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Mind blowing palace

Clumsy nurse batch 10

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Ryan’s p. O. V

Why don’t this movie just end already.

She started laughing again and her painful hand Landed on my head.

” Clara!! “, i shouted.

” hahahahahaha sorry sorry “, She replied.



I faced the screen and next thing she hit me again. I think this girl is doing this in purpose.

She just keeps laughing.

Claras p. O. V

Hahaha if only sir Ryan knows how hard it is to love him alone he will accept this beating with love.

I have not touched you before so i will touch you now.

Hahaha how can this movie be so funny. I laughed and hit him again.

He stood up and ran away. I ran after him we got outside.

He leaned by his car.

” hey my friendship “, I said and tried moving closer to him he ran away leaving me behind with his car. I chased after him.

“Hey sir Ryan, stop. “, I shouted

” arrrgh you want to kill me “, he said

” the movie Is over “, i shouted

Where is this guy runing too arrrgh.

I kept running after him but he won’t stop runing is he trying to stress me .

I started shouting

“Sir Ryan , forgive and forget , you left your car here .

” no , run along clumsy

” hey my friendship , a friend doesn’t do this .

” does

a friend hit someone to death ?, he shouted.

I laughed.

I kept chasing after him , you won’t believe the distance we have run I can’t even find our car again.

Just then I shouted

” ouch my leg pains ‘, i shouted

He finally stopped I caught up with him and angrily hit him.omg that wasn’t intentional.

” ouch , why do you keep beating me “, he said.

” no sorry , it wasn’t intentional. I said and started caressing his arm where I hit.wait what am i doing .I looked in his face he just looked at me.

Awww I was carried away.

” Sir I was uhhmm cleaning the dirt on your arm “, i lied .

” is my arm dirty , he asked .

” no , not anymore.

Just then he looked around.

” hey where is my car”, he asked .

We both looked around .

” sir the truth is , we are lost , i said .

” we aren’t I know this place as the back of my hands “, he said with pride

Oh do you

” oh really sir, so how did we get here?

” well we went left no no right , let’s go “.

He walked and I ran behind him we trekked

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down the right . No sign of the a car sir Ryan followed another route and connererd left.

It’s getting darker does he really really know the way.

I am tired of walking about.

” but Ryan , do you know where you going “, i asked

” hey I am surgeon , my

brain is very sharp in remembering roads.let’s go “, he said

Okay today I and sir Ryan are going to sleep in the police station I am sure of that.

We turned left again.

Daniellas p.o.v

Mom walked into the house like a hungry lion , i really wonder what’s wrong.

” mom , what’s wrong.I asked .

” Anastasia Alexandra Grande the first really wants to challenge me.”, she said.

” mom don’t tell me Anna ruined the share holders meeting.

” she did , she’s in a wheel chair and they are fearing her like this what happens when she finally walks.”, she said.

” mom Anna is really a threat , we need a plan b, I said .

” how is your Dad , she asked

” hes stronger now he was really weak in the morning , he already called Anna, he said he would visit her in the morning .secondly he started a search for Isabella .

” what ?, how , why.”, she shouted.

” I don’t understand mom, do you know where issabella is? ,.

” no but at least your father should have informed me , but he dint .

” mom maybe he was waiting for you to return.

“Ok , have fun. She said and walked out.

Oh I am so bored and i keep missing Ryan .is there a way I can ever give up Ryan, i mean its been so many years , i still want him so badly.

Anna’s p.o.v

Finally talking to dad made me feel better , its really late , my maid left seems her mother is sick.

Whenever the door opens I expect only two people Tony or miss delvaliers.they are the only ones who know the main lock password as well as Rita my hand maid .

But now it seems all of them are gone.I suddenly feel lonely and scared . I looked around my room.It’s big enough and comfortable . The bright lights made me happy .at least I am content.

I tried calling Ryan today but i better call him tomorow.Tony is still my best friend .I want to say with him .I feel scared in this house

I feel helpless always looking at the door not knowing who is coming.

Oh I miss that clumsy nurse too.

Just then the door opened , who am I expecting now.

Wow it was Tony I almost thought it was Ryan.

He walked closer .

” hy, i need to inject you with this directly , it will help you walk, i know you hate injectioms so….”, he said

” arrrgh really ok.I gave him my hand and he smiled .

He tried injecting me but I kept shaking and shivering .he chuckled.

” I wish those board member can watch you now ,he said .

I smiled .

Soon he was done ouch painful.

He placed the cotton there and sat beside me as he kept wiping it gently. Memories of our days together tried streaming in but I blocked them out.

He dropped the cotton in the bin .

” lie you need to rest “, he said .

” are you going already “, i asked him

” yes , he replied.

” I am scared can you stay just until Rita returns ?, i asked him.

He looked around for a while

” Anna you know you are still dating Ryan right and Ryan hates me , if he heard about this he would get mad”, He replied .

I know bit am really scared Rita is not coming back tonight am trying to trap you.

” but you are still my best friend right , even before we became intimate we were close.secondly a doctor should not leave a scared patient like that “, I said and he chuckled gently.

” fine Anna you win . He said .

” I knew i would i replied and he walked up the stairs into the other room .

Another presence makes me feel better.I need to call dad lets cut Ryan’s health trip short .I really miss him I want him here being my doctor and my boyfriend.

Claras p.o.v

You won’t believe it but I and sir Ryan are sitting flat on the road right now. What a crazy date. We didnt find our car, we are lost.

” hey clumsy , its all your fault .he said

” hey you caused it , you said you knew the road so well , i replied.

” let’s go , there is a hotel down the road , lets sleep over .He said

” what , me and you .well sir. I touched my hair smiling

” hey what are you thinking, stop it ,you are not really my taste , i like taller girls “, he said.

” better because I like uuhhmm shorter boys ,I said .

He chuckled.

” better “, he said

” whatever “,i replied .

” clumsy “, he said.

I can’t believe he wants to exchange words I Will just leave him here and stand up first.Oh no it seems he wants to stand up too.

I tried standing he tried standing too I dragged him down.

” what , hey !!. He said.

I tried standing up he dragged Me down too then he tried standing I dragged him down again .

Both of us started laughing people looked at us like mad people .

” Clara stop dragging me down “,he said

” but you won’t stand before me”, I replied.

I tried standing and he dragged me down .

Hahahahhha so funny .

Finally both us dragged ourselves up.

We walked down the street

” thank you “, he said

” why?.

” for being my friend .he replied .

Omg I feel like hugging him now.

We both walked further .

Ryan’s p.o.v

Craziest day of my life, finally I am even car less.

We walked down just then Clara jumped up and shouted .

” omg its a club , its a karaoke club. She said .

I looked forward and she was right.I turned to her.

” shall we go .I said .

” yes !! She shouted .

We both rushed in.

We sat down a group of crazy drunk girls sang on stage this is so funny Clara started laughing again I quietly shifted from her.

Just then Clara stood up.I dragged her shirt

” hey , where to .?

” am going to sing , better watch “, she said .

Hahaha this is gonna be fun.Clara ran up to the stage and took the Mic .she sang crazily her voice was so funny everyone laughed . This girl is making my night . This is the funniest song I ever heard.

Claras p.o.v

Why did i come on stage am suddenly so shy.everybody is laughing so loudly even sir Ryan .well if my singing Is making him happy I don’t Care if they laugh.

I continued singing loudly I tried dancing like Nicky minaj just then I fell on my tummy .everyone started laughing.

Sir ryan is forcing himself not to laugh.

I feel shy how will I stand up just then I saw Somene stand in front of me I looked up it was sir Ryan .He gave me a hand and I stood up .

” you were awesome “, he said .

I smiled everybody clapped .

Just then they chanted at sir Ryan to sing for them . He smiled.

He switched off the pop music I was singing to .every where was quiet.

People clapped .

He sat down and picked the guitar .

” This song is dedicated to a very special someone “, he said .

I tried rushing down to my seat .

” Clara of you go then who am I singing for , he said .

What me .I turned and he smiled at me as he pressed the guitar.

” thank you for everything ,my secret angel, he Said.

Every body clapped I stood in front of him smiling.

He started singing .He sang so perfectly well that all the couple’s in the club started dancing.

I don’t want him to stop singing .He has an amazing voice.

Just then he stopped .he walked down.

Everybody clapped and chanted kiss her .

What kiss no he’s not mine

What to do.He walked down to me and looked in my eye.the chanting continued .everybody kept  shouting kiss her !! Kiss her !! Kiss her !!.

Sir Ryan smiled

” what do we do .He asked me.

I want you to kiss me but I am being selfish.maybe lets just run away



Claras p.o.v conts

” let’s run away “, i said.

He smiled and whispered

” what about your bag, we can’t take it. He said.

” arrrgh what to do.”, i said.

” hold still , let’s confuse them.he said

I wonder what confusion is .

He gently placed his hands under my jaw and moved closer I expected a kiss on my lip but instead he kissed my cheek .

Actually very close to my lips. The crowd clapped as they thought we where kissing since he backed them.and the stage was kinda dim.

I couldn’t control my self anymore I didn’t know when or how but I shifted my face and kissed him…

Omg what am i doing anyways it feels good …I am so dead. Although supprisenly he didnt withdraw from the kiss he let me have it. Until I opened my eye wide and realised the crime I committed I slowly withdrew my lips back.he smiled seductively and looked down. I wonder what that kind of smile means . I just kept looking down how do i explain this one.I might get caught.before I knew it he dragged me by the hand and we walked out of the club.

It was really getting suddenly dumb.I can’t even talk anymore.soon we walked into the hotel.he made reservations for two rooms but only one room remained.

We both entered the room and he locked the door.

I am going crazy .

” what happened to your tongue “, he asked me.

” well actually , about the kiss.the thing Is.

” I understand ,everybody makes mistakes .we are both guilty of that mistake .”,he said.

” oh ok .I replied.

He opened the bathroom door.

” shower “, he said.

I nodded.

” do you feel fine , you have been stressed today.

” I feel fine just a little headache.

” it was the runing , sorry.

I Bowed and rushed into the shower. I am in the second place i wanted to be . relax In a hotel.feels good. I enjoyed the water falling on me . The kiss was a mistake why do I feel bad what do I want to hear..

Anna is my sleeping beauty but am jealous of her .I need her boyfriend to love me am so selfish.I wish my fairy godmother will show up and ask me Clara what can i do for you.I will gladly say ‘ make Ryan mine in a way Anna will be happy too”. That kind of wish is it possible . I know it isn’t.

soon I was done bathing . I picked the towel jacket and wore it .why is it exposing my cleavage a little . It’s sexy. I drew it up to cover well.then I tied the rope.I flipped my wet hair back as I remembered that kiss. Clara cut it out .its ok. I consoled myself and stepped out. Sir Ryan looked at me from my toe to my face.I instantly used my hands to cover my chest . He can’t see anything. He chuckled…

” you tied it wrongly “, he said

” what ?” I asked

” the jacket you tied it wrongly, Tie it rightly you can’t place your hands there all night.he said .

” ok sir “, i said and rushed into the shower.

I untied it and tied it well. Wonderful .

I ran out and he smiled at me.

He stood up and removed his jacket. I looked at him I can stand the sight of that just then he started unbuttoning his shirt.

Ok I can’t stand that.I started remembering the kiss I used my hands to cover my eye.

I heard him chuckle.

” are you going to pretend like you have not seen a man’s body before “, he asked .

I shaked my head in disagreement.

He smiled and walked into the shower. I opened my eye omg what temptation. I almost went crazy.just then I felt headache again I took water from the fridge.I feel better now.what an outing.I looked at myself in the mirror . I am really pretty .but I can’t be compared to Anna she’s a goddess .arrrgh what’s going on with me .I need to stop . Am suddenly Soo hungry.

I lay on the couch quietly. Minutes later he walked out I opened my eye.he wore the white jacket.he moved his wet hair I closed my eye tight again he sat on the bed..

” are you hungry “, he asked

I instantly sat up .

” yes very much.”, i said

He smiled and ordered food .

Just then his phone rang.I hope Its not Anna am tired of getting jealous.

He picked the phone and dropped it back on the bed .it was his mother .why wont he pick her call..

She called back again he dropped the phone in the cupboard.

Sir Ryan are you ok.I wonder what his mother did.

Just then the food arrived both of us sat facing the table . He ate a little seems he’s not hungry .

He hasnt taken his drugs for long lately .

” sir are you ok?.

“Yes thank you “,he replied .

“Ahh ok. I replied .

I too got filled up. He lay back on the bed and I lay on the chair .



I closed my eye for a while but this chair is uncomfortable . Just then he spoke.

” if you sleep there how will I check on your health “, he said

” what ? .

He tapped the bed

” come over here “,he said.

I looked at the bed and looked at myself . I started coughing.

” well..

” arrrgh you keep acting like s virgin.we are both adults for crying out loud and the bed Is wide . Miss clumsy control your thoughts.

I smiled and gently bowed.

I bed is wide enough so I sat quietly.

He finally closed his eye . I lay quietly looking at him. Minutes later I think he slept off. That was the perfect opportunity too look at him.

I quietly sat up and just looked at his face smiling .so cute. I can’t believe kissed those lips.I smiled shyly. I tried touching his hair just then he spoke up .

” if you keep looking at me how will you sleep, i thought you had headache .”, he said .

I instantly withdrew my hands . he gently opened his eye .

Aarrgh what do I say now.

” miss clumsy , you scare me

nowadays “, he said

” argh sir I wasn’t looking at you , i woke up to do my midnight prayer “, i replied .

Ryan’s p.o.v

This girl is a heavy character . I wonder what she’s doing up .I felt she was looking at me.

” what’s the topic of your prayer?.

” uhmmm love , gods love , i just finished praying .hahaha powerful Christian like me”.

” do put me in your prayer next time “, i said

” oh I will , what’s your problem.?

” death , i don’t want to bury any patient untill the health mission ends .”

” oh , i will pray. She said.

I smiled .

She quietly lay down. I chuckled.

she’s slowly slipping herself into my thoughts .what a friend…

Clara p.o.v

Arrrgh can’t he just sleep.I quietly lay beside him and he wrapped the white bed cover around me.

I smiled I hope he didn’t see my face.

” are you stromg to resume work “,he asked .

Work ,who did work help .Ave not gone to all the places I want to visit .no no work .

” no I still feel sick “, i said.

He chuckled

” was waiting for that, good night.

” oh goodnight sir.

” Ryan “.

” oh good night bestie”, i said.

He chuckled so cute .

Awesome I can’t belive I am lying by his side. Though the distance is much. just then I felt him move my hair and touch my neck with the back of his hands.

Someone please hold me am melting .

” if you feel sick , tell me “, he said .

I started coughing again.

He laughed.



After a while I turned to face him he was already sleeping.

I rather die of sickness than wake you .you look tired .

I looked at him for a while and closed my eye

Louisas p.o.v 11:10

Why didn’t sir Ryan come to work today .now we can’t even sleep well .

Why did i do this night shift.

Miss Genevieve is dying.everybody is running helter skelter and I have been texting sir Ryan cos he hates being called out of pressure.

Now Samantha has arrived but she is sacred to do anything sir Ryan’s left with the health record .

The doctors sedated her. to her to keep her asleep. The effect will wear off in 6 hours and if surgery does not follow instantly she will die .

This is the only way to make sure she doesn’t die now . We have less than 7 hours what is this .

.I texted him again before sleep over powered me I hope they don’t catch me sleeping I also texted Clara too to tell sir ryan to check his phone I wonder who will read the text first. We have untill 4 am.

Early .m. 3am.

Claras p.o.v

Argh what a sweet work today we might sleep all day.I picked my mum’s call.

She likes calling early in the morning.

” mom , are you okay.

” yes what about you .

” am fine .i replied

” How is work she asked .

” good hows dad ?.

” very good, remember dont take sugary stuff your period should come out this week.

” did you know.

” your calendar is in your room don’t take sugary things you know you have bad cramps no one will take care of you.she said .

” mom its fine I won’t .I will only take the bitter tea you bought. I said deceptively

” that’s better.okay bye

” bye mom.

I dropped the call then I saw Louisas text .

” tell sir Ryan to check his phone”

Argh its too early how can you tell sir Ryan to check his phone this early.

I looked at him and he’s still asleep in fact he wrapped the pillow round his face.

So childish.

I wonder why ok Louisa texted is it important.

Well if it is she should have called me .

I dropped My phone and gently lay back I hit my hand on sir ryans pillow which he used to cover his face and laughed at him .

So funny.

Samantha p.o.v

Ok we are running out of time what’s going on.

” Louisa did you text Ryan ?.

” yes maybe he is on his way.

“Ryan beter arrive he can’t afford to loose a patient just like this in less then one hour the effect of this drug will wear off and if there is no surgery Mrs Genevieve will surely die.

Ryan’s p.o.v

Arrrgh what a bad dream I had .in my dream I lost a patient and dad was really mad at Me. I opened my and this miss clumsy is stil sleeping she looks pretty even when she sleeps.I have not even called Anna what’s going on with me recently ..

Infact why am i waking up early no work today I better sleep off

I lay well in the pillow and closed my eye tight ..

3 :30 .

Claras p.o.v

Ok I can’t even sleep now I keep remembering Louisa text.what’s going on..

Maybe it’s important i decided to wake sir ryan .

I touched him and he opened his eye.

” sir it seems an important text got into your phone “, i said.

“Later “, he said and covered his face with the bed cover …..

I opened his face .

” hey !!!!!!”, he Yanked

” shhhhhh phone “, i said .

HE OPENED HIS cupboard and collected his phone .


Wait His countenance changed

” we have less than 30 minutes to arrive at the hospital or else we would lose patient”, he said .

” no sir you cannot lose a patient my praying and fasting will never be in vain. “I added

” Clara we are dead “, he added .

I grabbed his hands and held it tight.

” hold a sister tight in prayer “, i said with my eye close .

“Hey !!! ,

” cool down sir prayer conquers all”, i added .

He forcefully collected his hands back and scratched his hair.

Aaarrrrgghhhh!!!! I am going crazy “, he shouted.

” Ryan if you go crazy who will treat the patient “, i added.

He used the bed cover to cover my face.

” let’s go , we no longer have time. He said

Wait oh and we have no car .omg we are really dead. .

Both of us rushed out of the bed..I picked my shoes and slipped it into my leg .

He started laughing . You won’t believe am wearing a white towel jacket with a black canvass.

I look like micky mouse no problem he is my cousin.

I hanged my bag across my chest like super man.

Sir Ryan almost fell to the floor while laughing.

He finally slipped his slipper into his legs .

Both of us ran out of the hotel wearing towel jackets .

We look like a crazy couple.I tied my towel jacket tight..

Sir Ryan tied his towel jacket tight. we ran for our lives.

We ran through the streets .people kept laughing at us thank God no one recognized him




No sign of our sign of public transport .we are dead.

” my life is getting out of hands . Ever since I met you my life became a comedy “, he said.

” there’s the free bus !!!”,I shouted

” no no not again”, he said .

He placed his hands on his waist he looks really funny but I look funniest.

I can’t beleive a 7 year old kid is rolling on the floor while laughing at me .



Claras p.o.v conts

” sir the bus is about to get filled up.

” no no I don’t like it.

” you are about to lose a patient

” omg lets go.

Just then the bus moved away we both chased after it for a long

time until it finally left.

Just then sir Ryan smiled

” there’s my car.

I turned and jumped up.

We both ran towards the car and it was locked

” Clara where is the key.

I wiped my tears cos this was no longer funny.

” hotel room . I said

” that distance ?.

We looked around in frustration just then the camel rider came along . The rider looked very religious

I dragged sir Ryan and called out to the rider.

” hey sir please take us to the junction

” do you have money”.

” no but we have he God.

” are you prophets.

” yes that’s y we are dressed in white

Just tgen he stopped we both rushed in and sat quietly .

He moved away.

” tell me what did God say in my life .

” OH am just the assistant to the man of God.only the man of God can speak.I said pinching ryan.

” arrrgh God has blessed thou mouth dear assistant, speak!!for the man of God heareth”,he said

I pinched him and he pinched me back.

” are you both fraud?”, he said

” no Mr I know very clearly what I am seeing”, Ryan said

” he knows what he sees “,I added

” what do you see?.

” you are a man and you are a fine man . Ryan said

” you are a man and you will make money very soon.I added

” it’s obvious this camel is not yours but the Lord small provide your own . Sir Ryan said

” and your kindness shall make you the king of all nations.I completed

” nice but what if both of you are fraud ?

” we can’t be fraud don’t look at the servants of the Lord in vain.”, Sir Ryan said pinching me

” if we are fraud, may the punishment from above fall upon us”, i added

Ryan pinched me again.

just then the bag of beans packed above our head fell on us and threw both of us out of the carriage

I fell on sir ryan ouch my back.

The man halted and shouted

” frauds”.

Both of stood up and bowed at him

” may the Lord be with you….Sir Ryan shouted laughung .

” sir there is our hotel “, i said pointing .

we saw the hotel and ran into it .we opened our room and I picked the car keys.

I instantly grabbed my skirt and sir ryan grabbed his trouser ..I slipped it in a haste and rushed into the shower were I hanged my bra .I wore the bra and rushed out sir rysn grabbed his shirt and wore his slipper hastily .

I used the towel to cover my chest and picked my top .

He already ran out I wore the top and I wore my slipers and i ran out behind him .

Both of us picked another race .till we arrived at the car . I gave him the key and both of sat in and he drove off

Minutes later we arrived the hospital we both rushed out.

Samantha came out.

” we sedated her but the effect just weared off. She said

” is she in the operating room “, he asked

” yes


Ryan’s p.o.v

.what a surgery I already forgot everything I read .

I don’t need a crowd in there if not I will surely loose this patient.

.I need only one nurse so I can

concentrate, Think and remember . who do i go for .

I walked into the room

Clara p.o.v

Sir Ryan didnt read that health file well how will he now recall.

We walked into the operating room the whole surgery team was there .

He wore his gloves and his mask as well as his garment.

He looked at her for a while.

” every one leave I need just one person.

Everyone left its obvious Samantha is the highest in rank . so I him tried walking out too .

” not yoy Clara !!! “,He said .

I came back and Samantha walked out .they all watched closely from the glass window.

” Clara lets work as a team , we are friends right .we can’t lose her we need to be fast we need to do this together I am trusting you “,he said .

I instantly brought out the tray of the surgery tools and switched on the surgery light.

Sir Ryan wore his gloves and closed his eye for a while.

Louisa p.o.v

Only two pepple for surgery , i like watching for myself and seeing with my eye.

I moved closer so I can hear them clearly ..

Clara smiled at me and whispered “hy”

I waved.

Just then sir Ryan opened the woman’s belly .

” saws “, he said.

” no , scalpbels “, CLARA added .

” y”, he asked her

” her heath record is at home you need to control your cutting since the ratio is not visible.

Sir Ryan smiled and collected the scalpbels from her .


What a smart girl…

He carefully cut the area open.

Clara spinned the tools tray around

” towel ..

Clara handed it to him .

He carefully shifted her tissues and grasped the affected area .

” sharp …

Clara handed it to him omg what sharp girl.

“Sir Ryan , don’t talk anymore.concentrate on remembering the health record . Pls trust me .”, Clara said.

Sir Ryan nodded. And concentrated on the surgery .

He stretched his hands and Clara slipped the scissors into his hands

Ryan smiled

He drops it and stretched his hands again

Clara gave him vascular clamps ..

He was very fast.both of them make a good team , she knew exactly what he wanted before he could talk .

This made sir Ryan faster and he concentrated the more .

Just then Clara instantly arranged like four instruments in order and rushed to the blood we were adding.She checked the woman’s blood presure. .. She instantly stopped the blood flow.

Sir Ryan smiled.

She rushed back to him before he needed something else .

Sir Ryan was faster as Clara kept checking the time .

minutes later they were done

Clara handed him tissue unifying instruments.

He carefully unified her tissue .

surgery was completed .

He removed the gloves and looked at the screen just then both of them smiled and opened the door.

I opened my ears wide for the report .

” surgery was a success”, he said smiling as he tapped claras shoulders

” patient should wake in 6 hours”, Clara added. Smiling.

“Wow good news indeed “, i said .

Claras p.o.v

I am so happy finally sir Ryan didn’t loose a patient .

I looked at him and smiled .

he touched my hair

” congrats “, he said to me

I smiled widely .

Both of rushed out of the hospital.I feel so dirty.




Ryan’s p.o.v

Thank God for Clara if not I would have not remembered everything I read.

She so smart who ever called her a clumsy nurse .

Once again she saved me. I looked at her and both of us rushed into the car.

Clara p.o.v

Sir Ryan looks happy am happy now.

What a day today was .soon we arrived at the hotel both of us ran to the door of our room.

” sir I will bath first “, i said

” hey I payed for this room he said .

I watched him open the door then I rushed off like flash I almost opened the bathroom door when sir ryan dragged me back.

” hey , wait”, he shouted

” no no ,I came first”, i said .

He chucked and dragged carried me up .He kept me on the bed.

How can i be so weightless.

He tried rushing to the door I dragged him down and he fell slightly on me .

My heart beat increased I closed my eye .

He gently rose up and that was how I became quiet by force .

He opened the door himself.

” go “, he said .

I smiled widely and rushed inside .

I had a nice bath. awwww feel good.

Minutes later I walked out.

I saw the couple t.shirt on the bed and a black bom shot for me. while a black trouser for him .

Seems the hotel gave out . .hey but why a bom short am not his girlfriend .

I realised he was looking at me I tied my towel well.

” you are okay right , you don’t feel sick ?…

” no am fine sir .I said organising my towel .

” ok.

I turned to the fridge didn’t even see him walk into the shower. I took water .after which.

I wore the bomshot and the polo .

Wow I look hot . the short stopped at my hip .

I dragged it down a bit

Minutes later he walked out wearing black shorts.

He wore he’s own polo’s a couple polo. We look cute .I smiled.

” you look hot “, he said

I smiled and both of us fell on the bed facing up.

” today Is a day.”, he said.

” ryan ,we havnt finished our outing”.

” oh that

He stretched his hands into his cupboard and carefully brought out the list.

He cancelled karaoke club and hotel . Then he turned to the back where I wrote the remaining two . He smiled .

” it’s still 7:00 what do you say we visit all these places today ? “, he said

” yeahhhhh!!!!!!!”, i shouted.

I am so happy , what if I steal your heart after these that possible.

Just then food arrived both of us rushed up .

Finally almost starved to death .

I looked at him he smiled and picked his fork .

” thank you for today “, he said .

” thank you for everyday “, i said

We both chuckled .

He tried dipping his fork then I shouted.

” sir close your eye and hold a sister in prayer!!!!.

” no , you are a fake Christian, this hotel might fall upon us “, he said .

I laughed widely .



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