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May 16, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Clashing hearts Episode 3 & 4

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Chapter three






The maids gave me a real sensual massage, I enjoyed every bit of it and after that I checked my time 9:30pm already. Damn I miss Efizy. God what am I doing? This is really strange and I don’t like it one bit but before I could think I already dialed his number, after three rings he picked up and I smiled ” hey” I said but got no reply, then a particular sound got my attention, wait what? A moan? Ya it was!! Definitely a fucking moan. Oh my poor heart, I angrily stood up and grab my over coat wrapping it round my body as I ran out of the house to my car and speed off

Whoever the bitch is, she’s good as dead!! The fourth minutes drive took me only fifteen and I got to his house, I ran in not minding where I parked my car, the living room was empty so I ran straight to his main room and opened the door to see Efizy on the floor with sweat all over him, the shower was running which meant only one thing, someone’s in there!!


“Storm” he called standing up and I angrily slapped him twice at once


“Nikki” he yelled holding his already red cheeks, the

bathroom door open and my mouth dropped seeing Perry , a fellow model though not in my level, she’s a poor bitch. I lashed out on her, pulling her hair and hitting her, Efizy held my waist and separated us, Perry hissed and tried to fight back and that infuriated me ” how dare you”!! I yelled kicking Efizy right in the groin then rushed Perry and pushed her down and repeatedly punched her plastic face, Efizy was still groaning in pain but he managed to get her off me. I’ve had lots of insults today from some stupid girl calling me a whore on Nicholas phone to this damn slap in the face “stop Storm, what is your problem and why are you so worked up” Efizy yelled annoyed


“I called and you deliberately picked up only to feed my ears with your slutty moans right” I yelled and he seemed taken aback “you called”? He asked as I huff

“I picked it up” Perry said giving me a dead glare. ” I’ll put you behind bar, I’m a fucking lawyer” I yelled mentioning the course I studied


“Don’t care, you’re just a whore” she said and I slapped her real hard, she tried to fight back but Efizy held her hand keeping her from fighting back ” well Efizy, you told me about your feelings for me do yeah now you’ll have to choose between us, who is it gonna be huh” Perry said and untied her towel and I was

shocked, in her zigzag form she layed on the bed, spreading her legs wide apart ” fuck me or her” she said and the amount of madness she just displayed wowed me but I’m not one to back out so yeah I undid my overcoat and layed on the bed too spreading my legs as we waited for his decision, slowly with his erection he walked up to us and I smiled when I felt his hand on my thigh. He chose me!!! My smile dropped immediately I saw his other hand caress Perry’s loosed thigh….ok if I’m being honest she got a nice things and pretty body but I’m the best, I slapped his hand off and made to walk out of the bed but he pushed me back and entered me, kissing my neck hungrily, I smirk in satisfaction and looked at the broken bitch…awww so much for wanting what’s not yours




I woke up early and stride towards the door of the bathroom, I first brushed my teeth before stepping inside the bathtub and letting the warm water calm my nerves, in no time someone wrapped their hands round my waist and I knew it was Aria. Honestly I will miss her and her nags, I smiled and turned around to kiss her, we smooched and bath together


” I will miss you” she said as we dried our bodies. ” I will miss you too” I said and she blushed…. Wait Aria blushed? That’s epic and rare ” you blushed” I found myself asking


“Yeah and that’s because you said you’ll miss me, I mean that’s the first time you’re admitting anything emotional to me” she said shyly. I chuckled, that’s unlike her and if it’s the swollen wrist then I’ll have to break it more often to get this side of her. ” All set” I announced

“How do I look”? Aria asked walking up to me. Weird! Aria never asks how she looks cause she’s glamorous and extremely confident ” took my breath away” I commented and she blushed again ha!!

She wore a black leather short dress with a black leather knee length boot, the dress was sleeveless and her hair was in a ponytail… Ponytail? Ponytail damn she hates ponytails, she prefers straight or curly though this ponytail looks pretty on her ” and my hair”? She asked as if she read my mind ” pretty” I said as we kissed

I held her hand firmly in mine as we walked downstairs, security crowed us up as we made our way to my car


The chauffeur sped off to the Carter’s airport. Our private airport, Aria smiled kissing me dearly and I misses her already. She’s cool when she wants to, we arrived the airport and it wasn’t crowdy as expected, just heavy security and cleaners. I held unto Aria’s waist, not letting her go, we got to the jet and I was a step away from climbing in

“Aria I will really miss you and your troubles, baby please take care of yourself” I said and she nodded in tears “hey stop the tears” I said cleaning it with my thumb ” when next will I see you”? She asked and I sighed

” I’ll get real busy with work but I’ll always squeeze out time for you” I said and she smiled ” I’m already used to having you around’ I added as we kissed for the last time before I got to the jet , I watched Aria , hoping that Canada has alot to offer


…… soon we arrived at our airport at Montreal and I got down and guess who I saw first? My twinny Nikki summer storm, she ran into my arm for a sweet hug ” oh my God it’s been ages Nick” she cried into my arm as we disengage ” Nikki we last summer at your fan signing event in Texas” I said laughing

“Duh, that’s two months ago” she said hugging me again


“I’m mad at you” she pouted after the hug and I raised a brow ” your mood swing is still horrible” I said and she glared at me


“Who the fuck is that bitch that called me a whore on your phone yesterday and don’t even tell me you’re dating cause we suck at it” she yelled, wasn’t she like happy just now? Oops Aria


” I’m sorry okay..just that I uhhh” I stutter as she scoffed and walk away ” Nikki” o called running after her, we got to her car and she drove off with me beside her


“I’m sorry okay” I apologized for the nth time, she’s giving me the silent treatment and it was worst than Aria’s bags


“Cool but who the fuck is she”?

Oh my God how am I supposed to tell her it’s the popular Aria ?

“A crazy random girl” I said. Nikki is popular and crazy same with Aria if they go against each other then the nation is not safe “so she’s a whore’? She asked

How can I possibly call my girlfriend s whore ” not really” I said my phone rang immediately. Aria!!


“She’s the one”? Nikki asked grabbing my phone, ” Nikki you’re on wheel” I said trying to get my phone back but she dodged and picked up ” yo whore you good”? She yelled into the phone and I grabbed it from her, she laughed and speed up hitting Rihanna’s man down


Chapter four




We drove in , the house still looking as magnificent and beautiful as I left it a while ago to go purse a career as singer, the security was much and I don’t really think it’s necessary though but still as I got down with Allison, a pile of dirty and neat maids rushed to go get my stuff

“OMG Nick” mom squealed wrapping me up in a hug immediately I stepped in


“I missed you, I miss you honey” she sang repeatedly still holding unto me, I smiled of course I missed her too, when she finally pulled out she kissed my cheek and smiled ” my baby is all grown” she said and I smiled ” mom you look twenty years younger, what’s dad feeding you with”? I joked as we laughed


“Nicholas” dad called walking down the stairs as I made my way over to him to hug him


It was nice coming back home though, Nikki and I made my way upstairs to my room and I instantly loved the decorations and new look, all sparkly blue. I lay down on my bed and I was craving for coffee but first I need to bath




The landline rang and Allison immediately went for it, Nicholas is back and she’s currently the happiest girl alive, Emily and Becca were the ones who took his bags upstairs while I was the one that arranged his room yesterday, the cleaning wasn’t hard cause the room was clean already. So I just arranged his bed and spread some insecticide, funniest part is that I I even had a thirty seconds nap on his soft bed and I pretended to be his wife laying on the bed while he made coffee for me. That’s my thoughts though


“Alright sir” Allison purred flirting with him already. She jumped up Immediately the call disconnected and started dancing around ” can’t believe Nicholas called me for coffee” she yelled ” ahem” Rebecca cleared her throat bringing out the edited dress, Allison hugged her happily and Immediately put on the dress. She looked hot!! ” Should I wash my hair”? She asked no one in particular ” before serving him coffee”? Regina exclaimed as we all chuckle ” mad ooooooo ” that was from Emily

” Ok then , a little make up will do” she said and Immediately started making up, after that she wore a black Sanders that matched perfectly with the dress and she put on a round fake diamond earrings and necklace, her cleavages was very much visible. She looked sexy, then with a wink she walked out of the room


“Hmmmm Allison sef” Emily said making us chuckle. I sighed and continue uploading my audio lyrics on Instagram, I really want to be a singer but guess what? I have just 80 followers and it’s really annoying




She knocked and walked in, a pretty maid. Her dressing was slutty though

” Hi sir” she purred like a kitten and placed the coffee mug on my side table. I glanced at her, then back at my coffee and I picked it up and took a sip. Wait , what the fuck is this?


“You made this” I roared red eyes, there is nothing I hate more than females not knowing how to cook



“Shut up”!!!! I yelled , “this shit is bitter, can’t you get a coffee measurement right? It tastes sad, like nature is angry at me” I yelled and poured the coffee on her, she looked shocked and stood on a fixed position in tears and I started to regret cause the coffee was hot. She looked down at her dress and hiccup

” Is that even the maids uniform” I asked but she kept mute, don’t be surprised I also have a nasty side. She sobbed for a while and I watched her intently as she slowly drag up in the name of cleaning tho coffee, damn she got fresh thighs though, wait is a maid trying to seduce me? Ridiculous!!


“Leave” o ordered but my eyes landed on her exposed cleavages God too good and fresh. I slowly walked towards her


” Everyone wouldn’t be too pleased to see you Walk out of my room with coffee all over your body, so go and wash it off in my bathroom, I’ll just call another maid to make me coffee” I said and she smiled before walking into my bathroom

I sighed and rang the landline again, demanding for coffee ” yes sir” a very honey sweet voice replied. Wow the voice left me speechless, my bathroom door open as the maid Walk our ” that’s a dryer” I pointed at my instant cloth dryer

Sue had a towel tied around her body with her uniform in hand

She opened the dryer and stuff her cloth inside it. My entrance door opened as another maid walked in, damn she’s dirty and her hair was unkempt , she’s disgusting. Ewwww and she made my coffee? Nah ain’t drinking that, her eyes widened seeing her fellow maid in my room with a towel tied around her body

” Here sir” she murmured dropping the coffee, I looked at it and oh my God it has an amazing heart design, little cute drawings and I bet she did that with the express drawer machine, I wouldn’t mind staring at it all day , yeah I remembered I said something about not taking the coffee but I take my words back, I’m definitely drinking this. It looks and smells good

I took a sip and gracious goodness it was good in all ramifications, best coffee ever


“What’s your name” ? I asked her ” dannie” she muttered and bowed politely

I chuckled

The other maid entered the bathroom and changed to her exclusive edited dress

” Well Dannie if you want to secure your job then always appear neat, you’re a girl and shouldn’t look this tattered


She bowed ” thanks for the advice sir” she bowed again and walk out

Wow I thought she would feel insulted

The other hot maid strides out of the bathroom and holy cow what a curve, just too perfect ” your name”? I asked


“Allison” she said like she’s flirting with me


“Ok go” I said still sipping from my perfect coffee while she walked out, giving her hips extra sway




I came down for lunch, everybody else was already seated round the dining table and I noticed a blue haired girl sitting beside Nikki, I sat beside dad making me face the strange girl, though I’ve seen her before I can’t tell where exactly ” Nick this is my best friend Sasha” Nichole said


“Hey Nick” she said and blushed

“Hey Sasha” I said kissing her cheeks

The maids went round serving us different kinds of dishes

I noticed Dannie already washed her uniform and her hair in a ponytail.. better!


I focused on my food when dad brought me back to reality ” son you will be starting your training in a week time” he said ” ok dad, hey Dannie coffee please”


“Ok sir” he said with that same sweet voice


“How do you know her name? I don’t even know it and you just arrived” Nichole asked

I looked at her and caught Sasha staring at me, I winked at her and she blushed before looking back down at her food


“I have my ways hon” I said to Nichole, who rolled her eyes and picked up her orange juice

Dannie served me that perfect coffee again and I couldn’t help it


After lunch 😍


I chatted with Nikki and Sasha for awhile before I retired to my room. Aria called


“Hey fool, you called me to make mockery of me right? Who is that bitch that called me a whore on your phone earlier”? She yelled


“Aria stop and don’t call me a fool” I said and hung up. She already pisses me off


I logged into my Instagram account reading thousands comments on my newly released song. I scrolled out of the comment section and entered public posts. I saw an audio lyrics and Decided to play it. Some hidden talents


A silky angelic honey sweet voice started singing


Wait that voice sounds so good and familiar but I can’t remember where I heard it from


“I don’t thousands of friends 🎵

Only you it’s enough 🎵

I don’t need fame🎵

With you I’m my very best 🎵

All I ask is that you should stay 🎵

OMG this voice is a catch, I downloaded it and called Dannie for coffee with the song still on repeat






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