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City mermaid episode 25 – 26

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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

🐬 Episode_25🐬

Cindy sipped from the wine the cup she held as she moved toward the door.
“Can you seize the shit already?”. She asked as the door bell continues to ring loudly.
She opened the door and Kapella came running in, in tears..
“Kapella”. She called out but she raced past her to the upstairs.

“Girl, What’s wrong?”. Cindy said as she dropped the cup on the table.
“Did you girls break up again?”. Francis asked and she scoffed.
“Just vanish Francis”. She said and climbed the stairs hurriedly.
She got to the door and tried to open it but it was locked.

“Kapella what’s going on?”. Cindy asked but all she could hear was sobbing.
“Just let me be Cindy, I want to be alone”. She cried.
“Ella I’m your friend, whatever you’re going through I’m always here as always”. Cindy said.

The door opened and Kapella returned to the bed with her head down.
Cindy sat beside her and placed her hand around her back.
“I’m here girl”. Cindy whispered.
“I fvcked up, Cindy”. She said.
“You need to calm and stop crying”.

“How can i? Lovely caught Diaz and I”.
“What do you caught?”.
“He invited to come to his place or he would expose us to the press, I was with Lovely and we had a nice time but then his text message reminded me that I had to meet him, I hurried to the location he wanted me to with the hope that I’ll hypnotize him with my Mermaid power but it didn’t “. Kapella said and continued crying.
“Babe it’s the past already”.
“That isn’t the problem but I never knew Lovely would be there too, Diaz was trying to kiss me, I wanted to push him but I was a second late because Lovely walked right in”. She cried.

“Breath Kapella, Take a deep breath”. Cindy said.
“I’ve tried Cindy, I can’t think straight, I can’t think”.
“Lovely is a good person he……”.
“Don’t you get it Cindy, he caught me with Diaz like we’ve been some sort of secret lovers pretending to be enemies”.

“We’ll come up with something as usual, we always do”.
“Diaz is this out there with the secret to destroy us and my powers isn’t working, the bitch should have stayed dead”. Kapella said as she undressed herself.
“I want to be alone”. She said and entered into the shower room.
She switched on the shower and sat on the ground.

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The water fell down freely on her causing her to turn into a Mermaid.
Her tail glowed brightly as the droplet of water hits it.
Kapella closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall as she sobbed gently.

“I’m sorry Lovely, it isn’t what you think?”. She whispered.


Lovely stood fixed to the spot as tears formed in his eyes.
Kapella tried to speak but her lips only vibrated like they were electrocuted.
“Brother, I was never expecting you”. Diaz said as he rose to his feet.
“Sorry for the interruption”. He said and walked out.

All they heard was the reverse of a vehicle and then it drove off.
Kapella rise up slowly to her feet as the tears in her eyes poured out.
“C’mon baby girl, can we continue now?”. He said but she scoffed.
“You heartless Bastard!”. She roared and without warning slapped him across the face.

She took her bag and walked out angrily.


Kapella was under the shower for about ten minutes until she tried to rise up but couldn’t as the water was still hitting her tail.
“Cindy a little help”. She screamed.
The door pushed open like she was waiting for her and she walked in.
Cindy turned it off and she scoffed.
“Were you watching me the entire time?”. Kapella asked.

She carried her and threw her on the bed.
“Ouch!”. She said as she landed on bed.
Cindy walked out of and she scoffed again.
Her tail transformed back to legs and she got down from the bed naked.
She opened the wardrobe and picked a dress from it.

Cindy entered with a bottle of wine and two cups before closing the door with her leg.
“Were you watching me nude?”. Kapella asked.
“Is that by dress?”.
“Mmm hmmm”.
“How do you feel?”. Cindy asked as she dropped the bottle on the glass table.

“How do you expect me to feel after falling into the biggest problem in my entire existence?”. She said and sat on the bed as Cindy poured the wine into the cup.
She made to take it but Cindy slapped her hand off.
“Put on a dress”.

“Am I charming?”.
“Hush! You’re seriously not alright”.Cindy said.
“I just want to talk naughty, that’s the only way I can get my mind off my problems right now, he was a good guy”. Kapella said and gulped in the content of the cup.
“We have to come up with something”.
“I was caught red handed C, the only thing that we can come up with is saying the truth and we both know we ain’t ready for that”.
“Telling him you’re faceless and Diaz is blackmailing us, not an option”. Cindy said.

“As much as I…..”. Kapella was saying and burst into tears as she looked down.
“Hey, I know this is hard but we can’t, we can’t trust anyone and moreover we’re talking about two brothers here but I can’t let him go Cindy, he feels betrayed”.
“Or should we wonder why your Mermaid powers didn’t work on Diaz?”. Cindy asked.

“There’s something strange about them”.
“I couldn’t control Ashley as well, it isn’t a coincidence”.
“You tried to control Ashley?”.
“Yeah, I needed a disk from her but it didn’t work but either way, I got what I wanted”.


Kapella sudden felt a pain like an electric shock and groaned.
Ashley stared at her and cleared her throat.
“Are you alright? “. She asked.
” No I’m not feeling too good, I just wanted to ask how was my voice? “. Kapella said and she grabbed her chin to the wall.
” You really got some guts Kapella, singing to make me feel jealous “.

” I have a good voice don’t i”. She asked and Ashley tightened her grip.
“If you got a thing for me, come out clear and don’t beat around the bush”. She said and let go of her chin.
Her phone buzzed and she bite her lips.
“Don’t ever try to make me feel jealous or I’m gonna kill you”. She threatened and walked out as she took the call.

“Hello Mom”. Kapella could hear her vanishing voice.
She gasped as she moved to the mirror.
“She concentrated on me, I lured her but…. “. She said and paused.

“It didn’t work, it backfired, I can’t control her”. Kapella whispered.
Kapella turned to the mirror as she ran her hand through her hair.
She paused as she saw something close to the sink.
It was a disk.

She took it and scoffed to see if Ashley was gone.
“Such a careless brat!”. Kapella said.
She broke the disk into the WC before flushing it.


Kapella laid flat on the bed and closed her eyes.
“What should I do Cindy?”. Kapella asked.
“Just sleep it off Kapella, Sleep”. Cindy whispered.
“I can’t? Whenever I close my eyes, all I see is Lovely’s crying face, I think I’m crazily in love with him without even knowing it”. She cried..


Lovely grabbed the flower vase and smashed it on the wall.
“I loved her”. He roared.
He kicked the cabinet and punched the wall angrily.
“Kapella!”. He screamed.
The door pushed open and Ashley peeped in.
“Get out!”. He roared and threw the lamp at her.

“Diaz… I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you with my bare hands”. He said and hurried out of the room.
“Lovely”. Ashley called out.
“Don’t come after me or am gonna kill you!”.
Ashley paused as Dahlia walked up to her from behind.
“Bad tempered Lovely is at it again, What is it this time around?”. She asked.
“I’ve no idea sister “.
” Or you’re lying just as the case of Kapella Elijah “. Dahlia said and she gasped.
” I guess you’ve forgotten what follows when one tries to outsmart me, I bite “. She whispered.

Lovely walked out of the building almost running into the reporters who the guards stopped from entering the building.
” Mr. Lovely what can you say about your brother’s heroic act? “.
He ignored as he moved toward his vehicle.
” The Janitor testified that Faceless is a lady and we want to confirm from your brother as he’s said to have gotten into a close combat with the famous Hacker last night, Is the well known Faceless actually a lady behind a mask and not a dude as everyone all thought “.

Lovely paused as that statement hit him.
He slowly turned to them and they paused asking question.
“Alone, She went to a party, With Kapella….”. He could hear Francis voice in his head and that moment flashed through his memory.

“She suddenly became ill so we had to go to the hospital from school, she was admitted”. He heard Cindy’s voice in his head.
“Mr. Lovely we would also like to know if there were actually two Faceless, we can’t believe the Janitor, your brother is the final say”. A reporter jerked him from his thought.
“Yes there are”. He said and walked away.

“Diaz, you can’t just have Kapella and Cindy overnight, son of a bitch! How can they do this to me? “. He said and walked past Dahlia and Ashley.
They wanted to go after him but he got into his room already and slam the door close

⛲⛲⛲Next Day⛲⛲⛲

Kapella walked into the school environment with Cindy and they paused as the fresh wind blew through them.
“Everything seems total different now”. Kapella whispered.
“You’re gonna kill yourself with worry, You’re gonna get Lovely back, finding the perfect way is all that’s left”.
“Or maybe I should be worried about not getting into trouble now that I have no bracelet, I should remain at home but I can’t miss today’s test, it’s gonna affect my grade badly”.

“Or you could just control the teacher to give you good scores”. Madison said as she moved toward them.
“Madison”. Kapella said.
“Are you guys now friends?”. Cindy asked.
“We’re family”.

“I don’t want to be part”.
“Just before you kick me off Kapella, watch your back, El Voleuse is in town”. Madison said.
“What’s that?”.
“Such a novice, She’s called El Voleuse in French, The Stealer, A Mermaid who hunts other Mermaids, She’s damn ugly with a croaky voice so she steals that of other Mermaids to last her for a while, she attacked one of us last night, they’re drawn to places where the Artic Is, there’s no Artic here so am still wondering if she’s tired of searching for an Artic, I got a class now “. Madison said.

” Did you say they’re drawn to Artics? “.
” Yeah, they feel and track the presence of one but if they come across other Mermaids, they steal, They were always after the last Artic, Anita but she couldn’t kill them because we don’t kill our own”. Madison said.
“Good bye Madison”. Cindy said.
“I was about leaving”. She said and left.
“Careful if your questions Ella or she’s gonna find out you’re the Artic”. Cindy said.

“Did you hear that Cindy, someone is coming for me?”. She said.
“Maybe you have another problem”. Cindy said and Kapella turned back hearing the noise of an helicopter.
The students raced out of the school to see the scene as it landed.
Lovely could be seen from the transparent window.

He got down and walked through the crowd of students.
Kapella’s heart pound heavily as he moved toward her with his hands in his pocket.
His huge guard in black suit followed behind him carrying his bag.
Lovely stopped abruptly beside Kapella and her hand shock.

He wore his dark shades and walked away.
Kapella wanted to go after him but Cindy held her back.
“Don’t act cheap, C’mon”. She said pulling her along..
They almost bumped into Ashley who was playing with her hair.

“Long time, What could you have possibly done to my brother last night, he was crying and screaming your name, Well I’m not here for revenge, he takes revenge by himself, oh you haven’t seen his devil’s side, have you?”.
“Hish! You disgust me”. Ashley said and catwalks away as she swayed her waist along.

Kapella bit her lower lip as tears formed in her eyes.
The scene of last night was repeating in her head over and over again.
“Do you think Lovely is angry? He acted like he didn’t know me, I need to explain Cindy, it isn’t what he thinks “. Kapella asked amidst tears.
“Can you just delete that name from your head for today, you’re going crazy “. Cindy said.
” She’s right “. They heard a voice and turned back to see Diaz.
” Hello ladies, we have an unfinished business “. He said raising his both hands up.

” Haven’t you done enough damage already? “. Kapella roared.
” Damage, you know we should work together now cos my brother doesn’t take it nice with betrayal, he’ll come for us “.
” Did you just say us? “. Cindy said angrily.
“Was this your plan all along?”. Kapella roared.

“I had a special plan but that moment Lovely walked in, the story line changed because right now you’ll have no option but to team up with me against Candy”.
“I’ll never do that”.
“Then let’s wait till he strikes, the thing is he’s unpredictable that’s why he’s been a formidable foe “.

“Just get out of my sight, Diaz!”. She said and turned to leave as the voice from the TV in the hallway caught their attention.

” Um… Mr. Lovely do you have anything more to say about this faceless your brother bravely went at “. The reporter asked Lovely as they stopped him on his way to the classroom.
“I’m the big bad hero now, so what story should I cook for the reporters, I should spice up the fight scene”. Diaz said when the most shocking happened.

“I’ve nothing to say but to expose the identity of the unknown Faceless”. Lovely said and they turned back to the screen.
“What the hell is he talking about?”. Cindy asked.
“Excuse me sir, Did you say you know the identity of Faceless?”. The Reporter asked.
“We all do, Just that she’s someone you’ll never suspect”. He said and Kapella gasped.

“No.. Lovely, No!”. She whispered.
“Son of bitch!”. Diaz cursed and took off as Cindy and Kapella did as well to stop Lovely.
They pushed through the big crowd to get to the main scene.

“Faceless is no other person but Kapella Elijah, the famous singer and her accomplice is her best friend Petrova Cindy, That’s all I have to say, Thank you “. He said and stared at Kapella who was trying to break out of the crowd.
His eyes were red, filled with anger and indescribable hate.
He let out an evil smile and turned to leave when Diaz who broke out from the crowd punch his face with all fury.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️

🐬 Episode_26🐬

Diaz tried to hit Lovely the second time with the reporters held him tightly.
Lovely cleaned his lips and smirked.
“You should learn to behave matured in public, brother”. He said walked away.
There was murmuring among the students as Diaz broke free from the men.
“Here’s Kapella Elijah”. A student announced and they all pressed toward her.

“Kapella is it true?”.
“You were Faceless the entire time?”.
“It’s unbelievable how can you”.
“You were gentle seems there was a bad girl in you”.
“I would love to be part of the thing Kapella”.
Cindy held Kapella’s hand and made to move but the students blocked their way.

“Where to accomplice, you two are really something?”.
“Petrova Cindy, are you also Faceless?”.
“Leave!”. Diaz roared and the students parted out of the girl’s way.
“Miss Kapella, what do you have to say?”. One of the Reporters asked as she walked away.
“Kapella Elijah!”. They called out.

Cindy and Kapella got into the restroom and bolt the door.
“It’s done, what we tried to hid is out”. Cindy said as she leaned against the wall.
“Only if I had told Lovely, how did he find out?”. Kapella said.
“Maybe Diaz sold us out”.
“No, that isn’t possible, I don’t think he did”.

“Do you now trust the Bastard?”. Cindy fired.
“I don’t, maybe If you had just let me tell him”. Kapella said.
“Hold on, Do you blame me now, we both agreed not to, right now I’m not ready for blame game, Kapella”.
Cindy said.
“I can’t believe we ain’t crying”. Kapella said.
“You’re the one who needs to be careful with the diamond tears, it takes month to solidify C, it’s just a liquid”.

“Whatever… I can’t believe Lovely did this to us”. Cindy said as she paced left and right.
“I say his eyes, I’ve never seen such anger before”.
“How can he just lose control for the sake of revenge, we were his damn friends and his damn brain should tell him he shouldn’t go off the handle when he’s angry, I don’t even know what to say but he’s a fool, I trusted him”.

“You’re wasting your strength”.
“You act like you don’t care but deep down your heart is shattered into pieces”.
“Of course it is, I can’t believe he forgot all the good moments together and still went ahead to do this…”. She said and paused.
“No he can’t, he didn’t, Diaz probably blackmail him too”.

“And now you’re going crazy”.
“He said we’re rare friends he would never lose, do you forget all he said at the hotel, he can’t just throw that away”.
“What are you driving at, K”.
“Do you trust him?”.
“Don’t ask me, you were the one who spent hours with him should I say with him and then you’re caught with his brother”.

“The Lovely I know cares about me, I remember every single word of his at the cinema house, he held me like I was all he had”. She whispered.
“What love phenomenon is messing with your head now”. Cindy said.
“He should just give me a chance to explain, I really need to explain, I need to explain to Lovely”. She said.
“Of a truth you’re in love without knowing it, there are students out there waiting for us.
Kapella’s phone buzzed and she bit her lower lips.

She disconnected the call and returned it to her pocket.
” Who was that? “. Cindy asked.
” My Mom, she must have seen it on the news”. Kapella said.
“So soon? “.
“Should i remind you that she works as a newscaster in Phoenix News Station?”.

“Hish! And you’re having dramas with famous beings”. Cindy snapped.
“Don’t speak like it’s my fault”. Kapella said and her phone buzzed.
“Your Mom? “.
“No, She knows I won’t take her call”. Kapella said and took the call.
“Who’s this?”.
“Do you have to hide?”. The caller asked.

“Diaz what do you want from me?”.
“I can see you’re fond of that question now, have no fears am gonna fix this”.
“Fix? Like you weren’t the cause?”. She asked.
“Yo baby you’re under my shield so no bitch can…”.
She disconnected the call and scoffed.

“You don’t need to tell me what he said, I know it’s trash”. Cindy said.
“High Five baby, I can’t believe I’m so confused for once in my life”. Kapella said.
“What are we gonna do girl?”.
“What else If not find a lawyer to defend us in court, I can’t hypnotize eveyone”.
“Yes you can”. She heard a voice in her head.

Madison walked out from one of the rooms and they scoffed.
“You’ve been here?”.
“Maybe I figured this is your hideout”. She said.
“You’re really bigger than I expected Kapella Elijah”. She added.
“Don’t add to my predicament Madison “. She said.
” Have you even learnt Controllo di massa? “. Madison asked.
” What the hell is that? “.
” Mass control, Controlling a big crowd with her singing instead of one “.
“Why should I learn that?”.
“It’s fun, I miss those days when men dive into seas and oceans on hearing our voice”. She said caressing the mirror.

“She doesn’t need your help Mad”. Cindy said.
“Hish! I hate that shortcut, Madi would do and whereas I wasn’t talking to you”. She said.
“Can you girls just stop, Madison do you have any idea what I can do cos the only idea right now is messing with the Judge and anyone going to testify against me”.

“Nice thought, that’s just it”.
“What do you mean by mess, hope it isn’t what I’m thinking?”. Cindy asked.
“You have a better idea?”.
“Lovely has no evidence against us, the best he can do is use his position”. Cindy said and there was a knock at the door.

“Seems your time is up”. Madison said.
“We know you’re in there Kapella Elijah, you have to come out now or we’ll come in”. They heard a voice.
Kapella exhaled and moved toward the door.
“What are you doing?”. Cindy asked and she opened the door.

Behold were the security operatives of the school standing before her.
“You have to come with us, you and your friend”. The Chubby man said.
Madison wanted to move at the operatives but Cindy held her back. “Let’s go”. She said walking away.
“Lo and behold she’s ready to face her problems”. Madison said.
“Just keep shut!”. Kapella said following after Cindy.
They almost bumped into some cops.
“Here they are”. The security operatives said.

“You’re under arrest Kapella Elijah and Petrova Cindy”. He said and two of them bought out handcuffs.
Their hands were handcuffed and they turned but Diaz appeared from the other side of the hallway.
“Let them go”. He commanded but the security operatives cocked their gun and point it at him.

“Brother you should know your powers have limit”. Lovely said as he moved to the scene with hands in the pocket.
“I always respected brother but you turn out to be a fool”.
“Wow! You respect me?, That’s hilarious”.
Lovely said and moved to Kapella’s front.
By now the scene was filled with students already.

“What have I done to deserve this?”. Kapella asked trying hard to hold her tears.
“What have you done? You stole something precious to me, that little delicate angel in a bony cage”. He whispered.
“I’m not ready for your shitty riddles, Take us out of here”. She told the cops but they remained still.

“I guess everyone forgot today’s date”. Lovely said and raised his hand up as he turned to the crowd.
Everyone stared blankly at each other and Kapella wondered what he meant.
“It’s April first, seriously I didn’t want to be part of this but it sounded fun”. Nancy said as she walked out of the crowd.

“What are you talking about?”. Cindy asked.
“April Fool!”. She announced loudly and Cindy scoffed.
The students yelled loudly as they were not expecting such.
“I’m sorry for the embarrassment Kapella Elijah, Just thought it fun, I’m gonna kill anyone who calls her Faceless is that clear! “. He roared at the students and the noise died down.
” We’re sorry for the stunt pulled Miss Kapella, We had to follow Mr. Lovely’s instruction “. The Cop said as he uncuffed them.

Diaz was filled with rage as he fist his hand and walked away angrily.
The Cops left with the security operatives as he approached her.
” I’m sorry I had to do this “. He said and she grabbed his shirt.
” How can you? “. She roared and silence ensured.
“It’s just a joke”. He said.
“A fvcking stupid joke, how can you tag me as Faceless”. She screamed.

“She’s a nice person”. Someone said from the crowd.
“Shut up!”. She shouted and held his cloth tightly.
“The next time you try that shit with me, Lovely, you’re gonna regret it”. She said and pushed him off before walking away angrily.
He let out a soft smile and followed after her.

Nancy wanted to go but Cindy held her back.
“Give them the deserved moment”.
“I’m sorry Cindy, I didn’t want to be part of this, seriously”. She said and Cindy nodded.

Lovely entered into the restroom as Kapella faced the mirror with heads down.
“Go away Lovely”.
“We’re behind the scene now Kapella, stop the acting already?”.
“Why?”. She asked.
“I’ll never stay and watch Diaz take over your life with his manipulation, no matter what you do, he was gonna still expose you or one day it leaks out, the only way to solve the problem is causing a fake so when the real truth leaks out no one believes because it might be someone making it up again, you’re free Kapella, I know you’re Faceless but the world knows that I fooled eveyone to think you’re the one, even if your secret leaks out in future, no one will believe, you’re free from Diaz blackmail, I’ll always protect you “.

” Why? “.
” Because you stole something from me K, the lonely angel in a bony cage “. He said.
” Stop the riddle already “.
” Last night I wanted to tell you but there’s no perfect time so I’m gonna say it, you stole my heart Kapella Elijah “. He whispered and she turned back slowly as tears filled her eyes.

” I know the pattern I followed was heartbreaking but I if I asked for your consent first, it wouldn’t look real like it just did, I’ll do anything to protect you cos I love you… I know you might not love me, I’m not forcing you but for once I have the courage to say it… I’ll leave now “. He said and wanted to turn but she grabbed him to the wall as she kissed his lip.

” Don’t dare “. She whispered closing her eyes as tears flowed down.
Lovely eyes drift to her tears and it flashed a blue spark.


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