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City mermaid episode 67 & 68

Sea Tales Presents :*
City Mermaid
Episode 67
“It taste yummy”. Kapella said as she pushed a full hot dog into her mouth.
“I told you”. Lovely said as the fresh wind blew through them.
They were seated on the bonnet of his vehicle.
All alone at the beach that was deserted.
Lovely inhaled the wind raising his hand up and she tapped him.
“Why is this place deserted, no single soul”. She said and he turned to her.
“I’m wondering, the beach is almost filled with people”. He said and jumped down from the bonnet as he sight an old man far away.
He whistled loudly and the man turned back.
Lovely beckoned at him to come and moved toward him.
Kapella also jumped down and went after him.
“Hey it isn’t safe out here”. The Old man said and Lovely looked around.
“Phoenix Beach is a busy place, why is there no one?”.
“It isn’t safe anymore “. The man said.
“What do you mean by that?”. Kapella asked.
“This crocodiles emerged out of the waters in their numbers and eveyone had to flee, it had never happened before”.
“Crocodiles? Did they hurt anyone?”. Kapella asked.
“I don’t think they were out to attack, they just stayed still like their purpose is just to scare us away”. He said.
“Crocodiles on Phoenix Beach, that’s crazy”. Lovely said as they turned to the sea which was rumbling and had an incoming wave.
“Maybe it’s them, run!”. The man screamed and took to his heels running out of the beach.
“Do you think it’s a Mermaid? “. Lovely asked.
” Let’s find out “. Kapella said and they moved toward the sea.
” The Old dude literally said crocodiles came out “. Lovely said holding Kapella’s hand.
” I’m the Queen of the Sea “.
” Arctic, that’s right “. Lovely said and they paused seeing the sharp footprints all over the ground.
“It’s literally dozens of them”. Lovely said as Kapella squat low and touched it.
“Are you Um…..”.
“Trying to find out if they’re close”. He said and closed her eyes.
She opened them and turned to him.
“They’re not close, they must be at the extreme end of the ocean, far away”. Kapella said.
“What pushed them here?”.
“It’s a who?”. Kapella said and rose up slowly as she saw a human footprint.
She moved at it as he followed behind.
“The footprint moved from the ocean and stopped here”. She said squatting back.
“It did not return back to the ocean, neither did it go forward”. Lovely said as she bit her lip.
“But there’s no one here”.
“Are you saying the person is invisible right now?”. She said holding her arm.
“You’re such a baby boy “. She said and he laughed.
“Probably vanished like Stealers do, into the dust of the earth”.
“She’s below us?”. Lovely asked looking down.
“Tomar is a rusher, if she’s a rusher and would have should up already”. Kapella said looking around.
She touched the footprint to connect into but all she could see was particle of dust suspended in the air.
“Did you see anything”. He asked.
“I tried to connect to whoever had the steps but all I see is particle of dust “. She said and he raised her up.
” Is this something we should be worried about? “. He asked.
” I don’t know, it’s should be a stealer but they don’t move alone “.
” C’mon let’s get going “. He said pulling her along.
” Are you free tomorrow? “. She asked.
“It’s weekend Lovely”.
“Oh That’s right, hish! Damn!”. He said as they approached his vehicle.
“What’s it?”. She asked.
“We have a family dinner tomorrow”. He said and opened the door for Kapella.
“Family dinner?”. She asked as she got in.
“That’s right, Family dinner”. He said and got in as well.
“I know it sounds crazy but Family Dinner always go crazy and everything ends in the twinkle of an eye did you ask again?”. He asked.
“Till then”.
“Seriously, you know I hate suspense Arctic Girl”.
“Arctic Girl, only Stealers call me that”.
“It’s sounds cute”. He said and starts the ignition.
“And where to now, Roxy says you shouldn’t go home”. Kapella said.
“Guess”. He said.
“Mmmm Cinema house”. She said and he laughed.
“That’s right”. He said as the vehicle hit the road.
“I know this sounds weird but your brothers, how are they doing?”. She asked as he drove off.
“I don’t Mermaids care less”. He said.
“We’re afraid to care much so care less is best option, if your mother could break someone could as you to go hunting then I’m just wondering……”.
“If she’s the cause of their villainous lifestyle”. Lovely said and she nodded.
“I don’t want to talk about it Kapella, each time I try to make us brothers again they stab me from behind “.
“So you stopped trying?”.
“Can we forget about this Kapella, Okay?”. He asked as she rest her head on the seat.
“You don’t have to give up on them, they’re your siblings although half, you can’t still change it”. She said and he bit his lower lips as tears formed in his eyes.
“I said we’re all born into some families for reason, maybe yours is to change the concept of the Arrowood thinking, bringing an end to Mermaid Hunting, you’re the next heir of the Arrowood, you’re a good person”. She said and he hit the break angrily.
“Just stop it, don’t say the sweet word Kapella, I’ve hurt people, I’ve given my siblings plans to hurt Mermaid, maybe I’m the cause of their crazy life after all”. He said getting down from the vehicle.
“Lovely!”. She called out.
“I need some air”. He replied as he moved into the room.
She got down hurriedly and closed the door.
“Lovely!”. She called out as she ran into the room.
She rolled over the bonnet of a moving vehicle and beckoned at the other to stop as she drift back.
She took off and dived over the bonnet of another moving vehicle and Lovely crossed the road.
He stopped moving as he got to the side walk.
Kapella came out from behind a vehicle at the other end of the side walk.
She put her hand into her pocket and moved toward him as he gasped.
His eyes suddenly popped as two men in black moved behind her.
“Run!”. He screamed but she didn’t understand what he meant.
Hands gripped her from behind as one covered her nose causing her to inhale chloroform which was suppose to send her unconscious but it had only little effect as she broke from their grip.
Lovely who already got there kicked the first man on the chest with his sneakers.
The other tried to grab her again but she hits his hand his her elbow and punched his chest.
Lovely pulled her to himself as he saw men in black coming down from moving Cabs on the road.
“Shit! My mom’s people, let’s go”. He said pulling her along.
A Cab swerved out of the road blocking their way which forced them to stopped abruptly.
They followed behind it as two woman got down hurriedly.
The Driver grabbed the Lovely by the shirt wanting to force a tranquilizer into his neck but Kapella caught her hand.
“Behind”. Lovely screamed as the other dashed at Kapella from behind.
They both let go of the driver and dived into different direction.
“Go!”. Kapella screamed at Lovely as the woman moved at her.
She dashed at them but bouced on the wall and leapt over them.
She landed perfectly and followed after Lovely as the women spoke into their telecom.
“Shit!”. Lovely cursed as more taxi swerved out of the way blocking the side walk.
He raced back and almost bumped incoming Kapella who he grabbed her hand and they ran between two building.
“Do you remember this moment?”. She asked.
“Our first date?”. He asked and she laughed.
“Our hearts were in love that day, I vividly remembered Kapella Elijah’s line, how fast can you run? “. He said in a baritone voice.
” That’s not my voice “. She said hitting his arm.
” That’s right “. He said and they looked back to see the pushing men who were closing on them.
They increased their speed but stopped abruptly as men in black appeared from the other end of the path.
Damn! They were caught in between as there was nothing but two storey buildings at the left and right.
“We have been ordered by your Mother to bring you and the girl, now comply Mr. Lovely or we’ll take this the hard way”. One of the Lady said.
“Have you forgotten I’m the heir of the Arrowood so you should show some respect so when I get there I don’t make you feed on peanuts”. He threatened.
“We have the right to bring you and your girl along Mr. Lovely”.
“Don’t call her girl, Kapella Elijah, show some respect”.
“Kapella Elijah you have to come with us so you don’t make this hard”. The Lady said.
Kapella hid behind Lovely like she was scared as she peeped from behind him.
“You see that fire exit at your left”. She whispered as his eyeballs stylishly slide to the left and back to the people in black.
“Ready, we’re breaking into a house and three, two….”.
“Alright let’s go”. Lovely said as we brought his hand out for the woman to handcuff.
She made to cuff him when Kapella dashed from behind him and headbutt her to the ground.
Ouch! It was pretty energetic.
Lovely grabbed her hand and they ran up the curved stairs of the fire exit outside the building.
The people moved after them but they were faster as they got into the building through the door and locked it.
“Did I break her skull?”. Kapella asked holding his hand.
“Fear not I’ll take care of her medical bills”. Lovely said and the door broke down.
“Fake door, run!”. She screamed pulling him along as the men dashed at them like a herd of angry zombies.
They ran down the stairs into the building almost bumped into an old woman with tray.
“What the hell are you doing in my house?”.
“Sorry ma’am chicken… I meant agent invasion”. Lovely said and pulled Kapella along.
The woman screamed dropping her tray as the people in black ran down the stairs in their number.
Lovely and Kapella ran past some kids at the corridor who wondered who they were.
They ran past the TV in the living room where an old man was and Lovely stopped abruptly as he turned back.
“Kapella it’s Avengers EndGame”. He said turning to have proper view.
“Damn! Wait for the epic line”.
“Lovely!”. She screamed.
“Avengers……Assemble!, That’s my Captain! “. He screamed pointing at the screen.
She pulled him angrily as they heard the children scream at them corridor.
They raced outside the building and through the road they were back at where it all started.
“You’re gonna get us killed one day”. She snapped.
“You don’t understand the gravity of that scene Kapella, Mermaids don’t watch superhero movies right?”.
“Just keep shut and let’s go”. She said and pulled his hand.
A Lamborghini pulled in front of them and they wanted to run back but another blocked their way.
Armed men got down hurriedly pointing their M14 rifle at them.
“Agents Pro Version “. Lovely said slowly raising his hand up.
“Are they going to shoot?”. Kapella asked slowly raising her hand up as a Limousine drove there.
The Chaffeur got down and opened the door for a woman.
Kapella’s heart almost explode as she saw Mrs. Arrowood step out.
“You little Miscreants”. She said and scoffed.
“Mother, you’re here”. Lovely said.
“This should be the last time I set my eyes on you Kapella Elijah, Leave”. Mrs. Arrowood commanded.
Kapella bowed slowly and turned to leave.
“Is that the Kapella Elijah?”. A voice said as a young man got down from from the Limousine.
Kapella stared blankly at him as he slide his hands into his coat.
“I’ll want a moment with her, go deal with your son Minerva”. He said walking forward.
“Careful how you mention my name in public places Dan”.
“Take him”. Mrs. Arrowood commanded.
Two men grabbed Lovely by the shoulder and pulled him toward the car.
“I have my legs creepy agents”. He cursed as he turned to Kapella.
He struggled his fingers out as he waved at her.
She bit her lower lip as Mrs. Arrowood stared dagger at her.
“My regards to Elijah”. Mrs. Arrowood said and got into her vehicle.
“Mom who’s that man?, you can’t let him go with her”. Lovely screamed as they forced him into the vehicle.
“Shall we?”. The young man asked as one of the men opened the door of the Lamborghini.
“Sorry sir I don’t around with strangers “. She said.
” Look around does it look like I’m begging you “. He said and Kapella looked around to see the gun men.
” Let’s just have a normal chat like humans or let’s have it the hard way “. He said.
” Fine “. She said and got into the vehicle.
He got in as well and the door was closed.
” I think the introductive part of a conversation between two strangers is, who are you? “.
” That’s right, I know you as Kapella Elijah, Elijah, I knew that kid at High School”. He said and Kapella turned to him.
“He was a genius and seems you got that attitude from him”. He said.
“Can you cut the chase please?”. She said.
“I’m Danny Arrowood but call me Dan for short”. He said and her eyes popped out.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_68🐬
Kapella and Lovelycould be seen walking toward a warehouse with heavily pregnant Nancy who they supported.
Getting close to the plane men and women started creeping out from different direction.
Builidigs, vehicles and even unseen place and soon had them surrounded.
“I thought you were so stubborn not to come but here you are”. Doctor Ruin said as he emerged from the warehouse.
“Let’s get this done cos you’re started to irritate me already”. Kapella cursed.
“That’s so much of an anger at me, I didn’t ask for you but what I want”.
“Artic Babies, what stupid experiment is that for a Black Pirate, ain’t you guys hunters?”. Kapella cursed.
“Careful lady choose your next words carefully or I might have to remove your tongue”. Doctor Ruin said and she scoffed.
“How do you know about the Black Pirate?”. He roared angrily.
“Go find out yourself”.
“You’ve really amazed me Kapella Elijah but warning if you’re playing a game with me, I have a lot of repulsion in place to make sure you don’t leave this place alive”. He said.
“Where are my family?”. Kapella requested.
“They are somewhere safe and you’ll get them as soon as the deal is done”.
“No that wasn’t part of their deal, you called it exchange and it’s isn’t it”.
“I have no specific rule lady but I doubt have authority to say and it’s done, do not prove stubborn, let’s get this done”.
“Not until I see my parents, if you ain’t ready then no deal “. Kapella said.
” That’s quite persistent of you Miss, you know I’m e thinking of hiring you, I love that courage and charisma that you posses “.
” What makes you think I’ll take your offer? “.
” Because very soon you’ll beg for your lives at my hands “. He said.
“I stand, I want to see them or no exchange”.
“Fine”. He clapped his hand and soon some men came out of the plane with people whose faces were covered and their hands tied as well.
“Even if you recognize no one, you do to that one”. He said putting to the short person among them.
“Take off the convering I need to be sure”. Kapella said.
Doctor Ruin raised his hands up and the men removed the covering.
Kapella could see all of them all gagged when the covering was removed.
She swallowed the saliva in her mouth and turned to Doctor Ruin.
“So Kapella Elijah, it’s time for the exchange, my Arctic for your people, Mr. Lovely you ain’t saying anything”.
“What else do you seek to hear apart from I’ll personal see to your end”.
“I hope your mother have told you I am your father, your laboratory father, She’s not even your mother, just a frustrated being wanting to carry two burden in her”.
Lovely wanted to move at him angrily but Kapella held him back.
Kapella tapped Nancy’s arm and she moved at Doctor Ruin.
“Such a betrayal in the Mermaids side, giving out another for some humans”. He said.
“She agreed because you’re evil and gonna stop at nothing to kill them”.
“I’ll take that as a compliment”. He was saying when something sharp thrust into his belly.
He raised his head to see the face but it wasn’t Nancy.
It was disguise, it was Anita.
“Kill them!”. He roared.
What do you mean she’s my sister? “. Anita screamed angrily.
” Calm mom, she’s not “.
” What the hell are you saying? “.
” Like I said mom, this twist is crazy, I can’t imagine Lovely being my cousin, she might not have had him the right way but she gave birth to him, that’s the end of our relationship”.
“You have to, no this is crazy, The Hunter Woman can never be my Mother”.
“She’s not mother and I’m glad, my relationship with Lovely isn’t threatened”.
“It’s called incest, you can’t be with him anymore, okay?”.
“Listen mom she’s not your sister”.
“What the fvck are your saying daughter?”.
“She thought you were her sister because you had similar tattoo her sister drew with ink when they were kids, she totally believed you were her and couldn’t give you to Doctor Ruin anymore but then she needed to confirm, she took your blood for a test and found out she was making a mistake and the tattoo was only coincidental because your blood didn’t match, she had return to deliver you to Doctor Ruin only to discover Danny had let you go already and that drove her crazy, She did everything to find you until a year later when you both met underwater at the Atlantic Ocean,where you made her the one eyed woman, where it all began”.
“Oh my God!”. Anita exhaled heavily and hugged her.
“I was so scared”. She said with tears forming in her eyes.
“I was so scared that I married Danny who is related to me unknowing and now you’re on the same path with Lovely”. She sniffed.
“It’s alright Mom, I’ll confirm from her myself”.
“We should get going, they’re waiting for us”. Anita said.
They exit the room to see eveyone waiting for them already.
“Listen eveyone I have a plan and if we stick to it, we can scale through this, all that is important right now are the hostage and the pregnant Arctic, so in whatever plan we’re executing they must be safe”.
“That’s right”.
“We’re going to fight, that one is inevitable but rescuing the hostage is the first thing to do, we’ll be giving Doctor Ruin a hostage but not Nancy, we’ll be giving him Anita because we’ll be disguising her into Nancy”.
“That is dangerous”.
“What if he finds out?”.
“It’ll be late already cos we must have destroyed his power plant”. Kapella said.
“Power plant, what’s that?”.
“When I was in Mrs. Arrowood’s head I got to see how he performed the experiment, he was drawing power from a certain plant behind the building and even all the times he’s attacked you can testify you feel a hell lot of connection from far away”. Kapella said.
“I thought I felt it alone it was when we faced the Dark Wanderers the first time, the dark magic that was weakening us was not from them, it was like they were channeling something against us, they ain’t magic beings”. Lady Benita said.
“It’s obvious already daughter, they’re drawing power from another source meaning they don’t have a power of their own, I felt it too but I couldn’t place my fingers on were this series of dark connection was coming from that was why I asked you to take Nancy away, there was much of it “.
” What if we sever that connection? “. Lovely asked.
” They lose their connection to magic, they’re mere humans but the question is, where are they drawing magic from? “.
” Maybe there’s just one person who might have the answer, I didn’t get to see everything in her head, just only what I needed”. Kapella said walking away..
“Kapella are you sure about this?”. Lovely asked.
“I have to be right, hunters are humans not supernatural from all I’ve seen so far in your mother’s head so this black pirates having magic and then to the Dark Wanderers and others, there’s a backing, I saw it during the experiment it was like a generator “. She whispered and they got to were Mrs. Arrowood was.
” Here you are again “. She said drawing a figure on the ground.
” We want an answer to a question “.Lovely said and she laughed.
” Haven’t you gotten enough from my head alright, just kill me already, I’m the big bad villian right”.
“Listen mom I know you did all those things for us even if it’s the wrong way, now I need you to help us finish off the real one, the one who did this to you, you want revenge on him as much as we do”. Lovely said.
“What do you want?”. She inquired.
“We believe Doctor Ruin and his cohort are some sort of generator or voodoo or whatever but he’s channeling the magic of something he has no magic of his own “. Kapella said.
” Of course he does not “. Mrs. Arrowood said cleaning the blood on her nose.
She moved to the bar of the cell and leaned against it looking them in the eye.
” He has a generator and I have seen it before, he kept it close, the last time I checked, it’s guarded by the powerful weilders of dark magic, I have no chance against them so I’ve never tried before but trust me it’s dangerous”.
“Where’s this generator?”. Lovely asked.
“Right here in Spain, he stays in Spain but it’s dangerous, Ruin will stop at nothing to ruin lives”.
“We know that mother, Just give us the location”.
“A pen”. She sniffed cleaning her nose.
Lovely brought out a pen and gave her but she held his hand quickly.
He made to pull off but paused as she wrote on his palm.
“It’s there”.
“Excuse me Lovely I need a private chat with your mother”. Kapella said.
“You don’t have to go into her head again K, she’s weak already”.
“I’m not going to do such, just some talk, nothing more, tell them the new plan, we’re splitting, one team to the generator, the other to distract doctor Ruin until his source of powers is severed”. Kapella said and he nodded.
He left quickly and she turned to Mrs. Arrowood.
Armed men could be seen patrolling around a blue Mansion when they noticed a disturbance in the swimming pool.
Moving at it slowly with their gun pointed forward the waters became furiously.
It shot out Ice thrusting into their body and they dropped to the ground.
Dahlia burst out of the pool landing perfectly on the concrete with water dropping like rain as she dripped wet as well.
Madison, Anna and Esther burst out as well and their tails turned back to legs leaving them with a T shirt.
More men appeared from all around pointing guns at them but loud singing was heard and turning to the pool the water shot off with lot of Mermaids hitting the men into different direction.
“Take care of the outside, We’ll find the generator”. Dahlia said walking away with Madison.
They appeared at the hallway only to be welcome with bullets Dahlia blocked with the water she had turned to an Ice shield.
Madison removed the M4A1 Rifle behind her and diving over Dahlia she opened fire on them and they dropped down.
“Mermaid using gun”. Dahlia said.
“I’ve fallen in love with it”. Dahlia replied and they halt.
“Do you feel that?”. Dahlia asked.
“Feel what?”.
“The powerful connection is spreading like someone is channeling them”. Dahlia said and men with trumpet appeared from the other side.
They blew it loudly and Madison screamed but it didn’t affect Dahlia as she dashed at them speedily and the rest that happened was story Hades.
Madison groaned and staggered to her feet.
“And now more”. Dahlia whispered and flying creatures with wands flew in scattering the glass wall into pieces.
“Kill them!”. Doctor Ruin roared.
Kapella raised her hand up causing a wave of dust that covered the hostages and made them vanished just before the laser shot got there.
He pushed his hand back and a force hit Anita away.
He pulled out the ice but Kapella kicked him away and he crashed against the wall.
Kapella took off immediately as the flying creatures shot laser at her with their wands.
Lovely hid quickly behind a container and drew out the desert eagle behind him.
He strayed out quickly and fired the creatures the the air.
Doctor Ruin slide over the ice Anita shot at him and gripped her neck tightly.
He tried stabbing the one he held into her neck but a wave of water hit him away and he crashed against another container..
Kapella lands on the ground and the sharp rocks shot up into the creatures still shooting at her.
She dashed quickly at Doctor Ruin who then vanished into a portal.
He appeared behind her and thrust the ice into her neck causing her to scream.
Madison’s loud scream could be heard as a wave of water flushed the creatures outside.
“Don’t give me that stares, I’m not a Arctic who does things without screaming”.
“C’mon”. Dahlia said and they ran down the basement.
They came to halt seeing a huge generator that was protected by lasers all around.
“Damn! There’s no way we’re getting in”..
Anita quickly intervened as she direct a huge dust at him but he threw Kapella into it and hits her away instead.
He moved quickly at Anita transforming water into ice which he shot quickly at her like bullet but she dodged it swiftly.
Kapella who had recover moved at him from behind and flipped him over a container.
Mid way to crash into it he vanished into a portal.
He appeared from another portal behind and thrust a sharp rod into her arm.
She gasped loudly and he kicked her away.
More flying creatures could be flying to the scene in their numbers all armed with the dark wand.
“No!”. Lovely screamed and moved at her as she dropped to her knees but he grabbed Lovely quickly.
He groaned loudly as the ice in his hand melted away.
“No!”. He whispered and raising his head to see the creatures vanished into the thin air.
Doctor Ruin grabbed Lovely’s tightly to himself and roared.
“What did you do to my generator?”.
“We just made you powerless”. Lovely whispered.
“No! You fools….”. He roared as a he pulled a dagger.
“No!!”. Kapella screamed as he made to stab Lovely but a Gunshots were heard and he gasped letting go of the dagger.
Doctor Ruin slowly let go of Lovely and dropped to his knees.
Everyone turned back to see Dahlia with a pistol.
“Pretty guarded but we destroyed it with C4”. She said retreating her pistol.
“You have no idea what you just released by destroying the generator “. He stammered gagging for breath staring at Lovely.
“Kill him before its late”. Doctor Ruin said and dropped dead to the ground.
Lovely quickly too his pulse and raised his head up.
“He’s dead”.
“You should have shot him in a survivable area not heart”. Anita said.
“He deserved to die and I just made sure other that”. Dahlia said.
“Where’s Madison?”. Kapella asked.
“Enjoying the odour from the explosion I think”.
“I’m glad to you’re okay”. Lovely said moving at Dahlia but groaned feeling a terrible pain in his head.
“Lovely are you alright?”. Kapella said as she rushed to him.
“Yeah definitely”.
A group of Mermaid moved to the spot and stood in front of Kapella.
“We’ve searched everywhere Queen, we couldn’t find any creature, neither any human”. A mermaid said.
“Good thanks for joining me in the fight, you can leave for the Mansion now”. She said and they bowed before leaving.
“Um I think i have to use the restroom, will be back”. Lovely said and walked away.
She got to a vehicle and stooped low to examine himself on the mirror.
“Young but manageable, so cute, am gonna seduce a lot of them to death with this “. He said holding his face.
He turned a girl leaving the warehouse and approached.
“Hey are you leaving already?”. He asked.
“The Queen asked us to leave, I returned to take my shoe, lost it during the fight”.
“Oh you’re beautiful you know”. He said.
“Um yeah, I’m a Mermaid”. She replied.
“That’s right, Mermaids are beautiful”.
“Um I should get going”. She said wanting to walk away but he grabbed her arm back.
“Excuse me”. She said as he leaned close her face.
“Your lips look warming”.
“You’re the Queen’s boyfriend, you shouldn’t be here”. She said.
“Why shouldn’t I or do I look ugly?”.
“No!”. She stammered.
“Then don’t be shy”. She said and pressed his lips into hers as she shut her eyes.
He slowly pulled the dagger from behind him and stabbed it into her heart.
She couldn’t screamed as pressed tight onto her mouth.
He twist the dagger pushing her against the wall.
Lovely pulled it out and she dropped dead to the ground.
He dropped the dagger and exhaled heavily raising his head up.
He quickly moved away from the spot and almost jumped into Kapella.
“Did you see any Mermaid around?”.
“No, the last one left, she returned to take her shoes”.
“Alright, you have bloods on your hands”. She said.
“Yeah. Messy fight you know”. He said and kissed her deeply.
“What’s that for?”. She asked.
“For victory, I can’t believe we defeated him in the twinkle of an eye”. He said.
“And I’ve warned you against unannounced kisses”. She said with a frown.
“My bad I was overjoyed, C’mon let me take you for a date “. He said wrapping his arm around her neck.
“We just finished fighting a war”. She complained.
“We’ve only had one date so C’mon”. He said tickling her cheek.
“Alright alright let’s go but I need to see my family first”.
Everywhere was in complete darkness and void in the middle of nowhere.
“Kapella, that’s not me, stay away from him “. Lovely’s loud voice could be heard.
A ray of light soon appeared in the dark and his face could be seen.
He dropped to his knees and punched the ground angrily.
“Stay away from her”. He roared and turned to see another Lovely standing in front of the ray of light as he chuckled.
“She’s so sweet”. The other Lovely said.
“I’m warning you don’t touch her or I’ll kill you”. Lovely roared.
“Empty threat, we just kissed and her lips is warning”.
“Who the fvck are you what am I doing here?”. Lovely roared.
“I call this the memory realm, this is where I’ve been trapped right from the moment you were created, Ruin lied to Minerva that it was Gene, that’s so crazy, after transferring our spirit to you and the other female creation in hope of making his experiment work but failed, we’ve been trapped in the both of you for long now “.
” What the hell are talking about, who are you? “. Lovely asked.
” I’m called by many, Ocean Prince “.
“Hold on, you ain’t dead”.
“I just said that now”.
“What do you mean by we?”. Lovely asked and he smirked.
“The Love of my life, The Alien Mermaid from another planet, Mermaids on earth opposed our relationship as the result of the first child was an El Voleuse, The Stealer because we we’re incompatible, for that I was dethroned and banished from the underwater, we swore to take revenge by hunting Mermaids, killing them until we both got captured by the ruin who transferred our spirit into a foetus to make it alive but we have no control over the body because something powerful was used as a blockade against us “.
“What the hell am I doing here, why are you me?”. Lovely screamed.
“I’m you because I’m in you and right now I’m in control of the body and you and lost in my darkness, Ruin is dead, there’s definitely no one to stop us, not even Kapella Elijah, as long as I am you and my love of my life plays well too”.
“Play what?”.
“Think, where could the love of my life be”.
“No, No, Dahlia”.
“That’s right, you destroyed the one thing that always stopped us from taking over the body, The Generator and now you’re trapped, I’ll take care of your girlfriend and at the end make sure there’s no single one of those Mermaids in existence”.
❄️❄️❄️Somewhere else❄️❄️❄️
Lady Benita could be seen moving into the building with the other Mermaids as it was in flame.
She coughed covering her nose as she inhaled smoke.
“They should be out already, the explosion happened minutes ago”. A mermaid said.
“Hold on, what’s that?”. Lady Benita said pointing to the leg of someone at the other side of the wall.
They quickly rushed there and were shocked to see her in a pool of blood.
Lovely could be seen walking into the Mansion with his hand around Kapella’s neck.
They walked past Dahlia who was at the door and she blew a kiss at him.
She turned back and winked at her as he bit his lower lip.
Staring back at Kapella’s beautiful hair he let out a creepy smile and his eyes flashed a yellow colour.


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