Clashing hearts Episode 13 & 14

Chapter thirteen
“Left” left left left
“Right” right right right
back and forth
Back and forth
Back and forth
I followed in line with the others as we practiced our dance steps
I’m here in the dance room learning moves. Our tutor is a middle aged man who surprisingly dance pretty well, after the session I went to retrieve my phone from where I had plugged it and in dancing I’m getting pretty badas-s and I totally love it here in chinoi and I decided that I’m going no where. I’m in love with this company
Retrieving my phone and turning it on I saw three missed calls from unknown. I rolled my eyes standing up as I slide my phone in my p@n-ts pocket but it started ringing again almost immediately, I sighed and slide it out and it was unknown calling. I hit the answer icon and pressed the phone to my ear “hello” I said unsure who I was speaking with
“Dannie”? That all too familiar voice calls and I g@sped “Nicholas” ? I asked walk_running int the bathroom and closing the door behind me, I sighed and studied my reflection in the mirror
“Missed me”? His voice said and I rolled my eyes, fighting the blus-h that was fast creeping up my cheeks
“What do you want”? I asked trying to sound unshaken by his word, I mean he’s in a relationsh!pwith Aria so why the hell is he trying to flir-t with me? That kind of infuriated me though
“I’m sorry you were fired but why didn’t you tell me you’re the singer I’ve been searching for”? He asked
Ops he knows but how?
“I’m sorry” I apologized and he went silent for few seconds
“I miss you how can we meet up”? He asked and before I could process that , the door opened and Adam walked in
He’s too S-xy with his orange colored hair and I choked staring at him as my phone sli-pped off my hold
I stared at him wi-de eyes
“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to barge into your privacy” he apologized and walked out closing the door gently behind him
I was still in a daze and that gentle movement alone made me started crushing on him
I sighed and picked up my phone and the call was still on and I disconnected it and sighed as I thought about what just happened. Adams chinoi?? He’s extremely gorgeous
I walked out of the bathroom and the first person I saw was Adams in a couch focused on his phone as my breathing hitched
I was lost staring at his beautiful b©dy
His dyed orange hair brightens the room, his pointed nose looks so cute, his perfect eyebrows furrowed as his lashes relaxed calmly on his lid and it was full strong and long it was pretty
His plump pinkl-ips was slowly p@rted as his talented diamond la-id f!ngers-xpertly typed away on his phone
He didn’t wear anything close too bad celebrity boy but he wore a Blue suit jacket and fitted jeans , a diamond earrings on both of his ears and his obviously expensive n£¢klace hung perfectly on his n£¢k
Damn what beauty!!
He looked up at me and smiled revea-ling his perfect white teeth as my heart fli-pped out
Holy moly 🙄 🙄😛😎😋 😋👅💗💋 💋
“Are you done using the bathroom”? He asked softly as I blinked ra-pidly
“Uhmm yes” I said and he nodded and smiled
“So I can go in without getting pregnant,you know I’m on my period” he joked as I laughed awkwardly and breathed out
“You’re the new artist right”? He asked and I nodded
“Why do you want to Leave after three months”? He asked and I sighed and said nothing
“Lemme give you a friendly advise honey, if you want to make it big in this industry then you really nee-d to avoid controversies” he said
“Huh” I asked not un-derstanding him , he smiled patting the side of his seat for me and I hurriedly walked towards him and sat beside him as I heaved a sigh
“What I’m saying is that you’re still an up comer though you’ll become a star in the next few days but what I’m trying to say is that if you make your debut with chinoi and walked away after three months to obviously Nick’s label what do you think the world will portray you as? A confused fella who’s tryna get on t©p by all means” he said and I sighed
” I’m not trying to discourage you or anything but running off like that as a new Star can kill your image and remember the two companies involved here are rivals huh! It’s just gonna draw hatred to your end because when the fans of chinoi starts to complain about you leaving the industry and fans of Nick’s label coming to side for you and shade chinoi it will start a heated argument and both media’s and celebrities will start seeing you as a trouble Brewer and that will totally tarnish your image. If you want to go for Nick’s don’t bother about doing your song here just do it with them so you wouldn’t draw hatred upon yourself, you’re too pretty for controversies” he finished and his words sink into me and suddenly made a lot of s-en-se
“Before now I alre-ady decided not to go for Nick’s label no more, I love chinoi and I want to stay” I said and he smiled and nodded
“That’s okay dear so you have to complete the file and tomorrow we’ll project and make you an official member” he said smiling and that made me smile to
Now we don’t have anything to discuss again
“Why don’t you tell me about yourself”? He asked and I nodded
“I’m Dannie and I’m twenty” I said and he laughed
“Okay” he laughed
“I’m not a stranger to you so do you nee-d an introduction “? He asked and I chuckled
“Are you in a relationsh!p”? He asked
I’m out….
Written by Mary Samuel
Chapter fourteen
“Oh my God…… come on….” He laughed for awhile and turned to face me still smiling
“Babe I’m asking if you’re in a relationsh!pbecause I don’t think you nee-d to be in one right now at this point in your career, you nee-d to be focused but if you are then it’s still okay but……” He trailed off and looked at me for awhile then smiled
“Never mind” he said and I nodded
“Can I ask one thing”? I said and he nodded turning serious. I gulped at the new facial expression
” Uhmmmm why are you feuding so much with Nicholas”? I asked and he chuckled
“I’m not feuding with anyb©dy I’m right on my track and Nick is on his track, we’re both successful and we both win awards. For real fans thinks that I’m feuding with him but trust me I don’t have any rival, it’s okay for Nick to see me as a competition and it’s also okay if my dad is competing with him cause that’s business but for me I’m not competing with anyone, I’m okay with what I alre-ady have and I’m always thankful to God” he said and damn I lost my breath. He did see Nicholas as a rival really?
“But Nicholas is the first person I’ve ever been jealous of’ he said and I turned to him
“How”? I asked and he sighed
“I was this fat kid while growing up and my sister was just perfect, I was fat with big as-s…………….” I interrupted him with my laughter and that made him laugh too
“Seriously like you were fat while growing up”? I asked wondering how he bec@m£ so perfect
“Yes very fat baby, I used to like a girl called Selena but she hates me so much and always cry when ever I come close to her and I was like eight years then” he said and I nodded urging him on
“So one day I went to an amusement park with my family and I saw a little boy of my age bullying Selena and I thought I should fight for her so I walked towards them and punched the boy but Selena started yelling at me and said she hates that I’m fat like a fool and she called me a nerd” he said and I rolled my eyes wondering why he paused
“So my mom who was a b©dy builder saw everything that happened and she decided to start giving me exercises and I always see it as a punishment because I suddenly started going on diets and always training with mom until I got to high School and saw another girl that I liked and her name was Luisa but she bec@m£ just like Selena and she hated me, I couldn’t believe I was twins with Ariel cause she had friends all over who admired her while I was bullied for being fat, then I noticed Nicholas”
“Nicholas”? I asked and he nodded
“Yes Nicholas, he c@m£ into school and all the girls literally started worsh!pping him including Luisa and that hurts” he said and I can relate
I mean Nicholas d@t!ngAria hurts
“So I st©pped seeing my training as punishment and started taking it serious and after seven months I alre-ady had a nice bicep and ha-rd abs. Then people started comparing my looks to that of Nicholas and I was very happy to know that I now look h0t and almost a the girls started to give me green light” he paused as we both recollected our breath
“If it wasn’t for Nicholas coming into that school I probably wouldn’t give a damn about me being fat but I’m grateful he did and he inspired me to work out and now do I look h0t” ? He asked with a teasing smile and I blus-h and nodded
“Yes” I said
“Okay so you’re crushing”? He sm-irked and I bit my bottoml-ips and looked down seriously fighting my blus-h
He laughed and stood up patting my shoulder
“Feel free to crush, I might be crushing too , anyways mind a ride home”? He asked as my head snapped to look at him
“Uhmm not really” I said and he nodded as I stood up, we both walked out of the room and down the hall to the elevator and finally we were down the building as we both stride to his car and a chauffeur opened the door for us
We got in as the driver sped off
“So you’ve prepared your song alre-ady”? He asked and I nodded smiling
“Tomorrow will be hectic for you so I’ll advise you sleep early and not spend all night ma-king out with your b©yfri£nd” he said and i laughed.
“Ok” I said and he g@sped turning to me
“So you have a b©yfri£nd”? He asked and I nodded negatively, he exhaled and relaxed on his seat
“Your career is still pretty young and doesn’t nee-d any form of disturbance” he said as I nodded
The driver pu-ll-ed up in front of a restaurant and that wasn’t my house and I had thought we’re going to my house
“We should eat first or what do you think “? He asked and I sighed
He chuckled and helped me un-buckled my seatbelt and his as we got down from the car and he held my hand walking me in
Okay I noticed the flashes of c@m£ra from the little crowd that was starting to get pretty big all yelling his name
I was shaken but he didn’t look concerned what so ever
A waitress showed us a seat and as we say down I fought the urge not to look around
Minutes ago I was free with him but now I feel intimid@t£d because he was staring into my soul
“Let’s start with your most expensive wine” he said to the waitress as she nodded and walked out
“So Dannie how’s dance training”?
“Fine I’m doing pretty good” I said smiling
“Okay I can get my sister to teach you more moves if you want” he said and I smiled and said nothing
Our drinks was served as I held the glas-s and took a sip of the wine
As he keeps staring
“I’ll be right back” he said and walked out
I Breathe in ra-pidly and looked out throu-gh the glas-s window and damn this jobless media personalities were alre-ady standing Ana waiting
Dumb paparazzi
Adams soon returned and smiled
“Sorry” he said and I nodded
“Is there anything you’ll like to eat? Be very honest I don’t like girls who put up an act just to look good to people” he said and I sighed
I was hungry earlier but not anymore but if I say no then to him it will mean that I’m putting up an act so I just said
“Spag” and he nodded and ordered it immediately
“Are you scared of the paparazzi”? He asked and I nodded positive and he laughed
“I got you” he said and that got me melted
Soon my spag was served and I ate un-der his watch
After that he settled the bill as we stood up, he placed his hand on the small of my back as we headed for the door
Adams opened the door and the journalists flooded us at once, asking thousands of questions at once
Adams tried to escape them but they were a little bit aggressive today
“Mr Adams who is she”?
“Your new d@t£”?
“We thought you’re having a fling with Kendall”?
“We haven’t heard from you in a while is everything okay”?
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Adams turned with me still un-der his hold, he smiled and leaned into the mic
“I’ve never d@t£d before and I’m not having a fling with Kendall, she’s my friend and a best friend to my sister Ariel. So don’t get it twisted” he said and made to turn away but they surrounded us again
“So who is she to you”? They asked
“My new fresh rose” he said and win-ked as we finally got to his car and the driver drove off
“My new fresh rose” I remembered what he had called me and smiled
The ride to my house was silent and when the driver finally pu-ll-ed up in front of my ap@rtment I had to literally beg Adams to come in for coffee but he insisted on next time
After long minutes of begging him I finally got down from the car and waved him bye as the car slowly drove off, with Me still waving at it till it got out of eye sh0t
“See you sh0t on the three best friends discussing about the p@rty, take one and action!!!!
The director yelled as Bella an American actress who was pla-ying the role of Camille started with her lines
“Ugh Vivian its your parents anniversary and you offered only red wine”? She asked Debbie who was pla-ying Vivian
“What else would you like”? Vivian asked and it was my turn to chuckle
“Liquor and h0t boys” Camille said as I stood up gr-abbing my stomach
“Ugh girls my monthly visitor is here, nee-d to use the bathroom” I delivered my line and walked out of sh0t as the DOP panned the c@m£ra around to end the scene
Yes we’re on the set of BLOOD the movie and I’m super hella excited until the lady who was supposed to pl@ykat showed up
The maid that ran out with Dannie and talked back at me
I think her names Emily
She almost choke when she saw me and she bowed her head
“Well Nichole she’ll be pla-ying kat, we couldn’t get our eyes off her on that audition ground, trust me to always give you the very best” the PM said and I scoffed looking at the Kat girl
“Whatever” I rolled my eyes as Sasha walked in wearing her badas-s Lucien costume
We both glared at Emily as she suddenly raised her shoulder high to face me
“Hi Nichole” she called with so much
confidence that irked me
“Hi Emily” I called ma-king my voice as dangerous as possible but she just sm-irk and walk closer to me then leaned into my ears and whispered “I’ll respect myself if I were you” she said smiling
What the hell????
I’ve been dialing her line but she’s not picking up my calls
What’s this all about? Because Adams called her s fresh rose?
The bit-ch is always kind to ladies he just met
Then he’ll use and dump them afterwards
That’s his lifestyle and I know him too well
He’s gonna make her fall in love with him then use her and dump her
The chinois are never really cool
It’s just a cover up
“Why are you jealous”? My subconscious asked and I gro-an ed
I don’t even know why I’m jealous
I’m supposed to be focused with Aria
But I’m loosing my mind for Dannie
I’m literally head over heels for her and it’s sad she’d the latest victim of the chinois
Ok guys, do you think Nicholas is saying the truth about Adams or he’s just speaking out of jealousy
Do you still trust Adams?
And what’s up with Emily’s new found confidence