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City mermaid episode 4

City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_4🐬
Kapella and Cindy got into the classroom amidst the loud noise from the hallway.
It was deserted except for lovely who was studying at a far end in the class.
“Hey you’re back”. He said raising his head up.
“Yeah. You didn’t go out?”.She asked.
“What for?”. He asked.
“Nothing”. She said forcing a smile.
She sat down and inhaled heavily as she placed her books on the desk.
There was the urge to look back but she turned to Cindy instead.
“So what tough class have I missed?”. She asked scratching her head.
“You look nervous”.
“Stop it and just speak”.
“Well biology isn’t a problem for you neither physics or chemistry and hard-core Mathematics but Foreign Language”. Cindy whispered.
“Hush!”. Kapella said covering her face.
“I hate that shit”. She cursed.
“Remember Mr. Raji says we’re gonna learn Italian this grade so brace up”. Cindy said.
“Can’t we just go for Inglés?”. She asked.
“Ingles… That’s progress”.
“Or maybe that’s the only Italian I know apart from Bella Ciao, thanks to Money Heist”. Kapella said as she laid her head on the desk.
“Can I have a look at your assignment?”. Cindy asked.
“What assignment? I just resumed yesterday and I don’t remember there was one “. She said.
“Summer Assignment”.
“There was no Summer Assignment”. Kapella said.
“Of course except Foreign Languages. Write a short story in Italian”. Cindy said and she gasped raising her head up.
“Oh my…. I literally forgot”. Kapella said running her hand through her hair.
“And what could have possibly kept you occupied?”. Cindy asked.
“Do I have to remember you that I play with my boyfriend all day, all night?”. Kapella snapped.
Lovely was about speaking already but hearing her statement he slowly closed his mouth.
“Oh you’re such a jerk and and an addict”. Cindy cursed.
“No am not, I just love him”. Kapella said.
“hush! I guess you can call Jim right away to help you with your Italian assignment”.
“Seriously? You did yours right, you’re gonna help me cos you’re by bestie”.
“If you weren’t popular you wouldn’t have bothered but Mr. Raji said he would love to see yours when you return”. Cindy said and she scoffed.
“Yeah. So if you wanna be safe from humiliation pick a pen and start”.
“Have you learnt Italian yet?”.
“Nope but I got it’s dictionary in my phone which I used”. Cindy asked.
“Can you?”.
“One, it’s stressful, took me weeks to compose a story that I don’t even know if I’m right or wrong, two my battery is dead and three don’t bother to download the app cos it’s only a waste of time”. Cindy said.
“You’re seriously discouraging me, could I take a look at yours, I could magical understand Italian”. Kapella said and they laughed.
“Unfortunately for you, Mr. Raji has our books so you have till after lunch”. Cindy said.
“How do I start.. I want to be like Once upon a time but what the hell is that?”. She asked.
“C’era una volta “. They heard Lovely’s voice and turned back to see him.
“You’re still here”. Cindy stammered as he dropped the book he was reading on the desk.
“How did you……Could you repeat that?”. Kapella asked.
“I lived in Spain for about ten years. C’era una volta”. He said.
She turned to her book and wrote before turning to Cindy.
“Did I write it correctly?”. She whispered.
“Do I need to remind you I am a dictionary girl?”. She asked.
Lovely moved to her desk and stared at her note.
“I know I’m totally wrong”. She whispered.
“Nope. Here, C’era,There’s an apostrophe in between and over here it’s Una not na and your volta is correct”. He said and she grinned.
The students were returning to the classroom already as a teacher walked in.
“I guess you’re free at lunch break”. He asked.
“Yeah sure”.
“Then put down your story in English, it’ll make your work easier”. He said and turned to his seat.
“Progress I guess “. Cindy said.
“Well am not a dictionary girl” “. Kapella fired.
Cindy grabbed her hair which was in Bun style and she laughed as she hits off her hand but the barrette holding the hairs together broke.
Kapella gasped as she held the hair quickly with her hands.
” Kapella are you alright? “. Cindy asked staring at her scared face.
Kapella took off immediately as everyone wondered what was wrong with her.
“Miss Elijah”. The Teacher called out as she ran past him.
Kapella raced as fast as she could into the restroom and breath heartless as she lean on the door.
She let go of her hair and it fell down freely past her waist.
She examined herself in the mirror and could see clearly see her mysterious hair.
She took off her hat and that was when the door pushed open but she forced it back to close.
“Kapella!”. She could hear Cindy’s loud voice as she bolt the door.
“I’m fine, I’ll be out in a minute”. Kapella said.
“Are you sure?”.
“Yeah. Just get back to class”. She said as she turned to the mirror.
“What do I do?”. She whispered pacing left and right.
“Ella are you sure you’re fine?”.
“I am totally fine Cindy just go back to class, okay?”.
Kapella paused as she remembered something.
She dipped her hand into her pocket and slide out a new barrette.
She hurriedly made her hair in a bun style and tied it with a ribbon before using the barrette.
She unlocked the door and pulled it open and there was Cindy standing akimbo.
“And don’t start lying Kapella, I know you didn’t go in there to puke”.
Cindy said.
“Of course, I needed to clear my head”. She replied.
“Clear your head?, from what?”. Cindy asked as she walked away.
“Can we just forget about it and go to class?”.
“No, you scared me, you’re hiding something”.
“No… I am not”.
“Yes you are”. Cindy asked and they almost collide into Lovely who stood at the hall.
“Hey”. Kapella said as they stopped abruptly.
“I was worried you pulled out of class like that”.
“I’m fine. I just remembered that I forgot my phone in the rest room”. She lied.
“Isn’t this yours? I picked it from your desk just now “. He said raising a phone up.
Kapella gasped seeing that it was hers.
” It’s mine actually “. Cindy said.
” Oh “. He said and handed it over to her.
” Thanks “.
” I can see you’re fine, I’ll take my leave then “. He said.
” Alright thanks for your concern”. She said and he left.
“It’s obvious Kapella, what are you hiding?”. Cindy asked.
“Nothing let’s go”. Cindy said dragging her along.
After series of lectures it was finally breaktime as the Electric bell rung loudly.
Students trooped out like captives who finally got their freedom.
“Cindy?”. Kapella called out as she leaned on her desk looking into her eyes.
Cindy didn’t reply as she concentrated on the book she was reading.
“C’mon Cin I know you ain’t reading but staring at the letters”.
“That’s right so if you would excuse me I would love to concentrate”. She said.
“I said I’m sorry”.
“Or maybe your could just tell me what that was? What are we friends for?”. Cindy asked.
“C’mon were past this, let’s just forget it happened and move on as usual”. Kapella said.
“Not anymore Kapella, we’ve been together since childhood so if you can’t confide in me anymore like I in you”. Cindy said putting her books together..
“Are you breaking up with me?”. Kapella asked.
“I’m afraid so girlfriend”. Cindy said as she rose to her feet.
It was dawn to Kapella that moment that was going to lose the only friend she had if she didn’t act.
Cindy was the only one closer to her than her parent and losing her is never and option even if it means thinking of crazy things.
“I think I’m crushing….. “. Kapella said and Cindy paused.
She turned back slowly with a grin and what other direction did her eyes go if not Lovely’s.
“I couldn’t think straight”.
“So you ran off, the tension”. Cindy said pulling her cheek.
“Stop it!”. Kapella said hitting her hands off.
Cindy laughed and wrapped her hand around her neck.
“It wasn’t a big deal we’re friends you know, I’m so sure he was cute until reality became unfair”. She said.
“How can you be so sure?”.
“Take a look at his structure, tall guys are always cute”. Cindy said and Kapella scoffed.
“Have you been scrutinizing him?”. She asked.
“Ah no and now that you got your eyes on him, no to scrutinizing”. Cindy said.
“Um.. Cindy?”. Kapella stammered.
“Don’t worry, you don’t need to tell me, I’ll get him for you”. She sang in low tone as she moved toward him.
“Hold! No, Cindy, that’s not what I meant”. Kapella said and groaned.
“Lies on Lies makes no truth”. Kapella whispered.
“Hey”. Cindy said as she approached him.
“Hey, Cindy”.
“Um.. I hope you ain’t busy”. She said.
“Not at all I was about grabbing lunch, it’s lunch time”. Lovely said.
“Um. My friend over there, her Um assignment”. Cindy said.
“Oh Oh how forgetful I am, am so sorry”. He laughed arranging his books.
“I’ll help you with that, you should go, Foreign Language teacher comes in after lunch time”. She said.
“Thanks”. He said moving away.
“Hi”. Kapella said.
“Shall we?”.
Cindy watched them as they left the classroom.
She slides the books into the bag and zipped it close.
“What is burnt face doing with Kapella?”. Joe asked.
“Chubby bitch get to mind your business”. She cursed walking away.
She got to the Cafeteria and saw Kapella with Lovely as he taught her to write her story in Italian.
Cindy left and returned with the thermos that had her meal.
“Hey”. Cindy said as she dropped it on the desk.
“Are you guys comfortable, it’s noisy in here”. She said.
“Maybe I love noise”. Kapella said.
“I brought your meal”. Cindy said as she opened the thermos.
“Care to join?”. She added.
“No, I’m fine, Just eat while we continue”. He said.
“Don’t be shy, eat”. Cindy whispered to Kapella as lonely looked away for a moment.
“You’re evil”. Kapella whispered back and she laughed.
“Should i help you with the writing or you now have interest for Italian?”. He asked.
“I do”. She said as she slide the fleshy fish into her mouth.
“The Old Witch has plans to kill the lovers”. Lovely read from a book and paused.
“La vecchia strega aveva dei piani per uccidere gli amanti”. He said.
“What the…. I give up!”. She said laughing.
“Do I repeat that?”. He asked.
“Maybe slowly”.
“La vecchia..”. He whispered.
“La ve.. That’s wrong vecc.. vess…vess… “. She stammered and they burst into laughter.
Kapella sniffed as the spice in the meal choked her.
She coughed heavily as the usual funny tears formed in her eyes.
Lovely hurried off and returned with a a bottled drink but she refused to take it as she continued coughing.
Not until Cindy arrived with water which she drank like her life depended on it.
“She rejected my juice”. He said.
“Juice worsen the choke”. Cindy said.
“Wow! My bad, are you alright?”. He asked and she nodded.
“Can you kindly help me before I bite off my tongue?”. She asked and he nodded.
He took her books and left for another table.
Kapella raised her head up and could see everyone around staring at her.
“Everyone seems to avoid him”. Cindy said.
“I know. We only get to look at the face and not the heart”. Kapella said as she slide another fish into her mouth.
“It wasn’t his fault, am definitely sure he was cute”.
“Am only trying to be symp…”. She said and paused as she watched the students leave where Lovely had gone.
“You feel sorry for him, don’t you?”. Cindy asked.
“Just stop talking Cindy, where have you been?”. Kapella asked.
“Over there with my arrogant brother”. She said pointing.
Kapella dropped the fish she held and looked down.
“I lost my appetite”.
“You didn’t eat last night and this morning”. Cindy said.
“Is is because of him?”. Cindy asked.
“Just stop for once Cindy, I barely know him for less than 24 hours”. Kapella said.
“Alright… I’ll excuse you… I need to use the restroom”. Cindy said and left.
Shortly there was a loud noise from the hallway and Kapella raised her head up.
Everyone’s eyes turned to the door as Diaz and Ashley bouced into the Cafeteria with a big crowd behind them.
Students quickly left their seats since they didn’t know where they would choose to sit.
Diaz eyes scanned from left and right paused staring at Kapella who sat while everyone stood.
She slowly slide a little piece of flesh into her warm tongue as he took off her dark shades.
“She’s mine, brother”. Ashley snapped and he moved to an empty seat.
A female student sat on his lap as a chef pushed a buffet in filled with different meal, on it was the gigantic meat that even a family can’t consume in one week.
The students hailed as they returned to their seats.
“You over there”. Diaz said pointing to another female student who was taking a juice.
She slowly retreat it as she turned to him.
“You’re gonna feed with me”. He said and she gasped.
“Do you have a problem with that?”. He asked.
She looked around and no seems to care.
Five chubby students rose up from behind him clenching their fist.
She thought they were for her not until…
“Do it!”. They roared causing the drink to fall off get hand.
It was obvious they were the senior students and Diaz was one of them now.
Her hands shook as she moved slowly for the table.
The chef handed over a fork and knife to her and she collects it.
“Tell me, is he charming?”. Kapella heard a soft voice and jerked from looking at the scene.
She was shocked to see Ashley right at her front.
She was quite beautiful as her multicolored hair laid on her shoulder.
Kapella stared blankly at her as she bite lips which were pink.
“You must be Kapella”. She said and she nodded.
“They were right, you’re such a beauty”. Ashley said smiling.
“Thank you”.
“Do you know why?”. Ashley asked and she shook her head.
“Whenever I speak, you reply not act like a frustrated imbecile”. She whispered and Kapella nodded.
“Oh my God… Who the hell are your parents!”. She roared.
“How could they give birth to a fvcking freak?”.
“I’m not a freak. I’m Kapella”.
“Hmm you can speak now”. Ashley said and smirked.
“The students got to debate who’s the most beautiful at Phoenix High, my name was at the top until someone mentioned your name and eveyone agreed thereby threatening my position as Queen Beauty of this school”. Ashley whispered.
“What’s my problem with that?”.
“Can you hear that, I disgust her”. Ashley said.
“I never said so”.
“That’s what you meant”. Ashley said sitting on the desk.
“Listen…”. Ashley said touching Kapella’s lips with her fingers.
“You’re going to wash every single makeup….”.
“I don’t use makeup”. She whispered and Ashley pushed her upper lips up.
“What the hell are you. Some beauty Mermaid… I don’t care how you do it but the next time I see you, you must be ugly by any means I don’t care, clear?”. She asked but there was no response.
“I deserve a reply”.
“You literally have your fingers over my lips and it’s making me nervous”.
“Hmm do I look charming, we could be girlfriends.. Dooor.. You disgust me”. Ashley as she jumped down from the desk.
She gazed at Lovely who was watching them.
“You see that fried face over there, you could ask him to make you one”.
“It was accident”. Kapella said.
“Wow! That’s good for him”.
“Don’t dare make jest of him”. Kapella roared to her face.
“Wow! You love ugly boys.. Wow! You just won my heart”. Ashley said and chuckled.
“You heard me I’m cool but I can be crazy”. Ashley said and catwalk to the buffet as eveyone gave way.
That was when Kapella saw Cindy, she was standing there the entire time.
“I told you, don’t piss them with your beauty”. Cindy said siting down.
“She threatened me”.
“Hi Principal can you kindly bring in your swivel chair I so much hate this one”. Diaz loud voice as he spoke to his phone.
“He’s crazy”. Kapella said.
“Watch and see, they have been a terror every high school they went and now they are here in a high school founded by their family, they have control over everything”. Cindy said.
Soon the Principal moved in with a swivel chair on his head.
Kapella gasped as she cleaned her eyes.
“He disobey, he lose his Job”. Cindy whispered.
“Go have your seat somewhere, I’ll tell you when to leave”. Diaz said.
The Principal sat down on the chair beside Kapella and crossed his legs.
“Mr. Principal?”. She called out.
“I am sorry but I am no longer your principal, I just have the title, nothing more”.
“They’re turning the school into…..”.
“Into whatever they want, that isn’t your business, you focus on your study Kapella don’t get on their way, whoever gets marked by Arrowood are doomed, I can’t save you, involving your parents will put their Jobs at risk, so do whatever they ask or want, the school belongs to them “. He said.
” I think i need some air “. Kapella said covering the thermos.
She rose to her feet and moved for the door.
” You! “. She heard his voice and paused.
She made to take another step but he called out again and she turned back.
” You’re next to feed me”. He said.
She scoffed as she moved slowly toward the table.
“I said she was mine, brother”. Ashley said as she sat beside him.
“Is there crime in sharing?”. He asked and she frown.
“You heard me”. He said.
She took the knife and nodded slowly.
“You’re wasting my precious time”. He said and without warning she stab the knife into the gigitic meat.
“Feed yourself, Arrogant bitch!”. She cursed and walked out.
Diaz calmed as his heart had almost flew off due to the shock.
“She literally walked out on me, you know what that means, get her! “. He commanded.
Kapella exhaled heavily as she stopped at the intersection.
She turned back and could some senior student running toward her.
“Oh my… Geez”. She cursed as she took to her heels.
She came glancing back as she ran occasionally turning from left to right hallway.
She got to the intersection again and this time took the left hallway.
She turned back to see and collide into one of them as she grabbed.
She screamed loudly trying to break free but no one acted like they knew her as eveyone faced their business.
“Let her go!”. They heard a voice and everyone turned to see Lovely.
Still grabbing Kapella the Chubby boy turned to see him but he was incoming already.
He bounced on the wall and kicked his face with his knee.
He let go of Kapella as they came crashing to the ground.
Lovely tightened his fist and punched his face angrily causing him to pass out.
“You alright”. He asked helping her up.
“Yeah, you shouldn’t have put yourself in my troubles”. She said.
He made to reply when the speakers on the wall made a cracky sound which meant they were active.
There were several speakers all over the school for passing information to the students.
“Attention all students of Phoenix High”. A baritone voice rang out of the speakers.
“Diaz”. Kapella whispered.
“We have a beautiful fugitive who’s on the run and I want her found immediately… What’s her name again? “. He said and paused.
“2000 US Dollar for whoever finds and bring me Kapella Elijah, Let the hunt begin”. He announced.
Kapella quickly pushed her hat down to cover her face as the students around became at alert.
“How fast can you run?”. She asked.


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