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April 17, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Clashing hearts Episode 1 & 2

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( I changed the title)

A celebrity fantasy

Chapter one





I ran inside the maids room with too much excitement, startling the others. I still can’t believe it and I really wanted to be the first to share the news
They all looked up in a haste but hissed when they saw it was me “what now”? Allison hissed as Becca rolled her eyes turning back to the romance novel she was reading, Regina stared at me awkwardly while Emily my best friend smiled at me

“I have a news guys” I said jumping happily, no one replied ” it’s about Nicholas and it’s fantastic” I added getting they immediate attention as they all gasp

“Really, hold it” Allison said grabbing her phone, after minutes she turned to glare at me “you think it’s nice playing around with me huh it all old news here” she said her face turning red

“Well what I have you can’t Google it okay? I’m smarter than Google” I bragged going over to my bed , beside Emily’s

“Ok tell already” Becca waved her hands boringly as I smiled

“Well popular Rockstar Nicholas Carter AKA Nikki young has finally dec…….”

“What the hell? Can you stop acting like a news reporter and say what ever it is you have to say”? Allison yelled getting impatient, the others laughed including Emily

“Well he’s coming back tomorrow to take over the family’s business”

I snapped, glaring at her

“Oh my God” they all screamed running to me at once, I felt like a God, seeing all the attentions they gave me

“Who told you that, since it’s not on Google” Regina asked as they all nod

“Directly from the lion’s mouth” I said as they burst into laughter ” lion’s mouth really”? Regina said trying to control herself from too much laughter

“Bitch’s tryna speak grammar” Becca said still laughing, even Emily was laughing

“Wait is not lion’s mouth”? I asked

“No dummy” Becca said

“Ok, over to you college girl” Emil said referring to Allison as ‘college girl’ cause yeah amongst all of us she’s the only one who tasted college, though she didn’t graduate, we consider her to be smart and she really is smart or so we thought and maybe also the prettiest

All eyes turned to her, waiting for her to teach us , she looks uneasy ” uhh, is it not tigers mouth” ? She asked nervously and we all laughed at her cause even though I have forgotten the word usually used when you’re trying to say you heard or got an information from the boss, it’s definitely not the tigers mouth and she got it all wrong ” I’m thinking the elephants mouth”? Becca said

“Let’s go with the bosses mouth , now continue, we’re all dummies” Emily said

“Well while in the kitchen I overheard the discussion between Mr Carter and his wife, Nicholas is coming back tomorrow” I said as everyone jubilated

“Thank God he

finally came to his right Senses, he must not sing” Allison scoffed and I sighed “why did you hate him so much as artist”? I asked. She never really seems to support his career

“Well the fameir the girler ” she said

“Whoa”!! We all exclaimed, damn she’s fond of using vocabularies no one ever heard, simply because she attended college

“What” Emily chuckle as we all share confused glances ” what do you mean”? Regina asked as Allison rolled her eyes

“Well the more fame he gets the more girls he’s exposed to and I can’t really stand the thought of my baby having anything to do with any girl other than me of course” she scoff and I chuckled

“And it’s a good thing he never dates ” Becca said as Regina her bestie nodded

“Duh, maybe he does but behind closed doors” Emily said
“And I totally doubt that, there’s no closed door for a top notch celebrity like him” Allison fired jealousy written all over her face . Top notch celebrity really? I made a mental note to Google it later. Too much grammar in here! Oh Allison.

“Agree” Becca and Regina said

“Whatever amigos” Emily said focusing on the nail polish in her hand

Everyone of us are crushing on Nicholas but Allison is not just crushing, she’s inlove, she’s overly protective of him and once fought Becca simply because they share different opinions about Nikki young

I really can’t wait to see him




“Really” ? Aria hissed and flipped her waist length thick, straight black hair. I chuckled looking at her angry face.

“Nikk, you just can’t abandon your career just to run a damn family business”!! She yelled angrily

“First, you don’t yell at me, second. You don’t tell me what to do and third you don’t use the word “damn” when talking about my family, got it”? I said slurping my beer

“Nikki you’ve got a twin sister who can run the damn thing, why you huh”? She whined and I know she’s missing me already.

“Nichole got my mom’s law firm while I got my dad’s company, I’m not quitting my career as an artist, I mean I’ve gone too far to back out, I have a record label Ria, I’m not quitting my career come on” I explained rubbing her thigh , she sighed and close her eyes for few seconds

“Then leave your records label for me, Aria , your girlfriend” she said seriously

“Fuck, Ria I can run both companies alright”? I snapped. She slapped my hand from her thighs and angrily stood up, tossing the duvet away, her nude faced me as she stood hands akimbo

“Nicholas I said that I want you to Leave your record label to me , we’re a pair and should help each other out, can’t or don’t you trust me”? She yelled, red in anger and escalating fury. I sighed
You don’t wanna see Aria angry, she’s a crazy lioness, I really don’t like her but same time I can’t leave her , we’ve been together for six months and honestly I’m tired, she’s my first girlfriend, I really wanted to try out this thing called ‘serious relationship’ and Aria showed up at the right time, few months after signing her into my record label, her mom died and being the good boss I am I went over to say my condolences that day she grabbed me and kissed me, not wanting to give her a double heartbreak I reciprocated and that was the beginning of ” us”

“Aria, you can only be the manager at least” I mumbled ” fuck no, I want to be the CEO, don’t be stingy” she pouted trying to weaken me

“Never” I snapped and got up Walking towards the bathroom

“One more step and we’re done” she threatened as I made to walk in

“Really”? I asked lowly turning to look at her, she’s angry

“Yes really” she said daring me

I sighed ” Aria I need to bath, join me huh” I teased walking towards her but she stepped back

“Do I get to become the CEO” she asked

“Why do you need it so badly huh” I asked frustrated

“Since you for some stupid reasons decided to make our relationship a secret, I at least need something to hold on to” she blabbed and that completely made no sense at all

“You can’t be my CEO” I said shaking my head negatively

“You don’t trust me”? She cried

“I do” I said unsure.

“Do you love me? I need an honest answer” she said

I exhaled audibly, how do I go about this damn…
“Look Ria….”

” Yes or no” she snapped angrily

” I need to bath” I said and finally entered the bathroom

Minutes into my bath Aria joined me and repeatedly apologize for her behavior, I smiled in relief as I turned to kiss her


………an hour later………

I chuckled as Aria and I stroll around my compound ” you’re serious about not giving me the contract”? She asked

“Not again Ria” I said lowly

“You simply do not love me Nick” she said walking ahead of me

“Right I don’t” I mumbled running to catch up with her. She’s emotionally weak and her tears are touching, hardest thing to ignore


My brother is coming back tomorrow, I’m super excited that I cancelled to invigilate the maids work. We’ve been busy since morning in preparation of his return and now I can rest. I entered my room and had a nice warm bath after which I got dressed up and headed down
My best friend Sasha was waiting downstairs for me with her cute blue hair
Bestie for life, a fellow model and actress, now I have to drop one to focus on my mom’s law firm and I will definitely be dropping the acting part though I love it so much but it occupies much of your time

“Whoa Nikki” she said hugging me
“Sit girlie” I said admiring her new dress. “Ya, it’s my house anyways” she said as we both sat. She giggled crossing her legs , I sat down gesturing for one of the maids to bring us chilled drinks. A clumsy maid brought us chilled yoghurts and delicious looking doughnuts
I smiled and picked one ” hmmmm” I moan as I tasted the doughnuts and it was the best I’ve ever had, Sasha pricked my arm and that was when I realized that the maids was still there and staring at me while I eat ugh how disgusting!

“The fuck …..ugh”! I yelled throwing the doughnut away and spitting out the one in my mouth ” you okay”? Sasha asked worriedly cleaning my mouth with a table napkin

“What the hell are you doing, standing there and drooling at my food ugh”! I roared. “Sorry ma’am” she quickly ran out but I called right after her

“I hate it when maids watch me eat, now Clean this up, and Sasha we should go eat in a restaurant” I said but Sasha frowned and looked at the maid

“Your name”? She asked

“Dannie” the clumsy replied

“Ewwww darn it, such name” I said walking out but I admit that’s a real cool name but still she’s a maid…..
I waited for Sasha by my car and minutes later she walked out, oil visible round her lips

“What did you do”? I asked suspicious

“Ate the doughnuts and it was cool” she said smiling, I rolled my eyes

“Clean the shit off” I ordered and entered my car



Chapter two


“For real? Can’t believe we’re going through this shit again” I almost yelled

“Nicky my love, you don’t really have a choice” Aria said tapping carelessly on her phone, I fumed. I don’t have a choice seriously? “It has gotten to this? I don’t have a choice seriously? God I’m tired get it”? I yelled but she thought chuckling was cool at the moment

“I have somewhere to be at” I said but it came out more like a question and she scoffed “you go nowhere” she seethe , God she’s really tempting me, since the time she woke up in the morning to now it’s been all about being my CEO and I can’t possibly let that happen…I mean yeah she’s good and all that plus really talented but I honestly can’t leave my company for her, I mean who does that? I don’t even love her and the way she’s demanding for it is a little bit suspicious

“I have to be with Drake” I said heading to get my car key but she picked it before I could reach it ” what now”? I said as calmly as I could trying to hide my anger ” six months into a relationship and you’re already cheating”? She sobbed , I was shocked
One of the reasons why I’m dating her is to keep my self away from random women, I’m really the ladies man but I thought I should change, because that’s not really cool and imagine the embarrassment when a random person walks up to you and tell you she’s pregnant for you? I don’t want that shit and I thought I should change but what the hell is she talking about? Me cheating? Damn Ria…..

“Aria have your bath and Join me” I said calmly and sit back on the bed, she smiled but frowned immediately ” we go no where, final” she concluded

“Alright stay back then” I said walking out of the room, she came running towards me at once ” let’s go visit Drake” she hissed and I looked down at her, she wore a short jeans and loosed white T-shirt and s pair of black flops, her hair messy, I sigh and without a word I entered my car

“Open the damn door” she said and I have to get down run round the car and open her door, she rolled her eyes and got in, I sighed softly and closed the door

I won’t be bossed by Aria



“Storm” Efizy called me by my stage name, hugging me from behind. Yeah you jealous? He’s my I dunno but we fuck 🙈🙈 lots of times yeah maybe a fuck buddy if that’s not too slutty to say 💔💔
“Fizzy I purred caressing his chest

He’s a model too and we do most passion work together, I don’t date , he don’t date soooooooooooooooo

We met when we were modeling for a new condom “spyke” ( I’m only guessing, don’t go about looking for it) and we have to go real intense and half naked and yeah that’s how it all started

Actually my full stage name is Nikki summer storm “what’s for dinner” he asked bitting my ear, I giggled ” I’m not your kitchen bitch but I’m a whole meal” I said and he grinned cupping my ass and giving it a gentle squeeze, I moaned
“Fizzy we’re in a fucking park” I reminded as he sighed releasing me ” Take me home” I said and he nodded

“Sure ” he said as we walked to his car

” OMG storm” he said once we were settled in the car and I climbed on his laps, straddling him as I brought out his bulge and rubbed it gently, the driver took off as I went down on him nibbling on his tip and he had to squirm when I took him in , I’m 24 and have no idea what I want yet, haven’t been In a relationship before and I don’t think I’m ready but with Efizy it feels different when we got to his house we both have to run in directly to the main room, immediately we were both inside his room, I pushed him against the wall and sucked his lips like my life depended on it, he cupped my ass and gently undid my shorts button sliding it down as I hastily undid his shirt button and we were both naked, fizzy carried me to his bed laying me carefully on it and I was already dripping wet as he held both of my legs apart about to go down on me when his phone rang loudly, I expected the usual but this time he got off me to answer his phone!!!!👺👺👺👺👺💀☠️ that’s unbelievable and heartbreaking

“Baby” he said into the phone and I annoyingly decided not to pay attention to his call and I busied my self with my phone, going through the comments I previously ignored and after long minutes he finally disconnected his long ass call and came back to me but I immediately got off the bed

“Storm what’s up” he asked surprised

“You think you can abandon me and take her calls after which you’ll get back to screw me , bitch I’m dated” I yelled with a strange feeling occupying my heart, my heart was heavy and threatening to burst

“What are you serious right now? I can screw anyone I wish to it’s not as if I’m in a relationship with you” he yelled standing up and that was the meanest thing I’ve ever heard. I was close to tears

“Don’t care bitch…..all along, like for three months, since we started this shit, I haven’t had anyone else, I’m not a whore but if you see me as one then I’m a faithful one” I yelled

“You’re not a whore come on” he said holding my waist but I smacked his hand away but he only came back
” Leave me” I said going to grab my clothes but he smacked my ass and grabbed my boobs from behind and that was my weakness ” you’re pretty and I’m sorry” he said, I tried not to moan and I couldn’t help it
We have to do it a over again



We got to the restaurant and I alighted , Aria jumped down with a scorn on her face before I could reach to open the door for her , we walked in and saw Drake and Polly in a table at the corner of the room and we walked up to them

“Hey man” Drake greeted as we hugged and shook hands “hey pretty” I said kissing Polly’s cheeks and she blushed
Aria scoffed, I sigh pulling out a seat for Aria she rolled her eyes seating on it

“Too bad, you’re going back home tomorrow” Drake said I nodded , America will always be a home for me and too bad I’m leaving it ” are you leaving for real”? Polly asked “yes why”? Aria attacked

“No Polly, I’ll just learn how to manage the family’s business then I’ll be back” I said smiling at her

“Really”? Aria yelled

“What’s your problem”? I whispered heatedly and she scoffed looking away, everyone looked at her and that’s embarrassing

“It’s cool you know? Canada is just a step away” Polly said

“Look honey, Nick is not like graduating or something, his Dad just want him to come over and learn the business strategy since he never really cared about it while growing up, after learning all he needs to know, he’ll come back there’s absolutely nothing changing in his career and he is still Nicky young” Drake explained to Polly as she smiled. “and the owner of Nick’s label” Polly grinned as we all shared a small laugh except for Aria


“Don’t give a fuck about that, I was wondering if he doesn’t need a CEO at Nick’s”? Aria said and I sighed and thankfully enough none of them replied her, she was seething and it’s obvious

“I will really miss you” Polly said and blushed ” let’s go Nick” Aria said at once

“But why “? Polly asked

“Oh shut up” Aria snapped at her

Well Polly is just a student Drake met on Instagram and that relationship has made her really popular

“You go on, need to spend more time with my best friend” I said

“Crap” she scoffed and drag me up

“What’s wrong with you”? I yelled but heard claps instead and we all turned to the direction and it happened to be a a newly engaged couple
They were kissing passionately

“That’s how real men do” Aria said directly to my face and I sighed turning to Drake and Polly
“See ya” I said walking out with Aria leaving the guys surprised

On getting back home in the awkward drive,I quickly jumped down from the car and ran upstairs
Aria walked in minutes later as she leaned against the wall and watched me intently as I lay on the bed, since I met her life suddenly became boring and worst is that I don’t know why I can’t dump her, I toyed with my phone angrily as she sat on the bed beside me she scoffed and snatched my phone, I glared at her and stood up ” what the fuck is wrong with you Aria”?😠😠😠😡😡😡😈😈
“Don’t care , just need the fucking contract” 🙄🙄🙄she said rolling her eyes


“Tell him not to play with fire 🔥” I said calmly. ” Who”?🤔 She asked with a raised eyebrow

“Whoever the bitch that has been deceiving you, Aria you’re a highly celebrated celebrity, you got money, fame and power what else do you need, what are you fighting so hard for” I asked almost yelling… Damn I hate yelling

“I need love, bitch do you love me”? She asked standing up ” I need your very honest answer” she said walking closer to me
I kept mute

“Do you love me”? She gritted and I sighed

“Nick do you love me”? Her eyes has bulged as she drop my phone on a table beside me and it looks like she’s about to cry

“Do you want my very honest answer”? I asked ready to end it. ” Yes” she answered

“If you would just calm down and love me on peace I swear I will never hurt you and I will really spoil you” I said instead and it sounded funny

“Spoil me? When you can’t even tell the world that I’m yours” she fired

“Look Ria, you’re beautiful and nice and I ….”
“Do you love me”? She cut me off

Taking a lungful of air , I closed my eyes then reopen it “search my eyes for your answer” I said

“Crap, do you love me” she yelled

“Well if you want it then I ……” My phone rang cutting me off this time. Damn I nearly said that to her, before she could reach it , I did first and it was Nichole my twin sister calling ” cutie” I said into the phone and walked out of the room, Aria chased after me and grabbed the phone from me

“Whore go to hell, he’s inlove with me and we’re engaged” she yelled and I angrily twisted her her left hand where she held the phone, the phone fell off and shattered while Aria yelped out in legit pain
“You’re hurting me” she cried her tears tickling down
“Do you fucking know who that was? Don’t push me Ria, who the hell do you think you’re dealing with? What the fuck do you think you are? Bitch don’t push me ” I yelled pushing her away carelessly
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“My wrist” she cried nursing her red wrist. I hissed entering the room, through the land line o called Ruby to come pack my stuff, minutes later Ruby knocked and eventually entered my room

“Just official wears” I said and she nodded before starting work
Aria’s loud cries were deafening, I felt guilty for pushing her before I knew it I was standing behind her watching as she cried and nurse her swollen red wrist ” come here” I said carrying her up, she thrashed but unfortunately for her I’m stronger, I carried her inside the room and Ruby who was done packing walked out of the room

I drop Aria on the bed and examined her wrist, she was suddenly calm and watched my every move ” I’m sorry” I said kissing her cheeks and I ran to the kitchen and returned work ice.
“Give me” I said taking her hand and placed the ice on her wrist, she winced

“I’m sorry princess” I said rubbing her arm, she sniffled as her touching tears fell

“Hey” I said soothingly and cupped her face in my hand ” please don’t cry, I’m very sorry” I said kissing her forehead

“I love you” she murmured as I hugged her, she initiated a kiss and we ended up in a hot romance




God Today was stressful, we cleaned the whole house in preparation of Nick’s return
I entered the maids room and Allison was busy editing her cloth ” you can’t change the dress you know” Becca said

“I need to look Hot” she said smiling. ” You mean look hot in a maids wear” Regina said making everyone chuckle, well everyone except Allison who found it offensive

“You think so? Wait and see” she said bursting into the bathroom with the dress as we all waited patiently for her and minutes later she returned and damn she did a work on the dress

From our baggy blue and white knee length pinafore to a short tight sexy waitress pinafore, her hair in a bossy wife ponytail making her look smokin hot

“You might get fired if seen on that” Emily said


“I’ll only wear it when sneaking up on Nick” she giggled and that was when I saw the extra maid dress on her bed, I sighed and lay on my bed, the bed feels damn good unlike the hard mat my mother and her husband made me sleep on. Dad died when I was ten and three years later mom remarried, this time to a broke Beasty criminal, a ghetto Lord and together they had three kids, two girls and a boy , the first is Amanda short for ‘ Mandy” she’s seven while the other is five and the boy is three
The two girls are mean while the boy is cool his name is Daniel while the other girl is Elizabeth mostly called Lizzy, I left the house two years ago cause I felt useless staying with them, mom and her husband hates me and the kids were insultive ( bad English but still……)

“You good” Emily said nudging me

“Sure” I said sitting up

“You’re always drifting away is everything okay”? She was worried

“Yes,just thought about home” I said and she smiled at me

“Don’t let that eat you up, Nick is returning tomorrow, you should be excited” she said . ” I know but I still don’t give a fuck about him” I said and she laughed, the door flew open as we all jerk up to see an angry looking Nichole, why didn’t she ring the landline?


“Hey dirt’s” she said glaring at all of us

“I need a nice massage and you” she pointed at Emily “and you” she pointed at Allison ” and you bitch” she pointed at me
“Should report to my room” she said spinned around click off

Allison clenched her fist “soon I’ll be Nicholas girlfriend and that will give me the right to talk back at her”she said fumming

“Go massage your boss” Regina said as she and her best friend Becca laughed
Allison rolled her eyes and walked out and we followed suit. We got to her room in silence and I boldly rang the doorbell

“Come in mugshots” she yelled from inside, I turned the door knob as we walked in. She was on bikini laying on her bed. Sexy model

We got closer to her and she stood up, bounced to her drawer and brought out a little container

“That’s a hand sanitizer, use it on your bacteria infested hand ,wash out the poverty before touching me” she said as we all hurried to the bathroom to wash and sanitize our hands

We return to the room and she was on her bed

“Start” she snapped as we all look at each other not knowing who to touch her first




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