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City mermaid episode 49 & 50

🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_49🐬
Lovely raised his head up to see Kapella as she walked down the stairs with her mother.
He was surrounded by Mermaids where he was made to sit.
“We’re not going fight not run through tunnels like rats”. Kapella announced and he gasped.
“My mother is a dangerous person, you all have to leave, we have weapons that……”.
“Be mute hunter, weapons that can kill us, we’ve been dying, it isn’t new, we will fight for our freedom”. Lady Benita said.
“I saved you”. He said.
“If you hadn’t come, Queen Mother would have still freed me, you did nothing hunter”.
“He’s part of us so I don’t want anyone oppressing him”. Kapella said angrily as she stood in front of Lovely.
“Speak to your daughter Anita, we won’t want any hunter in our midst, you understand what we’re saying Queen, Just like Danny”. A Woman said.
“Just like Danny, I was a nut head because of him, for now we face the pressing issue”. Anita said turning to the door.
“Kapella don’t let them do this”. Lovely said.
“Listen”. She said holding his hand.
“I’m no longer the one who control them, my mother is back to the Queen position, I can’t change her mind and neither can I let them go to fight alone, I’m an Arctic, powerful and big match for hunters, okay”. She said and he drew her close.
“Please promise me you won’t hurt my siblings”. He whispered to her ear.
“Waters have ears and communicate with us Mr. Candy, I’ll personal put your family out of their misery “. Anita said.
” Mother! “.
“They’re here”. Anita said as they could hear incoming footsteps.
“One Arctic below, one above “.
“I’ll lead the Mermaids below”. Kapella said.
“Split! Half of you are coming with me”. Anita said climbing upstairs while the rest waited.
“I’ll make sure they’re not hurt”. Kapella told Lovely and turned to be Mermaids.
“If you know you ain’t ready for this, you should stay back”. She said.
“We obey the Queen, her voice extinguishes the fear in us”. A woman said.
Something hard hit the closed door and they all turned to it.
“Ready”. Kapella said as she gathered all the water in the room together with her hand.
“Your face Ella, you don’t have a mask, take this one”. Cindy said.
“Bother not yourself Cindy, use it, Mom has thought me the way of the original faceless mask”. Kapella said closing her eyes.
The skin flatten immediately making the eyes vanish in, so did her nose and her mouth making her face completely plain but she could see clearly.
Cindy wore the faceless mask as crack started appearing around the wall.
The Mermaids sang loudly connecting also to the water that Kapella had gathered.
The door dropped down revealing four men holding a log of wood which they used to break down the door and the other armed once were behind.
“Now!”. Kapella roared and they all pushed their hands forward.
The water flushed the men against the wall causing them to lose grip of their guns as they battled with it.
“Right!”. Kapella ordered.
The Mermaids sang to the highest pitch directing the water to the right corridor while Kapella pushed her hand to left with singing flushing the men into opposite direction.
“Flush them out”. She roared loudly.
The Mermaids dashed at the door with their singing voices as they split to left and right corridor.
Anita stood on the roof with the Mermaids as they watched the approaching Chopper.
She turned to the tank on the roof and pushed her hand up causing water to burst out.
“Use your weapon, water, your voice, your hands”. She announced.
The Mermaids began to sing as they took control of the water.
They divide it among themselves as they launched it at the incoming Choppers provoking them to fire missiles which they diverted with the water.
The water hits the Choppers from different direction causing them to lose control until one fired a missile straight to the roof.
It exploded throwing the Mermaids into different direction.
Anita stamped her feet on the ground and dust engulfed the entire roof.
An SUV drove to the warehouse and Mrs. Arrowood alighted with Diaz and Dahlia.
“You should be moving into the building”. Mrs. Arrowood said as she approached a man.
“They’re flushing is out ma’am”. He said.
“Equip them with ultraviolet grenade you idiot!”. Dahlia fired.
“You heard her!”. Mrs. Arrowood fired.
“Gets Snipers around surrounding that buildings, that, that, that…”. She said pointing around.
“I’ll take that”.
“Let Diaz do it, we’ll need you for the tactics part “. Mrs. Arrowood said.
The men could be seen passing a grenade to themselves as they moved back into the building.
” I’ll be back “. Dahlia said as she raced off taking off her backpack.
She brought out a grenade and a grappling hook as she followed the men behind.
Kapella and the Mermaids appeared from behind the wall as they pushed their hand flushing the men out.
Dahlia shot the hook up and it caught the door post.
She swang over the water that flushed the men out as she cocked the grenades with her other hand.
She threw into the place and it hit the wall exploding.
The explosion was destruction as it only released a powerful ray of light that could literally blind a mere human.
Kapella groaned as the Mermaids fell down as the Mermaids fell down due to the effect.
“We can’t see clear”. She could hear their voices in her head.
She was fine as he was barely affected by the light before her eyes were hidden.
“Move in, open fire!”. Dahlia roared.
The men obeyed as they open fire on the wall moving in.
The Mermaids had transformed as they were in the water but couldn’t see.
“Stay low!”. Kapella screamed as she couldn’t peep because of the bullet.
“Bazooka team, fire into the roof”. Dahlia ordered as she returned back to Mrs. Arrowood.
“You should have invited Lovely”. Dahlia said.
“Now is not the time for this daughter”.
Anita pushed her hand up hitting the helicopter with the wave of water, it hits another and they went straight for the ground.
Shortly an explosive sound was heard that vibrated the place.
The Mermaids who had fallen as a result of the missile explosion staggered back to their feet as Anita pushed the dust on the roof to the sky to reduce visibility.
Something hard hit the roof causing the place to vibrate furiously.
“Fire!”. She could hear voices from below.
“The path of death, you have chosen”. She whispered moving to the edge of the roof.
Kapella’s heart pound heavily as the gun men approached the intersection where the Mermaids laid underwater as they continued firing.
“Breath”. She whispered to herself as she controlled the water up.
The men seized fire as they watch it rise up coiling around like a Serpent.
Kapella stepped out from behind the wall and pushed it at them hitting them away.
They crashed into the water on the ground and she pushed her hand up throwing them into the ceiling with the water.
She heard footsteps behind her and turned to see the gun men aiming at her as they dropped down from the ceiling with suspended rope.
Gunshots were heard and they dropped in to the water.
Kapella could see Cindy retreating her gun as she nodded.
She moved back to the intersection and pushed out the men who staggering to get out of the water with it.
Kapella stretched her hand into the water and helped the Mermaids out.
Another rocket hit the roof causing more cracks on it and Anita moved to the edge of it looking down.
Everyone raised their heads up to see her including Mrs. Arrowood and Dahlia.
She gasped seeing her as the men aimed their RPG at her.
“Bring her down”. Mrs. Arrowood screamed as Anita fetched the dust on the roof with her.
She let go of it slowly causing an uprise of dust that covered her as they fired at her.
The rockets passed through the dust as it didn’t hit anything and hit the Chimney which came cracking down.
There was silence and calm as everyone wondered were she had gone.
“We have to leave now”. Mrs. Arrowood said pulling Dahlia along.
“Mother we….”.
“Don’t say shit, Anita is dangerous, it’s a trap”. She said as the men opened the door and they got into the SUV.
Anita burst out of a water pipe that went straight up as the water sprayed on her back in scenic way.
She wriggle her red to her face as the men opened fire but the water on her skin iced up immediately.
Kapella gasped seeing Anita as the men opened fire on her but her ice clothing didn’t let it penetrate.
“No”. She whispered seeing the men aiming an RPG at her from the roof.
Kapella raced out with the wave of water in the corridor following after her.
She leapt to the air and slapped them off with the wave of water behind her.
She landed perfectly and the risen water poured down on her like rain.
The men turned to her to fire but the Mermaids emerged from the entrance with rifles which they had taken from the hunters and opened fire on them.
A bullet hit one of them on the chest and she dropped.
Anita gasped as her eyes trailed to the direction it had come from.
She threw water straight at that place at getting to the Sniper it turned into sharp ice and pierced into his body.
Mrs. Arrowood vehicle reversed speedily as Anita turned to it.
She moved at them but a wave of water flushed them out of the way.
Anita roared loudly as she pushed her hand forward causing all the waters to obey at once as they swept the vehicle.
“Mother!”. Kapella called out.
The water pushed the vehicle up and it came crashing to the ground as it explode.
“No! Kapella screamed.
The Hunters had already taken to the their heels as the Mermaids appeared from underwater with singing voices firing at them with rifles.
Some got into the vehicles and drove away speedily.
Anita moved toward the vehicle as a man staggered out.
She grabbed him by the the neck and threw him into the water behind.
She was outraged as there was no person in the car.
Anita roared loudly as the car burn.
Mrs. Arrowood and Dahlia could be seen peeping out from a sewer hole with the cover on their head.
“Take her out son”. She whispered into her telecom
🏬🏬🏬Flashback 🏬🏬 🏬
“I thought she was dead”. Dahlia said as they got into the vehicle.
“Seems she’s not, she has powers like the Stealers I don’t understand”. She said.
“We can’t drive out free man mother, we have to hide”.
Dahlia looked down the vehicle and raised her head up.
“The sewer”.
“Mother what’s happening?”. Diaz voice could be heard from her telecom.
“Something beyond our control, we didn’t bring our classified weapons, we stand no chance at the moment, remain in position son “.
Cindy who was watching the fight scene from the window had seen a sniper in a building firing at the Mermaids.
She pulled her pistol from behind her and went through the fire exit.
Anita paused like the waters on the ground were speaking to her and trailed it to the sewer.
“You idiot”. She roared as she moved at the sewer.
She grabbed the covering and pulling it open there was nothing.
“No they were here”. She whispered.
A bullet from a building hit her head and she dropped down into the water.
“Mother!”. Kapella screamed loudly.
Diaz retreat from the Sniper rifle as she carried his bag to run but there was Cindy who was masked as faceless pointing a gun at him.
“Faceless”. He said and chuckled.
“On your knees Diaz”. She commanded.
“There are two Arctic out there, Anita and…… You’re not Kapella Elijah”. He said but Cindy maintained her stance.
“Let me guess, stray Mermaid”. He said and she fired into his leg.
He groaned loudly as he dropped.
“That isn’t fair”. He roared.
“On your knees”. She roared and the rest of the Mermaids entered all pointing their guns at him.
“You’re surrounded”. She said..
“That’s right”. He said dropping his gun and that was when they saw the crack around him on the glass floor.
He hits it with the pistol and it scattered causing him to fall down to the floor beneath.
He staggered out through the exit as the Mermaid down through the hole after him.
But moved at the fire exit but were welcome by bullets from the outside.
The Gunmen opened the door of the vehicle for him as they fired endlessly at the exit.
He rolled to the driver’s seat and starting the vehicle drove off.
The men who wanted to get in as well were shocked as they seized fire.
The Mermaids appeared from the exit and gunned them down.
Kapella supported Anita inside as she collapsed against the wall.
“You’re ain’t doing this for the Mermaids mother, you’re doing it out of revenge, you do things blindly, you need help you can’t take on them alone, yes I can like this”. She said removing the bullet that was stuck to her scale on her head.
“You escaped death narrowly”.
“Death has always snared on my face, I’m not afraid to die”. Anita said walking away in the flooded corridor.
“Is that what you get to tell your daughter? You don’t even care to tell me how you’re Hybrid when your damn story book says I’m the first”.
“You don’t need to know, there are things you shouldn’t know about me”. She said.
“Is that what you’re going to say, do you missed me at all?”.
“Don’t say that shit, don’t say that shit daughter, do you think i hide myself eighteen years for nothing!”. She roared and kicked the door open.
The Mermaids surrounding Lovely turned to her as Kapella walked from behind.
He exhaled to see that she was alright.
” Though I missed my targets, I’ll surely take revenge “. Anita said moving toward Lovely.
Kapella fist her hand ready for whatever she was up to.
“There’s only one ticket out of here Mr. Lovely, A trip to your family home or tell me where the hell is Danny?”.
Diaz could be cleaning the wound on his leg with a tissue paper as he drove down the street.
He chuckled loudly as he grabbed the bottle of Tequila on the seat and gulped it in.
” Diaz Arrowood, New Heir, Lovely Arrowood, Rejected Heir, Now Kapella Elijah will have to go for me”. He said and chuckled.
“Poor Cindy Petrova, I had no choice”. He said and chuckled loudly as he remembered the conversation with his mother as they came out of the building.
“Now tell me who’s the Arctic?”.
“It’s someone you’ll never expect Mother”.
“I hate suspense”.
“The Petrova, it’s Cindy Petrova”.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_50🐬
A vehicle stopped in front of Kapella’s house and in was Lovely and her.
“We’ve been silent all through the ride, Who’s gonna break the silence?”. She asked.
“You just did”. He said with a solemn voice.
“Did I? Just say something Lovely, you’re indirectly scaring me”.
“Who should be scared? Me, that your mother is hell bent of ruining my family or you who just got a big badass protective mother into your life”. He said.
“Don’t go into that direction, Lovely “.
“Why shouldn’t I?, Don’t act like you ain’t happy that you have her”.
“Hold on did you expect me to be sad?, I got my long lost Mother who was declared dead by my foster parent because of your mother and here she is after the lives of the Mermaids again, are you happy with her or where do you actually stand?”.
“I was literally kidnapped by your own mother Kapella, you did nothing to free me, like you wanted me to sit while you ride into some battle”.
“She didn’t kidnap you, did guy expect her to give you an embrace for what your family did to her”.
“She almost got Dahlia and my Mother, I heard those Mermaids”. Lovely said.
“That’s it Lovely you keep protecting your family when you know they’re the Devil”. She roared angrily and he scoffed.
“That actually came out from your mouth Kapella, Just get down”. He said.
“Let’s not at like kids and settle this Lovely”. She said.
“Kapella get down or I’ll get down for you “.
” C’mon Lovely it’s just some argument “. She said getting down but the vehicle drove off immediately.
” Gosh! Did I say something bad? “. She asked scratching her head.
She kicked the trash can angrily and the door open.
” You shouldn’t have get down Rapunzel, we would have owned a vehicle now”. Steve said as he peeped out with a baby look.
“Get in!”. She roared.
“He’s going to come back sister, no one dares leave a Rapunzel like you”.
“Shut up! What do you know? I’ve warned you to seize watching telenovela”. She said as she charged at him but he close the door and bolt it.
“Steve!”. She screamed.
“I’ve warned you to stop coming late Rapunzel, where’s my ice cream?”. He asked peeping our through the window.
“Will you open the door?”.
“Ice cream first, C’mon”. He said rubbing his little palm together.
“Is that Kapella?”. She could hear Mrs. Elijah’s voice from inside.
“Yes Mom, your cra……… that little thing locked me outside”. She said and the door opened.
“Mom a guy dropped her off”. Steve said getting down from the window.
“So?”. Kapella asked as Mrs. Elijah hugged her.
“He was handsome”.
“He dumped you”. He said and raced off before she threw her bag at him.
“Hey are you alright?”. Mrs. Elijah asked holding her face.
“Yes. What is it?”. She asked.
“Is she okay? Did you meet her?”. Mr. Elijah asked as he walked down the stairs.
“Meet who?”. Kapella asked.
“Are you denying me already for some boy?”. They heard a voice and they turned to the couch to see Anita seated on the couch.
“How did you…?”. She stammered.
“Jane, Elijah, it’s been a while”. Anita said rising to her feet.
“One and only”. She replied and they hugged tightly as Mrs. Elijah sobbed.
“I thought I was never gonna see you again “.
“Here I am baby, I told you I’ll be back”. She said and they disengaged.
“Hey Elijah”. She said they hugged slightly.
“You did the card thing like you promised”. He said.
“Yeah although I sent it late”. She said looking around.
“You both have met right?”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
Kapella scoffed and bit her lower lips.
“You literally lied to me”. Kapella said and walked away.
“Listen Kapella”.
“There’s nothing to listen to, Just spare me”. She said and found her way into the room as she banged the door close and locked it.
She turned and was shocked to see Anita on her bed.
“I think you took that anger from me”. She said.
“First day we meet and you’ve done more than enough damage already, Just let me have the night”. Kapella said turning back to unlock the door but she couldn’t find the keys.
“Are you searching for this?”. She heard Anita say.
Kapella turned back to see her jingling the key.
“You put off enough show Mother, I’m satisfied already”. She said.
“You don’t even get to wonder how it got to me”.
“What I need now is me alone, in a room free of silence, I need some sir”. She said.
“Alone doing what?”. Anita said getting to her feet.
“Hating Jane for lying that I was dead, huh?, I asked them to so you can vent all that anger on me “. Anita said.
” Don’t try to play Mommy “. Kapella said and she scoffed.
” You knowing that I’m alive, you’re going to come searching for me, trying to pick on my trails and in so doing walk right straight into crises, trouble and hell lot of horror I don’t want to be part of your life “.
” There’s horror in my life already”. Kapella screamed.
“There’s crises, troubles and whatever you can name it so don’t try to justify yourself cos discovering Mrs. Elijah is not my mother, when I close my eyes all I get to imagine is what you look like”. Kapella said as tears ran down her cheek.
“I’m here, I’m here for you baby, Mama is here”. Anita said holding her crying face.
“Just let him be Mother, I love him”.
“Don’t raise the topic K, Let’s just forget our troubles and sleep it off”. She said.
“Mother I….”.
“Shh.. C’mon”. She said pulling her along to the bed.
“It’s been a hectic day, a rest isn’t bad”. She whispered.
“C’mon”. Anita said raising the duvet up.
Kapella stared at her as laid on the bed as she covered her with it.
“I’m not gonna leave you again, daughter, I promise”. She said and kissed her cheek.
“Mom”. Kapella called and she paused.
“Stay, don’t go”. She whispered.
Anita exhaled and joined Kapella on the bed as she covered herself as well.
“For eighteen years, today is more like a dream come true”. Anita whispered caressing her hair.
“Mmm hmmm”.
“Promise me you’ll never hurt me”. Kapella whispered.
“I’ll always protect you daughter, cross my heart “.
💔💔💔💔Next Day💔💔💔💔
” Morning Mr. Fernando “. Mrs. Arrowood said as she joined him and his family around the table.
” Morning “. He replied and took a sip from the cup he held.
” Kids I hope you enjoyed your night? “. She asked.
” We wanted to stay at the Mansion not Phoenix Hotel, also we’re not kids”.
“Camille!”. Rex called out.
“My apologies once again, there were security threat we need to rectify, for now the place might not be safe that’s why you have the entire hotel to yourself”.
“We understand that Mrs. Arrowood, it’s necessary”. Mr. Fernando said.
“My son will be here to show you
around, he own the place”.
“Mr. Pineapple face?”. Crystal asked.
“It’s Lovely”. Rex said caressing the knife he held.
They turned to him and he raised his head up.
“Oh I meant Lovely not lovely, don’t stare at me like I’m some serial killer”. He said dropping the knife.
“Or maybe we can find the Pop Singer?”. Camille said with eyes out.
“Mom I’m off to school”. Kapella said as she ran past the kitchen with her bag.
“Sorry”. She said retracing her step back as she peeped into the kitchen to see Anita and Mrs. Elijah.
“Moms actually”.
“It’s Saturday, Kapella”. Mrs. Elijah said and she grinned.
“Yeah, Off!”. She announced and zoomed out.
“Don’t blame her, I did that too”. Anita said breaking an egg.
“You must be Kapella”. A well dressed man in front of a Lamborghini said as he opened the door for her.
“Yeah”. She said and got in.
She brought out her phone and stared at the message from Lovely again.
“Meet me at Phoenix Hotel, My Chaffeur will pick you”.
“I look cute right?”. She asked herself as the vehicle drove away.
“Mother, I’m now the heir, the one to take the Fernando on a tour around the hotel not Lovely”. Diaz said as Mrs. Arrowood entered into the building.
“You haven’t proved yourself yet”.
“What? I told you who the Arctic was, I killed one already, how else do I prove?”.
“Anita is like a Phoenix, when you think she’s gone, she appears again”.
“What else should I do?”. Diaz asked and she turned to him.
“You said Cindy Petrova is the Arctic”.
“Yes Mother, she is”.
Cindy and Francis were having their breakfast when they heard the screeching sound of vehicles.
Cindy unlocked the door and they walked out to see Agents in red suit getting down from different expensive vehicle.
Lovely could be seen walking down the hallway with the Fernando kids behind.
“Worst tour in my entire existence”. Camille said.
“The sight is beautiful”. Rex said.
“You’re known to love ugly things rest so hold your peace”. She fired.
“Mr. Pineapple face isn’t saying anything, what do you think Crystal?”.
“Just a sec, almost there”. Crystal said as she applied paint to lips.
“Mr. Pineapple face we’re done with your boring tour”. Camille said and Lovely turned back.
“It’s not a tour, I want to meet someone”.
“And who this time, Mr. Avocado head?”. Crystal asked and he scoffed.
An elevator ding open and Kapella came out with the Chaffeur.
“It’s a girl”. Rex said raising his hand up.
“Hey I got your message”. She said moving toward him.
“Sorry about yesterday”. She said holding his hand.
“Let’s skip that part to meet The Fernando family”. He said.
“Are you seriously introducing us to your pretty girlfriend, to get us jealous or what the fvck?”. Camille said.
“She looks familiar”. Crystal said.
“Um… Fernando? Oh my God, they’re truely in Phoenix”. She said smiling.
“Um can you say Phoenix again?”. Rex said.
“She pronounces it like…..”. Camille said and stared at her sibling.
“Kapella meet The Fernando Kids”. Lovely said and they gasped.
“It’s the girl”. Camille screamed.
Cindy and Francis stepped out as they wondered who the men were.
A Chaffeur opened the door of an SUV and a man got down holding the hand of a Woman.
Mrs. Arrowood grabbed his neck to the wall and he groaned.
“What do you take me for? a fool?”.
“Mother what’s going on?”.
“You don’t know the Petrova, do you? They’re more dangerous than the Arrowood “. She asked tightening her grip.
“Mother?”. Diaz groaned as she chocked him.
“They’re the Traveling Hunters”.
Cindy gasped as stared Francis and back to the couple who smiled at them.
“Mother?”. She whispered.
“Dad”. Francis whispered.
“It’s been so long kids”.
“They’re drawn to places were Mermaids reside and at the moment they’re back to their own City, to hunt”.
“Unlike us they go the ancient path, they don’t use tech like us, they deal with dark objects and weapons against the creature of the sea, did you just call their offspring a daughter of the sea”. Mrs. Arrowood said angrily and released her grip causing him to cough as he dropped.
“Cindy Petrova is never a Mermaid, talk less of an Arctic but you truely knew the Arctic, I saw it in your eyes, you weren’t lying and this act of yours just proved something”. She said and paused.
“Anita was the last of the Arctic, the thing In the box was never a Kraken, The Elijah on Sardinia Island were we found the decay of a Mermaid is not a coincidence, Their daughter beauty and voice is never a confidence, the salt not working on her is not a coincidence, Anita forming alliance with the other Arctic is not a coincidence, Lovely saving a Mermaid and helping her excape is not a coincidence, there’s only one person he could do insane things for “. She added and turned to him.
” And you lying to me for the first time in your existence is never a coincidence because there’s only one person who’s messed up the senses of my kids, one person who they’re *obsessed with, one person who you’re crazy over son but your brother got her, There was never a kraken in the box, she was pregnant for Danny before her escape and someone trained the child ins* tead “.
At this point Diaz heart pound heavily as tears formed in his eyes.
“Kapella Elijah isn’t it”. She said and his eyes popped out.
“I may be one eyed but I see farther”.
“Kapella Elijah, Welcome to the Arrowood Family”. She announced fisting her hand.


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