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City mermaid episode 5 & 6

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“Like hell?”. He replied.
“That’s her”. Someone screamed pointing at them.
The students turned swiftly and she scoffed.
“C’mon”. She screamed and they took to their heels.
“There’s a lot of them”. Lovely said as they approached the intersection.
“Did you hear the huge amount?”. She asked staring at him.

“No! No!”. He screamed as he pulled her back.
She collapsed into his chest and looked back to see the crowd of students at the intersection.
“Shit!”. She cursed.
They screamed as they raced for her in their numbers.
Without looking she turned to race back but he held her back and pulled her to the left hallway that was free.

She looked back and caught a slight reflection of the students she would have run into if she ran back.
They continued running as the crowd increased like a herd of zombies.
“This looks like a horror movie?”. Lovely said.

“Resident evil? The Walking Dead”. Kapella asked laughing.
“Whatever horror movie involves zombies,Let’s call this Phoenix Dead”. He said as she laughed.
They looked back and their eyes popped as the students were closing them.

“Left… Left.. Left”. He sang as they approached the next intersection.
They made to turn but there was another group of awaiting students.
“Catch her!”. They screamed.
“Shit!”. They cursed and turned to the left but there was group of girls waiting as well as they stood Akimbo.
“The Elevator “. Lovely said pulling her along.
The students merge into one army at the intersection and went after them as they ran forward for the elevator.

Kapella raced in while he tapped a number on the call box before going in.
She held his hand tightly as the crowd raged closely.
The elevator made a ‘ding’ sound and the doors began to close.
It was an inch left to close went the crowd caught up with it.
About three students forced their hands in and as usual it automatically opened.

Kapella screamed as she slapped one of the button on the call box forcing the doors to try and close again but it wouldn’t as a result of the hands because of the elevator’s sensor ability, whenever there was an external stimuli between the doors it was programmed not to close up.
She kept slapping the butting hurriedly as more hands forced into the small gap.

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“You were right, it’s a horror movie”. She said as tears formed in her eyes.
Lovely kept slapping the hands off but more kept creeping in.
Kapella suddenly gasped as I thought hits her.
“I have an idea come take my place”. She said still slapping the button to prevent the doors from opening but maintain that little gap.

He quickly moved up to her and took over in punching the button.
“You got a lighter”. She asked.
“Yeah. My pocket behind”.
He said wanting to turn.
“No! No! Don’t let go of it”. She said and he resumed the punching.
“Do you smoke?”. She asked as she moved closer.

“Nope. Is that a question to ask now?”. Lovely asked.
She inhaled heavily as she put her hand into her his pocket and took out the lighter.
And then took the juice bottle he was holding with the other hand.

“What are you up to?”. He asked.
She first open the juice bottle before holfung the lighter and ignite the fire out.
She poured the juice on the hands and pushed the burning lighter into the midst aimlessly.
“Acid!!”. She screamed loudly.
“Acid!!”. The Students who felt the heat of the lighter on their skins screamed as well as they pulled back.

Everyone pulled back in fear and the door closed.
Lovely exhaled heavily as he let go of the button and slide down to to the ground.
Kapella laughed loudly as she dropped the empty bottle.
“Acid? You’re such a clown”. He said and she threw the lighter for him.

Her laughter slowly diminish to a sad look as the tears in her eyes flowed down.
“And now I successfully got into trouble”. She whispered as she sat on the ground.
“Hey”. He said as he drew close to her.
“Thanks, you’re the least person I was expecting to show up”. She said.

“I told Cindy to stay back that it was dangerous”. He said and she nodded.
“That’s right, thanks once again”.
“Does that makes us friends now?”. He asked.
“We’re friends already, Lovely”. She replied.
“Um.. Lovely or lovely”. He asked.
“Whatever lovely”. She said and he smirk.

“The Elevator is stopping, come on, we might need to run again”. He said getting up.
“My legs are aching already”. She said.
The elevator came to stop and the door slides open.
They raised their head up and was shocked to see Chubby Joe in front of elevator.
“lovely burnt Lovely and Kapella in an elevator, beauty sight”. He said.
Lovely quickly pressed a button on the call box and the door close slowly but Joe stopped it with his hands.

He pushed the doors into opposite directions with his might and at that moment felt like The Incredible Huk only if he knew it was the doors were opening automatically already.
“2000 US Dollar isn’t a fvcking joke, I just received a hell lot of mail that I’m owing the school a huge sum and I need lot money”. He whispered as he stepped in.

“You shouldn’t have come alone”. Lovely said and he turned to him.
He kicked him on the crotch with his knee and Joe gasped at same time with Kapella who was shocked.
Which girl wouldn’t be shocked at that? Gross!!!
“Yeah that’s right, one of the most painful moments for dudes”. Lovely said and punched his face.

The force was so strong that it sent him crashing to the ground.
Kapella quickly rushed out as he followed from behind.
“Don’t be scared, I won’t do that to you”. He said raising his hand up.
“How did you do that?”. She asked turning back.
“What? The….”.
“No.. The punch thing.. You literally made a guy pass out”. She said.

He rolled his sleeves up and she gasped seeing his bicep.
“You got lot of muscles… Seems you gym alot”. She said as she continued walking.
“Practice make perfect”. He said.
“You’ve been punching people? “. She asked as she turned back to him but he didn’t reply.
“Lovely?”. She called but still no response.

“Don’t pretend like you’ve been electrocuted”. She said and that’s when he rose his finger up slowly.
Kapella turned to see what he was pointing at and low was the entire crowd of students few meters from her.
She screamed loudly as her legs sprung forward.
Lovely turned as well running into the elevator.

“Close it”. She screamed as she approached the elevator.
He hits one of the button and the doors close slowly.
Kapella dashed in grabbing him to the wall cos of her speed and the door closed just before the students got to.

The Elevator made a ‘ding’ sound before descending.
Kapella exhaled as she let go of his shoulders.
“You just stood there like a robot”. She said.
“I was shocked”.
“Shocked? Physical, emotional or…… Forget it”. She said leaning on the wall.
“Do you have plans for tomorrow?”. He asked.

“Don’t think of asking me out for dinner”.
“Am not when I know fully well that you have a boyfriend”. He said and she scoffed.
“And who told you that?”. She asked.
“You said it over there, in the class with her friend, Cindy”.
“Then quit eavesdropping on girl’s talk, alright?”.

“And then maybe I wouldn’t have helped you with Italian”..
“I meant even if you survive today’s problem, do you have plans for tomorrow or you think the Arrowood will let go of you like that”. He asked.
“You know them?”.

“Yep. Dangerous”.
“Sorry I misunderstood you”.
“No it’s alright. Perfectly alright”. He said.
“Am just so pathetic with my thinking, a good reason my friends don’t last “. She said.
” Hey don’t say that, you’re the best choice someone would want as a friend, honest, intelligent and I’ll regret it if I don’t say beautiful “. He said as he laid his head on the door.

She punched him arm and he turned back slowly.
” You didn’t feel that? “.
” How would I feel that, your bicep is literally at level one, it feels like a little child hitting me for ice cream “. He said and he turned back to door.
She groaned as she punched his arm harder but he didn’t move an inch.
“You’re enjoying this ain’t you”. She roared.
She threw another punch but he turned swiftly and caught her hand.

The elevator made a ‘ding’ sound and the doors opened.
She let go of her hand and moved backward when she screamed pointing behind him.
He quickly ran back into the elevator thinking there was a wave of student behind him.
She laughed as she walked out and that was when he realized there was nothing.

“I don’t have biceps but I got a tongue. Where the hell is this?”. She asked looking at the cartons around.
“It’s the Basement”. He said stepping out.
“You’re new”. She said.
“Well i can’t remember the floor I asked the elevator to take us to but here we are, it’s safe here “.
“Safe? With two of us alone”. She asked moving back to the elevator.

“It’s dangerous out there”. He said.
“Is she so difficult to find, am increasing the reward to 3000 US dollars if that would catalyze the search”. Diaz voice rang from the speaker in the basement.
“Hmm and right now I feel like capturing you, what the hell? We barely even know each other for 24 hours, 3000 US Dollars, damn!”. He said moving toward her.
“Let’s say I tricked you in here, so I can have the money cos I’m bundle you to Diaz”.

She quickly rushed out of the elevator and picked the club on the ground.
“If you come closer I’m gonna splash your brains over the wall”.
“Now that sounds like real horror”. He said as he sprung toward her.
She launched the club but he caught it mid air.
“See, you’re scared of using your strength”. He said looking into her eyes.

She smiled and he scoffed.
“What’s funny?”.
“This”. She said and knee kicked him on the crotch.
He screamed loudly as he fell to the ground writhing in pain.
“I was only joking”. He roared as he clenched to his crotch.
“Am sorry… Totally..”. She said wanting to touch his arm.
“Don’t touch me”.

“You looked scary she real”. She said.
“Did you have to that?”. He cried.
“You taught me that for self defense”.
“Did I? And you decide to use it on me”. He said angrily.

“I meant Lovely I’m sorry”. she said holding his shoulders.
“You’re gonna be fine”.
“And how can you be so sure?”.
“I thought you were a superman?”. She asked.
He pulled himself up but came crashing to the ground again.

He staggered up to his feet and sat on one of the box with his head down.
He held his head, raised it up and could see the the forming tears.
“You’re crying”. She said as she pulled another box and sat beside him.
‘I didn’t have an idea it was painful, am totally sorry, say something, accept my apologies “. She said pulling his shoulders.

” On one condition “.
” Which is? “.
” You don’t get to hit me like that, ever again “. He snapped.
” What if you become evil? “. She asked.
” Seriously you’re making you look like a movie “. He said.
” Fine, I don’t kick your whatever as long as you don’t act like a jerk “. She fired.

” Jerk.. I was only testing my acting skills “. He said.
“Fine. You’re a good actor and you played the role pretty well”. She said and his phone buzzed.
He slides it out from his pocket and stared at the message from a contact ‘Trouble 003’.
‘Where are you darling?’. The Message read.

He swipped it off the screen and….
“You look nervous”. Kapella said.
“No. I..”.
“Was that your Girlfriend?”. She asked as she took the phone from him.
“This is literally a hell of money.. I haven’t seen something like this before, name? “.
“Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond”. He replied.

“I don’t know what that is but the names it’s a hell of….”.
“It’s a birthday gift”.
The phone buzzed as a call appeared on the screen.
“Who’s Crises 001?”. She asked.
” My step dad, can you kindly activate flight mode? “. He asked.
She hesitate for a while before doing it.

” Am just gonna take a nap for however long we’re gonna be here until school closes “. Lovely said as he rest his head over the wall.
She examined the phone and gasped.
” It’s beautiful “. She whispered and her phone buzzed.
She took it out to see the message from ‘Cindy’.

‘Remain wherever you are, School have gone crazy because of you ‘

“I thought that was Cindy’s”. He said and she jerked.
“Yeah… Yeah.. I was charging it for her with my bank, we swapped you know”. Kapella said forcing a smile.
He closed his eyes and she exhaled.
That was when she saw the blue colour of his eyes and his lips which weren’t burnt, Cindy was right.

She tried going through his phone but every single thing was locked except ‘Candy Crush’.
Minutes passed by and he had fallen asleep while she played ‘Candy Crush’ on his phone.
He wasn’t comfortable as his head kept sliding on the wall till it dropped on her shoulder.
She gasped as she turned to see his face on her shoulder.

She took his hand to see the ring he had on.
It was a golden one with an ‘L’ symbol on it.
She slowly dropped the hand and resumed playing.
Hours and hours passed until she fell asleep as well but she was off for up to thirty minutes when the electric bell rung loudly.

She jolted up quickly causing him to wake as well.
“How long?”. He asked as he yawned loudly.
“Hours and my shoulder is literally aching right now “. She said.
” Um.. Your shoulder? “.
” You literally slept on it “.

” Oh.. That proves how I slept well “. He said and she hit his shoulder.
” Should i say sorry or thank you? “. He said.

” 3000 US Dollars contract have been terminated, You can run Kapella but you can’t hide from me “. Diaz voice rang from the speaker.
” You locked every damn thing in your phone “. She said.
” To restrict intruders “.
” Like me? “.

” Probably am sure you enjoyed the Candy Crush “.
” Why would you leave only that?”.
“Cos ladies are the only ones who get to access your phone for hours, can I have it back?”. He said and she hid it behind.
“You don’t play it, do you?, I saw the highest score in the leaderboard who’s Beauty?”.

“You ask lot of question, C’mon let’s go”. He said pulling her along.
“She’s good at the game and I would love to meet her someday”. Kapella said and her phone buzzed.
“You can come out, eveyone is out”. She read the message as the door of the elevator closed.
It soon stopped and opened up revealing Cindy who was standing akimbo.

She raced at Kapella and hugged her tightly.
“I was so worried, I couldn’t concentrate”. Cindy said as she let go.
“I’m fine, at least I survived today”. She said.
“What’s he doing with you?”. She said pointing to Lovely.
“He helped me, thanks to me”.

“Now tell me where have you been for the past hours?”.
“Basement”. Lovely said and she gasped.
Cindy nodded as she tried to conceal her smile.
“What’s funny?”.
“Can I have my phone now? “. He asked.
She handed it over to him and he collects it.
” Off I go, bye! “. He said walking away.

” Thanks for today Lovely “. Kapella said.
” Just don’t forget to do your assignment night time while playing with your boyfriend “. He said and was out of sight.
“He thinks I have a boyfriend”. Kapella said as they moved for the exit door as well.
“You didn’t tell him it was joke, I thought you had a crush on him”. Cindy asked.

“Um.. Actually.. Cindy?”.
“You know what, just forget it, let’s go”. Kapella said as she collects her bag from Cindy and wore it.
They walked out of the school compound and could see Lovely waving at them from a cab that just left.
They waved back at him and Cindy scoffed.
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“So how are you gonna prove that nothing happened in there with you two alone for hours?”. She asked.
“He was asleep the entire time”.
“I’m your laps”.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”. Kapella sang beating her shoulder as she laughed.

“Nothing happened so stop the scary questions, there’s something weird about him”. Kapella said.
“He kissed you”.
“You know what? Don’t speak anymore, just listen”. She said and paused.
“Did you take a look at his smartphone?”. She asked.
“It’s out of this world”. Cindy said.

“I think he’s rich, kind of, what the hell are my thinking of? You know what forget it”. Kapella said.
“What do you then want me to remember maybe you’re right or that answers the question to how he got the burnt face”. Cindy said.
“What do you mean?”.

“Um.. He’s crazily rich with a bad bad flashy vehicle, he hits the highway like it belongs to him and he came stum……bling after”. Cindy sang.

“You know what?”. Kapella asked and her eyes popped out.

“Good day”.


“I’m home”. Steve opened the door as Kapella’s voice rang from the outside.
He frowned as she walked in and poked his nose.
“I got you ice cream”. She said and his face brightened.

“I missed you sister, please don’t stay late again, a night without you is…”.
“Will you keep quiet?, hold on, do you watch telenova now?”. She said and he shook his head negatively.
She gasped as she relaxed on the couch.
“Where’s my ice-cream?”. He asked.

“Dooor.. I only wanted to see the hypocrite I you”. She said and he frowned.
“Where’s Mom?”. Kapella asked as she moved to the kitchen.
“Second floor”. Steve said following after her.

Kapella paused seeing the little aquarium on the counter in the kitchen.
“Wow! lovely”. She said as she stared at the beautiful fishes swimming around.
“Why does it look like I can hear them?”. She added dropping her phone on the counter as she leaned closer.
She could hear the little heartbeat of the fishes as she stopped swimming as focused on her as well

Kapella phone buzzed but she didn’t notice as she was engrossed.
Steve stretched his hand to take it but he wasn’t tall enough.
He climbed a stool and stared at the message from a contact ‘Cindy’.

Kapella was still staring at the fishes like they were communicating when Steve jerked her away.
“Who’s Lovely?”.
“What did you say?”. Kapella asked as she turned.

“Who’s Lovely ?”.
“Are you alright? Anyone can lovely, Mom, me but not you, you ain’t lovely”. She said and saw her phone with him.
“C’mon”. She said as she snatched it from him.

“Did you say Lovely’s smartphone is Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond? I searched for the price in goggle, take a look”. Kapella read and there was a link below but that wasn’t the only message from her but another as well.

“What else happened in that basement with you and Lovely alone for hours?”.

Kapella scrolled up and tap the link which redirect her the result page of a goggle search.

“The world’s most expensive diamond-studded phone comes in the form of the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition, with a price tag of $48.5 Million”. She read and her phone dropped from her hands in shock.
“You were really with him in a basement?”.

“C’mon Steve, Cindy is only playing pranks on me”.
“Hmm Mum!”. He said.
She quickly covered his mouth and closed the door.
“C’mon do you have to tell mom everything?”. She said forcing him to seat.
“What do you want? Ice cream, my meal.. Whatever.. It’s not what you think,telling mom is gonna put me into trouble”. She whispered.

“Alright I won’t tell her but you’ll give me whatever I want”.
“Um.. Alright.. Deal you punk”. She said shaking his head.
“I admire your bracelet”.
“No.. You can’t have that Steve”.
“It’s beautiful”.
“I know, very charming but you you can’t have it “. She said.

” Mom, Kapella had a boy… “.
” Shh.. Seriously Steve this is some sort of protection mom gave me, alright, I’ll give you, don’t let mom see it and early tomorrow you return it, deal? “. She asked and he nodded.
She removed the bracelet and put it into his hand.

” It’s beautiful “. He said.
” Yeah “.
” Sorry I had to blackmail you, I just want to feel… “. Steve said and screamed as the bracelet burnt his hand.
He quickly threw it off as tears formed in his eyes.
“Hey are you alright?”. She said holding his face.

He raised his hand up and she saw the circular burn around it.
Kapella groaned as she felt a terrible hunger in her belly, it was so excruciating.r
“Why does the water ripple sounds close to my ears, why are the fishes speaking to me?”. Kapella said as she moved closer to the transparent tank.

“Why do they look charming?”. She whispered.
With one swift move she force her hand through the aquarium breaking the glass that forces water to gush out.
“Mom!”. Steve screamed.
Kapella grabbed one of the fish and held it tightly as it wriggle to break free.

The urge to eat it was so strong that she couldn’t resist anymore.
She forced the fish into her mouth and bite off the head causing Steve to scream louder as Mrs. Elijah came running in.
Steve quickly hid behind her as she gasped.

“Kapella?”. She whispered.

Kapella turned back slowly with her lips which had the blood of the creature and still the fish was still in her mouth with the tail wriggling outside her lips.

“Oh my God!”. Mrs. Elijah exclaimed.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid
🐬 Episode_6🐬

“It taste so delicious, the feeling is…”. Kapella said as she drew the fish tail out of her mouth and licked her lip.
“Is she a vampire?”. Steve asked from behind.
“Kapella where’s your bracelet?”. Mrs. Elijah asked as she moved closer.
“I don’t need, I feel so powerful”. She said.
“Listen Kapella whatever you’re feeling right now….”. Mrs. Elijah said as she sight the bracelet on the ground.

“Can feel like the best feeling in the world but no matter how scary you look you’re still my daughter, I love you”. She said and hugged her but her hand beckoned at Steve who understand and moved closer.
Her fingers to the bracelet and he gave it to her.

“I always love you Kapella but you can’t live as a monster”. Mrs. Elijah said and with one swift move slide the bracelet into her hand.
Kapella gasped loudly as she raced to the sink.
“Did I just eat a live fish, it tasted to so, it still taste good, it was delicious than the one you make, I need to puke it out”. She cried trying to vomit by all means but it was fruitless.

“I don’t I feel stomach ache, why is it like I just eat a normal meal, no I need to puke out”. She cried still trying to puke but couldn’t.
“Damn!”. She screamed as Mrs. Elijah and Steve stared blankly at her.
“She’s a vampire, right?”. Steve asked.
“He’s right, Vampire”. Kapella said turning back.

“I’m a damn vampire, I eat people”.
“You didn’t eat me”. Steve said.
“You’re not a vampire, Daughter”.
“Don’t tell me that Mom, isn’t it time you tell me what I’m, what sort of weird human I am?”. Kapella roared.

“You’re not a weird human, you’re special”.
“That’s what you keep saying, special, I almost lost my best friend today, why?, just because my hair would have been exposed and now you’ll get to say if I had cut it, it wouldn’t have happened but how long will I leave a disguise life”. Kapella said.

“Steve excuse us and tell no one about this, not your friends or anyone”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“I never told anyone my sister was Rapunzel and I won’t still tell anyone that she’s a Vampire”. He said.
“I’m not a fvcking… Sorry.. I’m not a damn Vampire”. She roared.

“Alright, Fish Devourer”. He said walking out.
She grinned to go after him but Mrs. Elijah held her back.
“He’s a kid”.
“Maybe we should start with how that bracelet got out of your hand?”. She added.

“Or maybe we should start why I love Aqua life like I belong to…”.
“Kapella!”. Mrs. Elijah cuts her off.
“I’m special, I know that line already”.
“Then trust me”.
“Trust you, you can’t even tell me the truth, I’m eighteen Mom no longer a kid, if the urge to eat a live fish can be so irresistible… It’s because I didn’t have my bracelet on… What’s special about it, it isn’t protection”.

“Yes it is”.
“No it isn’t”.
“It protects you from your true self”. Mrs. Elijah spilled out hurriedly.
“Oh my God! What did i say, I didn’t mean that, it protect you just know that “. She said
” Protect me against myself that partially answer the question of what am I “. She said and Mrs. Elijah burst into tears.

” Mom you’re crying “. Kapella said as she moved to her.
” Mom stop it, you make me sad, stop crying “.
” You make me feel like I can’t be trusted, I’m your mother, I won’t do anything to hurt you “. She cried.
“Hey Mom, I’m sorry.. I’m sorry I hurt you… I didn’t mean to but I feel like my life is a lie”. Kapella said as she leaned on her chest.

“There are secrets, you’re right and you’re intelligent enough to know that there are strange things about you but it’s best if you don’t know about it, not forever but just for now, when the appropriate time comes, you’ll know”. Mrs. Elijah said and Kapella hugged her tightly.
“I’m scared Mom”.

“You don’t have to be as long as you have that bracelet on you don’t have to be, alright? “. She said caressing her face.
Kapella sniffed and nodded slowly.
“C’mon you must be hungry”.
“Mom the fish tank”.
“I’ll take care of it”.


It was night at the Atlantic Ocean as a red Ship swerve past a rock.
The Ship was filled with men and women who were dressing up as divers while others moved harpoons to the deck.
At the edge of the deck was a young woman scanning through the ocean with a Binocular..

She was not fully dressed as a diver as she only had a wet suit on.
“Mrs. Arrowood”. An Old Man said as he moved toward her.
“Bradley”. She said as she retreat the Binocular and turned to him.

‘We’re closing on them “.
” Good and where’s my husband? “. She asked.
” Right behind you”. A Young man said from behind.
She moved to him and kissed him on the lips.
“You’re going in?”.

“Of course I am, Artic Mermaids are dangerous and the most powerful”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Mermaids who cry and then it solidify to diamond, they’re indeed powerful”. Mr. Arrowood said as he collects the binocular from her.
“You ain’t scared am getting in”.
“We’ve been doing this for long already, I’m not”. He said as he looked through it.

“I suppose that’s the ship”. He said staring at the magnified image in the binocular.
“Yes it is”. She replied.
“Why is the ship changing direction?”. The Old man said as he looked narrowly with his dim eyes.
“I paid the ship station to inform the captain there’s a storm at the path their headed and that North East of the Ocean is the safest path”. Mr. Arrowood said.

“Why is that?”. He asked.
“Old Bradley, you’re retired already, our methods are quite different”. Mr. Arrowood said.
“Don’t tell me that, why are we following that ship, you tortured a Mermaid to give you the habitat of the Artic, she did and we’re suppose to be here hunting not stalking, tell me what are up to Daughter? “. Old Bradley said.

Mrs. Arrowood lit a cigar and slide it into her lips.
” I’m your only Child, the first female to take the Legacy of the Arrowood “.
” If I had a male child, he would have taken the Legacy “. He roared.

” But you had non and here’s my new husband who abandoned his family name to take up Arrowood, show some appreciation father, our family name doesn’t get to die and then I have kids and the legacy continues “. Mrs. Arrowood said as she puffed out the smoke in her mouth.
” That doesn’t answer my question of what are you up to? “. He asked angrily.

” That ship is our bait “.
” What do you mean bait? “.
” We don’t know if that Mermaid is saying the truth, we have to be sure, they get drawn to a passing ship, sing out to the sailors, cause a wreck and that exposes them to us, we give a surprise attack and we capture the Artic”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Did you listen to what you just said?, bait?, have you forgotten our code? Humans don’t get hurt during our exploration”. Old Bradley said.

“Tell me Grandpa are you interested in the Artic or the code, we’ll get there in time and stop the ship from wrecking”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Ma’am we’re losing sight of the ship to the fog”. The Captain screamed from where he watched with his telescope.
“It’s time, suit up everyone, I want every diver on deck”. Mrs. Arrowood roared loudly.

Divers hurried out from the accommodation of the ship to the deck where Mrs. Arrowood was putting one her diving mask.
Her husband helped her to put on the snorkel and she exhaled heavily.
The divers had now filled the deck of the ship all with bow and a sheath filled with special arrows.

“Our mission is to capture at many as we can but if the need to kill arises, do it”. Mrs. Arrowood said and paused.
“Your arrows suffer less resistance from water, don’t hesitate to shoot, we don’t use guns because water reduces it velocity making it harmless, we use special arrows that disregard the resistance of water and hit the target lethally”.

“We use harpoons”. She roared.

“You’re going underwater, your arrows stuck into the sheath to avoid floating away, you need strength, strength to pull that arrow out, strength to fight the resisting water and place it in your bow, strength to fire, you all are professional hunters and the time have come “. Mrs. Arrowood said as she carried a harpoon Gun on a crate.

She climbed to the edge of the dock and placed the harpoon gun on her shoulder.
” You didn’t put on your fins “. Mr. Arrowood said.
” I prefer barefoot”. She said and dived into the water.
The divers hurriedly wore their diving fins and dived in as well.

Screams could be heard from ahead as the ship entered into a midst.
The other ship could be seen spinning dangerously as the storm engulfed it.
The Captain looked through the telescope and could see singing women on sea rocks around the spinning ship ahead.

“Sir, Mermaids”. The Captain said.
Mr. Arrowood smirk as he put on his UV spec and turned to the crowd of men and women that were left on the docks.
“UV specs on”.He commanded and they hurriedl