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City mermaid episode 7 & 8

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🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

🐬 Episode_7🐬



It was a beautiful morning as the little birds on trees chirped melodiously.
“Mom am gonna be seriously late”. Kapella said as she walked down the stairs.
“Am out baby”. Mrs. Elijah said as she walked out of the kitchen.
She pecked Kapella on the cheek full of smiles.
“Mom, your apron”. She said.

“Oh That’s right”. She said as she loosen it.
“Steve”. She called out as she moved back to the kitchen.
She soon returned and looked around trying to remember what she was searching for.
“My keys, I’ll get them”. She said and hurried up the stairs.

Kapella turned to the left as Steve walked out of his room.
“Why the mood?”. She asked as he had that gloomy face.
“Am sorry”. He said hugging her legs tightly.
“Tell me what movie did you watch last night?”. She asked.
“Non, I was worried because you stayed in your room through the rest of yesterday”.

“Since movies control your life style I thought… It’s alright no big deal, you’re my little bro so whatever you do is counted as childish or should I say forgiven?”. She asked dancing her head through the air.
“I made you turn into a Vampire, it was my fault”.
“Do me a favour and stop using the word vampire, I’m not a Vampire, alright and I’m never gonna hurt you so don’t scream out your lungs ever again, alright?”. She said holding his face and he nodded.

“I can see you two or getting along”. Mrs. Elijah said as she returned.
Kapella smiled as she placed her hand on his shoulder.
“Let’s go”. Mrs. Elijah said as she moved for the door.

“You really do have intentions to starve Kapella, Mom”. Steve said and they paused.
“Oh my baby!”. Mrs. Elijah sang as she raced back to the Kitchen.
They laughed as Kapella rubbed Steve’s head with her palm.
Mrs. Elijah returned with two thermos in a bag and handed it over to her.

“Steve won’t have It this time”.

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The highway was quite busy as there were lot of vehicles whooshing all around.
“Kapella, about yesterday”. Mrs. Elijah said from the Dodge Viper GTS vehicle as she made a sharp turn..
“There’s nothing to talk about it Mom, I heard you”. She said looking out through the window.

“Steve isn’t here so just spill whatever is in your mind, I want to hear it”.
“I hate it that you’re keeping a secret from me, I really do want to know what’s special about me”. She said tapping the window.
“Telling you that you ain’t my daughter is something I don’t have the courage to say, not yet”. She thought.

“You’re frightened I’ll be or I won’t love you the way I used to”. Kapella said.
“Did I say that loud?”.
“Say what loud?”.
“I guess I’m just gonna seat waiting for the day someone tells me the mysteries behind my life”. Kapella said as the Vehicle stopped in front of the school.

She hurried out and closed the door angrily.
“Kapella!”. Mrs. Elijah called out but she walked away already and vanished into the crowd of students that were trooping into the compound.
Mrs. Elijah got into her vehicle and punched the steering angrily.
That was when she saw the bag in the passenger’s seat.
“No.. Her lunch “. She sat as she stretched her hand and took it.

She took her phone and called her but she didn’t take the call.
She tried again and this time it wasn’t going through.
Mrs. Elijah hit the steering again and the horn sounded.
“Sorry”. She said said she got down.
“What’s wrong with this girl?”. She said looking around.

“Hey, you over there”. She said calling on one of the students.
He turned back and moved toward her,It was Lovely.
“Do you by any means know Kapella?”. She asked.
“Kapella Elijah”.
“Yes. Eveyone knows her…”. He was saying when….

“Not a license to tell her Mom”. Cindy cut short as she walked there.
“Cindy”. He said.
“Lovely”. She said.
“You two know yourselves?”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
“Yes”. He said.
“No.. Just some kid we help with assignment, Where’s Kapella?”. Cindy asked looking around.

“She flared up and vanished into the crowd and now she isn’t picking my calls”.
“Don’t worry Mrs. Elijah I’ll punish her personally “. Cindy said.
“Thank you Cindy and here, She forgot her lunch”. She said handing over the bag to her.

“I’ll get it over to her”.
“And you, thanks”. She said.
“Not at all Ma’am”. He replied.
“Your face”.
“Oh accident, reality was unfair”.
“My sympathy”. She said and he nodded.
She got into the Dodge Viper GTS and drove off speedily.

“Did you call me a kid in front of Kapella’s Mom?”. Lovely asked as they moved into the compound.

“What else are you?”.
“I had my beards shaved two days ago”. He said.
“Doesn’t make you a man”. She said walking away.
“Seriously?”. He asked as he raced after her.

Kapella could he seen washing her face In the restroom.
She turned off the tap and cleaned her face.
She raised her head to examine herself in the mirror and that was when she saw a teen dude standing behind her.
She jolt in fear gluing herself to the wall as he smirk.

“How….. How… did.. you…”. She stammered and suddenly got the courage.
“You must be a freshman, exucuse me but this is a female restroom”. She said.
“Of course it is”. He said leaning closer.
“I’ll have to scream if you don’t take your leave now”. She threatened.
“Maybe I love ladies scream alot or I’ve instructed no one comes in, in the next one hour”. He said as he flick off the mole of water on her cheek.

Kapella as she gripped his shirt angrily but that was when she saw his name badge on his chest.
“Ffff.. Finn?”. She said as she let go of his shirt slowly.
“Are you such in a hurry to to undress me?”. He chuckled.
She raced for the door and tried to open it but it was locked.
“Open the damn door!”. She said as her breath increased.

“Open.. You’re free to go”. He said.
“I don’t have the key, open the door!”.
“Now I understand what eveyone sees in you, the courage, the dispise you have for the rich, before you stands the all powerful Finn Arrowood who lot ladies would kill themselves to be with “. He said.
” I’m not lot of ladies, kindly let me out “. She said.
” Well, the key is in me, you’ll have to undress be to get it or rather stay put and listen to my offer “. He whispered as he leaned.

” Just stop scaring me “. She said as she moved away.
“Do I? That’s progress”.
“What offer?”.
“A Contract”.
“I don’t look like a business person, do I?”. She asked.
“Of course you do, it’s a question of what business “. He said moving closer again.

“I’m gonna listen to you, just remain where you are and don’t scare me”. She said.
“That’s progress, I wondered what was special about you that cost my brother sleepless night and now I just realize how it feels for such a beautiful girl to walk out on you and then you couldn’t catch her, Ashley was right your beauty is out of the universe and guys love pretty girls who are stubborn like you “.

” Don’t flatter me, what are you driving at? “. She said.
” You escaped my brother yesterday doesn’t mean you’ll escape him today, he’s dangerous and if he can’t have you, he’ll harm you and make sure no one else does “.
“I don’t have any intention for a boyfriend soon”. She said.
“Hmm really? That makes it easy”.

“Do you wish to graduate from Phoenix High? Don’t nod for me”. He said.
“Yes i really do”.
“There’s no way that’s possible with my siblings wanting to hang a hook around your neck, Be with me and I assure you, no harm will come to you, I’ll protect you from them and every other harm”. Finn said and she scoffed.

“What did you say?”.
“Can you open the door now?”. She asked.

“What do you say to the contract?”. He asked.
“What do I get out of it?”.
“You’ll get anything you need”.
“Open the door”.
“Give me your answers”.
“Open the door and I’ll give you my answers”. She said.

He brought out the key and clicked the door open.
They walked out and she bit her lower lip.
“Can I have my answers now?”.
“Will I be some sort of your girlfriend?”.
“No, No strings attached but you if wish to, the door is wide open, You’ll become mine and do whatever I say In exchange…”.

“Protecting from your stupid siblings huh?”.
“You really have some guts to call them stupid”. Finn said.
“What are you gonna do? Take me to them”.
“Not all, you don’t get protection alone but you get whatever you want in this planet”. He said.

“You think you could literally buy my love with your damn money, Go to hell, you and your contract”. She cursed wanting to turn but he grabbed her neck to the wall.
“I’m gonna warn you, I’ve a history of getting what I want by force”. He said.
“I think am gonna have a history of this..”. She said and kicked him on the crotch with her foot.
He groaned as he let go of her.

“I don’t need your protection”. She said and walked away.
“Bitch!”. He cursed under his breath.


“Gross that must have been painful, hold on, he didn’t announce, I need every student of Phoenix High to capture Kapella Elijah, she kicked my balls”. Cindy said and Kapella laughed.
“Seriously I’m in deep shit and I still get to laugh like all is well”. Kapella said.

“Maybe I’m worried about who taught you how to kick people’s balls?”.
“Did I make a mistake telling you what transpired between Finn and I?”.
Kapella’s eyes turned to Lovely’s direction.
“I knew it, Something more happened than you two in a basement for hours”.

“Quit that already Cindy, it wasn’t in the basement, he did it on big Joe, can’t you see he’s been quiet the entire day?”. Kapella asked.
“Heard he’s owing a hell lot of levy now”.
“That’s right, he wanted to capture me for money but reality turned unfair”. Kapella said.

“All thanks to faceless”. Cindy whispered pulling her cheek.
“Hi”. They heard a voice and jolt in shock.
“Lovely, you scared me”. Kapella said.
“Am really sorry”.
“Don’t You have any any other name apart Lovely, you’re causing confusion”. Cindy said.

“You wouldn’t want to here, I brought a book for you, Kapella”. He said as he handed over a big book that she had to hold with her both hands.
“Understanding Italian”. She read. “Yeah. If you still have interest in Spanish it’s gonna help and you can join her Cindy, if you have interest too”. Lovely said.

“lovely”. Kapella smiled as she opened the cover.
“I said the book is lovely”.
“Yeah”. She replied and they laughed.
“It’s the latest edition”. Cindy said.

“Got it during summer even though I knew Italian already”.
“How did you get the book? Professor Raji says there are only few published every five years and the one he has is an old old edition, it was gift from his professor at college who was able to get one because he was influencial and this latest edition, only twenty copies were released this year “. Cindy said.

” I’m lucky I guess “. He said.
” Thanks so much Lovely, I do appreciate “. Kapella said.
He nodded and left.
” What was that about Cindy, someone gifts us a book and all you do is tell stories “. Kapella said.
” I’m just surprised how he could get his hands on such rare gem, only twenty copies in the world, do you know what that means?”.

“Enlighten me, Cindy”.
“Why do you become dumb when it concerns Lovely’s issue?”.
“What do you mean?”.
“Imagine twenty new brand of phone is released, take the released iPhone 13 as an example, imagine only twenty of this smartphone is released, what happens?”. Cindy asked.

“The World goes crazy at the company”.
“Dumb Girl”.
“I’m gonna bite you if you call me that again”.
“The smartphone gets to finish in the twinkle of an eye, someone might even order all the twenty”. Cindy said.
“So what’s my concern with that?”.

“Dumb Girl”. Cindy said and Kapella tried to bite but she pushed her face.
“A book that could help learn Italian fast and easily, twenty copies would be consumed in less than an hour”.
“Maybe it was a gift to him”.
“He said he got it”. Cindy said.

“Lucky him”.
“Dumb Girl, It cost a huge sum and only high ranking beings can get their hands on it”. Cindy said.
“You mean influential”.
“Whatever you’re right, the dude is damn Rich “. Cindy said.
” And right now I feel so pressed as a result of your talking “. Kapella said and placed the book on Cindy’s hand.
” I’ll be back “.

She walked out of the classroom and there was Diaz leaning against the wall in front of her.
” Hello Fugitive”. He said.
Kapella swallowed the saliva in her mouth and turned to go back to the class but there was two chubby dudes standing at the door.
She turned to the right and left but it was same.
“Will you say hello now?”.

“Hello”. She said as she suddenly developed some courage.
“Here you are, do you have plans to escape again?”. He roared and she scoffed.
“What do you want?”.
“Can you hear that? She got no respect for the king”. Diaz said.

“My next word could be lethal so I’ll just remain mute”. Kapella said.
“You better be or am gonna do punish you, you’re gonna do what you think you can run from, come with me”. He said walking away.
“Feed you!”. She roared and the Chubby Dude pushed her forward.
“Don’t touch me I can walk”. She said following after Diaz.

“I’m not gonna feed you”.
“Is that a threat?”.
“Whatever you call it”.
“Do you realize you’re talking to Diaz?”.
“What’s special, you ain’t the only one who bears the name”.

He turned back and grab her chin.
“I control woman, they don’t control me or act like freaks”. He roared and let go of her chin.
“Good thing I am not a woman, can I go?”. She asked.
“Don’t dare my patience Kapella Elijah, I bet you haven’t heard about my history”. He said but she did not reply.
” When I speak, I deserve a reply “.
“Am trying not to dare your patience and your Guards are literally scaring me “. She said and he paused.

” Go “. He said and they left.
” There’s nothing I love more than your fearlessly”. He said and turned to were she stood before but she had mysteriously disappeared into the crowd of students.
“Bitch!”. He cursed and raced into the crowd.
He screamed angrily as he couldn’t find her.

Kapella could be seen breathing heartlessly as she got into an elevator.
She pressed a button on the call box and sat on the ground.
There was Diaz running for the elevator but the doors closed already and it descend.

He took out his smartphone as he moved into the Cafeteria and sat beside Ashley who was consuming a bowl of ice cream.
“Jude, I need you to go to the School’s Station and make an announcement for me, a fvcking Girl think she could run….”.

Someone snatched his phone from behind and he turned to see Finn.
“You got some guts brother”. Diaz said.
“Candy was right, power makes you act childish”. Finn said.
“Return the phone Finn or you’re gonna regret”. Diaz said.
“Make another announcement so students hunt her again, that’s so childish”. Finn said.

Diaz slapped the table angrily and rose up attracting the attention of the students.
“East Boys you’re causing a scene”. Ashley said and the phone started ringing.
“Hand it over”. She said and Finn gave it to her.

She smashed it on the wall and it scattered to pieces.
“Now have your seat, I said the girl is mine Diaz why go after her again?”. Ashley said.

“I am the King, I get whatever I want”.
“And I am the Queen, I said she’s mine and you should respect that, you both”. She said.
“You crossed boundary by destroying my phone, sister”. Diaz said.
Ashey dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a new phone that was still in package.

“Satisfied?”. She asked as she pushed it across the table.
He opened it like an angry lion and bringing out the phone he smashed it against the wall causing the students to gasp.
“I didn’t tell you that I couldn’t afford a smart phone”. He roared and turned to Finn.

“And you, have you forgotten you’re the youngest, you don’t drag whatever with us”. Diaz said.
“All our lives you’ve all had what you want and I didn’t fight over it, just one time let me have something I desire”. He said.
“Shut the fvck up Finn, I said she was mine first and I’m sure you haven’t forgotten the rule”. She said.

“Rules don’t apply to the king”. Diaz said as she sipped in the wine in a cup.
“Really? How about I lure Candy into Phoenix High?”. Ashley said.
Diaz spilled out the coffee as there was fear written on his face.
“You dare not”.

“Just because of a mere dispute you want to bring Candy into our Empire?”. He roared.
“That’s what I want? To see the fear in you, if you think you can order me around, I’ll wrap my fingers around Candy and make him attend this school”.
“Is that a threat?”.

“Whatever you call it brother “. She said.
” Ashley, makes sure no one gets what she can’t have “. Finn said.
” That’s right brother so you back off with Diaz and Candy isn’t involved in this “. Ashley whispered.

” You know I’m not scared of Candy, he’s only a minor threat to my king position”. Diaz said.
“Of course you ain’t afraid of him but Sister Dahlia”. She said and he grinned angrily.
“You know what happens if you make Candy come here, our dear sister who’s crazily in love with him will come as well, you know what that means, not only my position is taken but you’ll lose yours as a Queen as well, Dahlia rule everything and we become servants “. Diaz roared angrily.
” Let go of her for me and this argument is settled “. Finn said.
” Not when Ashley has intention of luring dear brother Candy here “. Diaz said.
” Alright Ash, do it and we all lose but if you stop your stupid thinking we’ll continue to rule Phoenix High”. Finn said.

“Fine but I have the girl”. She said.
“No Ash, she belongs to me”. Diaz said.
“You know what?, am outta here, I am not really having the girl because I love her, I’m truely gonna have her because all of our pathetic lives, you both always get what you want and I don’t object or drag with you, it’s my turn now, I won’t back this time “. Finn said and walked away angrily.

The students stared at Kapella as she sat legged crossed on the chair in the hallway.
” That’s her “.
” She’s truely beautiful “.
” She’s the reason they’re fighting “. She could hear several voices from different direction as students pass by.

“They literally destroyed two brand new iPhone 12 just because of a silly fight, stupidly rich”. She heard another voice and rose to her feet.
She was getting irritated by the voices.
She paused as she walked past a room and peeped in.

She could see students in swimming suit diving into the pool.
She pushed open the door and entered.
It seemed to be a swimming contest among the students no.
“Kapella do you…..”. A student was saying but she cut her short sharply.
“No Nancy, I don’t swim although i haven’t tried before or learned”. Kapella said as she stood beside her.

The students swam back and climbed up the concrete.
“I did it now right?”. A student asked.
“Not close”. Nancy said as she stared at the stop watch she held.
“Jake over took thirty seconds to get here, you thirty five, remember the goal is twenty seconds”. She added and he nodded.

“Yeah. I’ll be off for lunch then, thanks”. He said and left with the other students in their wet suit.
“You do this all day at lunch hour? “. Kapella asked.
“Yeah, it’s fun, you can come here, it’s safe, knowing fully well that you’re some kind of fugitive now”. Nancy said.
“That’s right, I guess this place will be my refuge for today”.

“Um Kapella”.
“My big Sis returned from Korea and she’s having her birthday party like today”. Nancy said.
“That’s nice”.
“Will you be free tonight? “.
“Um…”. Kapella said and laughed.

“I noticed you don’t go out a lot, it’s just a birthday party not some stripper party, there’ll be lot influential people and delegates, it’s really big, She’s getting married to the son of the President of Korea”. Nancy whispered.

“Wow! Really?”.
“Yeah. So the birthday is gonna be in one of the biggest hotel cos a there’ll be a hell lot of guest, at least for once, go out Kapella, get to know people, I’ll give you an invitation card, Cindy is coming as well”.

“Yeah. We go birthday parties together, she says you ain’t gonna come”.
“That dumb girl”.
“Will you?”.
“I’ll think over it”.

“C’mon you don’t have to think and also how about singing?”.
“I don’t get you Nancy”.
“You sang once at freshman year and then refused to sing again because you had lot of suitors as a result as a result of your charming voice”. Nancy said.

“Don’t flatter me Nancy”.
“You know it’s true, My sister loves the record of the song and listens to it alot, she always wish to you”.
“I feel flattered”.
“Nope. We’re friends Kapella although not in speaking term since this grade”.

“Just honour my request for once Ella, it means a lot to me”.
“All ears”.
“Can you sing at my Sister’s party tonight?”.
“Yeah. I told her am gonna bring you so please don’t disappoint me”.
Nancy said.

“Yeah. I know it’s big to ask”.
“You mean I’m gonna sing in party full of……”.
“Influential people, the president’s Children will be there”.
“Oh my… Is that possible?”.
“All you have to do, is to come, the best way I could make her happy on her birthday is bringing the singer of her favorite song live on stage “. Nancy said.

” I’m gonna need some air after this talk “. Kapella said as she exhaled.
” Don’t be nervous, you still have time to think about it “.
” You mean am gonna sing in a special party like I did in the freshman party “. Kapella said and Nancy hugged her.
“You’re still nervous, you can do it, I know you, you got the courage”. Nancy said.

“Alright I’ll think about it”.
“And also on swimming, if you have interest, I’ll always be here”. Nancy said and she nodded.
“Nice speaking again as friends Nancy”.
“An who is haboring the fugitive?”. They heard a voice and turned to see Finn at the door.

Kapella gasped as Nancy held her hand.
“It’s you, Nancy”. He said.
“Finn”. She said.
“You know him?”.
“I do, we have a history but we’re clear I have nothing to do with the Arrowood anymore”.

“In exception of Candy”. He said.
“You want to earn love, go learn from him. He’s the only human in a family of vicious beasts”.
“Stay away from girl Finn, you ain’t ruining her life like you ruin eveyone else’s”. Nancy said.
“Like yours, Nan”. He whispered and she slapped him across the face.

“I was childish and took advantage of it, Good, let’s go”. Nancy said as she dragged Kapella after her but Finn grabbed her arm.
“Let the girl go Finn, you don’t force people to love you, you earn it but people like you can’t cos you’re incapable of loving”. She said and tears formed in his eyes.

“Watch your lips Nancy”.
“What are you gonna do?”.
“How about the Arrowood crash your sister’s party, our services are fast and reliable”. He said.
“It’s a president affair, a day in jail will do”. She said.
“You’re right but if I can’t earn love why not do the easier one, earn hate “. He whispered.

With one swift move he grabbed Kapella by the waist and threw her into the pool as she screamed.
” No one goes in “. He roared at the students.
” Kapella! “. Nancy said as she made to dive in but Finn grabbed her neck to the wall.

” Now repeat all the shit you just muttered, Ex”. He whispered.

Kapella could be seen drowning deep and deep into the pool as bubbles came from her mouth and nose.
She suddenly open her eyes as her body balanced in the water.
That was when she realized what was happening.

“I can breath”. She thought.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

🐬 Episode_8🐬

“Finn, let me go, she isn’t coming out, am begging you”. Nancy said as she to pull his hand off her neck.
“A pool bath will do her”.
“She’s drowning, she can’t swim”. She screamed.
“What!”. Finn said as he let go of her neck.

“Your arrogance is gonna get someone killed”. She cursed as she took off her red jacket.
“I’ll go”. He said moving toward the water.
“Stay back Finn”. Nancy said and a hand from the pool laid on the concrete.
“Kapella?”. Nancy said as she rushed there.

Kapella arouse from the water with her wet hair.
Finn quickly rushed to where she was to help her out but Nancy pushed him away.
She stretched her hand and helped her out.
“Are you alright?”. She asked and she nodded.

“I thought you couldn’t swim”.
“Maybe I could”. She whispered.
“C’mon let’s dry your clothes, your insides are transparent now”. Nancy said helping her up.
“Kapella I’m….”.
“Don’t be sorry FInn, Just stay away from my life”. Kapella said and Nancy helped her out.
“What are you staring at ?”. He roared at the students who focused on him.


“Elijah let’s get out of here”. Mrs. Elijah said as she dragged his hand.
“Hold on”. He said as he moved close.
“She’s dead”. She said.
“The blood is fresh”.
“Mermaids truely exist”. She said.

“They do”. He replied as he moved close.
“She isn’t dead”.
“How are you sure?”.
“Dead mermaid under such scorching sun would dry up “. He said.
” How do you know that? “. She asked.
” Does it really matter? “. He said as he leaned close.

Her eyes suddenly opened and it was yellow in colour.
She gripped him swiftly and Mrs. Elijah gasped.
” Chi sei! “. She said in Italian which mean ‘Who are you? “.
“Hey calm, we’re not here to harm you”. Mr. Elijah said.
“Who are you?”. She said.

“She speaks English, Good can you let go of my husband now”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“You’re spies, who sent you”. She said.
“What’s she saying?”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“I’ve no idea”.
“The Hunters they sent you”. She said.
“Elijah we need to go before she hurts you”. Mrs. Elijah said.

“Elijah?”. She said.
“Elijah Marcus”. She added.
“How do you know me?”. He asked as she let go of him.
“C’mon let’s go”. Mrs. Elijah said dragging him.
“Jane you haven’t changed at all, fearful as hell”. The Mermaid said.

“Do Mermaids read people’s mind?”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“No we don’t, only with our kind, take a good look, don’t I remind you of someone”. She said weakly.
“We’re done with this madness, Elijah come let’s go”. She said.

“Hold on”. Mrs. Elijah said and squat low as she pushed the Mermaid hairs off her face.
She gasped as she saw her face clearly.
“Anita?”. Mr. Elijah asked.
“It’s Anita, The beauty queen, my best friend at High School “. She whispered.


“It’s gonna take a while for your dress to dry”. Nancy said as Kapella sat on a WC in the restroom as she was on bra.
“How long? “.
” I’ll suggest you find a way to call your Mom so she could bring…. “.
” No no definitely not an option, She’ll find out I’m in a conflict with some rich family “. She said.

” So what do you suggest, are you gonna sit here all day? “. Nancy asked.
” Call Cindy, she should have an idea “.
” Your hair looks wet, you should take off the clip and let it dry “. Nancy said.
” Just call Cindy “.
” Alright.. “.

Cindy could he seen walking down the hallway with Lovely who had his hands in his pocket.
“Where could she be?”. She said looking around.
“The rumor is everywhere, Finn Arrowood throws Kapella Elijah into a swimming pool”. She added.
“I guess that’s gonna make her more popular”. He said.

“You’re not helping Lovely, not at all”. She said.
“What do you want me to do?”. He asked.
“A decent guy would be searching for her right now, she needs us now more than ever”.
“I’m not a seer or Harbinger but she’s drying out her clothes right now”. Lovely said and she stopped walking.

“I know that already”.
“Then what do you want be to do, go buy some bra”. He said as they continued walking.
“Lovely”. She said as she paused again.
“Lovely or lovely? “. He asked.
“You know what, Just disappear you ain’t helping”. She said when a woman in black suit walked up to them holding a package and a receipt on top of it.

Lovely signed on the receipt and she left.
“Who was that?”.
“Fast and reliable service”. He said and gave her the box.
“Are you nut?”. She asked.
“I get to wonder if you’re Kapella’s sister, same attitude “.
” Which is? “.
” Speaking before thinking “.
” What? “.
” Open the box “.

She smirked and opened the box.
Cindy gasped seeing the gun that was well folded in the box.
It was brand new.
” Oh my God! “. She exclaimed.
” Where else would she be if not the rest room, Goodluck “. He said walking away.
“Lovely”. She called out.

“I know, You’re welcome”.
“hush! I didn’t say thank you”.
“You wanted to”.
“I said lovely, the dress is lovely”. She said.
“I think i see the need to change my name”. Lovely said and walked out of sight.

“You still haven’t told me how yo