’t

we both laughed

” hahahaha I love you Anna

” I love you more.

I rushed into the room Ryan was not there I looked at my body..gosh this pajamas is not sexy. I

smiled and wore my long that’s not sexy at all…. I need Ryan to to make love to me

tonight I missed him and I have no regrets Anna is fully with me .I smiled to myself… but am too

shy to tell him that.i used my hand to cover my mouth. awwwwwn I feel so sweet.i jumped up

dancing and smiling. I laughed out with both hands on my chest i wore my white transparent

singlet… I looked down and used my hand to cover my breast I instantly removed it.that was too

seductive…I picked my handless, he will know I want to seduce him. ahhh what kind of

girl am I.infact whatever.I better just Tie my white wrapper. I tied the wrapper well across my chest

no no no. if he is touching my br**st from the wrapper It will be boring. or maybe he would

remove it right?. like this , I tried untying the wrapper it was too tight.shit this wrapper is a mood

killer I untied it..oh Diana I need your help just call me. my phone rang I checked the door Ryan

was carried away with the news so I fell on the bed comfortably. it was diana

” hi Clara

” hey bes

” how are u now

“so great..Ryan was kidding

” enjoy

I smiled

” uhmmm diana I wanted to ask u something

” tell me

” well.. Ethan how do u tell Ethan that …I mean to… erhmmm well what I wanted to Say is uhmmm

Ethan your boyfriend who is also my friend yes.

how do u uhmmm , infact I dont know forget it .. Diana laughed out

“Clara if you are too shy to say it to me how will you say it to Ryan

” i dunno

” well i had this stupid challenge too with Ethan at first after he deflowered me so I was always shy

to tell him when I wanted him to …. so i called mum and she said just tell him, or let your cloth tell

him.or try foreplay with him he will know what u want

” what…no I can’t do that…ahhh bad news.all of them fail…goodnight.

” ok just tell him the same way u tell him u love him , Ryan make love to me I miss you

” Jesus Christ!!!”I shouted Diana laughed

” infact don’t stress just wear that transparent singlet we bought with a free skirt.or lie clothless he

Will fall , if u looze your ability to seduce your man that’s a very big problem … i know he will come

around but hey !!!

” yes

” don’t let him abuse living together..

” yes mum

she laughed. Diana is a good friend .she always has an advice to drop.. I jumped down and picked

my singlet no no …it’s too ….I dropped it and wore my normal sleeping wear.just then Ryan came


he sat on the bed and I sat beside him

he removed his bracelet and his top

“I kinda felt hot.” he said I smiled and looked in his face

” uhmmm Ryan

” my love” he fell on his pillow and turned to look at me pushing himself to lie well.

i crawld and sat beside him with my legs folded.this is lia’s sitting position when she wants to ask

for money.

” well I ..

“u what … do u need something

“yes i do.. uhmmm well…I looked around

“Clara when did you start stammering”he said smiling sweetly

” well I just wanted to say”..I moved my hair into my ear and shut my mouth up. ryan smiled

” say it

” I just felt like saying … well ryan I feel…. uhmmm I have

“u have?

I closed my eye tight

“I have head ache..gimme drugs ” i said.

he laughed.



Ryan chuckled and handed me drugs I smiled and fell on my pillow ..nice fail Clara stupid you .

I arranged my pillow and forced sleep.

Ryan turned off the annoying….hah.

gosh I need to wake by 5 Anna’s dad is on drip.

early the next morning I arose and took a quick bath that way I can easily visit Anna’s dad … i

wore my bra and pant then tied the towel again.i was about wearing my jean when Ryan shouted

” Clara its 2:30


“are u a ghost… u didn’t even check ur time…. u be winch abi u dey fly for night?(crazy mood)

” ahhh I was just hurrying. too bad.

Ryan stood up

“I have early surgery I think bathing and sleeping again is better

I smiled and ryan walked into the shower.I dropped the jean and removed the towel.I wore my

white singlet and tied wrapper around my pant.holy ghost fire he might see my pant.I untied the

wrapper and wore my short . I removed the i can feel comfortable…omg i feel coldaround

morning bath bad idea.I picked my laptop.I need to go through today’s report since I missed work.

I logged in and seems all activities was normal. I used the bed cover to cover myself as I lay on

the bed with the system on me. I felt ryan walk out. I looked up .he walked to the other side of the

bed. yummy!!, that stature.I smiled and looked down he wore a white short.flattering every thing

sexy about him.mostly hes clean skin. he applied cream on his hair and moved it back then he fell

on the bed.Ryan turned to me

” are you cold?

“me yes … no .. I mean not that cold.” i said . gosh what am I doing.I gently knocked my head he

smiled .

he took the system from me and moved in by me .

he lay on his side looking at me with his head on his palm. then he softly brushed his fingers on

my tummy I smiled relaxing myself.he traced his finger tip from my arm up to my ear Touching

softly then he moved into my ear I felt his breath , beautiful. he kissed into my earlobe Biting softly

then i felt his voice light into my ear like breath,

“that head ache you had earlier has it stopped?” he asked me .

” me headac…….. yes it stopped” I said remembering my stupid lie .

Ryan kissed my neck slowly grazing his lips

“do u feel any other sickness?

“no .. am fine.

“Oh really “he came off then he traced his fingers to my tummy then he Rubbed on my lower belly

in a slow clockwise motion,…. he pressed deeper as he got lower right above my pubic bone.

“so what kind of head ache was it ” Ryan said as he pressed his fingers Into my short and brushed

on the surface from pubic bone to my vaginal surface.he kept shifting my pant gently brushing his

hand on the surface I started coughing. Ryan smiled and brushed out his fingers.

” tell me was it migraine,severe or just light ” he said this brushing his hands into my thigh he

Rubbed my inner and outer thighs firmly in circular stroking motions.

” well it was severely light.” I said

” so tell me ,what do u think was caused it” he brushed his fingers to my br**st and gently

squeezed softly… wow that’s sweet

“I asked u


he smiled and moved his finger To the other one

“what caused the head ache?

” mnmmm,well…”I started coughing

“I didnt have headache I wanted u to make love to me ” i said and shut my eye quickly .I heard

Ryan chuckle

” thank u for confessing ” he said

and kissed into my neck , grazing on my neck sweetly and Breathing very gently over the sides

of my neck to my ears then he circled his tongue around the edges . i smiled out moans . as he

came into my lips ryan kissed me for a while Gently nibbling on my bottom lip i deepeened

kiss.he unlocked and ran his finger on my lips then he kissed me again and sent his finger to my

br**st he stroked softly from my singlet

he sent his hand to my other breast and pressed playfully . we kissed deeply our tongues Met

meanwhile Ryan’s finger was already deeping into my singlet from the tummy side he got to my

br**st again and gently circled his thumb on my ni**le I moaned gently into our kiss then I felt his

both hands on my singlet.he unlocked and pulled my singlet out I helped him remove it from my

head he smiled and kissed me again while arranging my hair which fell apart… Ryan unlocked

from my kiss and grazed his lip on my neck sweetly to my shoulders I moaned wordlesly as he

traced those sweet kisses into the hollow of my throat then down into my neck bone . Ryan gently

licked around my cleavage he licked down into my tummy and kissed up again through my waist side. I moaned sweetly as he kissed the sides of my br**st… ignoring my ni**le he licked the

space between my breast I finally he took my ni**le into his mouth and sucked me softly like I was

going to disappear.

he unlocked and kissed my lips again I brushed my fingers on his shoulders from behind. Ryan

looked down and sucked my other ni**le then he brushed his fingers into my thighs . he used his

fingers to unzip the short… he stopped sucking me and I relaxed my back well as Ryan used his

both hands to lift my hip up from the bed he carefully pulled out my shot.I relaxed my hip down and

he kissed ny lips sweetly his chest rubbing against my nipple .he licked into my neck and used his

finger to rub my crotch through my pants carefully pressing on my v*gina I kissed into his lips.

Ryan unlocked and looked down into my thigh . he used one finger to softly remove my pant he

dropped it.and still looked down I got shy was is he looking .I carefully used my hand to cover

down there Ryan chuckled and removed my hands then I closed my legs tightly together. he

kissed my lips and I felt his fingers touch the surface softly I gently arched my waist as he sent his

hands deeper .. i finally opened my legs he widened it better .

he deeper his fingers into his lower cupboard for a while I don’t know why but when he fingered

me his hands felt cold and lubricated so sweet. ryan fingered me perfectly. he rubbed on my clits,

rubbing up and down, side to side perfectly until I began to shake gently arching my waist.. ryan

carefully took my ni**le into his mouth then he separated my labia and gently stoked his dripping

wet fingers softly.he swiped from my clit to my opening then up to my clit again …he did this for a

sweet while and I felt some orgasms cooking up. Ryan licked me down to my navel then up to my

lips and finally penetrated me with one finger. I moaned out as he rubbed the right spot . without

stress he found my g spot (upper wall of the v*g*na)and used his Thumb to massage it deeply for

a while , then he doubled his fingers penetrating me with two fingers i groaned arching my

back.Ryan massaged my g-spot from inside and rubbed my clit from outside.I felt myself coming

as I began to shake softly

” ryan i am about to….” he rubbed his fingers again i started shaking sweetly,I took a rough a

breath and moaned out a sweet climax. I climaxed for a while I was happy . I took my breath back

Ryan is so sweet.

he kissed me softly as he rose fully on me we kissed for long minutes then he widened my leg

and came comfortably between.. he grabbed my hip and pressed in

i groaned out

“Jesus ryan” I was so wet, it didn’t take much for his erection to find its way into my opening .

Deep inside of me. So deep, I screamed out

“Ooooohhhhh Ryan !” . I widened my leg then he straddled me like like no man’s business. he

started very slowly I moaned sweetly as Ryan sank deeper stroking me softly. he increased his

speed a little as he pounded me deeply and kept increasing his pace. i kept shrieking moans .

suddenly Ryan started pounding me harder and faster than before , oh God sweeter until it got

(sweetisticated) .

” oh ryan ” I moaned he kissed my lips deeply and i brushed my fingers from his hair to his back

..holding him like he was mine. he continued stroking me hard , he rode me like that making Me

moan carelessly

” oh ryan…mmm… I love you… . We continued on like this for a while then magically we both

climaxed simultaneously . i climaxed again .. I had a vaginal climax this time.i got too weak. he too

climaxed hotly but i guess inside the condom cos i didn’t feel that sweetness… I didn’t even know

he used a condom. I wanted him to wet me so i can try Annas drink well next time he must get me

dripping. oh sweet Ryan moved his hip in a little circular motion making me smile… then he

pulled out and lay beside me on the bed gasping sweetly I closed my eye cos I got weak.

I knew when Ryan walked into the shower.I smiled to myself it was all sweet I was sweating

profusely… oh thank God for energy to wait until he came.. I lost my strength half way. what a

sweet night. Ryan walked out and lay by Me with the towel on his waist.did he bath again. a man

is even cleaner than me.he touched my hair sweetly pulling me to lie on his chest.

” did your severely light head ache disappear?.

I smiled and ate into his lips stealing a kiss.

“sir Ryan


“I love you

he smiled

“Mrs Ryan


“I love u more than u love me

” it’s a lie I love u more

” ahhh lie I know I love u more.

I smiled

” thank you oppa


“for choosing me for your health mission…I really dreamed of meeting you.

Ryan smiled

” thank u for being u Clara…I would have been meaningless if I didn’t meet a Clara David

“I smiled

” really

“Yes really

” so sweet

he smiled and I licked his nipple

” ahhh don’t spoil me ” he said

“but that’s what u did

he looked around

” me never

“no I really did

” show me I will like to see where I did that

I hastily used my my hands to cover my chest Ryan laughed Sweetly

” ah Clara if I didn’t meet u I wonder If I will still be alive.

I smiled. so sweet

” won’t u bath


“at least take this” he opened his drawer and forced drugs into my mouth then gave me water I

swallowed forcefully

” sir ryan u removed my baby .. why?

he laughed and fell out of the bed. oh gosh I hope he didnt get hurt.

” Ryan what happened

“U,what are u?

I smiled

“Clara u made me forget everything I read for surgery

I laughed and dragged him up to the bed.

” sir ryan what is the drug for

” anti bacterial Sily

” ahhh but u don’t have infections u are the only man u ever slept with I didn’t even kiss anyone

Ryan started laughing again this time he fell on the bed

” Clara leave me house before u kill me

I smiled and fell on the bed with him.

” sir ryan its almost time to visit Anna’s dad

” no more 40 minute


” 40,40..” he kised me I smiled and rested my head on his shoulders.

“Ok so to save time how am I in bed


“how am I in bed ,boring,etc.u men say that.

” this is my best moment with a woman”… I smiled and turned

” really

he nodded.

” you are the sweetest and most beautiful woman I had ever been with every thing about you is

just special. Clara,no other girl can make me happy like u do. I smiled and ate kiss from him he


” tell me more ..

he nodded , your shyness and smile turn me on, your fragrance is perfect just how u love my

woman to smell natural and intoxicating

I smiled

” your grip is so tight it drives me crazy…every thing about you is beautiful. your smiles turn me on

every minute and if u don’t chain me Clara I might be making love to you

morning,afternoon,night.”he said into my lips kissing me lightly I smiled.

” no need for chain i want that, and I like it

I smiled at him

he stood up and carried me up

” where to

“will u bath


“will u swim


“let’s go

“but u don’t have a pool

“I have a pool house.

we got out and he opened a door omg so beautiful I looked at the pool.

” sir ryan isn’t it cold

“I will make it warm.

he pressed some stuffs and the engine under water made some noise for a while

” when will it be done

“few minutes

“how dare we pass Time?

“kiss me

“Ok but no hand


“No hand challenge


I placed my hand on my waist and kissed him…before 2 minutes Ryan already grabbed my waist I

laughed out… he unlocked and touched the water then he removed my robe and i walked in.

Ryan lay on the pavement quietly

I swam to him.

” sir ryan what are thinking about

“if u can spend the rest of my life with you

I smiled.

” come closer

he came closer and i kissed him he smiled

“What kind of kiss was that

“I was made for you kiss

Ryan smiled.



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