Clas-sic mistake Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1
Memunat was born into a middle clas-s home. They were neither rich nor poor..comfortable and got all their nee-ds not want.
She’s the first child of four children. Her Dad is a building contractor who works with a popular company in Nigeria. Her mum, Mrs Kiki is a Christian who’s married to a Muslim but was allowed by her husband to practice her religion. So, all four children–Memunat, Idris, Ridwan and Sadiat were free-religioned(allowed to practice any religion of their choice). The family was a peaceful one..
Kiki owned a mini-supermarket in town and had 2 sales attendants. They made sure they provided for their children’s every nee-d.
“Mummy! Daddy!! I pas-sed! I’ve gained admission at last..My name is on the first list!!” Muna screamed running from her room in excitement to the dinning room where her parents and siblings were witted for dinner.
She handed the phone over to her Dad who scrolled down and checked her admission status on the school portal which wrote “ADMITTED” Course of study’s political science.
“Congratulations last” Mr. Jamiu said handing the phone back to her.
“Thank you daddy” She beamed excitedly
“Congrats my love” Kiki said smiling
“Muna congrats” Her siblings chorused
Indeed she was happy. She had taken JAMB 3 good times and in all, she made good grades but was denied admission due to the wrecked educational system of our country. And because of that, her younger brother Idris got admission before her and was now in FUT-Minna studying Architecture.
Muna couldn’t eat because of too much excitement. She was too happy and began to envision her life as a campus babe. She couldn’t wait to leave for school..The next day, her dad gave her money to pay for acceptance fee and school fees which was all online while waiting for the official d@t£ of school resumption.
Her Mum made sure to buy everything nee-ded for her school ranging from provisions to foodstuffs to wears, books and all you can think of.
Soon, school resumed and an uber was chartered for her to convey her and her numerous stuffs to school. She arrived Campus as a big girl..She checked into her hostel which she had alre-ady paid for online.
She was in one of the biggest hostels with just three people per room.
She got into the room and met 3 girls seated on one of the be-ds there gisting and eating.
They noticed her pres£nce.
“Welcome” the fair slim girl said
“goodevening” she replied sitting down on an empty be-d
“Uhmm..I guess you’re new here?” The fair girl said
“Yes. Am a fresher..Political science dep@rtment” Muna said naively
“’re welcome..Am Mirabel, Mimi for short..this is Juliann and this is Chisom. This is my corner and that’s Chi’s corner..Juli is in Adam&Eve hostel but we all in the same dep@rtment” Mimi Introduced.
“I’m Memunat..Muna for short” Muna said smiling at them.
They helped her bring in her stuffs and settle down. She discovered Mimi is in the same dep@rtment with her and same level too. Juli is in Economics Dept while Chisom was a year above all of them and in Biochem.
She settled in immediately and started gisting with them.
They planned to start their registration the next day as Chisom who alre-ady knew every nook and cranny of the school directed them because she was in 200level alre-ady.
The next day, Muna woke up early and woke her roommate and newfound friend Mimi. They bathed and dressed up for their registration while Chisom was still on be-d. She said she had a 9am clas-s.
“Remember what I told you girls o..go to students affairs block first to get your green and pink files..fill it and you’ll see the necessary places to submit them” Chisom said
“We here o madam” Mimi replied
They bade her farewell and went off. They got to the Student affairs block after much Directions and met a hvge crowd of fresher’s struggling to get a number as a ticket to get into the building and get their files..The security men were controlling the crowd of students.
“Omo if you t©uçh me, I go wound you!” A security man screamed at a boy who was struggling to get inside.
Muna and Mimi were alre-ady frustrated.. How could they get past these whole crowd?
Suddenly, Mimi whispered to Muna..”babe stay here, I’ll be right back”
Before Muna could ask questions, Mimi had disappeared into the crowd f0rç£fully ma-king her way. In less than 10minutes, she was back with two tickets..”No. 5″ and “No. 6″. She handed No. 6 to Muna who looked at her surprisingly
” Mimi how did you?..”
“Shhhhhhh..there’s always a way” Mimi win-ked at her..
Episode 2
Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Muna was beginning to adjust to Campus life..She made sure she attended lectures regularly, do her as-signments and p@rtake in one social activity or the other. Mimi and her bec@m£ very close due to the fact that they were roommates and also in the same dep@rtment.. They hung out with Juli too but not frequently because she wasn’t in same dep@rtment as them.
Muna noticed that Mimi lacked nothing in school. Even during the ha-rd days when it seemed like everyone on campus was broke, Mimi fed her and Chisom well, bought them things and catered for their nee-ds till they were able to bounce back. She also noticed that Mimi had her way round many things.. Things that felt difficult for them seemed like drinking water to Mimi..
“Babe don’t u ever get broke?” Muna asked one evening as she and Mimi were at an expensive restaurant eating, sponso-red by Mimi as usual.
Mimi gave a short laugh “And why would I get broke?”
“Hian! I guess your parents must be very wealthy because I’ve never seen you lack anything” Muna said munching her rice
“My mum isn’t rich.. Matter-of-fact, I feed my mum and younger ones.” Mimi said
Muna couldn’t believe it..”What do u mean by you feed your mum and younger ones? What about your Dad? Like..babe you have everything at your beck and call, you use the latest model of iPhone.. And I’ve never seen you dress up for work. So what exactly are u saying?”
“Let’s forget it my up, we still have clas-ses to attend”
Muna nodded but she knew that conversation was far from over. She nee-ded to know how Mimi made her money..she too wants to use the latest iPhone and never lack..
One night, Muna c@m£ back from night re-ading prior to a test they’d be having the next morning. She went alone because Mimi said she was too tired and nee-ded rest. She wondered how Mimi would be so relaxed as not to re-ad for a test.
She c@m£ back that night and climbe-d the stair case to her hostel..She was just in front of the room when she heard soft m0@n s. She put her ears very well and indeed the m0@n s were coming from her room. She wondered which of her roommates could be f***ing in their room.
She slowly opened the door and put ON the light which was off.
She was baffled to see Chisom’s face buried in between Mimi’s th!ghs, eating her pu-ssy..Mimi was m0@n ing softly while pushing Chisom’s face dee-per into her pu-ssy.
They were so engrossed in their act that they didn’t notice any pres£nce. Muna watched with mouth agape. She didn’t know how she felt..disappointed or amazed.
“Una well-done o” She finally said to announce her pres£nce.
The two girls scrampled on their feet. Seeing that it was her, Mimi hissed loudly..
“What’s all these nau? Which kind kill-joy you be? You saw that were busy and you couldn’t just spoiled everything” Chisom said angrily
“And to think I was at the verge of cli-maxing” Mimi said
Muna couldn’t un-derstand. Weren’t they supposed to be ashamed that they were caught in such an *evil act?
“Both of you are shameless should be ashamed of you two are lesbians eh? To think I’ve been in the same room with disgusting creatures like you baffles me. How c* ome I never knew all these while?” Muna said
Mimi bur-sted into laughter. Chisom joined her.
“Now what’s so funny?” Muna asked very confused.
“You’re indeed a JJC..See my dear, every girl f***s her fellow girl. In this hostel, I can count just 3 girls who are saints..the rest are fv¢kaholics..and mind you, am not a Lez..we both are not lesbians.. We are Bi* we do both male and female so cut the cra-p” chisom hissed
“You better come and calm yourself down with better mouth job from Chisom..omo if she gives you head, you would come back for more” Mimi laughed
“What’s the meaning of that ru-bbish?” Muna asked angrily
“Chill abeg” Mimi said adjusting herself on the be-d to sleep.
“You just carry big br£@st for nothing. Come let me squee-ze it small and give you good good loving” Chisom said as she laughed and entered into the bathroom.
For a while, Muna was speechless. She quietly sat on her be-d wondering about what she had seen and heard..She really was amazed. She wasn’t a v!rg!nthough. She had had S-x twice with her then b©yfri£ndJerry but it was so boring and painful that she decided to close the chapter after she broke up with him.
She made up her mind to stay away from those two evil daughters of Jezebel as she tagged them.
The next day, she carried her books and left the hostel to clas-s without calling or waiting for Mimi as usual. Mimi didn’t even seem to care as she c@m£ to clas-s later sma-cking gum and pla-ying with their clas-s mates.
Muna was so infuriated by the carefree wtf!
She curtailed her anger and after lectures and tests, she went back to her hostel without Mimi. She met Chisom in the hostel but pretended like she didn’t even see her.
She knocked off her shoes and lie on her be-d and sle-pt off.
She woke up to the tantalizing aroma of a well prepared jollof rice and fried meat..
She saw Chisom singing while dishing out the food. Muna’s stomach rumbled in hunger. She had just 200# on her and her foodstuffs were finished..She had relied on Mimi and Chisom till her parents would s£nd her money by weekend but now that she wasn’t talking to them, she knew she had to look for other means to survive.
Soon, Mimi arrived.
“ smell of rice I dey perceive so?” Mimi asked
“Correct rice with better fried meat” Chisom replied laughing
“As if I know, I bought Chivita orange jui-ce” Mimi said bringing out the chivita from her bag.
The two settled down munching their rice while Muna looked at them hungrily.
“Wahala for who no dey chop this rice o” Mimi said in between eating
“Double wahala for who no dey step am down with this cold chivita o” Chisom said drinking the jui-ce. They both laughed mockingly.
Muna looked at them, hissed and left.