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City mermaid episode 59 & 60

🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_59🐬
Cindy walked into the building after alighting from the taxi.
She closed the door behind her gently and turned to see the 👀 staring at her.
“Where have you been?”. Mr. Petrova asked rising to his feet.
“Around”. She announced.
“Did you cancel the date you had with you the Arrowood Boy?”. Mrs. Petrova inquired angrily.
“It’s just a dinner”.
“You call it dinner?, you got a one time opportunity and you ruin it because of what? Friend ” She roared.
“And what’s this Arrowood thing, can’t I make decisions, I’ve been out trying to a book for school”. Cindy said and collapsed unto the bed with eyes closed.
“You’re going to have that dinner, Okay?”.
“We’ve settled that already, fix another damn time”. She said and called a number.
“Hi”. She said and placed the call on speaker.
“Hey, have you gotten home?”. Lovely’s voiced out.
“Yep, a minute or two”. She replied.
“So still tomorrow, the dinner?”. She asked scratching her head.
“Yes hoping you don’t miss it again”.
“Of course not, I’ll be there waiting for you, cross my heart”.
“Okay then bye for now I got things to attend to at the hotel”.
“Bye then”. She said and disconnected the call.
Mrs. Petrova seems to have a good countenance as she exhaled heavily.
“Are you satisfied now? Off I go”. She said taking off her shoes.
“No, seat we need to talk”. Mr. Petrova said and Francis stared at them from were he was with his phone, ready to activate the eavesdrop mode.
“Francis”. Mrs. Petrova called out and he turned.
“Take, drive around, be back before night fall”. She said and threw a bunch at keys for him.
He caught it and gasped rising his head up.
“Lamborghini, Ferrari or…..”. He asked scattering his way through the keys.
“Any of your choice, Just bring it back in one piece”.
“Sure.. Off I go.. Love you mom”. He said and pecked her on the cheek.
“Seriously? He’s just gonna flaunt it around picking every random girl around the street”. Cindy argued.
“Bye everyone “. He announced and raced off immediately.
“Hish!”. She cursed with head down.
“Are you with us?”. Mr. Petrova asked and she raised her head up.
“Yes i am but I need rest”.
“After the talking”.
“Alright then, am all ears”.
“This might sound weird but just listen, okay? “.
“Okay mom”.
“I know you’ve been wondering what business we do, you know we’re based on a business that cause us to move around the world but we haven’t been specific”.
“As long as your money comes in every month, why should I bother, I’ve learnt to leave without you for years now”.
“Now don’t bring that up Cindy”.
“Really? You don’t care how we feel, you walk into our lives and walk out again, anytime you wish to”. She said.
“We don’t want that as well, it’s just the nature of business”.
“Business, Business, Business, one you choose over your family”.
“It’s no so Daughter, it requires a lot of commitment and we realized that and decided to be back home, to be as one family again “.
” Isn’t that what you said when I was then, one day I wake and you both have vanished into tin air with a letter that you’ll be back shortly, maybe I should have understood what shortly means in the Petrova term”.
“We’re sorry okay, we’ll try to be better parents now and you can even join us after hearing us out”.
“Join you in?”.
“The family business”. She replied.
“So I get to move around the world like you both do and then it’s Francis to suffer in loneliness”.
“Francis can be part of this too but it’s polite starting from the eldest, if this works out, we’ll not have to abandon you again because we’ll be moving together”.
“That sounds like a really good, family get together”. She said.
They both stared at each other and smiled before turning to back Cindy.
“It’s actually a game of hunting”. Mrs. Petrova said.
“Hunting?”. She inquired and scoffed.
“Are we still in the 80s? You guys are hunting”. She added with a funny look.
They stared at each other and laughed gently.
“It’s actually modern hunting”.
“Oh what could that be?”.
“It actually sounds weird but you’re doing it for your country, you’re a hero”. Mr. Petrova said.
“Okay….? Spill it out already cos I’m dying in suspense”. Cindy said.
“Have you heard of aliens?”. Mrs. Petrova asked and her eyes popped.
“Alien… You mean foreigner?”. She asked.
“Kind of, they’re from another galaxy mostly female half human half fish”.
“Why does that sound like Mermaid or I read much of folklore lately “. She said.
” It’s not fiction, they exist “.
” Um you read our Mermaids too, did you say they exist? “.
” They do but they’re dangerous “.
” They’re kind creatures in books although some say they’re evil mmmm hmm “.
” You don’t believe everything in the book daughter, now we’re speaking reality that this things exist, they’re aliens from another galaxy who found their way to earth “.
” That sound creepy but what does that actually have to do with our conversation? “. Cindy inquired.
” Actually, we hunt them “.
Mr. And Mrs. Elijah could seen moving in the Darkness of the Island with the crying baby.
” Shhh”. Jane said trying all her possible best to stop the child from crying.
“Don’t you think she’s hungry”. He asked.
“I think so but what’s she gonna eat, Momma isn’t here to breastfeed her, we can’t get something in this freaking island, have you tried calling again?”.
“I’m still trying, there’s no reception”. He complained.
“Am still worried about Jane, I get to wonder what happened to her”. She said.
“That was weird and scary but we heard to go, you heard her”.
“It’s getting dark, we should probably find a place to stay”. Jane said as the baby stop crying.
“She’s finally asleep”. She whispered.
“There’s a cottage over there, let’s find out if anyone can help us”. He suggested and she nodded.
They found their way to the cottage building and knocked but there was no response.
“You think anyone is here”. She asked.
“I don’t think so… “. He replied and pushed open the door.
They couldn’t see the inside as it was dark.
Slowly they moved in looking around but suddenly the lamps in the room became active revealing men and women armed with axe around them.
The baby started crying again, more loudly as Jane shut her hands.
“Shhhh… Please not now”. She begged.
“We’re sorry, we didn’t know you’re here, we’ll take our leave”. Elijah said wanting to take a step but a woman with parang step in front of him.
“We’ve been praying for meat in this abandoned Island and here comes meat”. She announced.
“Please let us, we have a child”. Jane begged.
“They’re the most delicious”. She raising her parang to strike but burst out from the cup of water on the table.
In fright they all dropped their weapons as Anita raised her head up dripping wet with scales all over her face.
“So this is our base”. Mr. Petrova said walking down the stairs with Cindy who looked around.
She could see busy men and women arranging various type of weapons and instrument.
“You mean you use all this to fight and all this have been under our house the entire time”. She said.
“We’re sorry we had to tell you late but it’s not too late”.
She picked a trumpet and stared at it..
“A trumpet against aliens?”. She asked laughing.
“It’s actually enchanted, a weapon of magic with dark frequency that mess with their heads”.
“So what do you think daughter?”.
“It’s kind of cool but dangerous, this aliens are dangerous right? “.
” With the right precaution, they ain’t “. Mrs. Petrova assured and some men pushed sealed boxes past them.
” What’s that? “. She asked.
“Those are aliens we caught earlier today, we’re transporting them to another base”.
“You have another base?”.
“A more secured one”.
“You don’t kill this aliens, what if they escape?”.
“They can’t escape not until we wake them, they can’t be awakened and whereas we’ve cloaked them with one of our dark perfumes, they can’t be sensed by their people”. He said and her phone buzzed.
“I think i have a call”. She said brought out her phone.
“It’s Lovely”. She whispered and her mother nodded.
“I’ll go back up and um take the call”. She said and left.
“Do you think she loves it?”. Mrs. Petrova asked.
“Yes but it was easier than I thought”. He replied and a man approached him with an envelope.
“Sir you have a letter from Mrs. Arrowood”.
Cindy rushed into her room and banged closed the door breathing uncontrollable.
“Oh my God, what am I doing? Am deceiving my parents”. She cried running her hand through her hair.
“Am I doing the right thing, am I, am I..”. She repeatedly staring at the caller.
“Am choosing you over my family, oh my God! Am confused”. She cried and bolt the door.
“Family are those who are willing to protect and die for you not just those related by blood”. She whispered repeated with eyes closed.
“No I can’t do this, I can’t”. She said shaking her head.
She picked the call swiftly and placed it in her ears.
“You’re right Kapella, they’re hunters and they’re transporting your mother now “. Cindy cried.
™️™️™️ An Hour Earlier ™️™️™️
Cindy collapsed into the building as Lovely sat beside Kapella.
” We need to talk Cindy “.
” You’re talking already, I need a big bad rest right now “.
” Your parents are The Dark Wanderers “. Kapella said.
” Dark Wanderers? What’s that?”.
“You seriously a bad Joker, K”.
“She’s not joking, your family is one of the most dangerous Mermaid Hunters history has ever known, they use weapon of dark Magic”. Lovely said.
“Can you two stop trying to make me go crazy, I’ve had an hectic day”. She said.
“I thought you said you now knew how to do the Mermaid memory transfer thing you read lately in your mother’s book”. Lovely asked.
“That’s right”. Kapella said and moved at Cindy.
“What are you doing?”. Cindy asked as she touched her head with her finger’s.
“Showing you all that happened when you weren’t, showing you what your parents are”. Kapella said.
She hummed loudly as Cindy shut her eyes in pain.
She suddenly let go of her head and she gasped.
“No, No!”. Cindy said shaking her head.
“There is a no prove that my parents are this Dark Wanderers you talk about”.
“The footage we watched,how they took my mom and other Mermaids, I guess you saw that part”.
“Those people were masked, you can’t just conclude”.
“They are, we’ve been friends for years Cindy, why would I lie about your family?”.
“The only thing stupid I see, is you believing Mrs. Arrowood’s letter, that devil, how can you believe that woman, She’s bent on causing havoc, she is a cunning person “. Cindy said angrily.
” I know when my Mother is lying, Cindy, this is true”. Lovely said.
“No!, it isn’t, this is just one of her plan, my parents are not hunters”.
“The Wanderers travel all around the world, tell me have you wondered what your parents have been into, traveling around the world without time for their kids”.
“I won’t take that K, they go around for”.
“It’s what business”. Lovely said.
“Listen I don’t know what this woman is up to but she exposed my mom to my parents and exposed them to me but at what ever cost, I’ll save my mother with or without your help”.
“You’re just blind to see to see thar this woman is messing with your head”.
“No, you’re the one blind to see the truth about your damn family”. Kapella said angrily.
“Okay, Alright can we stop please or we’re just gonna up splitting, what if this is what she wants, disagreement among ourselves so we’re weak”. Lovely said.
“I hope you get to admit your Family is responsible for all this”. Cindy said.
“Yes but you also have to admit your family is part now”.
“Maybe I’m done hearing this trash from the both of you”. She said.
“Listen Cindy, don’t you trust me
anymore,you know I’ll never do anything to hurt you, we’re like sisters from different mothers”. Kapella said.
“We’re talking about my parents here K”.
“I will always remember the words of the one time friend I met in Nabraska,In the current world we live in Family are those who are willing to protect and die for you not just those related by blood”. Lovely said.
“Keep that shitty new rule to yourself, that’s for your Family,Lovely, I know mine”.
“That’s what I thought but then I realized it’s true, I can’t call my family a family because they are nothing close to it but others who care are more of family to me”.
“Now done with all this and how the hell can you make my parents believe you…..”.
“Just keep it to yourself”. Cindy said and walked out of the building.
“We need to make another plan”. Lovely said.
“I believe she would come around”.
…. ⛰️⛰️⛰️Present⛰️⛰️⛰️ ….
“What route are they taking?”. Kapella asked walking down the stairs speedily with her phone.
“I don’t know, the transport is leaving soon that’s all I know”. Cindy’s voice rang out.
“Um.. Thank you”.
“I’m sorry for not believing you at first, Just save your Mother as fast as you can, okay? “.
“Okay”. Kapella said and disconnect the call.
She quickly called Madison and added Lovely to the call.
“Hi”. Their voice came at the same time.
“Is that Madison?”. Lovely’s voice rang out.
“I connected you guys, we’re going to save my mom, the transport bus is leaving soon”.Kapella said hurriedly
“Hey hey came down”.
“There’s no time to explain, Madison find me alone, don’t come along with the other Mermaids, just incase things go wrong, this people are extremely dangerous”.
“Are you sure?”.
“Yeah.. I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of me, Lovely I’ll pick you up, be at Cape Street “. She said picking the keys on the table.
” Don’t worry I’m at your house already “.
She heard a voice and exhaled.
” Good then “. She replied at rushed out to see him in the Lamborghini vehicle.
Her phone buzzed and she took the call from Cindy.
” A red truck just left our garage now, I don’t know but I think that’s the transport cos there are about five excort Sedan”.
“Noted”. She replied and got in.
“Drive, Cindy’s place, take Route 45”. She said and disconnected the call.
“Do you have a plan?”. He asked.
“This is an emergency, there’s no perfect plan just attack, I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing by asking you to come along”. She said as he drove away.
“I’ll always be by your side okay, you said the Mermaids shouldn’t come along”.
“Yeah, this is land we’re talking about not Sea, I can’t put them at risk because I’m a Hybrid”.
“That’s right, hoping you can take on them alone, all we need to release my mother…..”.
“And she’ll teach them a lesson they’ll never forget in a hurry, I get it”.
“Am scared Lovely, I’m scared of people dying because of me and I really don’t want them to, I’ve watched Mermaids die Lovely, the pain is horrible”.
Kapella’s phone buzzed and she took the call.
“Hey Cin”.
“I’m watching from my window and now I’ve lost sight of the vehicle it took Route 42 so it’s up to you now”.
“Route 42”. She whispered to Lovely.
“I know this is hard on you Cindy and….”.
“It’s fine K, just save your Mother”. She and disconnect the call.
“We need to know what we’re running into, I think i have to go by air so I can do a bird view thing”.
“Can you fly?”.
“My mom can and her book thought me to, I’ve to”.
“I know I’m endangering my life right now but this might be the only opportunity we have”. She added and he agreed.
“Off I go then, stay connected “. She and opening the door dived out.
She somersault on the ground and groaned staggering as she raced for a building.
“You can do it, Ella”. She whispered as she dived up bouncing her foot on the brick.
She threw her self up but came back straight to the ground.
“Shit!”. She cursed angrily and raced across the road without looking.
She already made her self faceless so she’s not recognized.
A monster truck hit her and crashed to the ground.
She raised her head to see it coming straight to crush her.
With one swift turn she rolled out of it way.
She raised angrily for a moving vehicle and bounced swiftly on the bonnet which direct her up.
She let out air causing her legs to merge and become tail m
Flipping it as fast as she could float straightway in the air.
Lovely could be seen driving speedily when he heard a loud thud on his roof.
“Ella is that you”.
“It’s Maddy, where’s K?”.
“She’s off to fly”. He replied.
“Did you say fly?”.
“Yep”. He answers and took the incoming call.
“I did it, Just keep going straight at that path, I’ll tell you were you stop, did you come with your mask”. Kapella’s voice rang out.
“I did”.
“Good, almost there.
He increased the speed of the vehicle as he slide down the window letting Madison in.
“I think we have a little problem”.
“Which is?”.
“The Mermaids know we’re going to save the Queen and they’re all coming”.
“You didn’t stop them”.
“You can’t stop Mermaids when it involves the life of the Queen”.
“I should call K”.
“No don’t, many and better than three, She’s scared for their lives for dying have been a part of our life for long already”.
Lovely’s phone buzzed and he took the call.
“Stop the vehicle, there, block the road with it and get out”.
He stopped the vehicle quickly and turned the steering causing it to stay horizontal.
“You heard her”. He said taking the M4A1 from the seat behind.
“Can you lend me one?”.
” Pick your choice”.
Kapella’s tail turned to legs as she landed on the roof of a building.
She could see the red truck with excort vehicle moving at the direction Lovely parked the vehicle.
She raised the phone to her ear and whispered.
“You have got Gun?”.
“Of course, what else is my weapon K”.
“As soon as they stop, make it look like a human attack, I’ll take care of the rest”.
Cindy paced around the room running her hand through her hair.
She quickly remembered she was taking long and returned back to the basement where the base was but couldn’t find her parent.
“Excuse me where are my parent?”. She asked.
“They left with the transport”.
“What?”. She said and noticed the sealed box were still in the basement.
“What about this?”. She asked.
“Boss says we ain’t taking it again, he’s going hunting”. Cindy’s head was spinning as she grabbed one of the seal and ripped it open.
The men in the room quickly point their gun at her.
“Ma’am you might want to walk away”. One of the men said.
Her heart pound loudly as she recognized the dessicated face of the woman in the box.
It was Anita.
“Ma’am, we’ve been ordered to shoot anyone who go close”. The other said.
“Am sorry, just curious, leaving”. She said walking away.
She saw an envelope on one of the box and stylishly took it before actually leaving.
She looked back to see the armed men and resumed walking.
She couldn’t take on them all alone.
Getting out she brought the letter and read it.
“Kapella Elijah Is also an Arctic Hybrid and has plans to attack and free your captives, careful in your moves cos your daughter is her best friend and knows what she is… Mrs. Arrowood”.
She quickly brought out her phone to call Kapella when she almost bumped into some huge men.
She tried to run back but there was another set.
“Excuse me ma’am we’ve been ordered to keep you calm”.
Lovely waited patiently behind a building as the truck approached slowly.
“Are you nervous?”. Madison asked as she held the M14 Rifle to herself.
“Remembering I am not a super human like you are, I am”. He said and the vehicle came to halt with the escort behind.
“Are you ready?”. She asked and he nodded.
They stepped out of their hiding and opened fire sporadically at the vehicles.
Kapella could be seen watching from the top of the roof but something was odd, there was another truck coming from behind Lovely and Madison and with the look of it her worst fear is about to happen but not yet, she was never going to give up…
Swiftly she punched the water tank behind her and water gushed out.
She dived down the building controlling the water as she forced it to burst out scattering the tank.
Lovely and Madison were still shooting when they heard the noise of a truck behind them.
They turned and could see men in ancient dress holding trumpets jump out even before it came to halt but a great water from the sky flushed them and the vehicle away.
Kapella landed steadily with the remaining water pouring behind her.
She turned back slowly men and women jumped down from the transport and excort vehicle.
She pushed her hands straightway directing the flood at the vehicles but it stopped midway, she tried to direct it again but there was another force opposing her.
She spread her fingers and the water scattered into droplet.
A masked man and a woman in ancient outfit holding a wand stepped out from behind the truck and she needed no one to tell her it was the Petrova.
She raised the water up and pushed it at them but they swang their wands at her and it reversed.
She flew over in and landing perfect slapped the ground causing dust to burst up into their eyes which they didn’t expect.
Swiftly she swept them off with water as they couldn’t see to reverse her water.
She tried to move a step but groaned as men with trumpet blew it loudly moving toward her.
Madison screamed louder as she wasn’t an Arctic to withstand sure pain.
Lovely stepped out and opened fire direction at them men causing them to scamper as it hit some.
Kapella recovered immediately as they weren’t blowing again.
She pushed her hand into opposite direction sweeping them with the water.
She grabbed the lock of the door and broke it option.
Anxiously she opened the trunk door but to get ulter disappointment there was nothing. Hi Ishmael on+233544142683 to be added to Story headquarters room for more stories.
“Cindy”. She whispered.
“Kapella Elijah, what were you expecting to see?”. Mr. Petrova ask getting out of the flood with their wand.
Lovely turned to fire immediately they swung the wand and a force threw him away.
Kapella turned back angrily and the Petrova raised their wands up.
A force hit her against the roof and she crashed down.
She staggered out of the truck and leap at them but they swung the wand to the left and so a force hit her against a vehicle.
Madison fired speedily as she moved at them but the bullets just paused mid way and reversed to her.
“The concept of dark magic, you know not”. Mrs. Petrova said.
She needed no one to tell her as she quickly hid in front of the truck narrowly escaping the bullet.
She groaned dropping to her knees as the trumpet sound resumed.
Kapella groaned as well trying to get to her feet as the sound caused a horrible pain in her head.
“We won’t kill you here but right
in front of Jane “. Mrs. Petrova assured.
They twist their wand and Kapella screamed loudly as she felt all her rib bones break at once.
The rumbling of water could be heard and everyone turned to that direction to see a large number of Mermaids moving at the scene with a big water behind.
“Fools”. Mr. Petrova cursed as he turned to them with his wife.
They twist their hands with the wand and the water swallowed them up but that little seconds gave Kapella enough time to heal.
They turned to her as she struggled up.
“You’re going to regret messing with the wrong Mermaid “. She moaned getting to her feet.
“My hatred for those who brag and threaten at death point cannot be overemphasized”. Mrs. Petrova said flipping her wand up to throw her away but Kapella took her stance as she grabbed the chain attached to the wall tightly.
The both wave their wands to the left but still still didn’t move an inch away she grabbed the door of the vehicle with her other hand.
Her stance force was so strong that they couldn’t overcome it.
“Stubborn you are, Kapella”. Mrs. Petrova cursed swinging her wand up but Kapella refuse to be taken up as she groaned loudly with veins appearing all over her neck.
“You have no idea what I am capable of”. She groaned out.
“Sound the trumpet”. Mrs. Petrova ordered.
The men sound the trumpet loudly causing the Mermaids to scream as they dropped to their knees in pain.
Kapella screamed out so loud that her voice supersede that of the trumpet making it of no effect as all that was getting to her ear was her scream and not the enchanted sound of the trumpet.
The vehicle and building she held onto vibrated furiously as the clouds began to gather like it was about to rain.
“My mother couldn’t show you the fury of a True Arctic Hybrid because she wasn’t one”. Kapella roared as her eyes turned blue.
The waters around engulfed her and she vanished.
The men stopped blowing the trumpet as Lovely rose up with eveyone wondering were she went.
The entire waters in the scene began to coil up to the sky in a tornado like manner and split into seven.
“What the hell”. Lovely whispered.
Slowly and mysteriously different Kapella emerged from inside the funnel of the coiled water that was like tornado.
The seven of them float up to the apex of seven coiled water all seven with blue eyes as lightning stroke down the earth in the now dark atmosphere.
“We’re are the First Hybrid Arctic”. They chorused.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_60🐬
Jane took few steps back with the baby as Anita moved slowly toward her.
“Running away from me, is a waste of time”. She said.
“Anita, what’s going on? Why are you chasing us?”.
“I am not chasing you but….”. Anita replied and her ginger point narrowly to the suckling child.
“Your baby”. Jane said pressing against the wall as there was no were else to go.
Elijah grabbed the Knife on the table not the water spilled on it turned to sharp ice and pierced into his hand.
He groaned and let go of it taking steps back.
“Anita please don’t do this”. She cried as she stared into her face.
The scales cleared up from Anita’s face and she collect the baby from her.
“Shhh. You don’t have to cry, Momma is here for you”. She sang loudly consoling the child who smiled softly as she felt safe in her mother’s bosom.
“You were chasing us all through the day, Anita, was that all a joke?”.
“You should be able to different between joke and reality, Jane”.
“Then what’s that for, because whatever you did out there was so not you”. Mr. Elijah said.
“It isn’t me”. She said and sniffed.
“I didn’t know that when you kill a Stealer, you become one, that’s why the Mermaids haven’t use actual violence on them for a very long time, they were deceiving us to believe it was the rule set down”.
“I don’t get you, you’re a…..”.
“Am a creature who’s going to hunt my daughter like my life depends on it “. She roared.
” You’re a Stealer “. Mr. Elijah said.
” Exactly. I am an El Voleuse now “.
” You crazy the other time and now… “.
” I found another stealer, killed her and now I am miraculously fine “.
” Miraculously gone or you have upgraded to Stealer Version 2.0 now “.
” I’m fine Jane, okay, am sorry for chasing you all over the place, I guess I’ve atone by this “. She said looking at the bodies around.
” Or this wouldn’t have happened if not because of you, you know what, just feed the baby or you got baby feed over there in sea “.
” We eat fish and fish alone, She’s special to eat human meal but not very well but for now I’ll have to make her to and then we go fish hunting “. Anita said walking out.
” I’ll see if I can find some fishing gear “. Mr. Elijah said and nodded before Jane left as well.
She walked out of see Anita in a Rocky chair as she feed the baby with her mammary glad.
” She’s asleep? “. Jane asked leaning against the wall.
“Asleep but mouth is actively working”. Anita said and she laughed.
“She’s beautiful”. Jane said.
“I know, a good reason you’re going to write the list of name of all the dudes who would come to ask her out”.
“And what will you do with that?”.
“Let’s call it Death List”. Anita said and she smiled.
“You look pretty healed up now, you can come”.
“No not yet, I am more damaged than ever, I just killed a Stealer, they’ll come for me”. She said.
“The child needs you alot Anita, she feels safe and secure in your bosom because she knows you her Guardian Angel “.
” She’s going to feel safe in yours Jane, just a matter of time and she’ll blend in to being your mother “. She said and groaned as scales began to appear on her face.
Jane quickly collects the baby from her and took few steps back.
Anita exhaled and it disappeared slowly.
” Anita you’re not fine yet”.
“Yes i am, a reason I have to leave quickly”. She said.
“I have the hunting gears”. Elijah said walking out but paused seeing her.
“Sorry”. She said and covered her mammary gland properly.
“Um I’ll just go fish hunting then”. She said collecting the box from him.
“As far as I can remember you can’t hunt fishes, she attract them but seems they can read your mind to run away only if I knew you were a Mermaid at that time”. Jane said.
“I’ll go”. Elijah said.
“In an Island crawling with bandits and Stealers, you’re really a man of violence, Elijah”.
“Go with him but please don’t kill him”. Jane said.
“I hunt Mermaids not humans”. She said and dropping the box walked away.
“I’ll be fine”. He said and pecked Jane on the cheek.
“Maybe you should come along”.
“She’s finally asleep, I can’t let her resume the screaming”. Jane whispered.
“Alright then, Lock yourself in and if anything happens scream out your lungs okay”.
“Anything happens just make the baby cry, I’m connected to her”. Anita said and vanished into the darkness as Elijah hurried to catch up.
The seven waters coiled up to the sky moved at different direction sweeping the hunters and vehicles away.
Mr and Mrs Petrova took their stance as as they slash their wand at the one that moved at them and it scattered but remerged almost immediately giving them no option but to roll away narrowly escaping it.
“Attack”. They both commanded.
The hunters ran into different direction as the water spinned and threw them into different direction, only few had the courage to blow their trumpet but when before they could the nightly water hit them away.
A Chopper in the air fired missiles into one of the it and it scattered into droplet as the Kapella there vanished mysteriously.
“Send in Choppers”. Mr. Petrova roared loudly as he direct his wand at one of the risen waters with his wife.
They direct it into another direction as it came at them and quickly raced inside a building.
More Choppers flew to the send firing missile at the mysterious waters which dodged swiftly but didn’t waste time in extending further up and hit the Choppers away.
Lovely and the rest of the Mermaids
stared in awe as they couldn’t interfere because it was like a battle between gods.
The men could be seen leading Cindy to her room as she moved like a lamb lead to the slab for slaughter.
They had seized her phone already leaving her with no device.
“Will you at least let me change my dress?”. She inquired.
“We’ve been ordered not to let you out of sight ma’am”. One of the men said as he opened the door of her room for her.
“Does that give you the license to see me nude?”.
“You can do that in the restroom”.
“Do you know get to order me in my house, I dare you to come in and I’ll fvcking blow your head, just give me a minute, if I don’t come out then break in”. She said stepping in and slammed the door close.
She moved to her bed quickly and picked a bag before moving to the restroom with a mop also.
She climbed the WC and quickly bore holes into a particular point in the ceiling with the stick of the mop.
“”Ma’am time is up”. The men said knocking.
“We’re moving in”. They said but there was no response.
He turned to the another man and nodded as he stepped forward.
He kicked open the door and lo and behold she wasn’t in.
They moved to the restroom quickly and there was broken part of the ceiling laying at different point on the ground.
Slowly their heads rose up to small hole in the the ceiling in which the someone could literally pass through.
“Attention all unit, we have a situation”. He announced.
The men in the basement could be patrolling around when soon smoke grenades rolled in and hissed out smoking reducing visibility.
Gunshots could be heard as well which they couldn’t predict what direction it was coming from.
Slowly Cindy rose from behind the sealed watching the men head for the direction they thought the shot was coming from.
She slowly opened the box which she had broken the seal before and entered inside.
“Hey wake up”. She called out tapping her but there was no response.
“Damn”. She cursed and brought out a mini torch.
She switched it one and almost screamed as it dropped from her.
Anita’s face was scary with the dessication and her eye balls which were the only thing moving.
“We know you’re in there, kindly come out ma’am”. She could hear voices all around the box and knew she was busted.
“Hey please wake up”. She begged shaking Anita until she saw the key stuck at the side of her head.
“What the hell is this?”. She asked grabbing it.
The men moved slowly toward the box with the laser of their rifles pointing at it.
“Ma’am we ain’t ready for any casualty so we’re begging you to come”. One of the woman said as they got closer.
“Hey hey don’t shoot”. Cindy begged as she stretched out with her hands up.
“Out ma’am”.
“Sure”. Cindy said and they helped her out.
The man peeped in and was shocked to see that the box was empty.
“Atten…..”. He didn’t complete his statement when a sharp ice thrust from behind his neck into his throat.
He gagged as they watched him dropped to the ground.
They turned back quickly but were welcome by ice like arrows.
🗻🗻🗻🗻Elsewhere 🗻🗻🗻🗻
Mr. And Mrs. Petrova climbed up to the seconds floor of the building with armed men in front of them.
They were in when the windows suddenly scattered letting in Kapella who was engulfed with water all around.
The men opened fire at her but the water iced up into shield covering her.
They seized fire and unannounced she leapt over the shield two sharp ice with her both hand.
She threw it at them and mid way it split into more thrusting into their arm.
They let go of their guns and groaned in pain.
She pushed her hand forward and the ice melt to water pushing them away.
They crashed to the ground leaving Mr. and Mrs Petrova alone.
“I still get to wonder how you knew me”. Kapella said as her nose and mouth became visible with her eyes glowing blew the more.
“Jane having a Mermaid child not just an ordinary but a Hybrid Arctic is still unbelievable”. Mrs. Petrova said taking few steps to the left.
“She called the other Arctic her mother, that rings a bell”. He said.
“Yes she’s my Mother, where is she?”. Kapella screamed.
“Do you think we’re scared of the stunts you pulled, come make us spill it out”.
“If you ain’t scared you wouldn’t run in here like wandering rats”. She cursed.
Mrs. Petrova swang her wand angrily and a table went for Kapella but she flew over.
“I won’t kill you because of your daughter but first what happened to Mrs. Elijah? It was you wasn’t it”. Kapella said.
“We answer to no one”. Mr. Petrova said and tried direction his wand at her but the water behind hit them and they crashed down.
Kapella fist her hand and the water covered them except their head and iced up making it impossible for them to break.
“You can’t beat us Kapella Elijah because it’s just about to get started, right now we’ve summoned for a more pressing issue”. They said and their wands glowed brightly.
The ice exploded freeing them and it merged into one hitting Kapella against the call.
She groaned and dropped to the ground.
They direct their wand at her but a heavy dust from the outside hit them against the wall.
Someone landed in and raised her head up as scales appeared on it.
“Impossible”. Mr. Petrova said as he rose to his feet.
Anita pushed her hand forward and the water she came with turned into sharp ice as it went at them but paused mid way and melted just as a portal appeared behind the Petrova.
A masked man in a doctor robe and had a stethoscope around his neck stepped out and the Petrova quickly stood behind him.
“Artics”. He whispered just as Lovely came in with Cindy and Madison.
Anita dashed angrily at him but he stretched his hand and the water hit her back.
“The Arrowood couldn’t provide and neither the Petrova but after centuries, it is found, Go celebrate your victory while it last as much as I admire you Arctics for Centuries, your services will no longer, enjoy your freedom while it last”.
“So you read my book after all, the Mermaid Mirage or tornado, what did I call it again?”. Anita asked and Kapella hugged her tightly in tears.
“Mother”. She cried.
Lovely phone buzzed and he stepped aside to take the call.
“Is this Mr. Lovely Arrowood?”.
“Yes how may I help you?”.
“Are you by any way related to Dahlia Arrowood?”.
“Yes. Who are you?”.
“Brooklyn City Hospital, your sister was rushed in few minutes ago”.
“Yes Mr, According to those who brought her she collapsed during the business conference she was having “.
” Collapse “.
” I just want to inform you as you’re the last person she contacted and also what to inquire if she’s suffering from any mental ailment “.
” That’s crazy, No, do everything you can to help her okay? “.
” We’ll do our best, we know your family and they can pay whatever bill “.
” What do you mean by mental ailment? “.
” According to the eye witness, those who brought her in, she suddenly start to scream ‘stop the trumpet’ with her hands over her head like she was feeling pain and finally collapsed, she had nose and ear bleeding, that’s strange but we’re trying our best”..
“Please do, I’ll get back to you”. He said and disconnected the call.
“Stop the trumpet?”.
Kapella stared at Cindy as she slowly let go of her Mother.
“Let her speak”.
“Speak..?”. Kapella said and Anita touched her head transferring some memories in.
“See”. Cindy said and gave her the letter.
“That woman”. Kapella cursed.
“There’s a new Arctic”. Anita announced and they turned to her.
“I might be unconscious but my hearing is very much active, a new Mermaid was discovered in a town Barcelona and she’s pregnant but dangerous”. Anita said.
“You’re the last of the Arctic and now your daughter”. Madison said.
“We were two last Arctic in the entire world twenty years ago”.
“Your sister is dead Queen, there’s no way she survived that explosion”.
“What if she did, there’s no way there’s another full grown Arctic”. Anita said.
“Did you Barcelona, like in Spain?”. Lovely asked.
“That’s a big problem cos my mother is in Barcelona as well, it can’t be a coincidence”. Lovely said.
“What if that’s what the man was talking about?, Danny says Mrs. Arrowood would have wanted my child for something if she knew I was pregnant but what they tortured me for is to tell them were they could another Arctic like me”. Anita said.
“After centuries it is found?, what could that be”. Madison asked.
“A pregnant Arctic, there have never been one for a very long time”. Anita replied.
“And what could they possibly want with a pregnant Arctic?”. Cindy asked.
“I’m still wondering,K you ain’t saying anything”. Lovely said.
“What else would I say either than park your things, we’re going to Spagna”. She announced.


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