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City mermaid episode 9 & 10

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
Composed By: 🎈Sam🎈
🐬 Episode_9🐬
“What?”. Cindy exclaimed.
“Elena and Stella, where did you export that name from?”. Lovely asked as he poured wine into a cup.
“It’s really you, you were playing games with us!”. Kapella roared.
“Calm, there’s nothing to explain Lovely, we were leaving already and thanks for the dress, I guess I’ve solved and found the value of X”. Kapella said as she rose to her feet.
“I can explain”. He said.
“There’s nothing to explain, Cindy let’s move “.
Cindy rose up and they left for the exit.
“Just listen to me, Please”. He said going after them.
“Excuse me”. He said as he bumped into someone.
He eventually caught up with them and blocked their way.
“Seriously Lovely, get out of the way!”. Cindy said.
“Just hear me out alright?”. He said.
“I appreciate your humility Lovely but I need to go because you have no idea how this feels, What are we gonna hear, that you live a fake life?”. Kapella asked.
“Alright go”. He said as he left their way.
“Goodnight”. She said and walked past him with Cindy.
“All I wanted was true friends, all my life, I’ve had nothing but friends who pretend to be by my side because of my money, I’ve been betrayed and suffered from depression countless times, I just thought if I disguise as someone with burnt face like a poor beast maybe I could get sympathy and true friends “. Lovely said as tears formed in his eyes.
Kapella paused as she gasped and turned back to see him.
“I… I.. I.. I didn’t know it was that.. I’m totally sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you”.
“All I wanted was friends, Goodnight Kapella”. He said and turned to leave but she held his shoulder back.
“Don’t take it personal, I’m sorry for hurting you”. She said and he sniffed.
He turned back and unannounced he hugged her.
Cindy scoffed and stood Akimbo.
Kapella tried to push him off but for once in her life she felt vulnerable.
“What are you doing?”. She whispered.
“Thank you, I think i feel better now”. He said as he let go of her and cleaned his tears.
“Don’t take the hug too personal, I do it to feel safe and loved”. He added and she found herself nodding.
“We’ll get going”. She stammered.
“Alright, I’ll escort you out”. He said.
They all walked out in silence until Kapella broke it.
“So your face wasn’t burnt?”. She asked.
“It was all a lie, no accident, just a skin mask”. He said.
“That must be expensive”.
“Of course it is, was it ten billion dollars or more, can’t remember”. He said and they paused.
“How can you spend such huge amount on some burnt face mask?”. Kapella said almost screaming.
“You think the rich have to problem, they do, number one which is friends, you’ll never get a true one, well the mask was customized to my taste so I had to pay big to get it done, I have money but without friends and family around, I feel empty, like a part of me is missing “. Ha said.
” You spend such huge just to get a friend “. She asked.
True friends who would love me for who I am, just as I predicted everyone avoided me like a plague not for the burnt face but I acted like I was poor “. He said.
” Why? “.
” Even if I don’t have a head but I’m rich like damn, I’ve still have a lot of friends “. He said and she chuckled.
” That’s crazy but we suspected you’re rich already “.
” Because I let my guard down, right from the moment you saw my phone”. He said.
“But you’re the only true friends I’ve had apart from Nancy and her family”. He said.
“Your family?”.
“I don’t want to talk about them, not now”. He said.
“There are good people out there Lovely, not everyone are after your money”. Kapella said.
“It’s not about been after my money, it’s about been a good friend”. He said as they changed direction.
“That’s a wrong way”. Cindy said.
“I know just come”. He said.
“What are you gonna do, now that we know you”. Kapella asked.
“Don’t spill it to anyone else cos you have no idea of what’s gonna happen if it leaks”. He said.
“That sounds scary”.
“Indeed scary, so you’re both gonna pretend, today never happened, just flock like friends as usual”. He said as they got to a black limousine.
“Boss”. A lady in black said as she got down from the bonnet.
“Mira, you’re gonna drive them to their destination and pick them for school tomorrow?”. He said.
“Lovely?”. Kapella said.
“Just please don’t say no, it’s stressful to get a cab this night”. He said.
“You’ve done enough already Lovely, the book, the dress… You…”.
“Don’t thank me but I should thank you instead for saving my life”. He said
“What do you mean?”.
“Goodnight Girls”. He said and walked away.
“What does he mean?”. Kapella asked and Cindy shrugged.
“Ma’am this way”. The Lady in Black said as the door of the limousine slide open.
“Now I can’t go home because I’ve lied that I’ll be staying at your place”. Kapella said as they alighted from the limousine in front of Cindy’s home.
“Best party ever”. Cindy said as she took off her heels.
“Why taking your heels like you’re drunk?”.
“Am I not, drunk with everything that had happened today”. She said as they moved toward the door.
They entered into the building and she put on the lights.
Lo and behold was Francis sleeping on his couch with a girl covered in duvet.
“What!”. She exclaimed.
“I know that girl, she’s a fresher”. Kapella said.
“few days at high school and he… You know what I feel like grabbing a knife from the kitchen right now but I’m just gonna go rest my head”. Cindy said staggering away.
Cindy flung her bag on the bed and collapsed on it.
“Move or am gonna break your bones”. Kapella said as collapsed on the bed as well.
“Is he always like that?”..She asked.
“No but he always bragged to become a playboy when he gets to high school”. Cindy said.
“That’s bad”.
“I’ll deal with him tomorrow, so like seriously your crush is the CEO of Phoenix Hotel, it’s still unbelievable”. Cindy said.
“C’mon Cindy”.
“I’m trying to get a sleep right now and would get non if I don’t keep talking “.
” Then talk about something else “. Kapella said.
” No, What if he has a crush as well? “. Cindy asked.
” He’s just a friend Cindy, dude in search of a friend not girlfriend, can you let me sleep Cindy? “. She asked.
” Did he say that, Did you see the way he hugged you? “. She asked.
” Gosh! Cindy, a harmless hug, don’t make my night dreadful”. Kapella said as she closed her eyes.
“I’ll make it a dreadful one”.
“Actually Cindy, I didn’t have a crush on him, I.. I.. I don’t know if you’ll forgive me but I lied, I said that to cover the truth, there’s something about me that you don’t know about, I used that as a cover up so you don’t leave me but then I realized what if it was partial lie,I don’t believe in love at first sight but I think i love him Cindy “. She said but there was no response.
” Cindy! “. She called out opening her eyes.
She turned to Cindy and she was fast asleep already.
” Jerk! Such a dumb sleeper, for once I took courage to say it but she didn’t hear it “. She said and turned over as she closed her eyes.
Cindy’s eyes slowly opened and it was full of tears.
She turned to the other side and covered herself with the duvet.
It was a beautiful morning as Kapella and Cindy walked down the stairs with their bags behind them.
“Yo Sis, There’s a charming limo out there waiting for you, Did you hook up with some rich dude?”. Francis asked as he walked after them.
“Just like you hook up with some fresher last night huh, that’s the path you’ve chosen, right? “. She said angrily.
” What the hell is wrong with you? Are you interfering in my love life? “. He roared.
” It’s not love Francis, you’re gonna keep bringing different girls in, if it’s just one I won’t be complaining “. She said.
” That isn’t your headache sis, it’s by life and you tell mom and dad I don’t fvcking care, I’m the playboy “.
” You’re nut and with your stupid attitude you’re gonna drop out “. She cursed.
” Am not the reason for your single live, I can see you have plans to be with Kapella right, you’re gonna make a good couple, I never knew my sis was a… “. He was saying when she slapped him across the face.
” Aha, And am gonna sure you, you can’t rule my life, I’m gonna bring girls in and we’re gonna do it on your bed and you can’t do shit about it “. He cursed and walked out.
” I thought my brother was the biggest Jerk in the Universe but he’s totally off the rail “. She said.
Cindy sniffed as tears formed in her eyes.
” It’s alright, Cin “. Kapella said as she put her hand on her shoulder.
” No it’s not, totally not Kapella, it isn’t his fault I don’t blame him but my parents, they’ve been outside the country for almost a seven months without wondering the welfare of their kids, all they do is pump money into our account, I expected nothing less, we’re late for school already we should go “. Cindy said as she stared at the limo through the window.
There was a loud crowd around as Cindy and Kapella got down from the Limousine.
“What’s the crowd about?”. Cindy asked as the crowd gave way for them to pass.
“Last night Kapella, your face is all over the internet and newspapers”. Cindy said.
“You thought I was joking when I said you beat Rihanna”. Cindy asked.
“My parents would see it”. Kapella whispered as the students took snap shots of her with their smartphones.
“Can you stop the shit, am allergic to light”. She roared angrily.
“That’s right”. Cindy said.
Kapella brought out her phone and saw fifty missed call from her Mom and thirty from her Dad.
“Finally I fell into a big shit”. She said.
“C’mon they’ll be proud of you Girl”.
“You don’t know my parents, they want me to hide everything about myself, I just can’t hide my talents anymore, you can’t imagine the feeling when I sing, it’s the greatest feeling ever”. She said and paused seeing the reporters ahead with their Mic.
Kapella quickly pulled her behind the wall so they don’t see her.
“Welcome to the celebrity world Kapella”. Cindy said.
Kapella’s phone buzzed and she checked the message from a contact ‘Nancy’.
“Can you come to the pool, please it’s urgent?”.
“I’ll meet you in the class, I want to go see Nancy”. Kapella said as she gave Cindy her bag.
Kapella hurried to the pool room and pushed the door open.
“Nancy?”. She called out as there was no single soul there.
“Nan!”. She called and the lights in the pool became active.
She turned to the left and there was Nancy gagged and tied to a chair.
“Oh my God!”. She exclaimed as she raced there.
She quickly pull off the gag and she gasped.
“Behind you”. She said hurriedly.
Kapella turned and there was Diaz standing with his hands in pocket.
“What the hell are you doing?”. She asked as she took few more steps back.
“I figured it’s easier luring you here then chasing you like a duck”.
“Let her go, she has nothing to do with with this”. Kapella said.
“Of course, your friends will be involved now and they’ll suffer for you stubbornness”. He said.
“What do you want with me, I’m not gonna feed you, I’ve made that clear”. She said.
“No, you’re here for intentions behind the feeding, I was so stricken by your voice last night and I cursed myself for not attending the party”. Diaz said as he moved close.
“Don’t”. She said.
“I want you to be mine”. He said and she scoffed.
“Do I look like a joke, do you have any idea who I’m?”. He asked.
“All I know is Arrogant Diaz”. She said and he grabbed her neck.
She made to kick his crotch but he caught her leg and pushed her against the wall as he breath into her ear.
“Everyone who’s ever refused to be mine ends up begging me cos I ruin their lives and that of their family”. He said and she spat on his face.
He let go of her and and cleaned his face with his handkerchief.
Some senior students walked into the place and one whispered to his ear.
“It’s time to play a game”. He said as he dropped the handkerchief.
“Tie her hands”. He said.
She tried to run but the had her surrounded already and tied her hands to a gas pipe above as she screamed.
“Let me go!”. She roared.
“The Mic”. He said and a student handed him a wireless Microphone 🎤.
He cleared his throat and tapped the head to be sure it was active.
“A charming morning students of Phoenix High”. He said and his voice echoed in the speaker.
“What hell are you doing?”. She screamed.
“Calm down luv”. He said and placed the Mic close to his lips.
“Can you believe I have your upcoming Celebrity, Kapella Elijah, the one with the enticing voice, she would love to say hello”. He said moving toward her.
“Speak”. He said as he placed the Mic on her lip but she remained mute.
“C’mon honey speak”. He said caressing her face his finger.
“Go to hell!”. She screamed as she tried to kick him again but he ducked.
“You can’t believe what she just tried to do but that voice sounds dreadful right, why not come take a look at the pool?”. He said.
“No! No! What the hell are you doing! Loose me”.
“Accept me”. He said.
“You can’t force me to love you”. She roared.
“Since you decide you love violence, I signed it”. Diaz said as students began to troop in.
“Oh my God!”. Cindy exclaimed as she walked in with Lovely.
“Let the girl go!”. Lovely commanded as he stepped out from the crowd.
“And who the hell are you, some sort of superman, super agent or burnt man, I guess am gonna burn the other part as well”. He said.
“I’m not begging or asking, I’m telling you to let the Girl go”. He said.
“Can you kindly show him how to know his place?”. Diaz said as he walked back to where Kapella was tied.
The Senior students that had come In earlier rolled up their sleeves as they all stood in front of Lovely.
“Lovely please don’t fight, Just step back, I’ll sort this out”. She said.
Cindy raised her head up and her eyes met with Kapella.
“Cindy please stop him, they’re much for him”. She said almost crying as she sniffed.
“I don’t roll sleeves, I roll bastards”. He said as he moved toward them.
“Lovely stop!”. She screamed.
He dodged the punch of the first dude as he punched the face of the other.
He turned back swiftly and kicked the first away.
One of them roared as he launched a kick at him but he caught his leg mid air and threw him against the wall.
He squat low escaping the kick from behind and cleared the dude off the ground with his leg.
He jumped back escaping the punch of another but the one behind grabbed him.
He swiftly hits hits belly with his elbow and he let go of him.
Lovely grabbed his collar and rolled him over the ground as he then turned swiftly and punched the face of the other.
He grabbed a chair and smashed it on the body of a Chubby one who crashed down causing the students to scream
The last students rushed at him as he launched a quick punch but he ducked and hit him on the neck his elbow.
Lovely grabbed his tie and kicked him into the pool causing the water to splash up.
“That’s was so amazing”. Diaz said clapping as he moved Lovely who launched a dangerously punch but he blocked it and headbutt him.
“Diaz!! Diaz!!”. The students hailed loudly causing Cindy to panic.
Diaz tried to punch his face as well but he blocked it and punched his belly.
He kicked lovely back but he attacked with a turning kick which Diaz caught with his hand but it was a bait as lovely launch his second foot slapping his head.
He dashed swiftly at Diaz who targeted his ribs for a punch but lovely slide past him and raising up sent a terrible punch into Diaz back which cause an absolute decorum.
The entire place was as silent as a grave yard as he groaned.
Kapella gasped as lovely grabbed his neck from behind and slammed his face against the wall causing his lips to bleed.
“Are you alright?”. He asked as he loosed her hand.
“How did you do that?”. She asked as he took her hands down slowly having loosed it.
Diaz staggered to his feet as his slide his hand behind and drew out a weapon.
“He has a Gun!”. Cindy screamed.
The students screamed as they moved backward.
He pulled out the Gun and points it to Lovely’s throat.
“Lower the gun Diaz”. Kapella said.
“Shut up! You don’t order me”. He roared as lovely stared blankly at him.
“The cameras showed me how she escaped from me, the elevator to the basement, a basement that students of Phoenix High know nothing about except those who knows every in out and out, never a new Comer”.
He pressed the trigger and eveyone screamed loudly but all that came out was just a tiny pin that pierced into Lovely’s body thereby paralyzing his system as he stood still unable to move a finger. It was actually a tranquilizer Gun.
“Lovely”. Kapella screamed as she made to touch him but he points the gun to her.
“Are you eager to suffer same fate?”. He threatened and she took few steps back.
“I just kept wondering why you looked familiar but I couldn’t pin point were we’ve met before”. Diaz said and paused.
“And then I saw the ring but doubted and then last night a camera caught that charming dude with Kapella and her Friend over a table, A dude who avoids the femanine factor like plague, it wasn’t a coincidence that he is with a girl I’ve picked on at school and then I’ve also been wondering what high school does he attend if not Phoenix High and then I needed to confirm “. Diaz said and Ashley came running into the place with Finn.
“Brother what the hell are you doing?”. Ashley asked.
“Patience sis, you’re about to get the shock of a life time, the thing we feared most was right in our bosom waiting to explode”. He said and licked the blood on his lips.
“What are you talking about?”.
“The way he fought reminded me of only one person and then the way he counter attacked me reminded me of only one person who knew all my moves”. Lovely said as he moved closer to Lovely.
“But how is there a different face, oh 21st century”. He added and grabbing Lovely’s hair he slowly lift it up alongside his face which turned out of be a mask.
The students gasped as they stared at the fine face a just hatched pretty chicken.
“Oh my God, he’s pretty”.
“He’s charming”.
“Why is he hiding the entire time?”.
Different voices rang from the crowd.
“I present to you my charming brother, Lovely Arrowood AKA One and Only Candy”. Diaz announced.
“Oh my God!”. Ashley and Finn exclaimed.
Kapella gasped as she swallowed the Saliva in her mouth.
“Hello brother, so bad you can’t speak as you’re paralyzed by that pin, you can’t swim right, you always drag everything with me and now my girl, unacceptable?”. Diaz said as he turned back on him.
He turned back swiftly and kicked him into the pool causing eveyone to scream.
🐬 Episode_10🐬
“Lovely! “. Kapella screamed as she pushed Diaz out of the way.
He fired pins into her back as she dived into the water and every knew she was going to be paralyzed as well.
“Move one inch, you’re gonna join them”. He threatened raising his gun to Cindy who wanted to go in.
“They’re gonna die, let her in”. Nancy screamed.
“Shut up!”. He roared at her.
“Brother what the hell is wrong with you, Candy is paralyzed, he’s gonna die in there”. Ashley said angrily.
“No, he’s a tough dude, all he needs is drink a little water and then she can go in”. Diaz said.
Unannounced and Unexpectedly Kapella burst out of the water placing Lovely on the concrete.
Everyone gasped as they wondered how she survived the pins meant to paralyze her.
Diaz’s gun dropped from his hand as he was shocked.
Kapella climbed up the concrete in her wet dress and shook Lovely’s head.
“C’mon open your eyes!”. She screamed.
Ashley jogged with her heels to the place and squat.
“Candy wake up”. She said.
Kapella hit his chest repeatedly but there was no response.
Cindy rushed as she placed her head on his chest.
“Is heart beat is failing?”. She said in fear.
It was at the moment the students knew it wasn’t a joke anymore as he was dying.
They all gathered around except Diaz who was still shocked to a point.
“He’s not breathing”. Ashley said as she placed her fingers on on his nose.
“He needs artificial ventilation “. Kapella said.
“I’m his sister “. Ashley said.
“He’s gonna die”. She screamed.
“Although step”. Ashley said as she opened his mouth and placed her lip on his blowing air in.
“You ain’t doing it right”. Kapella said.
“I’m trying but you can right”. Ashley said.
Kapella gasped as she squat low and placing her lips on his as she perform Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
His eyes opened as he suddenly gasp vomiting water.
She exhaled heavily as she sat on the concrete.
Diaz put his hands into his pocket and walked away as Finn went after him.
“Oh my God, you scared me”. Ashley said holding his face.
Lovely looked around and cleaned the water in his face before she helped him up.
“Are you alright?”. Kapella asked and he sniffed as he nodded.
He turned to leave but Ashley held him back.
“You ain’t stupid to fight Diaz again, are you?”.
“He tried to kill me”. Lovely roared.
“You’re fine Candy, let the rage down”. She said.
“You don’t tell me what to do, ain’t you In this with him?”.
“I care about you Lovely”. She said and he took her hand off his body.
“Don’t act like it’s my fault, you were the one who played masked beauty, non of this would have happened”. She snapped.
“Just stay away”.
“You’re wet, I’ll order an outfit”. Ashley said.
“I’ve my hands”. He said walking away.
Ashley turned to Kapella and bit her lower lip.
“Don’t think I’m gonna say thank you, you made me steal his first kiss, he’s not gonna forgive me when he finds out”. Ashley said and walked away with her heels which made an echoing sound.
“Hey are you alright?”. Cindy asked as she helped Kapella up.
“Yes..”. She said as she moved to Nancy and loosed her from the chair.
“Oh my God, Ella!”. Nancy said she hugged her tightly.
“How did you do that, I was so scared?”. Nancy asked as they disengaged.
“Do what?”.
“The pin that paralyzed Candy didn’t affect you”.
“It didn’t get to my skin, just my cloth”. Kapella said.
“Oh that’s right, you were in a dive mode, you stayed long in water, I thought you ain’t a swimmer, that was incredible, you got lot of gas in your lungs”. She said and she nodded.
“I guess so”.
“C’mon your cloth is now an X-ray”. Cindy said dragging Kapella along as everyone stared at them.
Kapella smiled softly as her thought flashed back.
Kapella dived into the water as the pins pierced into her flesh through her dress.
She could see her bracelet glowing like hot coal.
Then she felt the itching of the pins stuck in her bag.
She wondered why she wasn’t paralyzed like lovely but that wasn’t the main surprise as she could clearly hear the voices outside the water.
She could hear the argument between Cindy, Diaz, Nancy and Ashley.
Even the voices of the students above, everything was just tapping in.
At that moment she knew she was far from been ordinary.
She quickly removed the pin and swam to the bottom of the pool where Lovely’s body laid.
She carried him and swam up as her legs flapped slowly.
Cindy walked into the restroom with a red dress as Kapella took off her gown.
“Mr. X”. She said raising it up.
“As much as I guess, he would order a dress”. Cindy said.
“Um.. Cindy.. Can you hear sounds in water? I mean people voices “. She asked.
“Dumb Girl ask yourself why you can’t breath, because there’s no air in water and sounds needs air to move but sounds can travel in water as well but it’s faster with high frequencies so it’s distorted to our ear and you’re kind of, am I deaf, it’s just a funny sound, nothing more “. She said.
“I know that already, just trying to confirm, Did you have to explain deep? Yes or No was enough “.
“Well I love expatiating”.
“Is he alright?”. Kapella asked as she took the gown down and collect the new one from Cindy.
“I don’t know, a delivery agent gave me”. Cindy said and she nodded.
“You don’t seem worried that he’s an Arrowood”.
“Arrowood is just a name, he’s not like them”. She said.
“That’s right but why was he hiding from his sibling?”. She said.
“His brother just tried to kill him so that answers the question, I need to find him”. Kapella said and turned to Cindy as she wore the gown.
“Your hair isn’t drained, you should let the bun down , it’ll dry faster”.
“Don’t worry Cindy”.
She helped her with her zip and she turned.
“Like you want to find him right now?”. Cindy asked.
‘Yeah, please get my dress to my bag “. Kapella said as she walked backwards till she was out of sight.
Cindy gasped as tears formed in her eyes.
Kapella’s speech last night flashed through her head and she punched the mirror angrily causing it to scatter as her bled.
She sat on the WC and sobbed gently.
“No I haven’t seen him”. A student replied Kapella as he walked away.
He walked past the Library and paused as she recognized the color of someone’s hair.
She moved into the Library and sat beside him.
“I’ve told you to fvck off, Ashley”. He said with head down.
“Your hair is still wet”. Kapella said as she hits off the water on his hair.
“Ella?”. He said as he rose his head up.
“Candy”. She said and he exhaled.
“I don’t want to talk about it”.
“It’s alright, I know”. She said.
“Thank you for saving me”. He said and she nodded.
“I just came to apologize”. She said and he turned.
“For what?”.
“I heard it was your first kiss”. She said and he gasped.
“You had to, I’m not mad”.
“Everyone’s first kiss was stolen by their Mother when they were born,mine was stolen a thousand times, Mom says that was the only thing that stopped me from crying , Did I say stolen?”. She said and he laughed.
“Mother’s are always the best with the biggest love but some are the devil’s incarnate”. Lovely said as he bite his lower lips and she turned to.
“I don’t want to talk about it”.
“It’s alright”.
“Hold on! Was that your first kiss?”.
“I didn’t kiss you jerk, it’s called mouth to mouth resuscitation”. She said and he nodded.
“Am sorry you had to do it”. He said and she nodded
“If our parents had given us enough kisses and love, maybe we wouldn’t be this way, don’t ask me I don’t want to talk about it”.
“Actually It wasn’t me”. She said and he wondered what she meant.
“It was Ashley, she couldn’t do the resuscitation thing properly so I then had to”. She said.
“Ashley?”. He said almost screaming.
“I know you’re mad, just be mad at me, I asked her to do it, alright”. She said.
“I’m not mad, whatever means is used to stop you from dying doesn’t matter, as long as you’re back, i just don’t need another crazy sister after me”. He said.
“What do you mean?”. She asked.
“Never mind, there are things you shouldn’t know about me, it’s best you don’t know them, i guess you’ve found out now I’m an Arrowood”. Lovely said as he rose to his feet and walked out.
“It’s just a name, you’re not like them”. She said as followed after him.
“I thought I could do this in disguise but with my identity exposed, eveyone close to me gets to suffer even the innocent”.
“What are you talking about?”.
“You don’t need to know,It’s isn’t like I dispise you or hate your company, I love your company but all you have to know now Kapella is if you wish not to fall into further troubles, stay as possible far from me”. He said and walked away as her hands dropped from his shoulder.
She gasped as she watched him vanish out of sight.
“Kapella”. She heard her name and turned to see Cindy.
“He… He…”. She stammered and Cindy hugged her as she burst into tears.
“It’s gonna be alright, he’ll come around”. She said.
“He sounded scared”. Kapella sobbed and raising her head up off Cindy’s shoulder she saw Mrs. Elijah coming toward them.
“Mom?”. She whispered and she turned with Cindy.
“What’s she doing here?”. Cindy asked as they disengaged.
Kapella cleaned her tears and sniffed.
“Mom what are you doing here?”. She asked.
“We need to talk, Cindy excuse us”. Mrs. Elijah said as she dragged Kapella to an empty classroom and closed the door behind.
“Mom what’s going on?”.
“Now tell me what’s going on with your face all over the papers as a rising celebrity with the charming voice”. She screamed.
“Don’t scream at me Mom, it ain’t a crime to sing, right?”.
“It is for you, You’re attracting trouble to yourself”.
“Then just tell me what the hell I am and the reason behind all the fvcking restrictions cos right now I’m ready to break them every single one, am gonna sing and you ain’t gonna stop me”. Kapella said.
“Did that come out from your month?”.
“Yes it did, why can’t you just tell me!”. She cried bitterly.
“It’ll change you, I’m not ready for that”.
“I’m ready, I’m ready to know the mysterious about me, how I can breath in water, how I can hear in water, how I can see clearly, how I don’t get affected by a damn tranquilizer”. She said and Mrs. Elijah gasped.
“Did you swim?”.
“I fell into a pool, now are you gonna tell me huh? “. She asked.
” I can’t “.
” Damn it, Maybe you should tell me why my bracelet glowed like there was danger “. Kapella said.
” No, No No No, how long did you stay in water? “.
” Long enough, it just kept glowing brightly and I felt my legs trying to glue together but it stopped as soon as as I left the water “. Kapella said.
” It glowed. No you’ve exhausted it potency”. Mrs. Elijah said as tears formed in her eyes.
“Mom, you need to tell me, what’s all this about?”.
“Promise me you won’t go evil, Promise me you won’t hate or leave me “. Mrs. Elijah said as she held her face.
“You’re scaring me Mom, you know I’ll never hate you, I Love You”. Kapella said as she held her hand tightly.
Mrs. Elijah raised her head up as tears dropped from her eyes.
“I’m not your birth Mother, You were never our daughter”. She said.
“Is that it?”.
“There’s more, You’re not completely human, you’re a Mermaid, The last of your kind”. Mrs. Elijah said and she gasped.
“Ma’am we’ve deleted the footage, everything is sealed, what happened at the pool can never leak”. The CCTV operator said as he stood in front of Ashley who was at the Library.
“You know I’ll kill all of you if it leaks, My Family will make sure your family and generation to come feed on crumb”. She threatened as he looked down.
“Where’s the last of it?”. She asked and he handed a disk to her.
“Careful Ma’am, it’s the last of footage that has your brother’s criminal act”. He said.
“Shut up!”. She cursed and he remained mute.
“You said you’re sure no students had a camera up”. She asked.
“Check for yourself ma’am, they were afraid of your family I think, it’s trouble if it’s tracked to them”. He said.
“Good, Disappear”. She said as she insert the disk into the laptop in front of her.
She played the video and it began with Diaz covering Nancy’s nose with a handkerchief as she entered the room.
She fast forward to the time the students came in and paid attention to be sure there was no one with a camera up.
There was non except a boy who held his phone to the chest, it was Francis.
“Bitch”. She cursed as she paused the video and screenshot it.
She minimized the background and moved her Whatsapp Window where she sent the screenshot to a contact ‘Finn’ and then typed a message.
“Find and Deal With”.
She moved back to the video window and played as she continued playing.
That was when she saw something no one saw before.
When Kapella dived into the water there was a kind of illumination from it like there was something glowing in the water.
The camera only caught it because it was up and only little light was reflecting.
“What the hell is that?”. Ashley asked.


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