Clumsy nurse batch 1

Anastasia’s p. O. V
My name is anastasia grande , i will tell you more about my profile later.
I have been in here for 2 years, “in this world where I see no one,
I don’t even know if I will ever wake up, I am locked up in absolute darkness I hear them but they can’t hear me.
Am lonely and am in pain the truth is, “am in coma”
“I landed here after the accident its been two years but I am not waking up ,
all I see is darkness but today I saw a little light,
I saw a little light because
someone t©uçhed me, and right now someone is actually talking to me….
have decided to listen to her
💙Clara’s p. O. V❤️
My name is Clara am a junior nurse.
I know the reason why they won’t promote me, everyone calls me a clumsy nurse.
today I arrived at work really earlier than usual because I want to find out what’s hidden in the third floor.
I climbe-d the stairs and I snuck to the room where my mom always enters secretly before she retired, the only room on the third floor.
I instantly dial the pas-s code which I stole from my mother’s joter.
I looked left and right then I opened the door to the room.
I walk in just to find a very beautiful lady who l@yquietly… she reminds me of my favourite t. V show slee-ping beauty
She looks like a goddess; she’s dressed in white,
I think she’s in coma but I must confess her coma is very beautiful,
I will love to be in this coma.
I walk closer to her and sit beside her
***I heard people in coma can actually hear others, I wonder if she can hear me ****
I t©uçh her long blond hair its so well kept and attrac-tive I wonder who is she .
i will be killed if i get caught in here , but ” i dont care ”
I look her in the face and I said
Hey, “can you hear me”, well, i know you can hear me but you can’t talk because you are in coma.
I will be the one talking while you listen carefully do you un-derstand .
“my name is Clara ”
“I am the clumsiest nurse in this hospital but you should see me I think am very pretty,
truthfully no doctor wants me to work with them they say trouble follows everywhere I go..
“I smile and look at her after I said this , but she doesn’t respond “so I continue….
You are very pretty so I will call you my slee-ping beauty , the truth is I don’t have alot of friends in this hospital so I have decided from now on you are my friend, “my friend who doesn’t talk.
I wi-nk at her as I t©uçhed her hair smiling, I said, “Bestie! I wish you will come out if this coma quic-kly so you can respond to me.
“Today is the first I am seeing you but I feel like I have known you forever ”
” I promise you come rain come Shine I will always check on you, I will not allow anyb©dy to hurt you.
I took her hands and said” i promise ”
***I dunno why but I feel like she is someone who should be important to me****
I dropped her hands and said,
“slee-ping beauty I will like to give you the latest gist, i heard that Ryan is coming back today from India, i have heard alot about him but I have never met him ”
“I heard that he is a world clas-s surgeon at the age of 25 and that he’s very br@niac and handsome too. ” i said shyly
“he’s so dreamy but I don’t know if I can ever meet him I have never been s£nt to” R. D HOSPITAL “, after all am too clumsy to be s£nt there..
💙Anastasia p. O. V💙
Ryan is coming back, he’s coming back to meet me like this, the same way I was 2 yrs ago.
I like you Clara I wish I could tell you that, …. meeting you today has proven to me that am still Alive.
Pls keep taking to me I feel like I have known you forever,
you said you are pretty well i wish I can see you, I just wish I can tell you that am hearing you clearly……..
❤️Ryan’s p. O. V❤️
I just rose from my long sleepless sleep, I don’t nee-d any alarms or bells am actually pretty good at waking up early.
I open my eye and the first sight I get are 3 maids dressed in clean uniform, one holding my morning coffee, the other my outfit for the day, while the later held the matching shoe.
I signaled the maid with the coffee to come closer I took the cu-p from her and sipped a little wow it was good,
They maid holding the outfit lifted it and said,
sir, “is this okay ”
“It’s fine, just get out”, I snapped.
And they walked out.
My name is “ryan devantes “my Father is the foun-der of “devantes health world” he has hospitals in different cities of the world.
The main br@nch of devantes health world is in new york city. the name is ” R. D hospital. Want a hint, it means” Ryan devantes ” because am the only heir.
it is the biggest hospital in New York but it’s in competition with the second biggest hospital in the city which is owned By ” grande group.
“It was founded by sir Alexandra Grande and the name of the hospital is A. G health center. ” or easily abbreviated (A. G. H. C)
I never took my studies as doctor serious untill i had to, right now am one of the best doctors / surgeons in the world,
But “, I still can’t find a cure for my heart, my heart which is filled with pain and darkness
I received my fathers text yesterday and am traveling back to newYork today.
I am traveling back to face everything I ran away from .
I took a quic-k bath and got dressed the maids dropped my stuffs in the car.
I ENtered the car and the driver took off. hours later…
❤️Claras p. O. V💙
I just checked my time while I gisted with my slee-ping beauty,
Omg I no longer have time on my side, ” I stood up and tried opening the door but I saw the door handle shake which means someone is coming.
I instantly hid un-der my slee-ping beauties be-d and siezed my Breath
I saw his legs I wonder who he is,
I see his black shoes; he’s expensive black shoes..
❤️Ryan’s p. O. V💙
I just arrived at A. G. H. C, I don’t even know why I c@m£ here first.
I walk in and thanks to my disguise no one recognized me.
I ran up to the third floor and i walked into Anastasia’s hospital room,
i saw her on the be-d, on the same be-d of thorns
tears filled my eye, my heart ached again that aching that never ceases ,
Anna is still here, the same way she l@ytwo years ago.
I t©uçh her hair with so much agony in my soul, I look in her face and tears run down my eye like a community tap.
I always knew leaving for India won’t help me move on from Anna.
I looked at her and said,
“Anastasia, ” plea-se do come back to me, i dunno how am suppose to breath when there is no air”
I said, almost crying
I look down in my pain and to my greatest surprise i see female shoes un-der the be-d.
I instantly wiped my tears
what the fv¢k, I think someone is in here.” i said to myself as I kicked those legs with my expensive black shoes
and Shouted
“Hey, “who are you, come out right now”!!!!
❤️Claras p. O. V💙
“Omg I think he saw my leg I am finished, I just lost my job
mummy pls come, your daughter is about to die.
I wonder who he is, is he doctor Tim?………
I Said all this in my head as I slowly withdrew my legs
I was alre-ady shivering in fear, omg, what do I do??????
Ryans p. O. V
Did I see a leg or have I started seeing things ” I ask myself.
I tried looking un-der the table but someone just opened the door, I turned to look and it was Cas-sandra my fathers Secretary.
” what’s going on, ” I asked her
“Actually your father just heard of your arrival he wants to meet”, she said
“Fine, let’s go ” i replied as I took one last look at those female shoes and walked out behind Sandra
I was still curious about the person un-der the be-d.
today is his or her lucky day. I said to my self as I carefully locked the door behind me
I wore my face cap and walked fas-ter in front so fast that no one noticed me.
💙Claras p. O. V❤️
Omg finally I can breath, I better run out of here before someone else gets me.
I snuck out from the be-d and I ran to the door just then I remembered my new friend so I ran back to her
“Goodbye, I will see you next time bestie, I said ”
I walked back to the door and slowly opened it first I peeped from right to left I didn’t see anyb©dy so I rushed out
Am not surprised that I don’t see anyb©dy actually no b©dy comes to the third floor I ran out as fast as I can, I ran down the stairs till I got to our main floor..
“you won’t believe it but today no one has seen me at work, sneaking up to that room was my first achievement,
I ran as fast without looking until I sli-pped and fell
I tried standing up but I saw female shoes in front of me…..
**Omg these shoes look like that of the Methron **
I slowly looked up and saw her angry looking face, I lifted my self up and bowed to her
” good day madam, I said “bowing and faking a smile
She looked at her hand watch
” 11:30? Clara, is this the time you come to work ” she snapped
I scratched my head in confusion
” actually I was doing some government work “I said
Clara ” I am tired of your craziness, you are so clumsy, you where as-signed to on old man yesterday, what’s your report on him? ” she shouted!!
***Omg I am dead, I didn’t check on grandpa Hans ***
” tell me Clara, she shouted again
” Well, I will just…. I didnt complete my statement, instead i ran away in a very high speed without looking back.
“Clara, come here ” she shouted..
But I ran as fast as I could.
💙Methron Linda’s p. O. V💙
I ave never met a nurse like Clara,
she might have a kind heart but she’s just to crazy
She wears a canvas-s with her nurse uniform
She comes to work very late everyday
She was slee-ping when a patient died
She wears four different coloured earrings on an ear
She always packs her hair in 4 messy buns
What kind of nurse Is this?
Oh God pls help Clara I,
I looked at Clara one last time and walked out.
❤️Ryan’s p. O. V💙
Am waiting for my dad to show up as usual, he loves it when people wait for him so I sit quietly with my legs crossed waiting 4 minutes later
my dad walked out he sat down facing me
“Ryan, Am Glad that you honoured my invitation “he said while dropping his phone on the table
“No problem dad its all right , i replied him
He picked his file and looked throu-gh it
Ryan the health conference will hold Tommorow I hope you are re-ady “he said, while looking up at me
“Yes I am ” i replied him, I alre-ady got your TExT dont worry dad, is…. there anything else
“I hope you are re-ady for your travel to Africa too ” he asked me
Yes I am, everything is almost set. I replied
Okay that will be all, do well to meet your mother when you are less busy she has been missing you lately “he said
“I will father
As soon as am less busy I will visit mother,
“That will be all for now” he said, standing up
“I un-derstand father”
I stood up and walked out on him
❤️Claras p. O v💙
Am alre-ady walking home am done for today.
I usually walk home, I don’t like wasting money for transport
I am glad grandpa Hans is not dead, I really liked the old man ..
I trekked till I got to our house which was not too far away, I walked into the living room.
we might not be too rich but we can still afford our meals which means we are not too poor either,
I find my mom on the couch with my dad
And almost instantly she saw me too
“Clara you are home early did they sack you” she asked
My Father hit her ha-rd on her leg and this made me laugh
“Honey can’t you ever have good expectations of your daughter”, he asked her
Mom, dad, “good afternoon, I wasn’t sacked am just done for today so st©p thinking negative.
I am going to my room ”
I said this as I walked past them I hurriedly climbe-d the stairs when my mother shouted
“Clara be careful on the staaiiiirssss……
But before she could finish I was alre-ady rolling down from the stairs, I sli-pped, again, I sl!palmost everyday on this stupid stair
I angrily pound my foot on the on the stair as though I wanted to fight with it then I turned to my parents….
Mom, dad, ” I am fine ”
I hurriedly ran upstairs and jumped on my be-d as thoughts of my slee-ping beauty filled my head,
just then I see someone sneaking up my window I turn to look and it was Diana my best friend so I dragged her into the room.
“Diana is my fellow nurse but she’s not as clumsy as I am actually she higher in rank than i am.
“Clara David I didn’t see you at work today “, she asked packing up her hair.
“I c@m£ to work but I was busy with something else “.
Busy with what “, she asked inquisitively.
I c@m£ closer to her ear and whispered..
“I went to the 3rd floor today ”
What!!!! She shouted
❤️Mrs David’s p. O. V💙
I sat in the living room with my husband I brou-ght out the red hand bag which I hid un-der the table when Clara c@m£ back,
this bag is her surprise birthday gift …
.. I notice my husband looking at the bag with an awkward face so I Tap him
” what is it “? I asked
“Did you buy that outd@t£d hand bag for Clara
“Yes I did what’s wrong “I asked
“Clara David won’t accept that bag my love, she asked you to buy the red reigning chain bag for her as a birthday pres£nt .
“Wait until I give this to Clara I promise you she will love it, i replied him with as-surance
Then I looked up the stairs and shouted
Clara! , Clara!
❤️Claras p. O. V❤️
*****I think my mom is calling or am I hearing things ****
“Your mum is calling you ” Diana shouted while going throu-gh my phone
Come on lets go ” i dragged her jacket and we got down the stairs,
The first thing I saw was the outd@t£d red bag on the table
what!!!, Mom is this my birthday pres£nt”, I shouted
“Clara have some respect this is not an ordinary bag ” she replied
I got untresrsted so I sat on the floor…
“Really? I asked her
“This is our generational bag isn’t that right my love “, she t©uçhed my dad.
“Oh it is, my father anwsered.
****Omg I suddenly love this bag I sat up in interest ***
“Mom tell me more “, I said grining
My mom stood up and carried the bag she walked in grand style just like a model
“Did you know with this bag I won Mrs universe”, she said with style.
I jumped up from where I sat,
“Really mom “I asked her grining
“Yes this bag was bought “one million dollars”, “that’s why it never grows old “? she replied
“Omg this is amazing”, I shouted
“I love you, that’s y am giving this bag to you my child, this generation bag “. she said with a calm voice as she stretched the bag to Me.
I bowed and took it from her with respect
“Mum, thank you. I replied
” so Why don’t you come so I can teach you how to walk in grand style with this bag ” ,she said
I instantly dropped the bag on dianas l@p
I and my mum cat walked all over room…my father just watched us smiling.
I turned to look at diana and i saw diana drop my generation bag on the floor,
Hey!!! , I shouted
Diana turned in shock
I ran and picked up the bag.
“My generation bag doesn’t t©uçh the floor “, I shouted
Sorry she Said as she took the bag from me and dropped it on her cloth..
I ran back to my mother and continued my cat walk
💙Daniela s p. O. V💙
Am in Anastasias hospital room, I always feel so happy whenever is see her lying helplessly
I walk up to her and looked closely in her face.
” Anna I warned you to stay from Ryan but you didn’t listen did you?
I sl@p her cheek softly.
“You are fathers choice, you are the only heir to (A. G. H. C ).
I stood up and backed her while I said
“You took my fathers love away from me but that was not enough, you took (A. G. H. C) away from me too.
I turned to look at her face
“Anna I would have left all this for you but you pushed me ha-rd est when you took Ryan from me, “Why did you take Ryan ” ? I asked her…
“You deserve to be here and I can’t wait for you to die “, all your shares will return to me.
I covered her face with the white be-d sheet and walked away..
Claras p.o. v
Am on my be-d, Diana is alre-ady gone I had alre-ady chos£n my outfit for the heath conference I heard Ryan is going to be there who knows I might meet him
I want to ask my mother about the lady In the beautiful room but am scared she might find out I went there
So let me introduce myself a little
My name is Clara David
My mother is nurse in (A. G. H. C)
But for now she is resting because she lied that her leg is hurting, but I think she just grew lazy of work
She normally does this and whenever we become broke she rushes back to work, my mum is really funny
I am 21 I will be 22 Soon but you won’t believe it I don’t have a b©yfri£ndand most annoynly am still a v!rg!narrrgh, even Diana is not a v!rg!nanyways am waiting for my Mr right.
I might be clumsy but I don’t think any nurse in A. G. H. C is more brilliant than i am because I was a nurse right from when I was born. my mom thought me so much
I am fair but not white, I have long pretty hair, my figure is quite attrac-tive I think nature didn’t cheat on me when it comes to appearance
My father has a supermarket I go there every now and then
Am the only child but I have an elder sister she is not actually my mother’s daughter but she is my sweet cousin “lia” she traveled and i miss her
Ok that’s enough of me.
Back to pres£nt
i wanted to go to the living room and ask my mom about the 3rd floor but she just walked into my room with my food, I collected the plate from her and she sat on the be-d
Right now my mother is tou-ching my hair in that manner, this means she wants to ask the same question again, the same annoying question……
“Clara have you later gotten a b©yfri£nd” , she asked
“Mom!!!! ” I shouted
“Sorry, Sorry I was just asking ”
She said
***I Wil use this opportunity to ask her ***
“Mom the lady in the 3rd floor, “who is she?
“What!! Clara when did you Go there,?
“do you want sir Grande to kill you,?
“do you want to get killed, ?
“how did you even enter ?
“What about the guards “?
She asked all this at once, I scratched my hair
“Mom I didn’t go there live, I was in my dream like this……
I l@ydown and closed my eye then I opened them and continued
“In my dream mom i heard the voice of God, he said “come my daughter ”
“Really my child, she asked
I sat up
“Yes mom and he took me to that room spiritually and I saw the pretty lady there, mmmm she was so beautiful
My mom got interested
“What else did God say ? “, she asked
“He said go home and ask your mother what is happening in the third floor
“Really”,? she asked
“Yes mom and he said, tell mrs David to say the truth if not the punishment of heaven will fall on her ” i said with a scared face.
Really ? , come come I will tell you all I know ” She said
I sat up in interest grining like a fire dried goat.
“Her name is Anastasia Grande she is the first and most loved daughter of sir Alexandra Grande the owner and foun-der of
(A. G. H C)
“Ohhhhhhhhh is that so”
“Yes she is in coma because she had an accident, do you know Ryan?
“No mom, but I have heard about him.
“Ryan did everything humanly possible to wake Anastasia up,
He operated on her almost everyday day after the accident and it was confirmed that Anastasia was okay but no one knows why she Is not waking up.
“she Is the only patient Ryan treated that didn’t wake up.
“But mom who so she to him “, i asked.
“Well the two hospitals where in competition so they decided to become one by getting their children married,
“Omg mom, “Is Ryan married ”
“No my child but he was engaged to marry Anna,
as we heard at first she didn’t love him neither did he love her but with Time their love bec@m£ strong.
“Mmmmmmm awesome ” i replied smiling
“Anastasia was a goddess, she was very intelligent and did her duties well she had such a powerful aura that when she pas-sed by her pres£nce was felt everywhere.
“Wow she was great “, i replied.
“But mom what about her family.
“The third floor looks so beautiful because Mr Grande didn’t want to believe that his only jewel is in coma so he designed her coma into a very beautiful room.
“He also as-signed a maid who always dressed her up and made her look pretty everyday… while we await her wake up
“No wonder her comma is so attrac-tive, i replied.
“Yes that’s why it is ” she anwsered
“But, what about her mother.
“Actually her mother is missing, after Annas accident she was seen no more and her fater does not come out anymore nob©dy knows whats wrong.
“His other wife Mrs Tonia Grande is now in charge of the company ” she replied…
“Oh the grumpy woman Daniella mom right? , I asked.
“Yes my child “, she replied
” I wish Anastasia will stand up ” i said.
“Me too my child” she replied.
She carried up the pretty go-wn on my be-d
“My child is this your outfit for the conference? She asked
“Yes mom it is “, i replied
“It’s pretty I wish you will meet some rich boy and get a b©yfri£nd”, she replied
“Ohhhhh mom ” i said frowning my face
“Sorry, sorry you are free to die a v!rg!nI won’t disturb you anymore ” she replied as she placed the food on my l@p and walked out
Argh, i placed my hands un-der my jaw, what a painful story I just heard
***Oh Ryan my mystery crush why are you engaged to my bestie this is what the call unrequited attra-ction *** i Said to myself
Ryans p.o. v❤️
Am waiting for my doctor to come out she is the one that operated me about the hole in my heart, i sat quietly waiting for her untill she walked out.
“Oh Ryan welcome ” , she said
“Doctor how re you
“Am fine but, how is your heart?
“That’s y I c@m£, you said I will be fine after the surgery.
“I also said you should drink your routine drugs for 2 months didn’t.
“But this Is alre-ady one month and I still receive signs when I don’t drink them.
“Ryan the surgery did its p@rt, now the drugs will do its p@rt. so am sure that after two months all signs and signals will sieze.
“I hope so too “, i replied her.
I stood up and walked to the door my guards followed me to my car I entered the second car while they followed the first car.
Sir Alexandra grandes p. O. V💙💙
I am lying still on the be-d, I was just a little sick but after this doctor started treatment I feel like am dying, I can’t even move anymore and I want to see my Anna.
The doctor is injecting me right now, I want to ask him questions but speaking is now difficult for me
“Sir Alexandra Grande you will feel better after this treatment.
I slowly nodded to him and he walked out just then I sat up and the Maid walked in with my morning coffee I don’t know y but nowadays I think this coffee is ma-king me weak.
“No DONT worry just get me water I replied her
“Ok sir, she said and walked out just then Tonia walked in with the same cu-p of tea
“My love pls take your coffee pls ” she said
“No I don’t want it “, i replied
“Ok your wish ” she replied as she walked out of the room
I l@yback on my be-d I really miss Anna and her mother ciara..
Ryan’s p. O. V❤️❤️
I arrived home, I actually have a house here where I live alone.
I dropped my bag on the couch and the Maids took it upstairs I re-moved my suite and handed it over to the other maid the room is a little dim but am used to it so I can still find my way.
I walked to to Anastasias picture in my glas-s closet and looked at it i switch on the closet light so i can see her very well sparkling in that white glas-s.
My maid called on me so I turned
“How may I help”, I asked
Sir someone is here for you She replied
“Let them in, i replied.
I switch on the light because I a have visitor but normally I stay with the lights dim or off.
I like my environment to match my mood and this darkness matched the darkness in my heart..
❤️Daniella s p. O. V💙
I heard Ryan is back I drove directly to his house, our formal love garden.
I walk into the room there he is but first i see is Anastasias picture inside the glas-s closet that sparkeled white light
“Ryan its been long” i Said.
“Daniela how have you been” he said this as he walked to his table and took his bottle water which be held in his hands and walked outside to the pool where he stood facing the water.
I met Ryan In Paris we fell in love and we were d@t!ngat that time annastasia was the talk of the whole family but Ryan was I all I wanted I didn’t even care about shares or (A. G. H. C)
Untill i wake up one morning and hear that the heir of
(A. G. H. C)is bethroted to the heir of ( devantes health world, )
What is going on I asked myself why is my Ryan betrothed to Anna, why must Anna take everything away from me.
Ryan told me he didn’t love Anna that it was just formalities,
I know he was bethroted to Anna but his b©dy and love was still mine and mine alone
Until one day Ryan told me that he had fallen in love with Anna and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, he told me to stay out of his life for good
Just like that, like an old movie, like a used sachet lying on the road, Ryan forgot me.
Back to pres£nt
I rushed after Ryan and took his hands
“Ryan Anna is gone don’t you get it, you guys were never meant to be, this is our signal to start our love afresh, its still me you love me so much remember.
I turn his face to look at me but all I see is tears filled in his pretty, S-xy eye.
“Daniela go ” am not in the mood to talk, he replied
He tried walking out but I ran over to his face
“Daniela am not in the…….
I didn’t let him talk anymore I just k!$$£d him
Ryan slowly pushed me away
“Daniela that’s enough, you nee-d to leave. He said and Before I could talk he dragged me to my car and when I sat down he gave his driver signals to take me home and before I could say Jack and John I was alre-ady on the street to my home…