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City mermaid episode 19 & 20

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_19🐬
Mrs. Arrowood could be seen walking down the corridor with Ashley, Finn and Diaz behind.
They turned to the left hallway and saw Lovely staring at a girl as she entered into the classroom but her face wasn’t seen as she was facing forward.
Mrs. Arrowood walked up to behind Lovely just as he turned and he almost bumped into her as he smiled.
It took a heavy breath to calm his heart that almost burst out.
“You scared me Mom”.
“Who was that?”. She asked.
“It’s so good to see you as Phoenix High Mother”. He said forcing a smile.
“Don’t test my patience soon, who was that girl you were smiling foolishly at?”. She asked.
“My Puppet Mom, the one I told you about”. He said.
Ashley gasped in shock and Mrs. Arrowood turned back but she composed herself quickly.
“A toy that makes my son smile so passionately”. She said.
“A smile is a smile Mom, to win a girl’s heart smile is a key”. He said.
“And when did you become a love therapist?”.
“C’mon Mom, Just this once”.
“I don’t have a problem with you but Dahlia, not my problem though, Listen and listen carefully I don’t care if the girl is your toy but round up with her immediately, use her for whatever you want and break the tie, we have more pressing issues and won’t want strings of relationship, from puppet it turns to personal love, Be done or I’ll do it my way “.
” C’mon Mom, am not a kid anymore “.
” Good”.
“I was about going home so let’s go together”. Lovely said as he made to walk away.
“You fought with your brother”. She said and he paused.
“I was having a trip around the school to see how far it’s developed in my absence and then I heard the Arrowood Brother’s are fighting”. She said and turned back slowly.
“That wasn’t what pained me but….”.
She slapped him hard across the face with a stern look.
“A girl, you were fighting because of a girl, I wish not to know why you’re fighting but Arrowood fighting for a girl, disgracing our family name you idiots”. She roared.
“Candy attacked me first”. Diaz said.
“Can you believe it Mom he tried to steal my puppet from me, for once in my life I decide to have one and he isn’t contented with all that he have but to come for that one I have, Is that fair?”. Lovely asked.
“Is that true?”. She asked.
“I had the girl first mother and he came and swept her away”. Diaz said.
“Lier!”. Lovely roared.
“Shut up idiots”.
“Instead of going out to hunt mermaids you’re fighting for a puppet because I have you all a free will to attend school, what do you know about this Ashley?”.
“Seriously Mom I know nothing”.
“Am youngest Mom”.
“That’s right… I don’t care who have the girl first but you both are gonna settle your dispute, whether you leave the girl for one, share or whatever but the next time any of you fight for a girl”. She said.
“Why are you staring at me Mom do I look like a…”.
“Shut up! The next time any of you fight over a girl beating yourself to pulp… It’s better I don’t say what I’ll do”. She said walking away.
Lovely hung his bag properly wanting to walk away when Mrs. Arrowood turned back.
“You’re staying till school closes”.
“You’re going to stay and resolve your problem with your brother before coming home, come home and get hung, go somewhere else and same happens, you’re gonna stay till closure, i got my eyes everywhere”. She said and walked away.
Diaz bit his lower lips as he turned to lovely.
“I wish I had my phone a little close to record, puppet?”. He said and burst into laughter.
“The funniest thing is she doesn’t love you and you’re only forcing yourself on her, yet you call yourself a man but with childish mentality”. Lovely said.
“Just stop this guy’s, you cause problems and I get caught in the cross fire”. Finn said.
“Shut up. Listen lovely, the girl remains mine, you heard Mom clearly, let her go cos you have a higher calling, her awful will it be when she finds out you call her a puppet, I should probably report to Dahlia”.
“Go ahead, you’ll be jumping right straight into a volcano because she’s gonna punish you first for reporting me”.
“That’s right, we’ll just go the I’ll get her way”. Diaz said and walked away.
“I think i need to leave this school for you both”. Finn said and walked away.
“Did you just tricked mom or you meant those words?”. Ashley asked.
“Our deal is off already Ash, I’ll get you the IPhone and take you to a boutique, I keep to my words”.He said.
“Are you really playing the girl?”. Ashley asked.
“And why do you care?”.
“I don’t know but the Candy I know wouldn’t do such, I’ve never advised you before cos I suck, if you want that girl to stay alive you’ll stay as possible far from her, you know the family you come from”. She said and walked away as well.
“I can’t!”. He whispered.
Kapella walked out of the exit as the electric bell rung loudly.
School was over for that day as students trooped out.
She looked around for Cindy who had walked out and sight her walking out of the gate.
“Cindy!”. She called out running for the place but by the time she got there, all she saw was a Taxi that drove off.
She gasped as she moved from the road and leaned against the gate as she closed her eyes.
She tried hard to hold her tears as she could see several reactions of Cindy if she told her she was a Mermaid.
“Why do you take pleasure in embarrassing yourself?”. She heard a voice and opened her eyes slowly opening the gate that let the flood of tears come down.
“Lovely?”. She whispered as he slide his hands into his pocket.
“My crying Mermaid”. He said and she raised her head up.
“I heard Mermaids cry alot because their tears become pearls, beautiful pears”. He said.
That was when she realized she was crying and her bracelet was weak.
She quickly turned away and cleaned her tears.
“You don’t want me to see the beauty tears or you don’t wanna let me see how they transform”. He said and she scoffed as he laughed.
“So what’s the cause this time? “. He asked.
” Why do you care? “. She asked as new tears formed in her eyes.
He pulled her to himself as she sobbed gently.
” Stop the cry Ella, people are staring “. He said.
She cleaned her tears with her fingers as her bracelet glowed but they couldn’t see it because it was behind Lovely.
She sniffed as she broke from him to see the crowd around.
“Good day”. She said wanting to walk away but he grabbed her hand and dragged her after him.
“Lovely!”. She called her.
He pushed her into the open limousine and got in as the chauffeur closed the door.
“You literally just kidnapped me”. She said.
“Um huh”.
“Am gonna call the police”. She said.
“Take do it”. He said handing over his phone to do it.
“You changed your phone”. She said.
“Yep, Gift from my sister”.
“Dahlia”. She said and he turned abruptly to her.
“How? Did she threatened you, did you meet her, how…”.
“What’s wrong with you, she was the one who had the video and picture in her status, Diaz had…”.
“Stop mentioning the name”.
“Fine… Who was the other girl with you apart Dahlia?”. She said
“Why do you care?”.
“Chaffeur can you kindly drop me at Red Street”. She said.
“Phoenix Hotel”. Lovely said.
“Remember I kidnapped you or should I polish it out with a gun?”. He asked and she scoffed.
“I asked you to call the cops already”.
“Amateur Kidnapper”. She snapped and he scoffed.
“Can I buy you a meal?”. He asked.
“Just friends eating and having a nice time”. He said.
“Why should I say yes?”. She asked.
“Yes unlocks the answer to your question, I’ll tell you who’s the girl”.
“Why should I care about her?”. She asked and he shrugged.
“Fine.. Dinner for only five minutes…your time starts now”. She said.
Lovely snapped his finger and then turned to her.
“She’s the daughter of my Mom’s cousin, her name is Roxy”. He said.
“Roxy? Sounds badass”. She said and a lady in black dropped a tray on the table that had different meal.
“I’ll bring the rest sir”.
Kapella bit her lower lip knowing fully well that she couldn’t eat other meal.
“Um… Lovely?”.
“Um huum”.
“Am kind of filled up right now, Maybe some other time”. She said
“Fine then but that breaks my heart”.
“Am sorry”.
“So what’s my compensation?”. He asked.
“Mmmm hmm”.
“I present this entire meal to you”. She said and he scoffed.
“Let’s see the new movie together?”. He said.
“What movie?”.
“Tom and Jerry 2021, it comes out tomorrow, we should hit the cinema to see it “. He said.
“Hush! I’ll think about it, Hold on you still watch that…. “.
“Don’t pretend to be an adult, a cat chasing a rat is quite more fun than a Viper Venom chasing a Lamborghini and then puff collision equal to explosion “. He said and she laughed.
“Can you drop me off at home now?”. She asked.
“Your digits in exchange for a ride home”. He said.
“Is that some sort of criminal negotiation?”.
“Whatever you call it”.
Mrs. Arrowood entered into the warehouse dragging her axe behind her as the mermaids raised their head up to see her.
“I was just wondering how I would have butchered you if all you said was a lie but it was true, we found the Artic at Sardinia Island”. She said and there was a surprise look on their faces.
“Yeah, that’s right”. She said and snapped her fingers.
Two men hurried in with a skeleton and dropped it.
Their eyes almost popped out on seeing it.
“But she’s gone and perfectly buried by a human that I’m gonna find but that’s not the problem, I want to know what was in that box that she sacrificed her life to save”. She said but there was no response.
“I hope you’re fortified”. He asked the agents in the room.
“Yes Ma’am”.
“Good. Take off their gag”. She said rolling up her sleeves.
“Listen right now my brain isn’t in the right condition cos my sons tried ruin the family name and so I might unleash that anger on you if you provoke me to and note, I hardly stop when I start”. She said as the man took off the mermaids gag.
She pushed the axe into a bowl of salt and pulled it out as she approached one.
“I’m gonna ask twice and then I ask no more”. She said and the Mermaid stared blankly at her.
“What’s in the box?”. She asked but eveyone remain mute as they all had tears in their eyes.
“Let me assume you need expantiation, what’s so important in the box the Artic protected that she losed her life in the process”.
She waited but still no answer.
“Very well”. She said and did like she wanted to walk away but turned back and stroke the Mermaid’s leg with an axe causing them to scream.
Dahlia could be seen pacing around in her pink ball gown.
She moved to the table where she poured wine into a cup and gulped it in.
She heard the horn of a vehicle and raced out but paused as she almost bumped into Ashley and Finn who bowed.
“Where’s my baby?”. She asked.
“He left before us”. Finn said.
“And you didn’t bother to know where he went?”.
“He hates stalking”. Ashley said.
“Did he forget he had a date with me, he should be here by now”. She said and they looked down.
“If you don’t tell me what you’re hiding, you’re gonna regret it”.
“He had a little disagreement with Diaz and mom wants them to settle before coming home”. Ashley said.
“Oh my God! How can mom and Diaz ruin my date?”. She exclaimed.
“We’re sorry”. Finn said.
“Keep quiet, sorry for yourself, you’re suppose to make sure your stupid Diaz don’t cause problem for my baby, just disappear and one of you should fill my cup”. She said and they left.
Almost immediately a rolls royce phantom drove in and Diaz alighted.
He paused on seeing her and made to enter again.
“I’ll burn you and that vehicle if you dare”. She said and he closed the door moving toward her.
“Where’s my baby?”.
“Why should I…..”. He said and paused.
“He left school minutes before the bell rung”. Diaz said.
“That means he should be at home now, how many times have I warned you not to cause trouble for him huh?, he’s now your match that you can have a quarrel with right?”
“Am sorry sister”.
“Shut up! You’re my full blood brother but I steal prefer the half one to a full idiot like you”. She cursed and collect the wine cup Ashley brought.
“Drink, I don’t trust any of you”. She said handing it back to her.
“Am your sister why would I try to kill you?”.
Ashley drank and handed it over to her of which she gulped in.
“You all are gonna go out there and find my Candy or never return to this house….. “. She was saying when an agent approached them with a laptop.
“Sorry to interrupt ma’am but we’ve gotten all the footages at the gate from Candy’s school, it’s obvious he left about thirty minutes ago”. She said.
“What? Access all cameras on streets, find him, oh my God! Hope he’s alright”.
“Ma’am you need to see something”.
“I don’t care just find him”.
“He went out with a female student ma’am, just thought you would want to know”.
“Come again”. She said as she gulped in the remaining content of the wine.
“Here ma’am”. She said as she played a video for Dahlia to watch.
Lovely could be seen pulling Kapella into his Limousine as the door soon closed up.
The cup dropped from Dahlia’s hand and scattered into pieces.
The agent quickly raced off and returned with a chair.
She sat and leaned on it shutting her eyes tightly as her lips vibrated.
“We’ve tracked the travel of his vehicle with the help of cameras from the path he followed, I don’t think he’s headed home ma’am”.
“Find out who’s that girl”.
“We’ve tried alright ma’am, the camera is at a side view and she never for once looked into the camera so we needed a full face for finding a match and we can’t do that was partial “. She said.
Dahlia exhaled and opened her eyes which was now red staring at Diaz and Ashley who couldn’t behold her anger as they looked down.
” Who’s that girl? “. She whispered.
🚘🚘🚘Kapella’s Home🚘🚘🚘
A Limousine stopped in front of Kapella’s home and she got down with Lovely.
“You’re the worst kidnapper ever, driving me around the city, my bones are aching right now”. She said.
“A hospital will do, fall in”. He said.
“Hush! Home I go”. She sang as she moved toward the door.
It opened like it was automatic revealing Steve who was standing in front of her.
“You took long”. He said as he hugged her leg but saw Lovely in front of a Limousine.
Lovely waved at him and he raised her head up to Kapella.
“Mom Kapella brought a boy…..”.
Kapella quickly covered his mouth with one hand tightly telling. Lovely to leave immediately with her other hand.
“Go! Go!”. She said inaudibly.
He smiled as he got into the vehicle and drove away.
“Why are you always a jerk, name your prize”. She said scattering his hair with her hand.
“What’s going on?”. Kapella asked and she let him go.
“Just an awful welcome, Yo mom, sup”. She said.
“Cindy is here”.
“Hmm Cindy?”.
Kapella said and hurried In to see Cindy on the couch.
“Hey”. She said.
“I came to have a book”.
“Oh That’s nice, I’ll get it”.
“And you too should resolve your problems in the room,I can’t stand seeing you this way “. She said and Cindy walked away to Kapella’s room.
” Do it “. Mrs. Elijah said.
” Mom, how can I do that, her reaction “.
” She’s your friend since childhood Ella, you lose her and you’re never gonna get one again, Anita made that mistake with me, don’t make it”.
Kapella didn’t reply as she walked away.
“Just give me my book, you know this is a waste of time”. She said as Kapella said on the bed.
“It’s on the cabinet”.
Cindy moved to the cabinet and took her book but paused seeing Kapella’s diary on it.
She looked back to see that her head was down.
Her heart pound as she opened it slowly and flip to the last page.
“Dear Diary, will I ever have the courage to tell her, I think am just gonna go to her place, I can’t tell Cindy what I am, I can’t tell her, I can’t tell her am a….”.
A hand closed the diary swiftly and Cindy jolt back.
“Do you now intrude my privacy?”.
“We read each other’s Diaries Ella”.
“Not anymore, just take your book”.
“You’re a what?”.
“Just tell me already, a witch or a vampire who can compel people to forget things, just tell me already, should I remind you that I’m the closest person to you than a parent and after years of friendship you decided to pay me this way, after years of telling each other secrets like a bed time story, you’ve decided to ruin because you don’t trust me, Maybe meeting you at the first place was a mistake “.
” Don’t ever say that, our friendship was never a mistake so just seat and am gonna explain now I promise “.
” The thing is I don’t want to hear anything from you again “. Cindy said and walked out angrily.
” Cindy! “. Kapella called out as she went after her.
” Cindy? “. Mrs. Elijah called out as she head for the door.
She pulled it open and almost bumped into a group of woman with long hair.
She jolt back almost falling to the ground.
“Mom, it’s a group of Rapunzel”. Steve said as he peeped.
“We’re here for the Mermaid”. The Woman who Kapella recognized already said as they raised their heads up.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_20🐬
The Mermaid cried in pain as she bled uncontrollable.
“I’m just gonna leave you to watch her die and if she doesn’t, I’m coming for the hand”. She said and walked away with her axe.
“We should just tell them”. The Mermaid girl told the other mermaids with her mind.
They turned to her and she nodded.
“We can’t”.
“Anita is dead so what else are we protecting?”.
“The child”.
“She’s the last of the Artic”.
“She’s bleeding out she’s going to die, how long are we going to keep like this, Hannah died because we didn’t give up Anita’s location and she was dead already so Hannah’s death was vain”.
“Shut up child, you know nothing about what you’re saying”.
“You know I’m saying the truth, we’re gonna die here, at least we can but time for someone to come rescue us, Lady Mia and the rest won’t abandon us after escaping, the best we can do is try to stay alive till then”.
“Mermaids are powerful on sea not land, returning here is suicidal”.
“We just have to find a way stop the hunter woman from killing more of us”.
“You ain’t going to endanger the life of the Artic, she should be 18 now”.
“Supposing she’s alive we don’t know that, what if we die for nothing”.
“We won’t die for nothing”.
“Shut up child”.
“Stop calling me a child, am twenty five, do my structure still deceive you all?”.
“You gave out Anita’s location, are you gonna give out that of her child as well “.
” You speak like I know where she is “.
” But you know she was in the box and you’re going to tell the hunter woman out of your childish act “.
” Am not, all we need is something very convincing, just trust me “.
” What are you up to child? “.
” I got this mother “. She said and raised her head up.
” Please tell the hunter woman that we are ready to speak “. She said aloud and one of the guard turned to her.
” Watch over them “. He told another and left.
🏢🏢🏢Kapella’s Home🏢🏢🏢
” Mermaid?”. Cindy said as she turned back slowly to Kapella who stood at a spot.
She scoffed shaking her head.
” Eating fish meal, the beauty, the voice, the…… You were a Mermaid and must that single word you couldn’t tell”. Cindy said wanting to walk past the women but they grabbed her back and began to sing.
“Stop!”. Kapella roared angrily and they paused singing.
“She knows who you are, humans shouldn’t know, they should be made to forget”. The Woman said pointing to Mrs. Elijah, Cindy and Steve.
“They’re my family, let her go”.
They let Cindy go and she ran back into the house.
“Who are you?”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
“We should ask you same question cos if you’re a Mermaid you should hear what we’re saying right now”.
Kapella’s bracelet glowed and she quickly took it off.
“We need your help”. she could hear the voices of the mermaids in her head.
“What’s that you took from your hand, it looks familiar”. The woman said openly now.
Mrs. Elijah collects the bracelet from Kapella,from behind and hid it behind her.
“I didn’t take anything off, I recognize you, you were the injured woman”. Kapella said.
“Yes, Thank you for delaying that person, it must have been a hunter”. She heard the woman’s voice in her head.
“If you’re gonna keep speaking into my head, Am never gonna listen to you”. Kapella said.
“Why should humans hear our discussion?”.
“I’ve told you they’re my family, so whoever you are take your leave”.
“You’re wrong, we’re your true family, how did you end up in the family of humans?”.
“Mia isn’t it… Lady Mia”. Mrs. Elijah said and she was shocked as she turned to her.
“How did you…….. Jane?”.
“That’s right Jane, it’s been a long time”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“You were definitely not a Mermaid right cos Anita didn’t tell she was one because she was a Mermaid”.
“Or I found out already, before Anita left with Danny she revealed it alright? Whereas Where’s she and what are you doing here at Phoenix”.
“Long story but to cut it short we were captured by hunters and Anita escaped with her child whoose whereabout is unknown”.
“She had a child”.
“Yes for Danny, Anita should tell you the story herself when we find her, we’re in no position to tell you”.
” What are you doing here, all of you”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
“We need help”.
“You came to the wrong place”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“We’re the only few who escaped and we need help to rescue the rest, we need the number against the hunters so we’re gathering every possible Mermaid we can fight so we can be match against the Hunter Woman and her people “.
” No! No! Not my daughter, where are your people held captive, in a sea or ocean? No land, knowing fully well that you’re not a match against them on land”.
“Your daughter, Do humans now give birth to Mermaids or did you marry a..”.
Mrs. Elijah slam the door to their face and bolt it angrily.
“You need to join us and rescue your people girl, we’re a family”. Kapella heard the Woman’s voice in their head.
“Mom I should…”.
“No you won’t”.
“But why?”.
“They shouldn’t know you’re the Artic that’s why I lied and two it’s suicidal, fighting on land is “.
“Someone should explain to me what’s going on”. Cindy said and they realized she was still there.
“Am me too”. Steve said
“Will you get back to your room!”. She said and he left.
“Have your seat Cin”. Kapella said.
“I was on my way home Ella”.
“Just listen to me for once and let’s settle this, am gonna tell you everything but please no third party”.
“Have we ever leaked any of our secrets before?”.
“Alright am sorry Cindy, please do seat”.
⛲⛲⛲Arrowood Mansion⛲⛲⛲
A Limousine came to halt at the front of the building and Lovely alighted as the door opened for him.
He was moving toward the entrance when he saw Dahlia standing akimbo with a sad look.
“Hey big sis”. He said full of smiles as he approached her but she attacked with a slap which he was quick to block.
“You ungrateful brother, after all I’ve done for you,I provide whatever you need, I fight mom and Dad for you, is this how you choose to repay me? Huh? “. She said angrily.
” Am sorry am late, I had an issue with Mom “. He said.
” I know, you left school about forty minutes ago, look at the time you return “.
” Do you now monitor my movement, I said am sorry I’m late “.
” So where were you huh? C’mon drop a big bad lie”. She said.
“I went on a ride with a girl”. He said and she scoffed.
“Omg! He had the gods to even say it right to my face”. She said and laughed.
“No, No, No Candy?”.
“I can’t believe you’re monitoring my movement, am no longer a kid Sis”.
“Will you keep quiet! You don’t even have remorse for what you just did, you sacrificed our date for some girl and you tell me right to my face, have you forgotten I get jealous seeing you with other girls?”.
“I’ve tried to please you in all way and I appreciate the fact of looking out for me but how can a human survive a day without communication with female folks”. He asked.
“You have me, Ashley and your new distant relative Roxy”.
“That’s not what I meant”.
“Then what did you mean?”.
“When we were chasing some Mermaids the last time, one had escaped into a shop where the girl worked by the time I got there, she was gone and the blame was on me, I love fixing things so I needed to ask the girl some questions”.
“You took the girl into your car”.
“Drag, don’t you trust me anymore, have you forgotten Candy doesn’t have much to do with female folks”.
“She’s just lucky your sibling don’t recognize her else her funeral date would have been fixed already”.
“Do you have to hurt people always?”.
“Alright I’m sorry, can we go now?”.
“You spoilt my mood already”..
He said walking away.
“C’mon Candy don’t be like that , What do you want, new phone, Candy!”. She called out but he was out of sight already.
Candy entered his room angrily as he bolted the door.
“You lied”. He roared angrily.
“You keep on lying to survive for how long”. He roared and punch the mirror angrily causing the glass to shatter down.
“Fvcking stupid family filled with idiots!”. He said and grabbing the chair smashed it on the wall.
“I don’t have a life, not hear, a mother who controls me like robot, a father who care less and all he those is beat the pulp out of you, a first born who loves me abnormally, brothers who hate me, sister who wonders whether to be good or evil”. He said moving toward the family picture.
He carried it and smashed it on the ground.
“Lovely! What’s going on!”. He could hear voices from the outside.
“I can’t love, I don’t have a power over my life, that isn’t a life”. He said and kicked the cabinet.
“I can’t run from them but neither can I stay”. He said and sat on the ground.
“Father I know you’re somewhere, I don’t know if Mom’s story about your death is true, I never had a chance to meet you once but I believe you were a good person, you left me to Mom to destroy my life, that isn’t fair”. He roared and the door broke open letting his family in except Diaz.
“Lovely”. Ashley called out as she moved to his front.
“Lovely? Now I know why you all call me Candy it’s because there’s nothing Lovely about me”. He whispered.
“What’s wrong with you son? “.
” Where’s father? Where’s my father? “.
” He’s dead and it’s gone already, why are you eating yourself up”.
“I hate you, all of you!”. He roared furiously.
“I’ll call the doctor”. Dahlia said.
“Everything you said does not change the fact that you lied to me, you hide the secret and as if that wasn’t enough, you used your Mermaid powers on my brother like he was a puppet”. She roared rising to her feet.
“I said I’m sorry Cindy, I’ve told you everything already, every single thing I’ve been hiding”.
“You should have said it earlier, hearing it from my best friend would have been warm and a sign of trust but those Mermaids or whatever it’s really called, it’s heartbreaking”.
“I was going to tell you but you left the room”.
“Because you were never ready, I’ll take my leave now”. She said and walked toward the door.
Kapella wanted to go after her but Mrs. Elijah held her back.
“She’ll come around, okay”.
“Mom those Mermaids”.
“You can’t help them daughter and if you go behind my back to help, heavens knows I’ve tried my best to protect you, I controlled you as a kid but not anymore now that you’re a teenager, you make your own decision and the best I can do is give a good advice as a good mother, this hunters are very dangerous and you’re the Artic, you’re the most wanted, if they can’t get you, they can come for your family “. Mrs. Elijah said as tears formed in her eyes.
” Alright Mom, I won’t go, am just bothered “.
“You should be”. Mrs. Elijah said and her phone buzzed.
“Hey”. She said and paused.
“I got to go, your father’s vehicle broke and he has some goods inside”.
“Alright Mom”.
Kapella brought out her phone and dialed the number Lovely had given to her.
She collapsed on the bed as she the phone buzzed.
The call was soon received and she was lucky not to have spoken first.
“Hello, who’s this?”. He heard a femanine voice.
“Dahlia will you drop the phone?”. He heard a woman’s voice in the bsckground.
“Doctor is he going be okay?”. She heard the voice again and the call disconnected.
“Dahlia?.. What could happened to Lovely? Did he have an accident?”. She soliloquize getting off her bed.
“Doctor is he going to be okay?”. Dahlia said as she disconnect the call and dropped Lovely’s phone.
“Of course, I’ve checked, he’s perfectly alright, there’s nothing medically wrong with him”. The doctor said as they stared at Lovely who was on the bed.
His eyes were opened as he watched the light above him.
“Then why did he behave in such manner?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
“Is he in pain of recent or just now?”. He asked.
“No”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“What if yes?”. Dahlia asked.
“If yes that’s the possible cause, People change their feelings of pain into anger because it feels better to be angry than it does to be in pain. This changing of pain into anger may be done consciously or unconsciously depending on the intensity of the pain caused “. The Doctor said.
” Alright.. Doc… You can go “.
” Lovely “. Ashley called out.
” Just keep to Candy “. He said.
” It isn’t your birth name “.Dahlia said.
” a name you gave to a kid because he loved candies “. He said.
” It was cute and you loved it “. Dahlia said but he didn’t reply.
” I was so scared, thought you had gone insane”. Ashley said.
“Shut up!”. Dahlia said.
“I’ll take my leave, the next time you scare the hell out of me, you might have yourself to be blamed”. She said and left.
“I’m sorry, I know I’m the cause of your pain”.Dahlia said caressing his head.
“His phone buzzed again and he took it.
” Who’s this caller you saved as Beauty K? “. She said and he took the phone from her.
” Work client”. He said and took the call.
“Hey, We’ll see tomorrow”. He said and disconnect the call..
“Bad CEO”. Finn said and Dahlia stared dagger at him.
“Sorry”. He apologized and left.
“And what are you still doing?”. She snapped at Ashley who turned to leave.
“Get Diaz over here to feed him, his punishment for not coming to check what’s wrong with Candy”.
“Feed me, never!”.
“Then, he’ll arrange the room”.
“Just let them be Dahlia, they’re your sibling, full not half”.
“You don’t question my decision and you’re in no position to tell me who to love or not, Get Diaz here”. She said.
“Cindy!”. Kapella called out as she broke through the crowd of students trooping into the school.
“C’mon why the frown?”.
“Don’t act like we’re still friends”. Cindy said..
“Of course, Let’s see a movie that will be released at cinema together “.
” Am not interested “.
” Please just stop this Cindy, I’m begging you, I’m sorry “. Kapella said.
” I’m still processing how to trust you after this”.
“We’ve been friends for years C, Trust was never an issue”.
“That was right K, until you ruined it with your secrets, I always fantasize mermaids and it would have been awesome finding out that my best friend is one, in a good way though if you would excuse me”.
“Have you seen Nancy, I need to apologize to her”. Kapella said.
“Gosh!”. She said and head for the pool room.
She entered and froze as she saw a female student feeding Diaz close to the pool as moved around like it was party time but no one was swimming as there was a barricade around with an inscription ‘no swimming today’.
She made to turn back but almost bumped into Finn who kicked the door closed.
“It’s been so long, Did you miss me?”. He asked.
“What’s popping there?”. Diaz asked as he rose to his feet.
“Just having a friendly talk bro”. Finn said and left for where Diaz sat as he moved to front of Kapella.
“What are you here for again, to blow some big big lie?”. She asked.
“You went out with Candy after school”.
“Any problem with that?”.
“I was just wondering where you’ve gathered courage against me” He said.
She scoffed and made to walk past him but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”. She screamed.
“Why Lovely? What does he have that I don’t have”He said and pushed her backward.
“Lay your filthy hand on her one time”.
Everyone turned back to see Lovely as he stepped in.
He move up to Diaz and looked him in the eyes.
“When you ever get to man up, behaving like a kid is disappointing, Just stay off”. Lovely said and held Kapella’s hand to walk past him.
Diaz groaned angrily as he pushed the both of them at the pool.
Kapella had a good stamina but where Lovely stood was slippery letting him slide into toward the pool.
She pulled him back with all her might but that caused her to forward of which Diaz did a finishing touch to as he shot his leg out and she tripped.
Kapella crashed into the pool of water just as she pulled Lovely back.
He was angry but decided to go in as he made to dive but Diaz already dived at him grabbing him down.
“Do you ever think I’m scared of Mother’s punishment”. Diaz said and punched his face angrily.
“You get loved but I’m the Bastard son eveyone hates from birth”. He roared and sent another punch which broke his lips this time.
As Kapella crashed into the pool she slowly submerged into it as her bracelet glowing but the glow was becoming dim.
“Shit!”. She thought as she swam up speedily but unfortunately it stop glowing just as her head burst on of water, meaning it was exhausted.
Kapella groaned as she felt her hips enlarging as her legs glued together.
The transformation was so fast since her body has adjusted to the new form and now she was a full Artic Mermaid.
Tears formed in her eyes as she submerged back into the waters in fear.
“You Bastard get loved by everyone but no matter how I try”. He screamed angrily wanting to punch him again but he flip Diaz over and headbutt him before rising to his feet.
He moved to edge of the pool as Diaz rolled to him feet too.
Kapella’s heart pound as she watched Lovely standing at the edge from underwater.
Diaz soon grabbed him from behind and they crashed in as well descending to where she was as her tail illuminated the pool.
The let go of each other slowly as existence of a coloured light in the pool was shocking.


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