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City mermaid episode 57 & 58

🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid
🐬 Episode_57🐬
“You want the Anti Voleuse”. Kapella said stepping forward.
“You seem not to be scared of us anymore, should I remember you what we are?”. Tomar asked.
“I do well to remember but maybe we have the same mission”.
“What could that be, I’m curious”.
“The Dark Wanderers have the woman you seek”. Lovely said.
“Oh my God! Lovely who are this people, why are you talking to them?”. Roxy asked still hiding behind.
“No!”. Tomar screamed.
The Stealers stared at themselves conversing inaudibly.
“Does that ring a bell?”. Kapella asked.
“Don’t play games with me, Kapella Elijah”.
“Do I look like a player, she was caught alongside other Mermaids, do you still want her?”.
Tomar snared as she stared at the other stealers like they were speaking.
“You’ll have to go through the hunters and I want same”.
“You’re trying to prove intelligent little one, trying to use us to save your Mother”. Tomar said and her eyes popped.
“Hey you don’t know?, when I said I looked into your Foster Mother’s memory and saw a lot I mean, still wondering how you’ll feel to find out your mother is like us, a Stealer”.
“What are you talking about? She’s Anti Voleuse”.
“Yeah but the broad meaning is the Stealer who hunts Stealers instead of Mermaids”.
“No, No, don’t tell me that shit, My Mother is an Arctic Hybrid”. Kapella said and they laughed.
“You still believe that little girl, your Mother and her friend Jane, are both liers, you can’t imagine what secret they keep from you “.
” Stop it “. Lovely shut her.
” You don’t interrupt the Stealers, little Arrowood “.
” So you don’t want me again or are you done with Arctics? “.
” No, Maybe someone is interested in you after all “.
” My Mother “. Lovely said and they turned to him.
” She returned to that forest that night and came back alive “.
” Brilliant kid, let’s say your Mother made a deal “. Tomar said.
” And the same woman is the reason my mother was taken “.
” Minerva knows you’re a Mermaid, wow! I get why she haven’t fulfilled her part of the deal after all “. Tomar said nodding.
” What is she talking about? “. Kapella asked Lovely.
” I have no idea”.
“Let’s make a deal Kapella Elijah, a big bad deal”. Tomar said and smirked with an evil smile.
“Bring it on”.
“We go against the Wanderers, we launch an attack but your Mother belongs to us and the rest of the Mermaids who must have been taken are all yours”.
“How in your right senses can you ask someone to choose between her mother and….”.
Lovely stopped speaking as Kapella held him back.
“What!”. He screamed loudly.
“I didn’t hear that well Kapella”.
“I said deal, you take my Mother, I have the rest of the Mermaids”. Kapella said.
“What are you doing? Your Mother?”.
“She stopped being my Mother, the moment she lied, She’ll solve her problems by her self, the ones that matters now are the taken Mermaids, I perceive Lady Benita is one of them, She would be the first to respond to Mother’s call due to her specialty “.
” Artics hatred is quite interesting”.
“What do you want with her?”.
“It’s what she wants with us, she’s part of us now and she’s suppose to be subject to me because I am the Queen Of El Voleuse”. Tomar said raising her head up.
“Mother is the Queen Of The Mermaids”.
“No she’s not, she’s a stealer, she is part of us”.
“Fine, how do you intent to fight the Petrova?”.
“It’s a we, I don’t know what you’re up to Kapella Elijah, Mermaids are quite cunning, Maybe you’re just using us to get your mother, isn’t that right?”.
“Do you want her or not?”.
“Warning don’t try to stab us behind because I’ll be fully prepared for that”. Tomar said clenching her fist.
“And prepare your Mermaids, we ain’t the only once going to war”.
She raised her hand up and they vanished into the dust of the earth.
“What are you doing?”. Lovely said as he held her hand.
“Something I should have done a long time ago”. She replied.
“Can you both now explain?”. Roxy asked and they turned to her.
“I’ll have to make her forget”. Kapella said.
“Wait!”. Lovely said
“Um You’re Anita’s daughter, my step mom, oh my God!”. Roxy said covering her mouth.
“You don’t have to make her forget K, she needs to be part of this, she’s been on the no hunting for a long time, she was responsible for releasing those first set of Mermaids who escaped”. Lovely said as he put his hand on her shoulder.
“It was you Madison was talking about”. Kapella said stepping close.
She pulled Roxy to her self hugging her tightly and Lovely exhaled.
Steve opened the door to see Francis and The Petrova couple behind.
He stared blankly at them and waved.
“Where’s Jane?”. Mrs. Petrova demanded.
“Hey I got this Vera, let your temper be at still”.
Steve stared at the strangers wondering what they wanted.
“Hey little”. Mr. Petrova said but he didn’t reply.
“Where’s your mother?”. He asked.
“She went out”.
“Oh and your sister”. He asked.
“I was just wondering if you have seen Cindy, you know her right?”.
“I don’t give information to strangers”. He said.
Mrs. Petrova wanted to enter angrily but he held her back.
“We’re her family”. Francis said quickly.
“Oh, yeah Cindy”. He said scratching his head.
“He knows her, hey where is Cindy?”. He asked.
“I haven’t seen her for a while now”.
“You said Kapella isn’t in”.
“Yeah and maybe I have to go, Mom says I shouldn’t open doors to strangers”. Steve said and banged the door close.
“Hey!”. Mr. Petrova said but he was in bolt the door already.
“We should break down this thing!”. Mrs. Petrova said angrily.
“Jane isn’t at home neither the daughter maybe we’ll be back later, her number isn’t going through yet”. Mr. Petrova asked and Francis nodded.
“Let’s go”.
Steve slowly moved away from the door as Mrs. Elijah peeped from behind the couch.
“Are they gone?”. She whispered.
They listened to the starting of an ignition and the sound of driving away.
Mrs. Elijah exhaled getting on her feet.
“For this you’re gonna make my meal 10x better than that of Rapunzel from now onward “.
“When you stop calling her that? Well I was the one who saw them from the window so….”.
A knock landed on the door and she almost flew into the ceiling only if she had that ability.
“Go answer it”. She said hiding back behind the door.
“My reward 10x better meal”.
“Damn! Okay”.
“Um What if they’re armed or other Rapunzel, the bad ones”. He said.
“Steve will you open the door before I break it down”.
“Kapella!”. They both chorused and raced for the door.
Steve unlocked it and the door pushed open almost throwing him away.
Mrs. Elijah stared at Kapella’s angry face as she entered with Lovely.
“Hey I was worried”.
“Fvcking worried about what? You knew the Wanderers were coming, you knew who they were but you are a lier and will always be one”.
“Honey what are you talking about?”.
“Don’t call me that, don’t, they now have my mom, just because you never told us”.
“I don’t understand you”.
“Dark Wanderers, they took my mom alongside other Mermaids”. Kapella roared.
“Oh my God!”.
“Don’t act like you care else you would have told us that it was your damn family, The Petrova”.
“I don’t still understand you K, what are you talking about?”.
“Cindy’s family was here”. Steve said and they turned to him.
“What is he talking about?”. Kapella asked.
“The Petrova were here but I had him attend to them cos for whatever reason they were here, it’s for me but they asked after you also, seems they’re searching for their daughter “. Mrs. Elijah said.
” Damn! “. Lovely cursed.
” No tell me mother, I’m giving you the last chance for me to restore that trust and love I have for you, What do you know about the Petrova? “.
” It’s a Family I was disowned from”.
“And what? I said I was disowned”.
“Now stopped beating around the bush and say the real truth mother, you lied about Anita, you both kept it a secret that she was a Stealer”. She said and Mrs. Elijah gasped.
“Your mother didn’t…..”.
“Now for once just stop using her as an excuse and find a way to rescue her if only you tell us about your family”.
“I’m saying the truth I know nothing, Listen”. She said holding Kapella’s hand.
“Whenever you are persistent with a thing, I spill the truth but I’m saying the truth now, I know nothing much , it’s weird, there’s something strange and every time I try to remember there’s this fear in me”.
“Maybe she’s saying the truth K”. Lovely said.
“Listen, enter into my mind”.
“No!”. Kapella said shaking her head.
“You have to, maybe I’m the one who doesn’t want to remember, enter into my memories and find what you need, it’s okay, you ain’t charming me, you’re just trying to save your mother”. Mrs. Elijah said as she took Kapella’s hand and placed it on her head.
“I’ll be fine”.
Kapella turned to Lovely and he nodded.
She inhaled heavily and closed her eyes tapping her fingers on Mrs. Elijah’s head as she sang.
She suddenly gasped letting go of her.
“She’s right, there’s a memory I can’t access, it’s like….”.
“It’s locked by something powerful”.
🍓🍓🍍Somewhere Else🍍🍎🍎
In the dark cave was a teen girl sleeping on a hospital bed with bandaged head.
Her face couldn’t be seen as it was all dark and gloomy.
She suddenly woke up raising to her feet.
She looked around to see all the medical items in the place and sparky electrical connection.
“Where the fvck am I?”. She said wanting to rise up but felt a terrible pain on her chest.
She groaned looking down to see that she was on bra and plaster on her lower rib covering a painful wound.
She struggled to get on her feet and staggered using the cave wall as support.
Walking out of the cave it was still dark but not really as the moon was a source of illumination.
Her bare legs could be seen as she was on pant.
She raised her head up to see someone by the river roasting fish with a guaze wire.
“Hey”. She called out but there was no response.
“Is this some kind of after life or paradise?”. She asked staggering towards him.
“You don’t think it’s an underground and I am Hades?”.
She heard his voice and stopped moving.
“Hades won’t roast fish”. She replied staring at the shirtless being who was facing the waters.
“I can’t see you but I know you look good on that bra”. He said and she scoffed.
“Who the fvck are you, what am I doing here?”.
“You don’t remember?”.
“I don’t, did you take my clothes off”.
“Yep but not to worry I didn’t touch you, maybe not yet “. He said.
” Where are my cloths? “. She asked.
” Crazy as ever, you should be more worried on, Oh my Gosh! Am I Hades’ bride, Geez! He’s so cute “.
” Just stop your stupid talks cos I recognize this place as the Sardinia Island “.
” Oh That’s right, um let’s say your clothes are fully painted with the red biological fluid called blood”. He said and she scoffed.
“I feel hungry”.
“Do you?”. He asked.
She stopped by the table behind him and picked one of the roasted fish from the tray.
“Are you stealing Hades’ hard earned meal?”. He asked and she pushed it to into her mouth.
“I don’t know who you are but what happen cos all i remember last is.. is um. was I making a with call Kapella?”. She inquired and her face could seen as she turned.
It was Cindy.
“You mean Kapella Elijah Arctic Hybrid Mermaid , that was one of the Nasty things you said during the surgery but I just figured out it’s probably true”.
“Who the hell are you?”. She asked.
“Both your conscious and unconscious self hates me, how cute but….”. He was saying on turned back.
Cindy gasped as her heartbeat increased rapidly.
“Hello stubborn Girl”. He said and smirked.
“Finn”. She whispered in fear.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_58🐬
Kapella sat on the couch with head down and soon Lovely joined her.
“Hey”. He whispered.
“Hey”. She replied turning to him.
“Roxy says your mother is asleep, the mind access thing must caused it”.
Kapella nodded slowly and he held her hand.
“I know you got a hell of crises on your head but you deserve rest too, okay?”.
“My mother is out there with some other Mermaids, held in captivity and my best friend is probably dead or not”.
“I know but you’ll need your strength for what’s to come, you have the Stealers by your side already but you have to think on……”.
“I know Lovely but it’s dangerous”.
“A good reason you have to rest that brain so it can wake again with some fresh thinking”.
She nodded and sniffed as the stared at her Roxy who was engrossed in the TV.
“You haven’t told her, have you?”.
“About her father no, we still have no clue what my mother did to him, we can’t break her heart, not yet”. Kapella whispered and groaned feeling a slight pain in her head.
“And that’s just a sign that even Mermaids need rest and let me guess the way to your room”. Lovely said pointing to the stairs.
She smiled and nodded slowly.
“Off you go”. He said carrying her in a bridal style.
“Hey Lovely”.She called out.
“Can I get a glass of juice?”. Roxy asked turning back.
“The kitchen is at your left”. Kapella replied.
Lovely carried her in his broad arms as he climbed up the stairs.
“I know this is weird but have you seen Diaz lately?”. She asked.
“No, I was out to find him when all this jizzzy things began, he just vanished and I haven’t heard from him, that’s so not Diaz”. Lovely said.
“Seems you know him alot”. She said.
“He’s my brother K, we grew together like best of brother but my mom destroyed it”.
“She has a habit of destroying everything and it’s going to stop”. Kapella said.
“I know I’ve been trying to stop you from hurting but think I’ve seen enough truth and you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be save, do whatever you want K but promise not to kill her”. He said.
“Um we passed my room”.
“Oh That’s right”. He replied and turned around.
“I can’t believe my life had taken drastic turn over night”. Kapella said and Lovely opened the door entering.
“Ordinary high school girl suddenly have a hell lot of responsibility over her shoulders”.
“You’re not Ordinary, you’re extraordinary”. He said placing her on the bed.
“All my bones are aching”. She whispered.
“A good reason you need rest, just shut your eyes and mind to the world”. He said and drew a chair close where he sat.
“Are you gonna watch me sleep?”. He asked.
“Mmm hmmm, I need to make sure”. He said staring at her.
She stared blankly at him as her lower lip flashed a spark.
“You know meeting you was never a mistake, that moment I saw you it, it was like we were connected for a very long time”. He said holding her hand.
“I felt same, Mother says it’s our fate to meet, The Arctic Girl and The Hunter Boy “. Kapella whispered with her soft lips colliding.
” You’ve told me before and I also heard the me killing you part “. He said with his head down.
” Hey I don’t believe fate controls our lives, we can change it, you love me don’t you “. She asked.
” I do Kapella Elijah and whatever happens I’ll never hurt you even if I have to kill myself “. He whispered and kissed her lower lips as she responded.
” Anita, are you alright? Just take a deep breath and….. “.
“Run Jane, Run!”. She roared as more scales appeared on her face.
“The baby”. Mr. Elijah called out as she made to run.
Jane returned to take the child but Anita leapt pushing her down.
Mr. Elijah quickly raced for the place with Anita struggling with Jane over the baby.
“Run with the child!”. Anita kept roaring as she struggled with Jane.
Mr. Elijah quickly got the baby from them and took to his heels.
Anita let go of Jane and wanted to go after her but she grabbed her leg.
She hits Jane hand repeatedly and angrily but she wasn’t to let go as she held it to herself more tightly.
“I’m gonna kill you”. Anita screamed out.
Her hand slide into the shore sand and she vanished into the thin air.
“Oh my God!”. Jane exclaimed getting to her feet.
She looked around and she was all alone.
“Elijah!, Run!”. She screamed running deep into the island.
She jumped over a log of wood as she dodged a tree swiftly and continued running.
Mr. Elijah could be seen running as fast as he could with a crying baby in his arm.
“Hey shhhh”. He consoled and almost ran into the bush in front of him.
He dodged narrowly and came staggering into a swamp that swallowed him.
“Jane!”. He screamed out his lungs as he felt a hand grab leg pulling him in.
Jane came staggering to the scene and stretched out her hand.
“Just take the child”. He roared stretching her up.
“No Elijah!”. She cried as she took the child from him and quickly grabbed his hand with her other.
“I’m fine just go okay?”. He pleaded.
With teary eyes she turned to run but almost bumped into Anita who was dripping with swamp water.
“I told you to run”. She said moving toward her.
“Anita please stop this”. She cried.
Anita grabbed the child from her but Jane wasn’t ready to let go.
She snared loudly as her eyes turned yellow with her face completely covered with scales.
Elijah who got out from the swamp already came out with a wooden stake which he thrust into her side.
Anita moaned as she slowly let go of the chest.
“Let’s go”. He called pulling Jane.
“She’ll be fine, she’s a Mermaid”.
“Listen to him, run!”. Anita warned grabbing the stake in her.
Jane quickly gave the child to her husband and took off out of sight.
Anita pulled the stake out and groaned.
Scales appeared on the wound and it healed up immediately.
She dugged her hand into the wet soil and vanished into the thin air.
Lovely could be seen walking out of his room with his bag behind him.
He turned and there was Ashley in front of him.
“Hey”. He said.
“Do you mind to explain to me, what’s fvcking happening?”. She asked standing akimbo.
“I don’t get you”.
“Diaz vanish mysterious, same with Dahlia, Mom and what’s all this gunshot and all the men telling me they were ordered to kill Roxy”.
“I’m in a haste Ashley”. He said wanting to walk away but she grabbed his shoulder back.
“Are you gonna vanish as well, leave me alone to the place, what’s happening? Am scared”. She said.
“There’s nothing to be scared, you can stay at your pent house while all the mess in the mansion is cleaned up”. He said wanting to walk away.
“I can’t find, Finn”. She said and he paused.
“I can’t find him anywhere, he isn’t picking my call, isn’t that weird?”. Ashley asked moving toward him
“Finn act crazy at times”.
“Don’t say that isn’t it weird every one in the family are vanishing and you seem not to care”.
“I do okay, Dahlia is out of town, same as with Mom, Finn and Diaz will be back home, they’re probably out doing what they do best”. He said walking away.
“Are you gonna leave me as well?”. She screamed.
“Just stay out ash or find yourself a boyfriend”. He urged.
“I hate you all”. She roared.
🏝️🏝️🏝️Sardinia Island🏝️🏝️🏝️
Finn rose up bare chest as he moved toward her.
“Don’t fvcking come close”. She threatened picking one of the fish.
“Are you gonna stab me with that?”. He said moving closer.
She tried to stab the fish into his chest but he grabbed her hand and pressed close with his chest pressing into hers.
“Are you sure you can’t remember”. He whispered with her hot breath reaching his face.
She broke from his grip and took few steps back with her heart pounding fast.
“I love your beating heart”. He said and she looked down.
“What do you want?”. She screamed trying to cover her bra with her hand as she turned away.
“What I want?, you finally acknowledged I’m Hades and you’re stuck in my Underworld”. He chuckled raising her hand up.
“I’m out of here”. She said and took to her heels.
“Hey!”. He screamed running after her quickly.
She was about to dive into the ocean when he grabbed her down.
“Are you gonna swim back to Phoenix, dumb girl?”. He cursed and they came crashing to the ground.
As she hit the ground there was a painful but swift flash of memories of the warehouse.
“Listen I love you Ella and you don’t have to miss me “.Cindy said into the phone with shaky hands as the men moved around her heavily armed.
“Boss asked us to eliminate after the call, we do, She’s done take the phone”. One said and took over the phone while two took Danny to one of the van.
She point his pistol to her chest and released a shot.
“No!”. She heard a loud voice as the sound of a bike drew.
She was able to see Finn ride in as he opened fire on the men with the MP4 SMG he stretched forward.
Cindy crashed to the ground with her hand on her bleeding chest.
She could see blurry bodies dropping dead beside her as the Gunshots echoed louder.
It last for about a minute before dying down.
“Hey! Hey! Cindy”. She could hear a masculine voice as he hand held her face.
Cindy broke out of the thought and staggered to her feet.
“What are you doing to me?”. She asked staggering back.
“I did nothing”. He said.
“No, you’re messing with my head”. She said and groaned as she felt pain on her chest.
“You need rest, stop provoking those wounds”.
“What did you do to me?”. She roared.
“Gosh! I fvcking saved, I fvcking saved your ass so just sit and let me figure this out before my mother finds us okay”. He said.
“You’re making this up Finn, you…..”.
“You don’t believe I’m a good person, have you tagged me as Mr. Lucifer already?”. He asked.
“I was shot”. She said.
“I got the best doctor to save you okay?, I’m on your side”. He said.
“I’ve watched over and over already, this guys are kind of magicians”. Kapella said as Lovely paused the footage they were watching in a laptop.
“Only the camera at the gate caught the fight scene other didn’t although we can’t get a proper view right now”. He said.
“The trumpet seems to be affecting Mermaids if I’m right”. Lovely said.
“You mean the sound”. Roxy said.
“Whatever, even your mother couldn’t withstand it and she’s a stealer”.
“This fight we’re getting into is a big one”. Kapella said.
“It’s dangerous, your Mother have been a Mermaid for years, she’s the most strongest person I’ve ever met, if they could take her down, I’m just scared”. Mrs. Elijah said.
” All we need is take caution, the footage showed of enough of what they’re capable of, we just need to be ready for that “. Kapella said.
” But the question still remain unanswered, were are this Dark Wanderers keeping your mother “. Roxy said.
“I only need a location and I’ll rain hell down on them”.
“Maybe you should try connecting to her”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“It isn’t working, it’s like she doesn’t exist”.
“Have you spoken to Madison?”.
“She’s on her way”.
“Maybe you should try the Arctic to Arctic connection, it’s stronger”. Madison said walking down the stairs as they turned to her.
“Sorry I’m allergic to doors, love windows”. She said and sat.
“My mother is not an Arctic anymore, she’s a…”.
“Stealer, I thought of it but no one can confront the queen”.
“I’ve tried the Arctic connection but it isn’t working”.
“Maybe there is someone who can find her or should I say people?”. Madison inquired.
Kapella rose to her feet slowly as a thought hit her head.
“Mother is a Stealer like them so they can know wherever she is so they don’t really need hard time to find her, El Voleuse they’re using me”.
“Using you?”. Lovely asked.
“They want me to be captured as well”.
“And why would they want that, they want your mother”. Roxy said.
“Maybe they want something more”. Madison said and they turned to her.
“The Stealers fear the Dark Wanderers so saying that they want to fight against them when they’re running from them for centuries”. Madison said and there was silence.
“They want to sell us to the Petrova, The Mermaids, for probably freedom from their hunting”. Kapella said.
“So you’re not the one trying to use them, they were trying to use you”. Lovely said.
“We need to find another way but we might need Cindy”.
“Here you again”. Lovely said.
“She’s not dead, I have that faith, leverage is not a dead thing, it’s something living so if you mother needs a leverage against the Petrova, it’s a living soul”.
🏦🏦🏦Sardinia Island🏦🏦🏦
“I’m leaving not until you tell me what’s happening? Not until I’m sure you’re not playing games here”. Cindy said.
“I might be evil but not evil enough to play game with someone’s life, you think i set up the entire scene and then walk in to play superman”. He asked.
“You killed those men”. She snapped.
“Traquilzer bullets, no I didn’t, I’m sorry I arrived late”.
“How did you, how….”.
“Listen it’s a long story but the order of your execution sent by my mom leaked out and I got to know….”. Finn said and paused on hearing a Chopper sound.
He turned and saw a lot of Chopper moving at the Island.
“Shit!”. He cursed angrily.
“What are those?”. She asked.
“They found us, take, switch it”. He said handing over a phone to her.
She collects it and stared blankly at him as he raced into the cave.
She switched on the phone and he soon returned with a bag behind him and a AN94 rifle.
“What’s going on?”. She asked.
“We’re leaving, hurry”. He said as she watched him walk away.
She quickly joined him and they could see boats headed for the Island as well.
“The south coast is clear, we’ll take there”. He said as she staggered after him.
“Slow down”. She pleaded holding her bandaged chest.
The men in the incoming boats opened fire at them as he quickly pulled her behind a tree
“Take”. He said wearing the bag for her.
“Are you drunk? You’re adding more burden”.
“I can’t protect you if you can’t move fast so we improvise, you protect, I move fast”. He said.
“What the fvck are you talking about?”. She asked.
“Have you fired a gun before?”. He asked putting the rifle around her neck.
“Did you save me just to get me killed again?”. She asked.
“Here pain killer”. He said and pushed some tablet into her mouth which she voluntarily swallowed.
“You’re gonna shoot sporadically, just scare them, they won’t shoot directly at us because I’m here, you’re the target, not me”.
“Finn what’s going on?”. Cindy said as she peeped to see the gun men getting down from their boats to the shore.
“Just trust me okay”. He said and with one swoop carried her off the ground in a bridal style.
She was shocked but she had to do what needed to be done.
He moved speedily in sideway manner toward the ocean as in his arm she opened fire at the men who ran at different direction.
They got to the speedboat where he placed her in as she continued firing so the men wouldn’t chase them.
“Am out of ammo”. She alerted and the men who noticed quickly moved out of their hiding and opened fire but not directly at them but the water.
Finn pulled a M500 Revolver from behind him and fired at them causing them to retreat.
“Start the boat and drive “. He screamed.
“I don’t know how to”.
“There’s ammo in the bag”. He said moving to the driver’s seat.
He starts the boat as quickly reload the gun with ammo.
He drove off speedily as she opened fire on the pursuing boats.
“Finn, my dress, I’m almost naked”. She said.
“Just forget about your clothes for once”. She said turning the steering speedily.
“There are a lot of them, they’re going to surround us”. Cindy said pointing the gun to the Chopper above.
“Its a waste of time shooting, call your friend”.
“Yeah, Kapella, she’s an Arctic Mermaid right or those were just nothing but naughty words?”. He asked.
“Just keep driving”. She said.
Kapella’s phone buzzed and she took the call wondering who it was.
“Hello”. She said and almost screamed hearing the reply.
“Cindy?”. She asked raising to her feet.
“Now is not the time for emotion thing, give me the phone “. She could hear a voice from the background, a voice that sounded familiar.
“Hello Kapella”. A masculine voice said just as she put it on loud speaker.
“Finn”. Lovely said getting to his feet.
“Listen Finn if you dare a finger on her I’ll…..”.
“You’ll feed me to some shark Miss Mermaid, your friend and I need help, so please come right away, we’re at the Atlantic Ocean”. He said and disconnected the call.
“Was that Finn?”. Roxy asked.
“He has her, he’s leading us to a trap “. Kapella said and her phone buzzed again.
She quickly took the call.
” Listen Finn..”.
” Listen dumb girl… “. Cindy’s voice came in.
” It’s isn’t a trap or whatever you’re thinking, he saved me and now Mrs. Arrowood people are on us, they are gonna catch us so please girl, I died once, I don’t wanna die again so get your ass down here, oh you got enough pain on your ass, get your head down here “. She said and the call disconnected.
” It’s Cindy, it’s not a trap “. She said and made for the door.
” Are you going alone? “. Madison asked.
“No, I’m inviting eveyone, it’s time to sing”. Kapella said.
“I can’t still believe it”. Lovely said.
“Maybe there’s a good in him after all, C’mon”. Kapella said moving at the door.
She pulled it open and behold was the Petrova Family right in front of her.
“Um Kapella may we come?”. Francis asked as Mrs. Petrova stared dagger at her.


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