clashing hearts Episode 5 & 6

CLASHING HEARTS episode 5/6 💕 💕 💕
Chapter six
Few days later
“Welcome sir”
“Welcome sir”
“Welcome sir”
The workers greeted and I pushed a fake smile as I tried not to appear rude, I just started work today a certain Mr Kennedy will be in charge of my programming, I’m literally still learning how the company works so I have a small office at the middle floor till I’m strong enough to go higher. I walked inside the research dep@rtment with Mr Kennedy and every worker was with their system, it was large and beautiful, they are mostly hackers, they stood up and greeted me, a brunette walked up to me😉, she’s pretty but looks nothing like a flir-t “hi and welcome Mr Carter I’m Lilian Garcia and I’ll be in charge of your stay and training in this dep@rtment” she finished with a smile and I nodded as we shook hands. She’s very professional and looks smart ” ok Mr Carter, you’re safe with miss Lilian Garcia she’s a masterpiece and I’ll go attend to other things that nee-ds my attention” Mr Kennedy said as I nodded before he walked out ” okay Mr Carter, this should be your system” Lilian said pointing at a system and o nodded ” you’ll be here for three hours as and at the processing dep@rtment for three hours, a total of six” Lilian said as I rolled my eyes and walked to the system and with the help of a very professional and efficient Lilian my day went smoothly fine. Sir Callaway as he called himself guided me in the processing dep@rtment and before I knew it my day was over. I went to the cafeteria for lunch and had a bacon toast, I didn’t bother about coffee cause I know it won’t suit my new taste, damn Dannie
This will look h0t on you.” Sasha said as I examined the stra-p dress and it was really pretty
Well we got bored and decided to come shopping, our trollies are all filled up
Thanks to crazy me and my crazy bestie
“Yeah” I said with an eyeroll pushing my cart towards the sales rep
After payment our goods was then packaged as we left the mall
“I’m starving” Sasha whined
“Same here” I said and with that we made our way to the closest eatry nearby
We placed our orders as the waitress nodded with that well practiced fake smile of theirs , jealous bit-ches! I scoffed and turned to look at Sasha who was giggling because her phone was ringing
“What’s up”? I asked
“Aiden’s up” she sm-irked as I rolled my eyes. Aiden is my competitor and by that I mean Sasha’s male bestie, they are best friends and we both hate each other most times we fight for Sasha’s attention but she doesn’t even know it
“Bestie Aiden is cool right”? She said and that made me mad “shut up” I yelled a bit
“Oh sorry” she said tucking her hair behind her ears and I huffed and rolled my eyes angrily ” yeah right, I’m sorry too” I muttered as the waitress served us
I alre-ady lost my appetite and was struggling to f0rç£ a piece of chicken Inside my mouth “$h!t I hate the silent treatment” Sasha blurted out slamming her hand on the table
“I’m sorry I just……” I trailed off feeling so stupid
“It’s okay, we’re talking now and that’s what matters” Sasha said
I chvgged down a glas-s of water and sighed softly then smiled at her, my smile was f0rç£d but hers was bright. The food suddenly bec@m£ tasty and I ate happily
Damn I love Sasha alot
The door suddenly opened as my heart dropped seeing Efizy and Kori together walking in hand in hand, Efizy looked at me apologetic when he saw me and I bet he wanted to say something but Sasha pu-ll-ed me out of the eatry. I tried not to look at them as we walked out
Today is such a bad day ! I walked out and got in my car as Sasha drove off, I was jealous and I hate it
I’ve been in here for a week and I’m learning fast, I’ve also tried warming up to Lilian. She’s something else and it sparked a curiosity in me and I want to know her more
All the bit-ches In here are doing all they can to get me look at them but Lilian acts as if she don’t know about me till now, like I’m not a h0t famous celebrity
I chuckled and smiled at her as she went on telling me about how the company works ” and that will be all for today” she smiled and I nodded
“Thanks lil” I said and she raised an eyebrow ” lil? I prefer being called miss Lilian” she said smiling just a little only to be polite though
“But we’re uhmmmm, you know” I trailed off not sure what to say next, she cli-cked her ton-gue and shook her head negatively to the side and turned to smile at me ” we’re worker Mr Carter’ she said and walked out professionally
My phone rang and it was Drake, he said that Aria has been going round telling people about our relationsh!pand claiming to be the boss, I was mad and made a mental note to call her and remind her of her limits later anyways as I got home the first person I saw was Dannie cleaning the dining and she didn’t notice me , I stood right behind her watching her for a while and I wonder why her clothes are so hvge, I couldn’t see a thing and it’s not like I want to see anything but I don’t know ” coffee and doughnuts” I said and she flin-ched, turned and bowed thrice at once
“Welcome sir’ she said
I just stared at her and honestly I don’t know what I’m looking at or Maybe I’m just mesmerized , her hair was in a ponytail and her face was powdered then a little l!pgloss, it’s so natural and she’s pretty like I don’t know what….. Ahhhhhh what the hell?
I quic-kly looked away from her and she breathed out, I looked back at her and our eyes locked, I stared at her ocean blue eyes as my eyes stalk her facial attributes and honestly it’s all good and natural , my eyes settled on her plump pinkl-ips and herl-ips was alre-ady slowly p@rted revea-ling her ton-gue just a little bit and I don’t know what that did to my s-en-ses Holy moly!
“Nick”? Sasha’s voice brou-ght me out of my trance . “Did I interrupt something”? She asked tou-ching the ti-p of her blue hair, I gulped and look at Dannie, she bowed twice as her hair fell all over her face before she ran into the kitchen and that movement was epic
“What no” I said turning to Sasha, she smiled and nodded
“Nichole is a mess right now and I can’t even control her anymore” she said as my heart fli-pped “what “? I g@sped and sprinted up to her room and without knocking I entered, she l@yon her be-d , face up in tears and I slowly made my way over to her ” Nick” she called and got up to hvg me as she cried into my che-st, what could be wrong, Sasha returned with a glas-s of orange jui-ce and gave it to Nikki who chvgged down the whole content at once
“You’re okay” ? I asked and she nodded
” Tell me what’s wrong” I said and she sighed
“I got jealous earlier seeing my crush with my rival” she said and I frowned. That’s all? Will Aria be this vulnerable if she sees me with another girl? Or worst if I leave her? I can’t and I won’t she doesn’t deserve to suffer
“Crush, since when” I asked calmly ” months” she mumbled
“He knew about your feelings”? I asked again cause one of the major reasons why I haven’t left Aria is because I’m aware of her feelings for me
” No” Nikki said and I sighed
“Let him know, maybe that will bring him back to his s-en-ses” I said and she hvgged me after thinking for a while
“Thanks Nick I love you” she said and I smiled inhaling her hair and it smelt exactly like Aria’s. Strawberry vanilla
“Let’s go eat, dinners re-ady I guess” I said as she nods before climbing down the be-d and together we walked downstairs with Sasha behind “you’re okay” ? Dad asked Nikki immediately we stepped inside the dining and she f0rç£d a smile ” yes dad , was slee-ping” she said and yawn a little. What do I expect from an actress?
“Your eyes are puffy, we should visit a doctor” mom panicked as I rolled my eyes ” trust me mom, I’m fine” Nikki said as mom shrugged and nodded
We took our seats and I scanned the food pres£nt. No coffee no doughnuts is Dannie insane? 😈😈
“Dannie”!!! I roared and took ha-rd steps inside the kitchen, she had her back turned to me as she expertly do her job, I observed her for awhile and before I knew it I was alre-ady behind her, like right behind her as I stare at her sp©tless skin, I couldn’t figure out her b©dy shape because of the oversized maids wear
“Hey” I said, she g@sped and swirled around in fright. Her eyes wi-de-ned seeing me up so close for the second time today, I stared inside her blue ocean eyes and sparkled de-ep in her eyes. My eyes fell on herl-ips again . Pink and plump
“Dannie” my mouth watered as I stared at herl-ips. What the hell is going on?
“I love you so much”
She g@sped
To be continued, drop your comments.