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May 16, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Clashing hearts Episode 9 & 10

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Chapter nine






I quickly ran down the stairs into the kitchen and demanded for a jug of water
Chilled water

The maids looks surprised but still one of them handed me the big hug and I hastily emptied the whole content at once, I then rushed up to my room, I don’t want to think about Dannie yet lemme focus on my body, I rummage through my drawer for the pill
Found it I swallowed it and sighed


How can a tough celebrity like me not know of a love charm? I’ve drank that shit lots of times and I know just the remedy
Well poor Allison I can never be yours and since it has gotten to the point of adding substances to my drink then I had better fire you
I had a quick shower and laid on my bed playing the hit sing Fancy dropped “dang it” it’s a real hit and got the world talking
My door flew open as Nikki and Sasha walked in and I sat up at once

“Sasha, Nikki why the hell did you………..”

“Lemme guess fire Dannie”? Nikki completed and laughed with Sasha and they both scowled after wards

“You can’t date a maid, you deserve better, Dannie is just an attention seeking whore, a fucking gold digger” Nikki

said and that was it…. I snapped as I rushed her, I angrily grabbed her collar, choking her as I pressed her to the wall


“Leave her alone Nick” Sasha said trying to set Nikki free from my grasp but I kicked her in the stomach like real hard as she fell down groaning in pain and clutching to her tummy, I turned back to Nikki
“Don’t you ever call someone a whore cause if there’s a whore here then it’s you and your bitch friend, you gave your dirty cheap loosed body to a man who could care absolutely less about you, you’re the whore here and if you weren’t my sister I can’t even sex you even if You’re rich cause damn be you suck” I yelled and she was already whimpering as I tossed her carelessly across the room and grabbed Sasha “your kitty cat is the worst I’ve ever tasted, even a mad woman’s better than you, you cheap slut” I yelled at her and tossed her carelessly away as I hastily left the room to Mom’s room

Without knocking I pushed the door open
“You had better bring Dannie back or else you wouldn’t like the son you gave birth to” I said slamming the door behind me as I walk out of the room

I was heartbroken and felt like crying
But why am I so bothered? She’s a commoner right?




We returned from the ice cream shop and mom was already home
“Dannie”? Sha called and I

smiled at her

“Go make dinner” she said after looking me over then finally turned back to the TV
“Good evening ma” Emily greeted mom and she nodded not caring to know why I came home


“Please make dinner clumsy ass” Mandy said and forcefully withdrew her hand from mine
That her life , friendly when you have something and a total Bitch when you don’t
“Make it snappy bitch” Lizzy added and mom smiled at her

I and Emily entered the kitchen and made dinner, from the kitchen I could hear the kids scream and went to welcome their Dad! He’s back… damn
My phone beeped and Emily was with it
She brought out my phone from her jean pocket and read the message , she turned to me with s shocked expression and when I asked what she smirked, typed in few words before handing me my phone, I looked through it and damn this is ……… unbelievable… like for real?


I turned to Emily and she was smiling

Oh my God. Drake of Nick’s label just texted me asking if I’m ready for a collaboration and damn I dare not say no to him, Emily already replied sounding a little bit too excited

I couldn’t contain my excitement as I cooked with Emily and served the food on the dining

“Good evening sir” I and Emily greeted at once
“And what are you doing here”. He asked glaring
I gulped, it’s either now or never

“I…….red” I stammered

“What”? They all turned in shock to look at me including mom as tears started to flow down from my eyes

“You’re a disappointment to my life Dannie” she yelled

“Do you even care to know why she’s fired”? Mandy asked Mom and that was surprising. I mean Mandy taking sides with me. Wow!

“I know why” Lizzy said

“Why ” Daniel asked his sister


“She stole from her boss” !! Mandy and Lizzy yelled in unison

” Is that true”? Mom asked and I quickly nodded negatively
” No mom I was falsely accused” I said and she scoffed

“Don’t care to know since you’re here you’ll be cooking with your money” mom said and Mandy stick out her tongue 👅👅👅 for me
I sighed

That night I had dinner in my room with Emily
“Dannie we ha have enough money, let’s look for an apartment, then look for another job” Emily said and I totally agreed
My phone beeped again and it was a message from Drake asking for my phone number and I gave it to him

Still can’t believe I’m chatting with him and he said he hell come Down to Canada immediately for us to meet




“It’s okay Nikki” Sasha said rubbing my shoulder
I sniffled

“Nicholas didn’t say those words to me right? I mean that’s a first, he called me a whore, Nicholas yelled at me, I’m hurt Sasha I’m hurt” I said drying my tears

“I’m sorry best, I’m hurt as well” she said and her phone rang immediately

“Hello? Ok, love ya” she said smiling

“Need to be with Aiden” she said and picked up her purse, I nodded as she kissed my cheeks and left
I cleaned my eyes and stood up, staring at my reflection in the mirror


“Because of you , Nicky yelled at me for the first time. I’ll make your life miserable Dannie” I said into the mirror
Meaning every word I said

My door opened as mom walked in

“Honey” she gasped when she saw my red Puffy eyes, she ran to me and hugged me. ” What happened to you”? She asked cleaning my tears with her thumb

“Nick called me a whore and a loosed dirty bitch because of Dannie, mom Nick’s in love with her” I said and mom gasped. She was silent for a while then she sighed

“It’s a good thing she’s fired, I’ll get Nick to apologise to you. My dear you’re extremely beautiful and you know it, Nick said all that because he was angry, he’ll apologise to you my love” mom said cupping my face to kiss my forehead
I faked a smile




I woke up the following morning and Emily was in the shower, so I headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast
I got inside the kitchen and began arranging and cleaning after which I started cooking
I fried eggs and plantain then a toasted bread and coffee

Minutes later we all gathered round the dining table

“And I love your coffee” Daniel said and I smiled at him

“The bread is soggy and salty” Lizzy said as Mandy giggled, I ate in silence when my phone rang noisily, everyone looked up at me and damn mom hates phone calls while eating. “Who is that”? Mom asked and I checked the caller ID to see it was unknown

“Will be back” I said and rushed out

“Hello”? I said into the phone

“RUN” the feminine voice said and disconnected






I waited

First day, second day, third day and now it’s the fourth day

Nicholas acted nothing like a charmed person and I was running out of patience

Shit I hate waiting
I need to visit aunt Aubrey again, she has to explain what the hell is going on
Meanwhile we’re currently in the kitchen serving breakfast to the family
The house has been cold and unfriendly since Dannie left
I carried the food to the dinning and of course I stole a glance at Nick
He seated close to his father and I intentionally brushed my arm against his own then when he looked up at me I bit my lips seductively

Just notice me already nitwit!

I observed everyone’s expression and it was the same
Cold and hard

What the hell is going on




I stared at Nikki.
She busied herself with her phone and I was guilty for the things I said to her
I know my sister is crazy and really annoying but firing Dannie and calling her a whore was our of the picture
She took it too far and I lost it , I still don’t know why I did that but maybe it’s my instinct. I need to apologise to her then visit Dannie. I missed her and since she left I’ve lost about fourthy pounds because of lack of delicious coffee and doughnuts
Today is a big day for me and I should be prepared

One hour later

I sat beside dad on the executive seat as I watched the boards vote
Later after eighty perfect votes I was made the new CEO of Carter’s Inc



After the meeting I strolled to my new office as I was congratulated by everyone

I slouched on my seat and I have no PA yet
A knock made it’s way to my door

“Come in” I said as the door opened and a lady dressed in all black from her shoes to her hair walked in …. A bad aura around her and the scary part is that she wore a face mask and before I could say jacket she pointed a gun at me and I froze
What the hell?
She touched her hair and pulled the mask off
Smirking evily at me

Wait what?




“You sure about this? Emily asked with a calm smile while I nodded
My hands were shaky and palms sweaty. I was nervous and my heart was pounding
I felt off and horrible, terrible, scared, excited, I don’t know what I feel


Drake is in Montreal and he’s waiting for me in his hotel room downtown
I’m already dressed up to meet him and I don’t know how it works but I pray it goes well cause I don’t want to be disappointed, same Time I don’t want to get embarrassed or Maybe embarrass him. I just pray it works out perfectly for me
When one door closes, another one opens
This is an open door for me, to Live my dream and become a star 🌟

I walked down the stairs in my mini gown
Though I had wanted a simple t-shirt and jeans but Emily insisted on this
Mandy was the first person to see me and she smiled

“Pretty” she complimented shocking me for real. Wow Mandy!

“Thanks”I said and she rolled her eyes

“Whoa who’s that pretty damsel”? I heard Lizzy’s voice echo and I turned to look at her
She froze and squinted her eyes to peep well inside my face. She rubbed her eyes and looked at me again

Whoa do I look that pretty? I was blushing already


“Dannie”? She called and k smiled

“What the hell”? She said descending the stairs, she stood in front of me and looked me over

“What happened to you? The fuck…….Mandy you’re right; she stole from her boss. Reasons why she was fired” she said and Mandy laughed
I sighed as my smile dropped and I exchanged glances with Emily who looks angry and disappointed

“It’s okay Em” I said to get before heading for the door
I opened it and a strange black haired lady smiled at me

“Excuse me”? I frowned at her but she only smiled wider

Who is she? I suddenly remembered the call of s stupid voice telling me to RUN!!! 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

I got scared



Chapter ten




“Hi I’m Kate from chinoi production and I was sent by my boss to offer you a contract” she said smiling and I went dumb

“A contract”? I asked to be sure and she nodded by now everyone was already peeping

“Yes a contract, your voice is dope and priceless and the production decided to offer you a contract” she explained and I couldn’t believe it, chinoi is a great production but I still need time to think things through

“Ok thanks, I’ll visit chinoi next week” I said and she nodded, smiled and walk back to her car

I sighed and jumped up in excitement




“Aria” I gasped out and she chuckled throwing the gun aside , I stood up and hastily hugged her

“Missed you sweets” she giggled as I kissed her
“I missed you more a
damn you look sexier” I said and she laughed

“Now tell me that you’ve been faithful cause I was” she said and I bit my tongue not wanting to lie to her and I honestly missed her

“Lemme show you” I said and kissed her again, fondling her butt, she moaned and held me tighter than usual


“Before I forget, congrats my heart” she said and her words melted me. I wasn’t even faithful but I have a little feelings for her and I want to turn it in into love

“Thanks babe, I miss this” I said bringing out her left boob
“Take me in. I’m always ready for you and you alone” she said and I smiled at her before making her wish come true


I got to the hotel and it was busy and lively. I’m meeting up with Drake and I’m nervous

“Hey are you Dannie”? A husky male voice ask and I nodded


“My boss is in room by 102” he said

“Thanks” I said and hurried to the reception, I received the address and walked towards the elevator
Soon I was standing in front of room 102 and I was super nervous
Ready to meet Drake, I really want to be a star and I hope this meeting changes my life forever
I knocked and his familiar voice invited me in, I turned the door knob and slowly walked in
I instantly came face to face with Drake as he smiled at me

“Hi pretty” he called out and I blushed as I suddenly became nervous.
I tried to move but I couldn’t and my knees was quick turning into jelly
Ok I want to pee

“Just as pretty as your voice” he said walking towards me

“If you continue like this then how are we going to collaborate”? He asked with a slight frown



“Sorry hi” I said and he chuckled

“Come in” he said and walked me to a cushion, pouring me a glass of wine

“What’s your name”? He asked


“How old”?


“Twenty” I said and he nodded

“Ok I’m twenty five” he said and I nodded

“Why do you love singing and what are your dreams”? He asked and I gulped at his question

“Well I love singing cause it gives me joy and take my sorrows away it takes me to a whole new planet, a paradise filled with love and peace, it brings out a new feeling in me and honestly I don’t think I have a very specific reason for loving music, I don’t know it’s something I barely can do without and my dreams….well I want to be a music star” I finished that long ass speech without stuttering


He smiled
“I can make your dreams come true” he said and my eyes widened

“All of them” he added and smile
I didn’t know how to react so I just stared wide eyes at him

“On one condition” he said seriously like he has gone back to business

“What’s it”? I asked rapidly almost out of breath. He smiled and walked up to me, he squat right in front of me as my heart accelerated and I blinked rapidly

He’s just too cute
He touched my ankle and slowly raised his hand up to my thighs, his look was serious and he smiled when he saw that I’ve gone weak
Of course I’ve never been touched like that before and this right now is sooo I don’t really know I just feel like I’m on fire as he rubbed my clitoris through my panties. My breathing became heavy and I wanted to slap his hand off but I couldn’t find the courage to do it
A finger lifted my panties and I sighed as his finger slide in me rubbing my clitoris and a moan escaped my lips


What’s this? Taking advantage of my weakness? Is this the only way I can become a star? Taking advantage of my dreams. This is not the only way .. definitely not
Chinoi is interested in me so yeah I got angry and slapped his hand off and stood up

“Pervert” I yelled in tears and slapped him

“So..rry..I uhh” he tried to explain but I already walked out slamming the door behind me
God I was so hurt
I ran out of the hotel in tears and hailed a cab

“Drive me to chinoi” I said to the cabman and he nodded before speeding off

The fuck…..I hate him




I walked out of the shower and picked up my ringing phone. I hissed and tossed it back on the bed. I dried my wet self and got ready to visit “Justice firm” that’s mom’s law firm
I walked down the stairs and a sight made me wanna puke
Nicholas and a skinny girl making out passionately on this living room’s couch
I rolled my eyes and made my way to the dining. I and Nicholas still don’t get along cause he haven’t apologized
A maid served me as I ate breakfast in silence until the latest disgusting couple in town showed up. Nicholas pulled out a chair for the all too popular singer/ actress/ model Aria. She’s rich AF ( as fuck) we aren’t close and we haven’t worked together before


“Hi storm good morning” she greeted cheerfully and since I’m not in talking terms with Nicholas I just rolled my eyes and walked out of the dining

“Nikki” Nicholas called and I turned, glared at him, hissed viciously and walked out as the chauffeur opened the door for me and he sped off

Hours later

The driver pulled up in the restaurants parking lot and I got down, it was damn stressful at work but everything is sorted out. I walked to a seat and made myself comfortable in it then ordered the waitress to come over


“Welcome to…..”

“It’s okay green salad and pineapple juice and a sweetened tea” I said and her eyes widened but she immediately ran off to go get my orders. I know it’s weird,no one takes tea and juice together but I’m not no one I’m Nikki summer storm
She soon returned with my orders and serve it

“Add a plate of fried rice and baked beans then a nice peppery Buffalo wings” I said and her eyes bulge again but she quickly ran off


Soon I was done eating, I paid and walked out, getting inside my car as my driver sped off
Few minutes into the ride the car stopped by a little crowd

“What’s going on”? I asked adjusting my dark shades

“There’s a fight ma’am” the driver replied and I rolled my eyes

“So what does that has to do with me”? I asked but still looked our through the window only to see three boys brutally beating down another guy
That’s inhumane and uncalled for, before I could even think my hand already unbuckled my seatbelt, opened the door and walked out

“What’s going on”? I asked the guys getting closer to them


“The bitch owes me thirty dollars since three months now” the first guy said

They were thugs

I looked down at the pitiful victim.
His left eye was swollen and bleeding, a cut on his lips and opening on his head and many more

“Just thirty dollars and you hired your boys to beat him up like this”? I yelled getting pissed
“Don’t care” he murmured and I sighed and reached for my handbag bringing out three bundles of money containing ten thousand dollars each and gave it to him


“Thanks Nikki and you’re way prettier in person” he said and walk out with his gangs. I looked down at the victim he looks sad and depressed

“What’s your name”? I asked

“Fred” he replied


“Hi Fred I’m Nichole, please get in the car” I said and he sighed as he got off the ground and entered my car

“Mr Lee the nearest hospital” I said and he nodded before zooming off

Minutes later we were at the hospital and Fred was treated. The doctor prescribed some drugs for him and also injected him

“Thanks doctor” I said as we stood up and walked out. I already settled the bill

“Your address” I said to Fred who shrugged and told Mr Lee his address

Through out the ride to his house we didn’t bother to talk and I could careless

“We’re here” Mr Lee said and halted the car in front of a tattered house


Ewwww this area sucks and it’s really disgusting
“You live here”? I asked and he nodded

“Thanks Nikki you’re amazing” he said and I smiled at him, he gave a little nod and stepped down from the car

“Home” I said and he drove off at once


On getting home I saw mom and Aria chatting and laughing in the sitting room. I don’t know what’s going on between here and Nicholas but I also don’t give a fuck, I’m way hotter and sexier than her and she’s the dirty loosed bitch here

“Hi Mom” I kissed mom on the cheek

“Nikki how was your day”? Aria asked nicely
“Fine thanks” I mumbled for the sake of mom and questions as I quickly hurried up

I showed and laid down on my bed going through my emails




My heart accelerated as I neared chinoi

The tall pretty building left me speechless
I gulped and quickly made my way in
The security was really mean but later let me in when I got angry and decided to Leave
I took the elevator as directed by a worker and soon I appeared I a huge hallway. Chat Martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.


It was busy and no one was laughing or staring or even gossiping. Everyone minded they businesses and that was a relief
Soon I stood in front of the big office and after few nervous attempts I finally closed my eyes and knocked
A husky voice ordered me in and I turned the door open and walked in
Chinoi was a second choice, I really wished it was Nick’s label but that stupid Drake has to spoil it
I faced the middle aged man who sat comfortably on his seat which was leather shinny and has the company’s name on it CHINOI


The office was too pretty but same Time matured
I smiled and bowed at the man

“Good day sir” I greeted

“Seat” he ordered and I did

“First off welcome to chinoi and your name”?


“Danielle Stanford” I replied and he smiled

“Your voice is dope but I’ll love to hear it in person” he said and I smiled and cleared my throat, damn I was nervous but I still began singing, I have no idea what I was singing but it came out freely. I’m not big on singing other people’s song and right now whatever I’m singing is completely new and ridiculous
I soon finished and looked up at the stunned man. I smiled unsure if I had impressed him or not


“That was priceless” he aplouded and I smiled
“You need a new name? Stage name”? He asked

“Dannie will be cool right”? I asked with an arched brow

“Well if you like it” he said and shrugged

“I love it” I said and he passed a paper to me

“You’ll take three days to sign and go through the files, one each day and on the third day you’re expected to return it and it will be sealed with some of our management and top stars present
I nodded and smiled


“Good luck Dannie” he said and I smiled and stood up with the files and with one last smile I said ” thank you sir” and finally I walked out of the office
I boarded a cab home and on reaching home everyone was gathered on the sitting room when I entered

“Sis Dannie” Daniel yelled and hugged me happily while Lizzy and Mandy snorted

Spoiled brats!

“Where from Dannie”? Mom asked braiding Lizzy’s hair

“Chinoi production” I said and everyone turned to me with a gasp

“Really”? Lizzy asked and I didn’t bother to answer her

“Mom I’m signing up with them” I said as mom smiled brightly at me tgen for the first time she rushed me with a hug
I froze in her embrace





“Nick text her huh”? I pleaded for the nth time but he wasn’t taking it

“Why should I text a random girl huh? Continue making hits and our label will never go down” he said rubbing my butt

“Chinoi wants her, D-hit wants her everyone wants her and it’s just too painful she has a cat as her profile picture and not a single picture of her, come on Nick she’s the best thing going on right now baby please” in pleaded sucking his left nipple


“So when do random girls became the strength of my production, come on honey let’s go shopping” he said flipping over as he hovered above me kissing my chest

“Go shopping? That has never happened before, I mean what happened to secret romance”? I asked quiet surprised


“Aria there is absolutely no point in hiding us from the media, I love you and I want to make it public” he said and I fall back in shock

“You love me? That’s a first” I squealed and happily jumped into his embrace

“I love you too, oh my God I’m so excited” I yelled happily as he kissed me passionately

“It’s no big deal, anyone can easily fall in love with you, you’re too gorgeous to be rejected” he said and I blushed

“And it took you seven months to admit that” I said and he pouted

“Sorry princess I’ll buy you ice cream” he pouted as we laughed

God today is my happiest day


“Our first public appearance”? He asked and I tilt my head back in thought

“Paris shopping and Dubai vacationing” I said and he nodded

“Done” he cooed kissing my neck and I moan in delight

I already mapped out a plan to text the Instagram girl through his phone
My phone rang loudly disrupting our little moment
“Who is that”? Nicholas asked with a frown
“Wow jealousy looks good on you” I tease and he pouted
I got my phone out and it was Drake

“Drake”? I said into the phone

“I found her house and we have just today to stop her before she completes the whole signing process” he said breathlessly

“Signing process”? I asked sitting up

“Yes chinoi gave her their three days ultimatum file to sign” I gasped

“I’ll quickly text her thanks for the info” I said

“No biggy xup with my dude”? He asked

“Naughty I’ll pass it on” I said giving Nicholas the phone as they chatted
I picked up his phone and logged into Instagram, I searched for the Dannie girl, when I found her I texted her



I went through the third file, I already signed the first two and today is the last day
Now that I’ve think about it, it doesn’t matter if it’s Nick’s label or chinoi or DHit all I want is to become a singer and the label doesn’t matter
My door opened and mom walked in with a mug of coffee. She’s nice now
“Thanks Mom” I said as she ruffles my hair and walked out
I sipped from the coffee and I was about signing the third file when a text notification pop up on my phone

“Hello Dannie the great, it’s me Nicholas from Nick’s label I want you to please sign up with us and you’ll be paid ten billion dollars as your welcoming fee. Please sign with us” the text read

Ten billion dollars? And it’s even my crush Nicholas begging? How do I exposed myself to him as his former maid
The embarrassment was too much, I was fired like trash even though Nicholas was against it
I miss him so much

What do I do now?
Chinoi or Nick?

God I need help 😚





Guys what advise do you have for Dannie?
She’s committed to chinoi but her heart is with Nick’s label

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