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September 25, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Castle of sophos episode 21 -23

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Author~ Remio Viola




“Alessia please try getting up” Amber said almost in tears

“I really can’t my body is stiff”

“move a finger” Helen told me

“it hurts” I cried out

“Gabrielle what’s wrong with her?” Amber hurled

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“I don’t know but I think it’s from the underworld”

“the underworld?”

“maybe the snake was from the underworld”

“Diana” Louis muttered

“if it’s from the underworld then the lake will heal her” Helen stated

“but the lake is dried up” Amber yelled

“then we’ll have to wait till midnight when it’s full”

“that’s going to cause a delay” Ajax protested


“Diana is trying to get to the locket before us and waiting till midnight is going to cause us delay”

“Alessia is in such a critical condition and all you think about is someone stupid locket” Amber rebuked

“if Diana get’s the locket then we’ll all die”

“what do you suggest Ajax? That we abandon Alessia here?” Amber asked in exasperation

“I never said so I suggest we split one group waits here till the lake is full while I go with the other to find the locket” Ajax suggested and I felt tears trickle down my cheeks

“you’re so selfish Ajax” Louis cussed

“you can go with Gabrielle cause we’re going nowhere without Alessia” Jace spat out

“Alessia is the reason we made it here she risked her life protecting your stupid lamp and you really don’t care that she’s dying” Amber blurted out

“it’s okay Amber” I said amidst tears

“I just want to go back to Westchase take me to my mummy” I sobbed

“you’ll be fine” Helen assured as a tear escaped her eye but she blinked to suppress it


Gabrielle and Ajax left us and walked a distance and sat on a stone together

“you shouldn’t had been rude” Gabrielle said

“I care alot about Alessia I don’t know what came over me”

“if you really care about her then she needs your care now than ever” Gabrielle said then squeezed his hand lightly as she peered into his eyes

“I think I like you Gabrielle” Ajax confessed

“you think?”

“am beginning to like you”

“you shouldn’t”


“you just shouldn’t”


“Ajax is just too selfish now” Jace sighed throwing pebbles around

“all he thinks about is Gabrielle Gabrielle Gabrielle” Amber sang throwing her hands in the air the she hissed

“I don’t like that girl” Louis spat out

“but she acts nice and she’s kind” Margaux defended

“yes she acts nice but she’s drawing Ajax to herself making him think of only her and forgetting us” Louis said

“there’s something about her” Helen put in as she watched Gabrielle and Ajax

“there’s someone there” Jace suddenly said pointing at where Gabrielle and Ajax sat

“it’s just the both of them” Amber sighed and crossed her hands on her chest. I chuckled lightly at her jealously but I still couldn’t move so I laid on the ground helplessly

“someone is spying on them” Jace insisted

“they should just kill them” Amber blurted out then I chuckled again

“where are you going?” Amber asked as Jace drew his sword and stood up

“Ajax is our heir so he can’t die” Jace smirked then sneaked behind trees as he approached Ajax and Gabrielle.


Jace held his drawn sword firmly as he gradually approached them without alerting their attention.

He saw someone move swiftly behind a tree then he attacked him but the person already had drawn sword and attacked Jace in self defense.

“who are you?” Jace asked between gritted teeth but the man who was dressed like a warrior didn’t reply instead he flew into the air skillfully and attacked Jace from behind but Jace was fast to defend himself though he wasn’t as skillful as his opponent and he couldn’t stand his opponent.

“I don’t want to hurt you” his opponent suddenly said

“who are you?”


“Ares?” Jace was surprised then he quickly drew back his sword and bowed

“you’ve got skills” Ares commented and signalled Jace to get up which he did

“why are you spying on us?”

“am just protecting Helen”


“I don’t want any harm to befall her I’ve always protected the cave and I’ve been following you since you saved her”

“why aren’t you coming for her?”

“you need her to save the kingdom and she doesn’t love me again”

“is she still under the spell of Eros?”


“you can’t keep spying on us why not join us we’ll need you for future battles cuz NO ONE can stand you” Jace said stressing the ‘NO ONE’

“Helen doesn’t ever want to see me”

“she truly loves you she’s just under a spell”

“I know”

“we’ll help you set her free from the spell”


“Alessia will find a way”


Jace finally convinced Ares to follow him back to us and he did. I didn’t know what was happening cause I wasn’t moving till I heard Helen scream and swords were drawn.

“what’s happening Amber?” I asked

“I don’t know”

“it’s Ares the god of war Helen is furious to see him cause he locked her up and she hates him” Jace explained

“I heard drawn swords”

“Helen is about to attack Ares but she knows she can’t fight him no one can”

“I hate you Ares” I heard Helen yank followed by slashing of swords.


Author~ Remio Viola
“Helen you got to stop this” Jace bellowed but Helen was adamant as she continued fighting with Ares
“Helen am in to much pain for all these” I sobbed then the slashing ceased
“am sorry Alessia am really sorry” Helen apologised as she dropped the sword and knelt beside me
“you’re gonna make me die before my time” I smiled between tears
“I’ll never see you die”
“Helen am sorry for what I did but I couldn’t…”
“shut up Ares” Helen cut in rudely
“you’re a monster and I’ll forever hate you” she added
“Helen we don’t need more distractions and delay” Jace said
“then tell him to leave”
“he’s not leaving”
“then I’ll have to leave cuz I can’t continue this journey with a monster”
“he’s not a monster and no one is leaving” Ajax rebuked
“am leaving try and stop me” Helen seethed then tried getting up but I held her weakly
“please don’t leave me this way I might die” I said through tears
“you’re not going to die I just can’t be with Ares”
“then is leaving me an option?”
“Ares just go please” Helen pleaded softly not looking at Ares
“I’ll just go” Ares said sadly then pat Jace on his shoulder
“you can’t go” Jace disagreed
“Jace” Helen hurled
“why can’t you understand that you’re under a spell” Jace yanked at Helen
“am not under a spell am perfectly okay”
“if you’re okay why can’t you see that you love Ares”
“I once loved him but not anymore I love only one person and it’s Plutus” Helen spat out then yanked my hand off her’s and walked away despite my pleas and cries
“don’t cry Alessia it will make to weak” Amber cooed
“am gonna die” I sniffed
“what’s wrong with her?” Ares asked
“she got bitten by a snake and became paralyzed this morning we suspect it’s a snake from the underworld” Louis replied
“why haven’t you summoned a witch?” Ares asked
“a witch? We’re waiting for the lake to get full” Ajax replied
“when someone get’s paralyzed by a serpent from the underworld it leads to death unless a witch is summoned” Ares explained
“what?” they all chorused
“but Gabrielle said the water would heal her” Amber blurted out
“who’s Gabrielle”
“her” Amber pointed at Gabrielle who bowed her head
“she’s a servant from the underworld” Amber added
“Amber you mustn’t say that” Ajax cautioned and Amber shot him a scowl
“don’t you know that this leads to death?” Ares asked Gabrielle
“I never knew until now” Gabrielle replied meekly
“is she going to die?” Louis asked
“let’s just hope it’s not too late to save her” Ares replied
“but we can’t someone a witch where there is no shelter and it doesn’t look like there is any around” Ajax said
“I built a shack around let’s take her there” Ares offered
“is it close?”
“not really but if we ride fast we’ll make it on time” Ares replied Amber
“we can’t go without Helen” Margaux put in
“we don’t have time to wait for Helen and she won’t accept to come with us” Ares said
“let’s go we can’t lose Alessia” Louis said carrying me into his arms
“it hurts” I winced in pain
“how do we get her on a horse?” Amber asked to no one in particular
“Ajax will ride with her” Jace replied
“I’ll wait behind and find Helen” Amber volunteered
“the horses aren’t enough” Jace said
“I’ll ride with Amber, Margaux will ride with you and Gabrielle will trek” Jace said jocularly
“this is not time for jokes Jace” Amber said sternly
“since the horses are six, Ajax and Alessia will go with one, I’ll with Margaux, Louis will ride with Gabrielle, Ares will ride alone then Amber will go with her horse and another extra to search for Helen” Jace shared
“will you be fine alone?” Louis asked Amber in concern
“I will just make sure Alessia is okay” Amber gave a fake smile

Ajax took me from Jace’s arms and lifted me on the horse then mounted on it and cuddled me in his arms, I groaned in pain.
“are you okay?” Ajax asked me in concern
“am fine” even if I wasn’t having you beside me is enough.
Louis got on his horse with Gabrielle who was staring endlessly at I and Ajax, Jace got on his horse with Margaux and Ares got on Margaux’s horse.
The horses neighed and rode off.
I felt something moving up to my throat and soon I was coughing non stop.
“we have to hurry” Ares hurled
“I can’t make it” I coughed
“you’ll be fine” Ajax assured though I could see he was also scared
“were’s Athena?” I asked myself
“look at me Ajax” I suddenly said during the ride and he did
“what’s it?” he asked staring into my eyes and I was sure his pupils were blue instead of it’s normal green
“does your pupil change?” I asked

What’s wrong with his eyes?

“we’ll fall” he said and looked away
“we won’t look at me again” I said
“what’s wrong Alessia save your strength” Ajax said and peered into my eyes. I wanted to touch his face but I was stiff
“what’s wrong with you?” Ajax asked rhetorically and looked away.
“we’re here” Ares said as we arrived at an old shack
“let’s just pray it’s not too late”


Author~ Remio Viola

“I knew I would find you here” Diana told the figure that sat on a high chair as she walked in with Calix.
“what do you want Diana?” the figure asked in a gruff voice
“I came to make a deal”
“I own everything Diana I have what no man ever had”
“you have all the wealth on earth but you lack something Plutus”
“what is it?” Plutus asked jerking up
“Helen is awake”
“that’s ridiculous” Plutus laughed hilariously
“you doubt me Plutus”
“why shouldn’t I? No one wakes up from the sleep of Hypnos unless…” Plutus trailed off
“yes the seal was found” Diana completed
“that’s a lie” Plutus yanked hitting the arms of the chair he sat
“then watch” Diana smirked then magically made a globe to appear and Helen and Amber showed in where they sat discussing
“and Ares already found her” Diana added
“Never! Ares will never have Helen” Plutus seethed
“then you’re in for the deal”
“what’s the deal?”
“Helen still loves you but Ares and his friends from the other world are about to break the spell I’ll help you get Helen and in return…”
“you have to come with us please” Amber pleaded with Helen trying to convince her to join us
“I really can’t travel with Ares not after what he did to me”
“you don’t have to see him just pretend he isn’t present”
“please for Alessia’s sake” Amber cut in
“it’s gonna be hard”
“I know but Alessia is dying”
Amber managed to convince Helen and she accepted to join us.
“how do we know the way to the shack?” Helen asked when they had mounted on their horses
“will follow their horse’s track” Amber replied then the rode off.
“lie her here” Ares instructed then Ajax laid me on a stone bed inside the shack
“we need fire” Ares said
“we’ll go get woods” Jace and Margaux volunteered then left to get woods
“why hasn’t Athena showed up?” Louis asked to no one in particular
“I don’t know
it’s like she abandoned us after bringing us this far” Ajax heaved a deep sigh
“is this enough?” Jace asked entering the shack carrying woods with Margaux beside him
“that was fast” Louis blurted out
“put it down here” Ares pointed beside a small fire place
“we had to run to save time” Jace breathed out as he dropped the woods
“they won’t be enough” Ares said
“we’ll go get more” Gabrielle volunteered then pulled Ajax by the hand
“Louis join us” she beckoned on Louis with a smile
“Alessia be fine for me” Louis told me before he got up. I managed a weak smile which he returned and walked out. I can swear that I saw the same blue in his eyes just like Ajax’s something is wrong somewhere
“I’ll join you” Margaux prompted then ran to meet them
Ares made a small fire with the woods and started calling on Aileen. After a short while she appeared.
“you summoned me” Aileen said as she stood in the fire surrounded by flames but she wasn’t getting strong.
“Alessia needs to be healed she’s paralyzed from the underworld” Ares stated
“you were warned Alessia” Aileen stared at me with fire in her eyes
“out of through beautiful flowers shall arise a thong hidden in the form of a flower that will tear the flowers apart, the garden will be divided and only two hearts as one will restore the garden” she repeated the prophecy
“Gabrielle is a thong among you she hid amongst the flowers and now the flowers are divided she now has Ajax and Louis and Margaux to herself and they’re going for the locket”
“I… I never knew” I was startled
“you were blinded” Aileen seethed and her eyes was full of rage
“Athena never visited because of the darkness amongst you she’s a Sophos and doesn’t go near darkness”
“we have to stop Ajax and Louis”
“you have to stop Ajax and Louis” Aileen corrected
“but I can’t move”
“you can”
“I…” I moved my hand and it moved I raised my legs and it didn’t hurt
“I can now move” I cried out excitedly
“now go stop them” Aileen stated and vanished
“let’s move” I said to Ares and Jace
“we have to wait for Helen and Amber” Jace protested
“we don’t have time”
“we’re here” Amber said running in with Helen
“you made it” Amber squealed and pulled me into a tight embrace
“where are Louis, Ajax, Margaux and Gabrielle?” Amber asked looking around
“Gabrielle cast a spell on them and now they’re going for the locket” I informed her
“I never really liked Gabrielle I knew she was up to no good” Amber said between gritted teeth
“we need to stop them” Helen said
“are you fine now?” Jace asked me then I nodded
“then let’s go”

We walked outside and couldn’t find any of the horses apart from the two Amber and Helen came with.
“where did the horses go?” Jace asked in awe
“I think they made away with them” I replied
“how do we stop them on time?”
“I’ll ride with Amber and Alessia and you…” Jace trailed of with a chuckle
“that isn’t gonna work” Helen stated
“we’re talking about Sophos put your hatred aside” Jace seethed then we got on our horse. It was pretty uncomfortable but we had no choice and so did Helen and Ares

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