Clashing hearts Episode 7 & 8

Chapter seven
“I love you so much Nick , plea-se don’t cheat on me” Aria’s voice echoed in my head, I sighed as Dannie g@sped “coffee and doughnuts plea-se” I said and quic-kly ran out of the kitchen. What the fv¢k just happened and why the hell do I have to remember Aria’s word at that moment? Ok I’m going nuts and it’s not cool. I tried to st©p thinking about what just happened as I walked into the dining and my eyes landed on Sasha’s cleavages and damn what a package, she secretly blew me k!sses and I smiled nodding my head
As I sat down and waited for Dannie
At first it was cool and impressive but now it’s so fv¢king annoying that I can ba-rely rest even on my free time Nicholas wants coffee. Well I alre-ady prepared the one he requested for right after dinner , as I got to his room and knocked, no reply, I rang the doorbell and still no reply so I twisted the door knob and walked in but the sight before me made the coffee fall off my hand, the sight of Nicholas and Sasha almost n-ked and eating each other out made me sick! They sprang ap@rt at once “stupid girl” Sasha spat and Nicholas look red in anger, I got scared and Immediately bowed to pick up the broken pieces but a piece of the mug pierced my f!nger and I yelped out in pain
I look into his face and the anger was still there
“bit-ch can’t you knock? Are you so fv¢king stupid you couldn’t learn how to knock? Can’t believe what a thing like you is doing here in the first place damn you’re clumsy AF” Nicholas yelled and pushed me out of his room shutting his door, I smiled and look down at my bleeding f!nger
Jesus my heart hurts! I smiled in tears and ran into the kitchen to pour my tears out but was unlucky cause Allison and the rest of the guys were in there and I knew I couldn’t cry in front of them so I left the kitchen and ran into the maids toilet, I cried till I was drained and it’s not as if it’s my first time being abused but this one felt so different and I just realized I was heartbroken, I washed my face and entered our room, sitting on my be-d I began treating my wound and thankfully they are all still in the kitchen, the landline rang and I picked up ” Dannie”? Nicholas voice called softly from his end as my heart fli-pped and beat non-st©p, my legs turned jelly and I couldn’t speak “Dannie” he called again and I opened my mouth to speak but couldn’t
“My room now” he said and disconnected and I was still in shock. He wants to apologise for real? I thought as I hurried up to his room. I met Sasha mid stair as she glared at me “you ever interrupt my monkey business again and you’re dead” she said and walk away
Thought she was nice but never knew she’s worst than Nikki
I rang the doorbell and his voice invited me in, I twisted the door knob and stepped in. He l@yon his be-d half n-ked, half n-ked? I mean no shi-t just in his un-derwear and my eyes fell on his ha-rd abs, geez what a beauty, I tried to tear my eyes off his b©dy but I couldn’t, he’s got a nice abd0m£n and a perfect upper arm and che-st, he’s just too h0t, my eyes fell on his cute face and the first thing I noticed was his perfect nose and brows and of course I sp©tted his cute pinkl-ips, his smile which turned into a laugh was very adorable to watch, in his laugh hisl-ips p@rted revea-ling his cute white teeth and pink ton-gue. His laugh was so perfect until that he was laughing at me
What the hell 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
I quic-kly averted my gaze and looked down in embarras-sment, my cheeks was too red and I wished that the floor would just open up and swallow me. What a terrible day! He laughed really ha-rd and I managed to spare him a glance. I suddenly couldn’t move.
My legs bec@m£ shaky and palms sweaty, beads of sweats roll down my face and I shivered when I felt him t©uçh my chin
He pu-ll-ed my chin up and stare into my eyes, hisl-ips p@rted slowly and he smiled
“Now I believe how handsome I am, you practically stole my vir-ginity just now” he said and I couldn’t even blus-h because I was lost in his eyes. He moved his face closer to mine and I wanted to shift but couldn’t, then he leaned in almost k!ss!ngme when the door opened and Nichole walked in with Sasha. They jaw dropped seeing us in that position
“What the hell”? Sasha asked in utmost disbelief and Nicholas suddenly moved away from me like I’m infected with a contagious disease ” go get my coffee” he said and k nodded and quic-kly ran out of the room
Nikki t©uçhed my n£¢k and shook her head negatively ” Nick are you okay”? She asked softly
“W..h I’m fine” I stuttered
“And Dannie”? Sasha ch!pped in
“She’s fine as well” I snapped at her but she rolled those big ba-lls on her face
“She’s fine? The fv¢k you were doing with her Nicky young” ? Nikki yelled
“I.. don’t know..j..u..s”
“Why the fv¢k are you stuttering”? Sasha asked and I glared at her
Dannie returned with the coffee and o took it from her, she tried to rush out but Nikki held her back
“What were you doing with him huh” she asked pointing at me
Dannie gulped and Nikki sl@pped get ha-rd across the face, so ha-rd she landed on her bu-tt. ” Nikki st©p” I said
“Don’t even dare bit-ch” she yelled at me as Sasha scoffed, Dannie was whimpering on the floor
“Do you love Nick? Huh do you? You feel a thing for him you couldn’t get over right? He’s extra ordinarily handsome isn’t he”? Nikki asked and Dannie nodded positive
“What”! The girls exclaimed
“I.i don’t love him and he’s not that handsome plea-se leave me alone I’m sorry and I’ve seen better” she cried
My eyes bulge. She has seen better boys than me? What the hell and what does it matter anyways, I don’t really care cause I know she was only trying to plea-se my sister cause minutes ago she was eye ra-pping me and now she’s claiming to have seen better, liar
“Really”? Nikki scoffed and Sasha rolled those ba-lls called eyes again!
“Out”!!! Nikki ordered and she ran out in tears
Ap@rt of me was sorry for her and wanted to go after her, but the other p@rt was angry and then another feeling I don’t want to acknowledge
Nikki cli-cked her ton-gue and walked out with Sasha
I walked into “Nick’s label” and the first person I saw was Drake, he was listening to the viral Instagram song, I admit her voice was cool and totally angelic
“Hey” he greeted and I smiled and waved at him before walking towards the elevator. I pas-sed the first washroom and heard m0@n s. The hell? Who does that in this industry? I opened the door as my mouth drop
Polly and Fancy. Two females having S-x and to think that Polly is Drake’s girlfriend while Micky Fancy a singer. I nodded and slammed the door closed, I couldn’t do a thing about it cause I got no powers to take legal action
I walked inside Nick’s office and sat down going throu-gh his system , we haven’t dropped any song for a whole month and fans are going wild and I heard that chinoi our rival company are also looking for the singer, they want to sign her up and if they do then Nick’s label will be all but forgotten
We alre-ady have too much rivals and this girl just sparkled it
I nee-d to meet her and sign her up but first I missed Nick and I’m paying him a surprise visit soon
I called his secretary “Mr Kim” I said into the phone
“Yes ma’am”
“Hand in hand with Marie smart, you have only a month to find out who the infamous Instagram singer is, if chinoi or any other company does before you then you’re fired” I said
“Yes ma’am”
“Good” I hung up and distributed text to our research team
Drake walked in and sat opposite me ” girlfriend” he sm-irked
“What the fv¢k…. look you should try your best to find out the infamous Instagram singer as well” I said and he nodded
“I’m a snap away” he replied
“s£nt her a text, and I’m hoping she replies soon” he said and I nodded
“Good and honestly we nee-d to produce a hit” I said and he nodded
“I’m thinking if we should collaborate, while Fancy and Vicky collaborate then whitie should do a single, damn we nee-d to drop not more than four hits this month, even in Nick’s abs£nce we should keep going and waxing stronger” I said and Drake smiled and nodded
My phone rang waking me up and I gr@bb£d it and smiled ” vanilla” I said into the phone and she chuckled
“Strawberry” she replied
” I’ve missed you so much” she said and I nodded ” same here honey” I said
“Wait what’s that girlie snore I’m hearing”? She asked and I purse myl-ips together. Ya I had a night with Sasha
“My sister’s dog” I said looking at a slee-ping Sasha
“Alright so this Instagram singer, chinoi wants her and we must get her first, help from your end Nicholas” Aria said and I nodded smiling
I felt so guilty, there my girlfriend is, working ha-rd for my company and here I am slee-ping with my sister’s bestie
I chatted with Aria for a while till we disconnected
“So I’m a dog right”? Sasha asked immediately after the call
“Huh” I asked
“I’m a dog”? She frowned de-eply
“What we had meant nothing to you because of a silly bit-ch somewhere right! Now I know that the main obstacle isn’t Dannie but a stupid bit-ch somewhere, I’ll find her and kill her” she said walking out of the room
I breathed out
Thank God she won’t disturb Dannie again, go and get your face disoriented by my crazy Aria
I got re-ady for work, my training will be completed today and then tomorrow a PA will be chos£n for me, then dad will step down and hand the company over to me and looking at the stress ahead I think Aria should be made a CEO in my music label
I dressed in a black tuxedo and went down for breakfast
Everyone else including Sasha was gathered round the dining and I wonder if she’s homeless, I mean she’s always stalking my house and I don’t get it
“Good morning Mom, dad, Nikki and Sasha” I greeted. Nikki huffed , Sasha rolled her eyes,mom smiled while dad nodded focusing on his newspaper
I k!$$£d mom on the cheek and sat down
“No k!ssfor me”? Nikki asked and I sighed and k!$$£d her cheeks same with Sasha
We had breakfast and I was really enjoying my coffee until Dannie walked out of the kitchen and I think I nee-d a cardiologist appointment cause my heart always skip a bit each time I set my eyes on her but in order to save her from Sasha I focused on my food, re-sisting the urge to look at her and maybe gr-ab her and hvg her. I couldn’t do any of that cause I nee-d to keep her safe
“Mom, Dad, let me do this for the benefit of us all. Dannie you’re fired” Nikki said and my spoon fell from my hand, my eyes wi-de-ned and jaw dropped. Sasha giggled
“What” . I , mom and dad exclaimed together.
“But why honey”? Mom asked
“She’s trying to s£dûç£Nicholas” Sasha said and dad looked at her furiously
“You little br@t” mom cursed and stood up sl@pping and pushing Dannie down, she was in tears
“Mom st©p” I said separating her from Dannie
“That’s not true” Dannie cried but mom sl@pped her again
“Gloria that’s enough” dad intervened
“That’s not true Sasha it’s you whose trying to s£dûç£me, so why lie against the poor girl”? I yelled at Sasha
“Shut up Nick, I’ve been best friends with Sasha for ages and she can’t try that” Nikki defended
“Of course not” Sasha said feigning innocence
“I knew something was up since you tasted her silly coffee” mom yelled
“Nick let’s go” dad said gr-abbing his briefcase
“Don’t try to fire Dannie, she’s innocent” I warned sternly before leaving with dad, I looked at Dannie one more time and heart skipped into my stomach
I walked inside the maids room in tears
Allison scoffed at me angrily as Emily hvgged me
“And I thought you’re a cute innocent bit-ch” Allison said. Becca and Regina stared at us
“Dannie look I’m leaving with you” Emily said but I quic-kly disagreed
“No Emily, you can’t and you won’t” I said cleaning her tears while she cleaned mine
The others laughed and I know they believed Sasha and Nichole
“I insist and you can’t change my mind , I’m tired of being a maid and you’re the only friend I have here” she said and I broke down in tears, I cried till my eyes bec@m£ puffy. This is not fair at all
“I loved Nick but after he insulted me I Decided to stay away from him but you innocent slut decided to showcase your whoring talent and now your as-s is getting fired” Allison said and laughed
“Yeah and good luck with being a maid forever” Emily sh0t back
I sniffled and some one hvgged me from behind I turned to see Becca and Regina both in tears
“Dannie I know you didn’t do it and believe me I am sorry” Becca said and hvgged me, I cried into her che-st as Regina patted my back, I look at Allison and she quic-kly wiped her tears off
I smiled. She will definitely miss me
The door opened and ru-by and Sarah walked in, they are the chief cooks
They hvgged me , telling me they will miss me
“What is going on here”? A voice said and I froze. Sasha and Nichole
“Pack your $h!t and get off bit-ch” Nikki said as Sasha laughed so ha-rd
I rolled my bag behind me
“Where ate you going to”! Nikki asked
“I’m leaving”
“You go nowhere” she said
I should st©p here but still …..
Huh” Emily asked
“I said you go nowhere it’s Dannie who is fired and not you” Nikki yelled
“Sorry but you can’t boss me around anymore, I’m leaving and that’s final” Emily said shocking me
Sasha sl@pped her and I hastily sl@pped her back, I sl@pped her real ha-rd
Everyone’s jaw dropped including mine
“Did you just……”
“ Im sorry” I said quic-kly and ran out of the room hurriedly with Emily
Can’t believe I sl@pped Sasha
Meanwhile before we could reach the gate we heard the menacing sounds of the well trained dogs
I pu-ll-ed the gate but it refused to open
“Dannnnnnnniiiiiiiieeeeeeeee” we screamed as the dogs neared us, we hvgged ourselves clinging to the gate as the dogs neared us
Anticipating the bite
Chapter eight
“Crystal” Mrs Carter’s voice echoed and the dogs halt on they track, turned and walked back inside, we bowed to her and opened the gate and walked out
“Damn that house and everything that lives in it” Emily said and I chuckled, I was still shaking slightly. I almost had a Panic attack
“What do we do now”? She asked
“Let’s go to my house, from there we will seek an ap@rtment to rent” I said and she nodded, we took a cab to my house and my heart beat accelerated when we neared our street, I almost pas-sed out when the cab st©pped in front of our compound
We got out, paid and made our way into the old tattered house and honestly I don’t want to describe how disgusting it looks, Emily is an orphan if not I would have preferred her house to mine but she got no house, cause her uncle took it all
I rang the doorbell and Lizzy opened up, she twisted her face in disgust when she saw me then she ban-g the door shut. I sighed and turned to Emily who didn’t look surprised at all. She knows everything about me
“How old is she”? Emily asked referring to Lizzy. “She’s five ” I said and rang the doorbell again this time Mandy opened it
I smiled at her “hi Mandy” I greeted with a wi-der smile , she smiled back and waved. Her brown hair was neat and packed in a messy bun
“Hi Danielle, our parents are not around and we don’t have enough food to share with you and that thing, so plea-se kindly go back to wherever the fv¢k you’re coming from” she said referring to Emily as ‘ that thing’ she made to close the door but I held it and pushed her away walking inside with Emily
“The fv¢k..”..😈 Lizzy yelled angrily, her mean blonde hair giving her a fierce look
“Sister Dannie” Daniel yelled happily and ran towards me, I scooped him up in my arm and hvgged him, k!ss!nghis face
“Hi Danny love” I purred as I k!$$£d his cheeks “I have something for you” I said taking him to my room
“Me too” Mandy and Lizzy said and followed me while Emily carried our bags
The kids pla-yed on my be-d while I cleaned the room with Emily and showered after that I brou-ght out a little foil containing doughnuts , I gave it to Daniel
“Thanks” they chorused and rushed out with the foil
As I arranged my be-d something was off.
“Where’s my phone”? I asked Emily but she shrugged looking confused
She was arranging our clothes in the little closet
“Check the kids” she said and with that I sprinted out of the room, Emily followed behind
“She’s coming” Mandy yelled as the kids ran inside their room giggling. I smiled
“They are with my phone” I said relieved and Emily laughed
I pushed the door but it was locked. How do I get my phone now?
“Two cookies and cream cheese for anyone that returnes my phone” I said and the door opened immediately, Lizzy handed me the phone with a smile and I ruffled her hair
“Let’s go get ice cream” I said and they all rushed out as the five of us left to go get ice cream
Girls and boys are alre-ady piling up for the job. Who will be my PA?
I craved for Dannie’s coffee so much that I left home Immediately after my training
I got home and no one was in the sitting room, I hurried to my room and bathed , I called the landline and instead of the honey sweet voice of Dannie it was the Birdy pe-cky voice of Allison
“Call Dannie for coffee” I said and disconnected
I smiled and looked at the powdered substance in a sachet. A love charm, all he has to do is take a sip and I’ll be his God for life
Damn life is sweet. I added the substance and carried the coffee up to his room
Nicholas is mine and mine alone
I opened the door without knocking and he turned to glare at me cause he was taking his shi-t off
“Learn to knock and where is Dannie”? He asked
“Dannie has been fired” I said as he g@sped but still he took the coffee and tasted it
“Still taste like death” he said and rushed downstairs immediately
I smiled cause soon he’ll fall hopelessly in love with me
Anyways so Allison won right?