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April 17, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Clashing hearts Episode 11 & 12

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Written by Mary Samuel

Chapter eleven





In as much as I missed Dannie and her coffee, I still found a little happiness in Aria
I was fast though! I mean do I really love her?
It doesn’t matter anyways. I love her and I don’t cheat , I won’t hurt and I won’t lie to her
I saw the message she sent the Instagram singer who also happened to be answering the name “Dannie” and I laughed it away

Ten billion dollars huh? Her net worth is not even up to that
The Dannie girl haven’t replied though
Meanwhile I’m standing in front of Nichole’s room. We have to talk
I rang the doorbell and she opened but frowned upon seeing me

“What do you want”? She yelled crossing her arms
I sighed


“I’m sorry please forgive me, i was mad and didn’t mean all I said to you” I apologized and she was quite for few minutes

She frowned Even deeper “who is she? I mean Aria” she asked

“My girlfriend” I replied and her eyes widened
“She’s the one who called me a whore”? She asked

“No it was Lisa my bitch but no more” I lied. I mean who wanna see two crazy bitches go toe to toe? The world will be in danger should such shit


“Do you love Dannie”? She further asked
“No” i snapped and she chuckled

“Ok” she said and made to close her door but I stopped her

“Am I forgiven”? I asked hopefully

“Latest car for a yes” she said and closed her door
I smiled, latest car huh? I quickly made a call




“Go for it” mom said
“Go for it” her husband said
“Go for it” Emily said
“Go for it” Mandy said
“Go for it” Lizzy yelled
“Go for it”Daniel said
“Go for it” my subconscious said
I sighed
I wanted this as well but I’m already committed to chinoi, I mean leaving one company for another. Who does that? Chinoi will be hurt
Ten billion dollars will change my life forever and I’ll also be happy but chinoi already gave me their file and I’ve signed two out of it already
I will have to explain things to them first
Mom is only focused on the money not the emotions


“Ok I will go for it” I said and they all cheered , I rolled my eyes and stood up

“I’ll just make dinner” I said walking inside the kitchen and Emily soon joined me as we cooked together

“How do you intend to convince chinoi”? She asked and I sighed

“I don’t know Em, I’m confused and you can’t believe Drake asked for sex before he can help me” i said and her eyes widened in shock

“For real’? She asked gasping dramatically
“Yeah” I nodded and she sighed
“The dude is so not cool

and I thought he’s dating Polly”? She said and I turned to her. “Who’s Polly”? I asked
She laughed but suddenly turned serious

“You don’t know Polly”? She asked
“No” I answered mixing my eggs and milk

“And you wanna be a star”? She asked and I turned to her with a serious expression
“Is this Polly girl that important”? I asked with a serious frown

“Not really, I mean she’s Drake’s girlfriend” she said and I rolled my eyes before turning back to my pasta




I got my new car.

From Nick though and it was really cool. Don’t bother to ask what brand cause it was personalized and the name is ” Nikki”
And you can’t get it any damn place cause it was customized
It had six tyres and a wing door. Don’t worry it’s not a Lamborghini, it’s a convertible. Nice , cool and my favorite color pink? I smiled as I rode round town with Sasha
We had so much fun together before going home to meet Nicholas and Aria making out on the couch
Sasha snorted and walked upstairs while I cleared my throat
The couple sprang apart and I chuckled, when they saw it was me, Aria rolled her eyes and tug on Nick’s shirt as they started again. I smiled and walked upstairs



I smiled as I go through the thoughts of fans. I and Nick made our relationship public three days ago, leaving the fans hanging when we made our first public appearance in Paris and also at Dubai and now we are in South Korea, lodged in a hotel and making out all day

Uhhh about Dannie she’s not responding to texts and I’m really worried
I need her, her voice is pure gold and I will pay her a visit after our vacation




It was tough telling chinoi about my decision to work with them for just three months. They accepted though
Right now I’m writing my first song which I titled “heart”
I have tutors and I’m doing great
With my acceptance fee I rented a nice apartment for my family and now we live happily and contented
Everyone has their own room and I couldn’t be anymore happier


Emily got a job in s book store

“Sis Dan” Mandy purred and laid beside me rubbing my hair and scalp sweetly , almost lulling me to sleep
I smiled

“You’re beautiful and I love you” she said hugging me from behind

“Love you too honey” I said turning to her and she giggled as I pinched her cheeks

“When you get signed up with Nick’s label, could you please date Nicky young”? She asked and I momentarily froze at her question before chuckling “yes mother” I said and she smiled
“Can’t wait to have a celebrity sister” she giggled and snuggle deeper into me. I stared at my ringing phone, I reluctantly picked up hoping it’s not another stupid threat

” Now you’re free cause he apologized” the voice said and hung up
Who the hell apologized and who the fuck is this? I don’t know and somehow I don’t even care to know since the person said I’m free that’s a huge relief cause I was shaken by that threat


Emily barged in staring wide eyes at her phone.
“Your eyes are gonna pop out” I teased

“Yeah true” Mandy said hugging my back

“You can’t believe this Dannie” she said handing me her phone and I gasped when I saw what she was reading
“Popular top artists Nicky young and Aria caught kissing while coming out from a mall in Paris” the headline read and I scrolled down and saw the actual picture
They look so perfect for each other

What’s Allison gonna do now?
My heart broke into pieces as I smiled bitterly


How the hell am supposed to work with them? How the hell am I supposed to cope with that? How the hell am I supposed to face Drake after what happened between us and how the hell am I supposed to reveal myself to Nicholas as his former employee?

I already replied to Nicholas’ text and we agreed to make it official after my three months with chinoi but now with this news I might just have to stay back with chinoi

“Are you okay”? Emily asked and I nodded.
This is a heartbreaking news and honestly I don’t think I can cope with Nick’s label no more and speaking of chinoi I’ll be going there today for my training

“Yes I’m fine, I should be getting ready to head to chinoi” I said smiling at Emily as I entered the bathroom




I rub Aria’s head as we laid on my bed. We’re back from our trip but the thing is that she’s leaving tomorrow

“Baby I just hope chinoi doesn’t get Dannie” she said rubbing my abs. I sighed and my head immediately sparkled

Dannie? Dannie? The Instagram singer has a very similar voice to our former maid Dannie. And to think they share the same name? Plus she was very inquisitive to Know if I’ll sign up the singer if she’s a commoner


Wait what? Is there a possibility that both of them are the same? “Wait babe” I said getting off the bed

“Where are you going to”? Aria asked but I already ran out of the room
I met Nikki and Sasha chattering in the living room. When she saw me she looked away. I’m talking about Sasha here. I don’t like her one bit
I rushed to the maids apartment and paused when I heard they voices

“Well it’s not like I don’t miss her but what she did with Nicholas was very annoying” Allison said

“I miss her so much, especially her voice and coffee” another voice said
Yeah I miss that too

“She dropped another audio on Instagram” the third voice said and that was when I Decided to step in
I twisted the door knob and walked in as they all gasped turning to look at me. Allison couldn’t hold my gaze


“Is Dannie the maid the same Instagram singer”? I asked going straight to the point

“Yes” a maid murmured

“I need her contact” I said handing her my phone. She bowed and took the phone with both hands , then typed in the number and handed me my phone back
I walked out of the room not after telling Allison that she’s fired

I walk into the living room and was shocked to see Aria and Sasha exchanging words almost fighting

Damn , things about to get real nasty

Sasha and Aria???.


Chapter twelve




I walked towards them ” what the hell is going on”? I asked as Sasha growled at Aria
Nikki was just watching

“I came downstairs to look for you and when I couldn’t find you I asked them and the bitch started bitching around, what the fuck is wrong with this cheap brat who’s net worth is just a million dollar”? Aria yelled

“Million dollar really”? Sasha chuckled and she was embarrassed.
Whoa if her net worth is a million dollar then she’s pretty broke


“Yeah just a million dollar, weren’t you so excited when you slept with a politician and he got you a Ferrari and you started feeling on top of the world, bitch I can but you that shit thousands of times, Aria is money” Aria yelled and Nikki chuckled
Sasha turned to Nikki almost in tears

“Storm I can’t believe you’re here and not saying anything” Sasha said almost choking but Nikki only shrugged “sorry best but I told you not to get in a fight with her first place” Nikki said as Sasha glared at her and scoffed and turned to Aria “and you think you’re any better? You’re just dating Nick for fame” she said smirking and Aria chuckled like that’s the most ridiculous thing ever


” For fame really? Why then did I date him for seven months behind closed doors”? Aria asked as Sasha bit her bottom lips in annoyance. Of course she has nothing to throw back at Aria. Then she turned to me, a deadly look on her face as she straighten her shoulder like she’s gathering some confidence to face Aria

“Why don’t you tell your skinny bitch how we banged real hard like twice”? Sasha asked as Aria gasped for air and turned to look at me “you had sex with her”? Aria asked as I bit my lips

“She… Sedu…”

Seduced you? That’s pretty understandable cause I’m hot but what about Dannie? A maid in baggy clothes. She seduced you too? You’re just big on Everything under skirt” Sasha yelled and that was it




I walked into chinoi I still haven’t gotten used to how magnificent and opulent the building was. I took the elevator to the last floor, looking down at my white sneakers
I’ve been here a couple of times and I’m already used to how busy the company is and it’s relieving that everyone minded their businesses and honestly I don’t think it will be too bad to just sign up with chinoi like for a couple of years
I know my decision to work with them for just three months is really selfish but that’s only because everyone at home are pestering me because of the money Nick mentioned and I still don’t believe he’ll give me that much money, I mean most top celebrities, even ones who helped in building industries doesn’t have ten billion dollars as net worth so why me?

I stood in front of the huge office and sighed then I pressed the doorbell and the familiar voice invited me in
Mr chinoi, CEO and owner of chinoi hitz but the company was managed by his son Adam who also has a model twin sister named Ariel and she’s an actress too and biggest rival to Nichole Carter
They feud everywhere even on social networks, both are very beautiful with massive fan base but a movie titled “SILENT WHISPERS” Ariel produced really shook the world and put her in the news more than Nichole who hasn’t produced any yet but according to her on Twitter days ago she’s currently working on producing a cinema standard, while we wait for the two stars to see who gets more successful I opened the door and walk in and I instantly came face to face with Mr Chinoi who seems to never get old
It’s hard he’s feuding with the twenty four years old Nicholas
Both families were naturally born to be rivals cause “Justice firm” which belongs to Nick’s mom is the worst competition to “judiciary” which belongs to Gracie Mr Chinoi’s wife, apart from the musical label Mr chinoi also has a big casino and wrestling federation which always put him on either third or second on the list of top richest business men in Canada, same with Mr Carter who also takes second or third on the list making him a rival to Mr chinoi and we’re all anticipating to see who tops the list first
And now I’m stuck here between ten billion dollars and my conscience
Between the Carter’s and the chinois
And I hope this doesn’t get out of hand




I glared at Sasha before running upstairs to my room to see Aria packing her clothes in tears
She was ashamed and it hurts that I betrayed her trust💔

I walked towards her and held her from behind ” I’m sorry, I have nothing to justify what I did but I’m sincerely apologizing” I said and she sniffled ” stop touching me, your touch irritates my skin” she said and I gasped
I irritates her now? 💔💔

I was heartbroken for betraying her and it hurts to see her cry
“I’m sorry” I said as she turned to look at me. “Why Nick, you’d do that”? She asked sobbing


“I don’t know, Maybe she seduced me ” I said as she chuckled and honestly I’m kinda scared I don’t know why she’s not acting like the crazy girlfriend I know

“You don’t know? What do you mean by you don’t know, damn I’ve never been this hurt my entire life” she said hugging me as I pat her hair
She’s not acting crazy and it’s weird

” I’m sorry princess” I said patting her still.
Then she pulled away looking me directly in the eyes ” Nicholas the only reason why I won’t break up with you is because I love you and we just made our relationship public four days ago, the world will laugh at me and all your crushing fan girls will mock hell out of me and I might slip into depression,but next time I see any form of infidelity from you then I’m sorry but you’ll pay with blood” she said and it rang a bell in my head

Pay with blood!!! Pay with blood!!! Pay with blood!!!!!! Whose blood?????




I sighed getting out of shower and Nick was still on bed, battling with his phone’s keyboard
I have to forgive him cause one , he’s not really in love with me and two if I take the whole thing seriously and breakup with him then he’ll only feel sad and guilty for couple of days while I’ll be the one with a broken heart 💔💔

Plus what’s the world going to see us as? And the media?
After four days of announcing their relationship Nicholas and Aria broke up!!
That’s a slap to the face and Sasha? She needs our breakup and I’m never gonna give her that satisfaction but I meant what I said earlier , anymore infidelity on Nick’s part and he’ll pay with blood and I don’t care whose blood cause blood is blood


“Are you gonna take your bath or you’re gonna die with your phone”? I glowered at him and he was startled as I put on his sweatpants and t-shirt

“Uhhh I’ll just take my bath instead of dying with my phone” he said walking into the bathroom with his phone

With his phone? With his phone!!! That rang a bell and I knew something was up and I’m definitely gonna find out




I stared at Dannie’s number and closed my eyes sighning. I was glad Aria will be leaving tomorrow so I can call Dannie cause Aria has been clinging to me like a leach
I was chatting with Drake and we were discussing things about the company Aria shouldn’t know about so I have to take my phone with me

“Between Drake and Aria who do you trust so much not to rat you out”? My subconscious asked and that rang a bell

“Between Aria and Drake who do I trust more not to stab me”?

Anyways I hurried up with my bath and rushed out to see Aria answering a call but she flinched and disconnected immediately she saw me walk in. My pulse accelerated
Who was she talking to?
Why did she flinched and disconnected?
What the hell is going on????




I braided Sasha’s blue hair, thinking of how hard my upcoming vampire movie will shake the world
Of course l will be taking the role of either Brianna or Mira while Sasha will be playing Lucien
I will get Aria to play either the role of either Camille or Vivien or even Kat
The script was titled BLOOD
I will shove the world and my aim is to outshine and outrun Ariel’s SILENT WHISPERS
It was the talk for so long now that I couldn’t handle it, so I have to get Mary to write the vampire fantasy for me

I smiled at how nice the script was of course Mary is a goal!!💋💋


Sasha was super excited to play the role of Lucien though o thought it will be more fitted for Aria given her gorgeous yet dangerous appearance. She’s just as the script described Lucien but Sasha wants it so my bestie first

I smiled at the downfall of Ariel chinoi
I hate that she got it all. It should have been me!!!👈👈👈

“Can’t wait to become Lucien” Sasha said giggling

“Same here I’m so confused I don’t know if I should play Mira or Brianna” I said and she chuckled

“If you’re Mira I’ll be your boss and we’ll make out and if you’re Brianna I’ll intimidate you for the entire series” she said and I rolled my eyes

“That’s true” I said and closed my eyes envisioning the success of……………………….

BLOOD ( written by Mary Samuel) a vampire fantasy dropping after DRAMA QUEEN



Who wanna read blood?
Who’s a true friend between Aria and Drake??? Who’s Aria talking to on phone?

Who wants to meet Adam chinoi? He’s coming up next

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