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City mermaid episode 65 & 66

🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_65🐬
It was a beautiful morning in the Island of Sardinia as the fresh wind from the ocean reached the shore.
The turbulence of the sea could be heard loudly when a yacht came to stop at the shore.
Soon Anita, Elijah and Jane got out from the deep end of the Island with their steps leaving footprint on the sand behind.
“Will you be okay with us naming her as an Elijah?”.Jane asked.
“She’s an Elijah, Jane not and never a Robert”. Anita replied.
“Kapella, one of the best names I’ve ever heard”. Elijah said.
“It’s rare and beautiful, I’ve always wanted to name my daughter, if I ever had one”.
“What about a son?”. Jane inquired.
“Um.. Mermaids hardly give birth to male so I didn’t plan for that, maybe Elijah”. She said and they laughed.
“Seems your transport back home is here”. Anita said as the man in the yacht waved at them.
“We’ll be there soon”. Elijah said aloud so he could hear.
“You still have the book?”. Anita asked.
“Yep, right in the bag”.
“Please it’s gonna be very important for her just like I said before”.
“Yeah”. Jane said and the child began to cry little by little.
“Hey Kiddo can you hear us?”. Elijah said poking her nose.
“She can hear my thoughts and knows I’m leaving, she’s sad”. Anita said.
“That’s so gross for a lil kid”. Jane said.
“She’s a Mermaid, she got the characteristics and ability”.
“I guess the use of the bracelet begins here “. Jane said.
” Yep. Do it “.
Elijah deep his hand into Jane’s pocket behind and brought out a bracelet which he wore for little Kapella and she stopped crying.
” She can’t here my thoughts again for now because she’s still a child but when she grows up, it won’t stop her from hearing other Mermaids, just that it might be painful”. Anita said and they nodded.
“Remember all I said, everything, please do not forget”. She added.
“We won’t, I’ll miss you Anny”.
“I’m losing count of the times you’ve said that already”.
“Cos I will”.
“I’ll miss you too, Jane but I have to go, I’ve explain that already”.
“I know and understand Anny, please do not stay long”.
“I’ll see to finding a solution as fast as possible”. Anita replied.
“Goodbye then”. Jane said as she gave Elijah the baby before hugging Anita tightly in tears.
“Okay then, your yacht is waiting “. Anita said tapping her back.
They disengaged and Jane cleaned her tears.
Anita moved up to Elijah and caressed the baby’s face.
“I’ll be back, I promise”. She whispered before taking few steps back.
“Goodluck then, I’ll stay connected to ocean and make sure you get home safely”.
“Thanks Anita”. Elijah said.
Jane moved at her and hugged her again.
“Anita!”. She cried.
“C’mon Jane, I’ll miss you too, I’ll be back I promise, okay”. Jane sniffed and retreat from her.
“See you soon friend”.
“See you soon, Jane”.
With Elijah they left Anita standing in the shore as the watched them as she watched them get into the yacht.
She waved at her as the yacht cruise away and she waved at them too.
Just as they were out of sight she dugged her fingers into the sand and vanished.
She appeared in a building in an island and found her way into a room.
Getting in she slammed the door close and turned to he pile of women bodies which had scales all over the body, Stealers.
“Maybe I found a solution”. She whispered.
“What are you talking about?”. Elijah said as he returned to his seat.
“We shared our darkest secrets Elijah, even when you explained Minerva was your ex and how you broke up, I understood but keeping the son part out of it, is wickedness on your path, Elijah”.
“Minerva does not have any child for me, who the hell told you that?”. He snapped.
“Danny, he’s alive and I heard him say it over the phone”.
“That isn’t possible, I can’t lie to you Jane, you’re the only one who’s ever had a kid for me, no one else”. He said.
“I’ll show it now, I let you hear it yourself”. She said switching on her phone.
“Minerva is a cunning person”.
“Just stop it Elijah, stop talking okay?”. She said and the phone finished booting.
Pile of text messages came in immediately from Kapella and an unsaved number.
“Mom don’t move by whatever you heard”.
“Please pick my call”.
“Mother it’s not what you think, Just pick my calls please”.
“I’m trying to call but it isn’t going through again if you’re seeing this know mom that Dad is not Lovely’s father, Okay?”.
“That’s what Danny thought but it ain’t true, Dad is cleaned, okay?, so don’t beat yourself up mom, I’ll explain when we get back”.
Mrs. Elijah gasped as she dropped the phone on the table and collapsed into the couch crying.
Elijah picked it up and sent through the series of text messages.
“I was mad, all I wanted to do was scream the hell at you, I’m sorry”.
“I can’t believe, you don’t actually trust me, after all we’ve gone through”. He said and dropping the phone head for the door.
“Elijah!”. She called out going after him.
“What!”. Cindy exclaimed rising to her feet.
“I meant, do you hate me? Um my tongue have been lately impatient to wait for brain to um process information, I apologize on it behalf”.
“Don’t try to be funny Finn”. She said and he sat beside her on the bed.
She drift away from him and he let out a soft smile as he moved to a vacant chair.
“Now I guess you’re comfortable,, Playboy scares cute girl”. He said crossing his legs.
“You should start going, Finn”.”I barely spent two minute”.
“You’re not wanted here so go”. She said.
“Cindy”. He called out.
“That’s my name, always and forever”.
“I know, I know my sorry can’t solve any shit but just hear me out”.
“There’s nothing to hear out Finn”.
“Okay, I actually didn’t want to do it, all I wanted was to make you not to hate you anymore, I just suddenly developed that feeling for… Sorry I didn’t have another word to replace the feeling…um meeting you at that bar on that day gave me hope although you’re drunk, I know there was still this part of you that don’t see me evil “.
” Stop talking”.
“What happened to you, the attack, it might not be actually stayed, am saying the truth, I know you don’t believe me but just still hear it, I received a call from my mother that she’s sent people to execute you and I should go save you as find my way into your lives when you trust me, she threatened me with my parents who I don’t know about, she revealed she wasn’t my mother and she had my parents and doing what she asked was the ticket to saving their lives, Listen I didn’t come to rescue you for the fear of mother or what she’s going to do to my family, I came to rescue you because I care, I came to rescue you because if I didn’t show up mother was capable of killing you “. He said with shaky tears in his eyes.
” I had to follow her instruction and save you because you had a bullet in your chest, you were going to die Cindy, I had no choice, I couldn’t let you die, no matter how evil I am, I can’t live with it, I couldn’t tell you at the Island because our friendship was just at a starting stage which I never dreamt of, I didn’t want to ruin it “. He said as he rose from the chair.
” I had to then give my mother info because if I didn’t, she’ll suspect something went on so I lied, I lied that we were headed to Madagascar where Lovely tracked her to, I didn’t just do that, you were my anchor Cindy, I was weak I didn’t know whether to go for my mother who probably holds my family hostage or go with my brother who cares “. He said and tears formed in Cindy’s eyes.
” I couldn’t imagine how much devastated you would to find out I was a lier and evil like you always call me, it was a betrayal and that thought alone made me make the right choice “. He said holding her hand.
” I would never hurt you Cindy Petrova, you might have known another Finn but this is a new Finn okay, one that cares for you, that loves you “. He whispered with shaky lips.
Their head slowly moved close as their lips made to lock but the building vibrated heavily.
They quickly jolt back as she cleared her throat.
” What’s that? “. She asked.
” Um… Actually an earthquake or something more “.
“Let’s check”. She said as she head for the door quickly.
Finn adjusted his tie and went after her immediately.
“That’s crazy, I stopped being your brother the moment I discovered I belong to a Robertson family, so is Finn…..”. They heard a voice as they approached the living room.
“What’s going on?”. Cindy asked loudly.
“Your time is running out”.
“This is a one time offer!”. Doctor Ruin said raising his hands up.
“We’re not taking your stupid offer, Doc”. Kapella said.
“I expected nothing less Kapella Elijah and as my name implies, I bring to ruin, ruin upon you and all Mermaids in existence”.
“Daughter, I need you to take my sister and go as far as you can, we’ll hold them”. She heard Anita’s voice in her head.
“Mother.. I…”. Kapella complained.
“You can’t imagine the amount of strange energy I feel from him, take her from here, we divide and conquer take some Mermaids with you”.
“Mother are you sure about this?”.
“I’ve learnt not to underestimate over confident like him and with what I feel as a stealer, hes a force to reckon with”.
“I’m waiting”. Doctor Ruin announced.
“Go, She’s most important now and you’re the most powerful to protect her”.
“Stay safe, Mother”. Kapella thought and turned to five Mermaids behind.
“Head for the fountain”.
“Fine.. We’ll give you the Arctic”. Kapella said and grabbed Nancy’s hand.
“Be calm, it’s a plan”. She mind communicate.
“You a big clown, I thought you just rejected the offer”. Doctor Ruin said headed for the stair that lead to the ground floor.
“Change of plan, come at me “. Kapella thought.
The Mermaids moved at her immediately and letting go of Nancy’s hand she direct the water from the fountain at the center of the living room straight to them.
Just as the water engulfed them she grabbed Lovely’s hand and they all vanished.
“No”. Ruin screamed as he direct a sharp ice at the direction but Anita paused it mid way and it melted down.
“You fools, you have chosen the path of death and I’ll grant you, find her”. He commanded raging at Anita and the rest of the Mermaids behind.
All the water on the ground gathered around her and her eyes turned to blue with scales appearing on her skin.
“Bring it on”.
⛱️⛱️⛱️⛱️Bay Of Biscay⛱️⛱️⛱️⛱️
Kapella emerged out of the ocean with the Mermaids helping Nancy out.
“Hurry”. She said pulling Lovely’s out from underwater.
They battled with the water and finally got the land as the Mermaids tails turned back to legs.
“Where are we?”. Nancy inquired.
“If I am right, Bay of Biscay, we’re at the border”. Lovely said.
“I don’t know, I just took us as far as I could”. Kapella said.
“They’ll come, they always find me”. Nancy said.
“And we’ll be ready for them”. Kapella said and a portal appeared.
“Ready!”. She announced and almost immediately five men with sceptre emerged out of the portal shooting sharp ice at them from the apex.
They all dispersed into different direction escaping.
The Mermaids sang loudly and the incoming wave from the ocean flushed the men forward but three escaped as they aimed the spear at them.
Sharp ice shot out straight but melted mid way.
Kapella dashed out from nowhere and knocked them into the sea with the dust of the earth.
The loud sound of a trumpet could be heard and they all groaned as men with the instrument marched out of the portal blowing it loudly.
Lovely shot one of the men and tried to shoot another but he was out of ammo already.
Kapella grunt loudly trying to resist the pain caused by the trumpet.
Lovely raced at the men speedily and mid way something grabbed the men from behind pulling them into the ocean.
They screamed loudly as their blood made a trail and Lovely could see the deadly crocodiles pulling them in.
Kapella and the other Mermaid gasped as they were back to normal state.
“Good Job”. Nancy said.
“That wasn’t me”. Kapella said.
“It wasn’t us”. The Mermaids replied and they turned to the ocean.
“I wondered what trouble you were getting into brother but with the constant threat to my life I have no option but to show up, oh my gosh! It’s a big bad trouble”. They heard a voice and a lady emerged out of the water with her long gown dripping water.
“Dahlia”. Lovely whispered.
“Kapella Elijah, Mermaid, I’m so shocked, I always wondered what was the connection I felt when we met but I ignored it because the only thing that matters in the universe is my brother”. She said stepping out.
“Oh my God!”. Kapella exclaimed.
“I heard you took my mother, nice”. She said moving toward Lovely.
Kapella wanted to move at her but groaned as the sound of the trumpet started again.
So did Dahlia, Nancy and the other Mermaids except Lovely who wanted to go again at the men who came out of the portal.
“You really do want me to die?”. Dahlia said and grabbed Lovely down in pain.
Kapella wanted to move at her but couldn’t as the pain was more excruciating than the last time.
Dahlia forced a syringe into Lovely’s neck and he went unconscious.
She exhaled and rose up as the trumpet sound wasn’t affecting her again.
She moved at the men and they quickly dropped their trumpet.
“You see, the shit doesn’t work on me again, weakness down, strong I am”.
They stabbed the dagger into her but she burst into water.
It gathered together behind them forming Dahlia again.
“Goodluck”. She said and vanished into the incoming wave that engulfed her.
It swept the men off their feet throwing them into the ocean.
Dahlia emerged out of Kapella’s body and winked.
“What the fvck are you?”.
“I’m Dahlia, Call me D, before you attack we Kapella Elijah, I’ll have to warn, I’m quite of a killer and the only thing that matters is this cure weakness”. She said squatting in front of Lovely’s body.
“What did you do to him?”.
“He’s taking a nap, as long as he’s conscious I’m vulnerable but now I’m immune to Dark magic”. Dahlia said rising up slowly.
“I’ve seen it already, everything, you’re both the result of an experiment by Doctor Ruin”. Kapella said.
“You know him already, that means you have declared war and be ready to face it”. Dahlia said.
Another portal appeared in the sky and glowed brightly.
“They’re coming”. Nancy said.
The portal widen letting out flying creatures with wands.
“Are you gonna fight me first Kapella Elijah?”. Dahlia inquired.
“I’ll go left”. Kapella said walking past her.
“Good choice and for the record I’m a Hybrid “.
“Let’s do this”. Kapella whispered removing her gloves.
They dashed off at same time taking a huge amount of sand with them and diving to the sky the entire sand surround them like a tornado as the colour of their eyes turned brown.


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