Childhood sweetheart Episode 7

Episode 7-
Final Episode
Today we have been married for twenty seven years. Our marriage is unrecognisable from that awful moment of confrontation all those years. Our family has also multi-plied. We now have two children in their teens and two young adults. It’s a sobering thought that if all these didn’t happen, our youngest two children wouldn’t exist at all.
Yes, it’s been a long road. It’s not been easy. We’re still a work in progress. We have our ups and downs just like anyone else. But when i speaks, Peter listen and notice and vice versa. Peter and I appreciate each other and we don’t judge each other anymore because that’s what friends do.
Today Peter and I can say with great confidence that we are happily married. We must be doing something right. And I can’t thank God enough for keeping Peter and I together and our love forever.
This day forward, instead of giving our attention to the outside world, let’s make our p@rtner feel like the center of our world.
The most hurting p@rt in a relationsh!pis seeing your p@rtner losing interest in you.
“One of the major pillars for a great marriage is friendsh!p. Where a husband or wife is 100% confident that they have a friend in their spouse, it makes a difference. Don’t just be husband and wife; that friendsh!pelement is absolutely important. Friendsh!phas to be nourished and nurtured regularly or it will face the danger of becoming like a business relationsh!p
💞Your spouse must be able to sit down and talk to you about anything without you getting defensive or behaving as if they are a burden to you. Your spouse should be able to joke with you about anything and just feel free to be themselves around you. Many husbands and wives are not themselves when they are around each other. However, when they come around those they consider friends or family, they let loose; that should not be so. In fact, you should have the most fun with your spouse; give them room to be goofy and free around you; let your children see that side of you
💞St©p being so rigid and official with each other. You joke with everyone else but frown at each other; relax!! plea-se build friendsh!p& maintain friendsh!p. This also means that even when your spouse may be at their lowest point, you are there to pick them up, not tear them down. Exactly what you will do for someone you consider a friend; do the same and even much more for your spouse. Friendsh!pis core and marriage is the greatest platform to experience true and lasting friendsh!p. That’s p@rt of what will keep your bond of love ti-ght.
Be happy and let go of every negative thoughts. What is yours will always be yours.
Remember when you kill yourself out of jealousy, your spouse or p@rtner may replace you, so easily, even if they love you so much. They still nee-d to be happy and to move on. Stay alive and make yourself happy. Don’t depend on anyone for your happiness.
It always takes two people to sacrifice in any relationsh!p.
You should never give up on someone you love. Be patient.
No one is perfect.
There’s no perfect husband. No Perfect Wife. What makes a Marriage special is when an imperfect Couple, Refused to give up on each other
Sometimes all you can do is to accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be
As a couple, hold hands not grudges,
You gain nothing by holding onto hurts and past problems! Give each other the gift of a clean slate and see the freedom it brings!
God is bigger than your bad decisions.
The End