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City mermaid episode 29 & 30

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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

🐬 Episode_29🐬



“Who the hell are you you?”. Kapella asked.
“Your nightmare”. The Woman whispered as she sprang at Kapella.
She grabbed her down to the dust but Kapella kicked her off and staggered to her feet.
She stop abruptly as five more faceless women emerged from the dust.

“The ocean!”. Madison screamed loudly as she rose up with other Mermaids.
Kapella took off but a huge amount of dust hit her and she crashed unto the rock.
The Stealer leapt out of the dust to grab her but she was swift to roll away.

Kapella gasped as she woman grabbed her her shoulder.
Her entire body seized up as she couldn’t move a finger.
The woman held her tightly and began to hum but a Mermaid dived out of know and pushed her off.

The stealer gripped her tightly and hummed loud.
The face of the Mermaid pulled off into that of the stealer and she dropped to the ground.
She rose up slowly as she was no longer faceless but now had the face of the Mermaid.
“Oh my God!”. Kapella exclaimed.

She took off immediately as she could see dust swimmers headed for her.
She ran as fast as she could and dived into the ocean.
Her clothes tore off immediately as she transformed to an Artic Mermaid.

The Stealers burst into the waters as well and pursued as she swam speedily with her tail flapping.
“Mermaids have control over the creature’s of the sea but an Arctic has greater, clear your mind and enter into the memories of the creatures, communicate with and use them as your weapon “. She could hear Madison’s voice in her head.

One of the Stealers tried to grabbed her but she kicked her with her sharp tail and burst out of the water.
With heads down she submerged in speedily as swam off.
She could feel a shark far away as other little creatures connected her her.

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Kapella closed her eyes as her thoughts traveled down to where the shark was thereby establishing a connection.
A huge amount of sand like a tornado thrust into the water hitting her.
She hits a sea rock and made to get up but two stealers grabbed her.
She groaned loudly and that was when the shark from nowhere hits them away.

Kapella gasped as she mind communicate with the shark asking it to attack them.
It roared loudly and rushed at the Stealers who swam into different direction.
One of them turned around and the shark bite her tail causing her to scream although it wasn’t heard as she was underwater.

The Leader of Stealers who had stolen a face already appeared out of nowhere and slapped the head the shark breaking the connection between it and Kapella.
Kapella groaned loudly as she felt that slight terrible headache.
The Woman established her connection with the shark and it dashed at Kapella.

“Shit!”. She thought and swam off speedily.
She tried to get into the memory of the shark but couldn’t as something was blocking her access.
She dived out of the water and the shark followed suit but made a U turn and punched the shark’s head as they landed in water.
A stealer tried to grab her but she she used her tail to slash her chest.
Kapella groaned as she felt a force accessing her mind.

“Give up now, Give me what I want”. She could hear the voice in her head.
“Stealer”. She thought.
“No, El Voleuse”. The voice replied as a shadow appeared behind Kapella.
She already felt the presence and bent low underwater escaping the woman’s grip.
Kapella turned am almost bumped into five angry shark who snared at her.

She needed no Mermaid no tell her they were under the Stealers control as she shot out of the water like a bullet.
Her tail separated to human legs as she landed on the sea shore half naked as she had only a shirt on.
Ahead was The Elijah and Cindy already in the helicopter.

“Come!”. Cindy screamed at her.
Kapella raced off for the helicopter geas the Stealers emerged slowly from the water.
They raised their hands up causing dust to bust out of the ground was Kapella kept running dodging them dangerously.
The helicopter was taking off already as kept running toward covering her face as dust explodes up.

She dived up narrowly and Cindy caught her hand as the helicopter went up.
Mrs. Elijah held her other hand and they lift her into the helicopter.
“Hey are you alright?”. Cindy asked as Kapella sat and placed her hand on her naked lap.
Mrs. Elijah could see the Stealers vanishing into the dust of the shore as she closed the door of the Chopper.

“Is she alright?”. Mr. Elijah from where he controlled the helicopter.
“Yes, she is”.
“Oh my God! Oh my God!”. Kapella exclaimed as she covered her face.

“That was scary, like a horror movie”. Cindy said.
“They stole the girl’s face, it was my fault”. Kapella said angrily.
“Nothing is your fault Kapella, We never expected something like that”. Cindy said.
“Where’s Madi?”.

“She left with her people”. Cindy replied.
“We’ll be back at Phoenix in no time so calm, alright?”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“How can I be calm Mom, they’re gonna come for me again, they have powers on land”. Kapella said.
“Then we leave the City”.

“Leave, I don’t run from my problems”.
“How do you choose to fight Mermaids who have powers of the dust of the earth, this must be the people your Mother talked about they’re dangerous”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“And so am I, I’m an Artic, the strongest of the Mermaids”.
“That’s where you get in wrong, you’re only a special specie, you saw what those people can do”. Mrs. Elijah said.

“And with proper training I’ll know what I can do, I controlled a shark and that’s what fvcking saved me, Madison is not a stealer, She’s trying to help me and right now I need her help more than ever”. Kapella said almost screaming.
“I’ve told you already you don’t need my consent to whatever you wish”. Mrs. Elijah said and moved to the pilot seat beside her husband.

“Are you alright?”. He asked and she nodded.
“You?”. She asked and he nodded as well.


“Seems the Arrowood brothers are finding their ways back to each other “. Ashley said as she joined Diaz and Finn who were eating around a circular glass table.
” What do you want ash? “. He asked.
” Can’t I join my brothers over the table? “.

” It’s obvious you ain’t part of us well i just came here to have a nice meal not chit chit with some damn brother”. Finn said and Diaz hit the table angrily.
“Hey chill bro, do you have to fight always?”. Ashley said as she starting taking from the bowl of ice cream she brought.
“Don’t act like you care”. Finn said.

“I’ve said it before, I go for the highest bidder but you are still my brothers, remember when we just got into Phoenix High, we were The Fatal Three hmm”. She said as she licked her fingers.
“Until your Lovely ruined it, we’re useless at Phoenix now, isn’t that right?”. Diaz said.
“You blame Lovely, only if you left Kapella for me, all this won’t be happening”. Finn said and he scoffed.

“I had a girl first, you and Lovely walked in to take forcefully, how does that sound?”.
“Or i had I first, remember my words when we first saw the girl?”. Ashley asked.
“Well Lovely got the girl and we fight aimlessly, at least I’m not a fool who act childish”. Finn said as he smiled stupidly.

Diaz broke the glass he was holding and points it to his neck.
“Mind your tongue, Finn”.
“I never mentioned names brother”. Finn said.
“Would you both stop the madness?”. Ashley asked.
“Leave Lovely to me brother, I can handle him, Go for another girl, probably what’s her name again,Cinderella or what?, she has a touch of beauty too and has a big character you like, stubborn and pretty annoying, perfect match “. He said.

” If you like a girl, don’t advertise her to me Finn “. Diaz said and dropped the bottle rising to his feet.
” But there’s something strange about the girl, Kapella “.Ashley said.
” Don’t start yours Ashley, I thought you both were with me but it’s obvious am a lone wolf “. Diaz said.
” There was this light in the water the day you pushed Lovely into the pool and she dived in “. Ashley said and he paused.

” I would have showed you but I lost the footage should I say I’m the foolish one, I got engrossed in her beauty voice and forgot it at the restroom, went back and couldn’t find it “.
” And why will Kapella be singing to you in the restroom?”. Finn asked.

” non of your concern, you can think whatever you choose to “. Ashley said.
” Did you say light? “.
” Are you finally interested in me, Diaz? “. She asked and he scoffed.
” Tell me!”. He roared.
” What’s up? What do you know? “. She asked.

The door pushed open revealing Mrs. Arrowood.
They all gasped as they saw her, she was eavesdropping the entire time.
” What’s it you’re hiding son spill it before I lose my temper “. She warned.
“Mom it’s nothing”.
“Spill it”. She roared as her eyes turned red.

“I also saw a light a certain time she was underwater”.
“Love had ruined your senses, all your senses, all of you! No one leaves this building till I return, prepare the table we’re having a guest? “. She said and stopped at the door.
” And if my instruction to you leaks out, Dahlia or Candy, I’ll prefer not to say what I’ll do “. She said and walked out.

” Ma’am we’ve tracked the helicopter that was spotted at the Island “. Frank, Lovely’s personal guard said as he ran after her.
“It’s for Phoenix Consolidated but it’s for a certain Lance Elijah, it’s was spotted returning back “. He said and she paused immediately.
“Lance Elijah?”.

“Yes. According to his profile he works as a Cryptographer”.
“I know him”. She said smiling.
“Ma’am his name also appeared in the record those who boarded the wrecked ship years ago, the one you asked us to access “.
“What will My Elijah do at Atlantic Ocean, I thought he hated Sea travel”. Mrs. Elijah said and his eyes popped up.

“Alright then”. She said and made to move but paused.
“What’s the name of the girl Lovely is into again?”. She asked and he swallowed the saliva in his mouth.
“Kapella Elijah ma’am”.

“Do a background check”.
“I did already ma’am she’s his daughter”.
“Mr. Elijah ma’am”.
“Seems I need to pay a visit to Kapella Elijah first, get the helicopter ready and find out Kapella Elijah’s last location “.

“We’ve accessed the company camera’s on the roof of the building, Mr. Elijah, Kapella, A Woman we’ve investigated to be his wife and Kapella Elijah’s best friend”.
“It’s alright,and get me also Kapella Elijah’s picture, I haven’t bothered to see what she look like that sends my children somersaulting”. Mrs. Arrowood said walking away.

💺💺Phoenix Consolidated 💺💺

Kapella walked out of the Elevator with her parent and Cindy as she was now on new dress.
“I guess we’ll try some other time”. Mr. Elijah.
“Or we don’t, I can survive this way”. Kapella said.
“What do you, you’re….”. Cindy said and paused.

“I’ll go see my Boss, you go home with your mom”.
“We need to talk Elijah”.
“We’ll get a cab then, let’s go Cindy”. Kapella said dragging her along.
“Alright, am all ears”. He said.
“Not here, go to your boss, I’ll be waiting at your office”. She said and walked away.

Mrs. Arrowood alighted from the helicopter as it lands on the roof of Phoenix Consolidated.
She took a deep breath as took off her dark shade revealing her damaged eyes.
She wore it back again and entered into the elevator.

It descends down but stopped by a floor as someone there might have called it.
The door open up revealing Mr. Elijah, his eyes popped as he saw Mrs. Arrowood.
He held his chest tightly as the sudden shock was sharp.
“Minerva”. He whispered.

“It’s been so long Elijah, don’t stand out there, I’m at haste”. She said and pulled him in.
“You… You were dead”. He stammered.
“After you dumped me, I do remember but here I am, I’m not”. She said leaning against the elevator.
“I searched for you”. He said.

“Does it mean anything, you had a fiancee, one year after you broke up, why search for me after my rumored death?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
He exhaled and bit his lower lips.
“Good you’re alive then, what are you doing here?”. He asked.
“It’s nineteen years already Elijah and I have kids so I’m not running back to your feet, so strange you still recognize me after such long time, seems you really searched, I’m not here for you Elijah, just business”.

“As much as I’ve lived without you for 19 years, I hate this conversation”. She said and the elevator opened.
“Goodbye Elijah, till we see again”. She said and let out an evil smile as she made to walk away.
“Mrs. Arrowood?”. A man said as he walked from the south hallway.

“Mr. Phillips”. She said and they shook hands.
“It’s such a surprise to see you here when did you return to country, I can’t thank you enough for the donations you’ve made to Phoenix Consolidated over and over again, are you here for an exhibition, I can take you around Um… Mr. Elijah….”.
“No, never mind, I prefer to move alone”.

“Mrs. Arrowood?”. Elijah asked.
“Elijah, meet Mrs. Arrowood, you must have heard her name before but she doesn’t make public appearance, Mrs. Arrowood meet…”.
“Don’t worry we know ourselves, I’ll take my leave”. She said and walked.
“Wow! Elijah you didn’t inform me you knew the biggest billionaire….”.

“Excuse me boss”. Elijah said and ran after her.
He caught up with her as she entered another elevator.
“Mrs. Arrowood?”. He said.
“I’m fvcking married Elijah, do you think I was gonna cry like a baby after our break up”. She said.

“No, the Family name you asked me to pick before we broke up, Arrowood “. He said and she smiled.
” Why are shocked? Maybe I decided to take it with or without you, don’t interrupt me Elijah, you’re dead to me and I’m dead to you and as I’ve said earlier… “. She said and paused.

” I’m here for business “. She said and kicked him causing him to crash to the ground.
The elevator doors closed up and it went down.
He hurried down the stairs and almost ran into his wife.
” Hey you’re fast, I haven’t even got to your office”.

“Minerva, Minerva is alive”. He said hurriedly.
“What Minerva? Are you okay?”.
“Minerva Robert!”. He said aloud.
“That isn’t possible”. She said aloud.

“She’s not dead, she only changed her name making her untraceable”. He said.
“I don’t understand you Elijah, your Ex coming back to life”.
“She was Mermaid Hunter, that was why we broke up “.
“Um.. You never told me that”.
“She wanted me to take some Family name Arrowood and become a Mermaid Hunter but I rejected it, it got into serious fight and that was the end, months later she was rumored to had died in a plane crash”. He said hurriedly

“Did you say Arrowood, The Billionaire Family?”.
“Yes, she is keeping a low profile the entire time, only her name is heard but she was unknown”. He said.
“Oh my God, Kapella”. She exclaimed.
“Even if she’s a hunter, she can’t detect people by sight, Kapella should be out of Phoenix….. Hold on, her son is that Candy Arrowood on news?”. He asked and they hurried down the stairs speedily.

Kapella and Cindy waved down a Taxi and made to enter when a white limo from behind horned loudly and it drove off.
“What the fvck?”. Cindy exclaimed.

The Limousine stopped in front of them and the door pushed open automatically.
A hand wrapped around their neck and they looked back to see who it was.
“You’re beautiful as they describe”. She said.
It was Mrs. Arrowood smiling softly with her hands on their shoulder.

“Excuse me”. Kapella said.

“Oh pardon, I guess we haven’t met before or my son lied that I’m dead, well I’m Mrs. Arrowood and you must be Kapella Elijah”. She whispered.

Mr. And Mrs. Elijah ran down the stairs as they found their way through the crowd in the main building.
“Did you see a tall woman on dark shades?”. He asked as he approached a guard at an exit.

“Um… I think so, she was conversing with your daughter at the south exit, they must have left cos….”.
They didn’t allow him to finish as raced off and pushed the door opened.

Kapella, Cindy and Mrs. Arrowood were nowhere to be found.
They were gone.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

🐬 Episode_30🐬


Minerva(Mrs. Arrowood) and Elijah got down from a Rolls Royce Phantom as the Chaffeur bowed before them.
They were in front of a gigantic mansion whoose wall were made of glass.
It’s probably a waste of time trying to describe the place as there was a lot but in an overall sense it was beautiful beyond imagining.

They looked a little younger as it is nineteen years ago.
“This is your place”. Elijah asked as he looked around.
“Mmmm hmmm”.
“Wow!”. He said in amazement.
“You haven’t seen anything yet, you should come in”. Minerva said as she held his hand.

“Sure”. He said and she let him into the building.
He was still engrossed in the fountain that poured out colorfully liquid.
“Hey, You’re gonna have time to see everything when we get married, C’mon”. She said dragging him along.
He stood by the door as he touched it with his hand.
“Diamond”. He whispered.

“Hish!”. She said and pulled him into the living room.
“How did you acquire all this?”. He asked looking up the the Crystal Chandelier above them as it rotate graciously reflecting several colours of light.
The maids in the room bowed before them as they appeared from different corners.

“We’ve been together for almost two years Elijah, lame question”. She said and kissed his cheek.
“When we get married, we’ll make more”.
“I know”. He said putting his hand around her neck.
“It’s a gift from my Family Elijah, it’s beautiful isn’t it?”.
“Of course, extremely, Your family?”.
“The Robert Family, Have you forgotten?”. Minerva asked with a baby like face.
“Oh That’s right”.

“And you want to get married”. She said pulling his arm.
“Totally sorry, I guess I forgot your billionaire family because you’re one”.
“Dooor… The Chandelier, how does it it look?”. She asked pointing up.

“Just like you”. He whispered and she pinched his arm.
“I’ve warned you to stop being Ultra Romantic”. Minerva said.
“And I’ll kill anyone who tries to take you away from me”. She said and he gasped turning to her.
“Just joking, so what do you wanna take?”. She asked they collapsed into into the grand sofa.

“Pop corn would do”. He said and she scoffed.
“Umm hmm cos there’s no better choice..”. He said as he took the remote control and point it to the large screen in front of them.
“You moved a Cinema to your mansion”. He said and she laughed.

“Of course, What are you waiting for get the popcorn”. She screamed at one of the Maid.
“Ma’am Mr. Bradley was….”.
“Shut the hell up! How many times have I warned you not to discuss business issues when.. You know what you’re fired!”.
“Hey easy Minerva”. Elijah said.

“Now go get the popcorn before I change my mind”.
“Sorry for the scene, sometimes they misbehave”. She said placing her head on his shoulder.
“What are you watching?”.She asked.
“IT, it’s just getting started”. He said.

“We’ve been together long enough for you to know that I hate horror “. She said as she laid on the couch and rest her head on his lap.
” Promise me you’ll never leave me “. She whispered.

” And when did you that begin? “. He asked.
” Never mind “. She said as the maid arrived with a huge pack of popcorn.
” This is huge “. He said.
“Mmm Everything about me is big”. She said.

“Including your problems?”. He asked and she laughed.
“So how many kids are we gonna have?”. She asked.
“Are you that eager?”. He asked.
“I’m not getting any younger Arrowood, sorry I meant Elijah”. Minerva said.

“Two raised to the power of four”. He said as he pushed the popcorn into his mouth.
“I’m terrible at maths Eli but I know that’s sixteen, you really have intentions to kill me, it’s evident now”. She said and he pumped a lot of popcorn into her mouth.

“That should keep you from talking”. He said.
“What’s should we pick as the name of the first son?”. She asked with mouth filled.
He pushed more of it into her mouth and she vomits it out.
“Or you want a Girl?”. Minerva said.

“Hish! You’re scared of a Junior Husband in your house”. She added and he scoffed.
“What did you call it again?”.
“Elijah Jnr”. She whispered and he laughed.
“I’ll be leaving by eleven pm, I’ve an appointment at work”. He said and she frowned as she raised her head up to him.

“I thought you were gonna send the entire, ain’t you impressed by the place?”.
“I’m, totally but I have to work”.
“After we get married I’ll purchase Phoenix Consolidated “. She said and he pulled her cheek.
” Your jokes are always charming “.
” I’m not, and I’ll make you the CEO “. She bragged.

” Stop it Minerva “. He said laughing
” What do you think about the name, Arrowood? “. She asked.
” Um What do mean?”. He asked.
” I mean, does the name Arrowood sound cool? “. She asked and he turned to screen as he continued eating.

” Is that the name you’ve chosen to give our first child?”. He asked but she remained mute.
” Come with me”. She said pulling him along.
“Where are we going to?”. He asked as she moved down starstairs to the underground.
“Elijah you said you loved me”.
“Of course I do”. He said.

“Hey Minerva, you’re scaring me”. He said as they stopped mid way
“What I’m about to show you Elijah is my life and I’ll so much love you to be part of it”. She said holding his hand.
“I’m a part of your already, what are you talking about?”.

“I want you to change your name Elijah”. She said.
“My Name?”.
“Yes, I haven’t been granted full access to my family business because I’m the only female child but if I we get married, you’ll take over my family business Elijah, we’ll be damn Rich, well get whatever we want”.

“I don’t still get you, me, take over The Robert’s Family business, Minerva….”.
“Shhh”. She whispered placing her finger on his lip.
“I call this, the black world, it’s a passage to my other life”. She said pointing to the black door before them.

She took a piece of cloth and blind folded him.
“Is this some kind of surprise? “. He asked as she pushed open the door and helped him in.
” Don’t panic, just listen to me “. She said as she bolt the door behind.
” You can take your blindfold “. She said.

He took it off but there was nothing but uttter darkness.
” Is this some sort of suspense?”. He asked.
“Yep!”. She said and moving to switch turned on the light.
Elijah screamed loudly as he was face to face with a gagged woman who was suspended with a rope upside down.

He staggered back and hit something.
He turned to see the woman gagged and tied to a pillar with burnt face.
He couldn’t scream any longer as he behold the horror all around.
Woman who were tied up in different inhuman ways.

“Get me out of here, Minerva!”. He roared as he tried to open the door but it was locked.
“Just calm Elijah, don’t act like a kid”.
“Kid? What do you call this? Oh my God, what am I doing here?”. He said looking around.

“I’m not some Voodoo Priestess who’s going to sacrifice you Elijah so just listen”.
“There’s nothing to listen to, what explanation do you have for this act of wickedness and kidnapping?”.
“This is my family business Elijah, Mermaid hunting and I want you to be part of it”. She said.

“They exist Elijah, they’re evil people who should be clear off from existence”.
“What are you doing with them then?”.
“Can’t you see what they cry out Elijah or haven’t you read it before, Pearls.. They cry pearls”. She said as she picked one from the ground and raised it up.
“Your source of riches, this was it the entire time? “. He said.
” You must understand Elijah, it’s a family legacy and I’m next but I need a husband first before…. “. She said putting her hand around his neck.
” So I was your best shot, I now understand “. He said removing her hand.

” No, Elijah I Loved you, I Love you Elijah I swear, that’s why I’m telling for before our marriage “. She said.
” I always thought you were a good person Minerva, how can you do this and see me as the perfect person to join this horror, do be your fvcking Voodoo Priest or what? “.

” Stop acting childish Elijah, this is money, we’ll rule the world, we’ll be famous we’ll get what we want, I love you Elijah, you know it, please accept the name Arrowood and let’s get married “. She said holding his hand.
” I loved you Minerva but I guess I was wrong, you loved me for the benefit you’re going to get, this isn’t life Minerva “. He said pointing to everything all around.

” It’s Madness “. He added.
” Please don’t this Elijah “.She cried .
“Listen, If you love me, let go of this family shit and let’s build our own life”. He said holding her hand.
“Elijah we’re going to get everything we want”.

“Just stop thinking about riches for once Minerva, think about your own life, let go Minerva”.
“I can’t, this is a Legacy, this is my life Elijah”.
“I’m sorry Minerva, I’m not ready ready to tread this path”.
“Goodbye”. He added and unbolt the door.

“Don’t dare step out Elijah”. She cried.
“Minerva, I’m sorry I can’t do it “. He said as he stepped out.
” You’ll regret this decision one day Elijah but seems that day wouldn’t come “. She said and he heard the cock of a gun behind him..
He turned slowly and she pointing a pistol at him.

” Minerva? “.
” I’ve been crazily in love with you Elijah, I’ve never loved anyone like this before and you choose to break my heart “.
” Lower the gun Minerva”.
“Then come in, Follow this path with me and we’ll leave ever happily after”. She said.
“There’s no life in this Minerva, I gave you an escape route but you choose this over me”. He said.

“I loved you Minerva but you just broke it, Goodbye”. He said and took off as she escaping the tranquilizer she shot at him.
“Stop him”. She roared in tears into her telecom.
Elijah speedily up the stairs as he grabbed the man in black suit and threw him down.
He turned to the elevator but there were a lot of guards coming out.

He raced away as they went after him. He formed his way to the living room and flew over the couch as one of them tried to grab him.
He staggered out of the building as he located his vehicle.
He fist his hand as the men in front of it approached him.

He punched the first on the face and kicked the other swiftly.
Elijah got into his vehicle and drove for the locked gate as the guards there scampered for safety to they don’t get hit.
He opened the door of the vehicle hitting the brake just as he got to the golden gate.

He got down hurriedly and raced out through the mini gate.
He tried to concentrate as he raced down the main road but couldn’t as all he saw in the black room kept replying.
All the horror coming in at once.
He didn’t see an incoming vehicle as he ran into it and it knocked him down.

Elijah groaned as he hit his head on the ground and his vision became blur.
“Oh my God!”. He could hear a femanine voice as he saw a blurry figure bend before him.
“Minerva”. He whispered and passed out.

Elijah woke up with a terrible headache as his eyes blinked open.
He could see the white wall and then the drip connected to his wrist he needed no one to tell him he was in a Hospital.
He figure soon entered and he got see the white dress on it.
“You’re awake”. He heard the soft femanine voice.

“Doctor”. He whispered as she placed her hand on his forehead.
“I know this not the best time to start explaining what demon pushed you to the road Elijah, I get your vision is still booting, I’m not the Doctor”. He heard the voice as the figure sat beside him with his vision starting to clear.

“I was the one who hit you with a vehicle”. She said as his vision cleared to see her face.
It was Jane(Mrs. Elijah) looking younger than she is in the future.
“Miss Petrova, We meet again”. He whispered weakly.

“I’ve told you over and over again Elijah only Professors call me that”.

“I’m Jane”. She added.


Mrs. Elijah hit the break bringing the car to rest.
“It’s a dead end, there’s no limo around”. She said looking around.
“This is my fault I should have known she’s up to something “. Mr. Elijah said as he was busy with his phone.
” She isn’t taking her call and tracking it, it’s pointing to the Sardinia Island “.

“Oh God, it must have gone with her trousers”.
“Cindy, call Cindy”.
“That’s right, Cindy”.

🍏🍏🍎Arrowood Mansion🍅🍏🍏

“Welcome to my place”. She said as Cindy got down from the vehicle with Kapella.
They looked around just like Elijah did years ago.
“You look uneasy”. She said.
“Not everyone act normal meeting a Faceless billionaire”. Cindy said.

“Don’t be scared, you’re my guest”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
Cindy turned to Kapella and nodded.
“I know you’re wondering why the Arrowood would invite you here, no fears, you’re safe, My son Lovely has changed for better since he began Phoenix High and I wonder what’s the secret, consider this as my appreciation”.

“Um”.Kapella said scratching her head.
“Candy would join us soon, I guess you won’t be further frightened when you see him”. Mrs. Arrowood said but Kapella really had to answer to that so she stayed more.

“C’mon come in, I guess your father didn’t mention me once, we were good friends”. Mrs. Arrowood said as they moved into the Mansion.
“Me?”. Cindy asked.
“No, I’m talking about you, Elijah and I were good friends at High School till College”. She said staring at Kapella.

“That’s nice”.
“And you, who are your family?”.
“Um… Petrova Ma”. Cindy said.
“Petrova? They’re lucky to have someone like Elijah, you two are two beautiful cousins I guess”
“Excuse me?”. Cindy said as they understood not what she said.
“Um..Ain’t you cousins or sisters?”.

“No friends”. Kapella said.