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Castle of sophos episode 18-20

Author~ Remio Viola
“what do you mean by you couldn’t save her?” Amber asked with watery eyes
“I lost…”
“I’m here” I informed coming in with Gabrielle’s left hand around my neck and my right hand on her waist to support her because she had almost past out.
“Alessia” they all cried out running to me
“who’s she?” Amber asked pointing at the girl who had dropped on the ground
“she needs help she’s dying”
“let’s get out of here first” Ajax said and carried Gabrielle in his arms.
“there’s no way out” Jace said
“there should be put her down” I told Ajax referring to Gabrielle
“Gab” I called shaking her lightly and she grunted in pain
“is there any way out of here?”
“the…re’s…a…tunnel” Gabrielle stuttered in pain
“mo…ve…the…stone” she pointed weakly at a stone which was a little distance from us
“Jace go move the stone” Ajax instructed then carried Gabrielle in his arms again
Louis and I joined Jace and we rolled the stone away and saw a tunnel
“Amber go” I said and she creeped in then Margaux, I, Louis, Ajax carrying Gabrielle, Helen, then Jace being the last.
“Louis torch light” I said then Louis switched on his torch
“this is creepy” Amber said in fear and we walked passed skulls and skeletons
“don’t…” Gabrielle tried talking but was in so much pain
“don’t stress yourself” I told her
“Gabrielle don’t stress yourself” I soothed then suddenly we entered a pathway and the door closed abruptly
“what was that?” I asked in fear
“Gabrielle was trying to stop us from entering here” Jace said
“it’s too late let’s keep going” Helen said and we turned to continue walking when we started hearing hisses and grunts
“what…was…that?” I asked coming to an abrupt stop
“snakes” Louis hurled and ran back but the way we took in was blocked
“arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” we all screamed scurrying about as the snakes approached us
“Jace” Ajax called to alert Jace as he laid Gabrielle down in a corner
“watch her” Ajax instructed me and I nodded repeatedly
“you don’t have to be so scared they’re just snakes” Ajax said with a chuckle
“just snakes?” Amber asked in fear leaning on the wall
“Ajax now” Jace yanked and they attacked the snakes with their daggers
“Jace look out” Louis hurled as a huge snake was about biting Jace
“got you” Ajax smiled as he stabbed the snake to the wall
Ajax and Jace continued fighting the snakes like they were computer games
“this is the last one” Jace said cutting the last snake’s head off
“finally!” we all breathed out with our hands on our chest then suddenly we heard a roar
“what was that?” Margaux asked to no one in particular then the roar became more loud and close and suddenly a leopard came out.
“we can’t fight this” Ajax said stepping backward
“don’t be scared Ajax you’re a god” Helen reminded
“I can’t” Ajax stepped back as the leopard advanced towards us
“Ajax fight it” Gabrielle said faintly
“what do I…” just as Ajax was about protesting, the leopard pounced on him but he was fast enough to dodge. Ajax got up and took out his bow and arrow
“it’s of no use Ajax you can’t hurt it with physical weapons” Helen said
“then…” the leopard pounced on him again and he used his hand to push the leopard away
“how did you do that?”
“I don’t know”
The leopard pounced on him again and he pushed it out to his astonishment.
“Ajax watch out” Jace yanked as the leopard brought out it’s claws then it leaped up and to our astonishment Ajax turned to a beast and attacked the leopard. The two beasts fought fiercely that we were scared Ajax would die.
“Ajax” I said softly to myself
“he’ll be fine” Helen said with a smile as if reading my thoughts.
The leopard made a final leap and Ajax used his claws to tear the leopard’s mouth apart then it dropped to the floor DEAD.
“You made it” we all squealed as Ajax returned to his human form
“how did I do that?” Ajax asked rhetorically then we all laughed
“I thought we would die” Amber said jocularly
“let’s get going” Ajax said taking up Gabrielle in his arms again.
We continued our walk through the tunnel till we got to the end of the tunnel.
“where do we go next?” I asked in frustration as I sat on the floor then Amber joined me
“I don’t know” Helen shook her head sadly
“look” Margaux pointed up and we saw the light of the moon coming through an open space
“we have to climb up there” Ajax said
“it’s far can we make it?” Jace asked in doubt
“we can if we try” I said getting up then made the first move
“I’m not sure I can do this I’m tired” Amber said
“come on Amber you climbed the mountain you can do this” I encouraged
“how about Gabrielle she can’t climb” Louis said
“I’ll carry her” Ajax replied
“you gonna carry her and climb up a tunnel?” Margaux asked in disbelief
“he’s a god Margaux” Helen reminded
Ajax carried Gabrielle on his back in a piggy back style as we started our climb up the tunnel.
“we made it” I squealed as we crept out of the tunnel.
Author~ Remio Viola
“we’re trying our best ma’am” an officer said to mum. She’ve been ranting about their not been able to find us and the officers were getting pissed.
“you promised to bring us news in 5 hours and it’s 19 hours already”
“why not you go out there and look for her” another officer seethed
“Calm down Monique” Clara pacified
“my baby is missing” mum broke down in tears
“you still have Adrian but Amber is all I’ve got” Clara said sadly
“your children weren’t kidnapped they’re somewhere” Sr James said joining them
“Sergeant James” dad hailed
“Malcolm it’s been a while” Sr James said shaking hands with dad
“I heard your daughter is missing?”
“any idea where she might be?”
“she said she was going on a three days research with her group and it’s been five days they haven’t returned”
“have you tried calling them?”
“all their lines are switched off”
“have you called the school?”
“yes and they said they didn’t give the students any project even the students affirmed to it”
“what subject?”
“maybe they went on some vacation they’ll be fine we’ll keep up with the search”
“thanks a lot Sergeant”
“We made it” Amber squealed as we came out of the tunnel
“finally I thought we were gonna die in the underworld” Margaux breathed out
“here” Jace gave Ajax a hand and pulled him up
“she’s weak” I said referring to Gabrielle as Ajax laid her on the ground
“the powers of the underworld still bounds her” Helen said
“how do we set her free?” Ajax asked in concern
He’ve been too concern about Gabrielle and I don’t know why.
“only light can fight darkness” Helen replied
“the lake of light” Helen stated
“where is it located”
“for down in the west
the lake dries up every 23 hours, it’s only full for one hour then it dries up”
“let’s get going” Ajax said
“can’t we rest?” Louis asked sluggishly
“it’s far from here and if we don’t meet the lake when it’s full then we’ll have to wait beside the lake for one day” Helen informed
“then we better get going” Jace said and hoisted Louis off the ground
“I can’t wait to get back to Westchase” Louis sighed
Ajax chuckled the took Gabrielle in his arms again.
Why does he care about her this much?
why do I even care?
We mounted on our various horses and Ajax still carried Gabrielle on his.
“it’s gonna be a long journey we have to be fast” Ajax hurled
The ride was long and quite. No on talked as Ajax was so bent on gettin to the lake on time.
I was so hungry and I could see from the look on Amber’s face that she was also hungry. Louis was sleeping on his horse while Jace dragged his horse.
“am hungry” I yawned as my stomach suddenly grumbled
“we can’t go hunting now” Ajax replied
“why?” I yawned again this time more loudly
“Gabrielle’s life comes first”
I felt like punching him.
We continued our unending journey then we started hearing strange sounds. Very scary ones.
“what’s that sound?” I asked to no one in particular
“I don’t know” Helen replied
“aren’t we there yet?” Amber was now shaking like a leave
“we’re almost there” Helen replied then the noise got louder
“wild animals” I heaved
“I think so” Jace agreed
“the lake is drying up” Helen alerted us and pointed to the lake that was fats drying up.
Ajax took off, riding faster and leaving us behind
“bears” Margaux shrieked
“they are the guardians of the lake” Helen said
“they won’t eat us?” Amber quivered in fear
“as long as you don’t give them reasons to” Helen replied
“I’ll go join Ajax” I said and rode away to the lake.
When I got to the lake, Ajax had already laid Gabrielle on the ground facing her up then he walked into the lake that was already dried up except for a very small part
“how do you get the water?” I asked cause he wasn’t with any container to take the water
“I don’t know” Ajax replied in confusion as he looked around for a means to take the water that was almost dried up
“hurry Ajax the water is almost dried” I hurled but later regretted saying so. Ajax squatted and scooped the water into his mouth then he walked out of the lake
“you drank it?” I asked but he just shook his head in a ‘no’
He squatted beside Gabrielle and released the water into her mouth, actually kissing her.
I swallowed an invisible lump in my throat as I watched the scene before me and soon he was done I already froze like a statue.
“Alessia” Ajax waved his palm across my face
“I’m…fine” I stuttered jerking back to reality
“she’s waking up” I added and turned my gaze to Gabrielle
“my head hurts” Gabrielle moaned in pain as she rubbed her forehead
“you’ll be fine” Ajax caressed the spot she placed her palm
“thanks” she mouthed
“Alessia” she noticed my presence
“are you okay now?”
“I think I am”
“are you hungry?” Ajax asked Gabrielle then my stomach grumbled again and that was when I remembered I was hungry
“was that your stomach?” he asked Gab and she nodded
Wait! That was me not hers
Author~ Remio Viola
“I’ll go get Jace so we can go for hunting” Ajax said, I swallowed hard to suppress my tears
am the one who’s hungry
“uhm… Ajax”
“Alessia you’re here”
wait, he never noticed my presence
“I’ll go meet the others” I said the turned to leave
“you can’t leave Gabrielle here alone wait here I’ll go get the others” Ajax suggested then left without letting me say a word
“how are you feeling?” I asked Gabrielle
“am fine thanks to Ajax he’s such a nice person”
“yeah and thanks for helping us out of the underworld and helping me out of the pit”
“it’s nothing”
“Alessia” Amber called as they approached us
“she’s awake” Louis said
“we’ll go hunt for meat” Jace informed
“I’ll join you” Louis volunteered they left with Ajax and Jace
“where’s the lake?” Amber asked
“it’s dried up” I replied
“thank goodness we made it before it got dried up”
“I need to sleep” Margaux yawned then got out a blanket
“me too” Amber followed then they laid down on the blanket
“you also need to rest” I said to Gabrielle
“I’ll just wait till Ajax get’s back” Gabrielle smiled
Seriously? Do I even care?
“Alessia you need to rest” Helen evaded my thoughts
“am more hungry” I replied
“you should rest before they get back” Helen insisted then I gave up.
I laid on my own blanket as I stared into space. I wasn’t ready to sleep a wink as Ajax and Gabrielle flashed through my mind.
What could be wrong with the two of them?
“she’s just too scary” we heard Jace say then I looked up and saw them returning from the woods.
Ajax held an antelope while Jace and Louis carried woods.
I stared at Ajax until our eyes met but he quickly looked away and smiled at Gabrielle who returned the smile
I was too hurt to be hurt
“you took like forever” Amber complained
“we’re so sorry Amber” Jace apologised then sat beside Amber while Ajax moved to sit beside Gabrielle and Louis came to me
Seriously? Louis?
“who caught this?” Gabrielle pointed at the animal
“Ajax” Louis replied
“I knew” she flashed Gabrielle a smile and he smiled back
“you all should rest while I prepare the meat” Helen stated
“I’ll help you” I volunteered and she reluctantly accepted
We finished with our delicious dinner then sat beside the fire we made.
“the woods are almost exhausted” Helen complained
“we’ll go fetch new ones” Jace said and got up
“okay” Louis also got up
“would you like to join us?” Jace asked Amber and she nodded
“what about you Ajax”
“he’s staying with me” Gabrielle cut in sharply
“really?” Jace stared at Ajax with raised brows
“uhm… You guys can go without me”
“Alessia join us”
“she’ll join me pick berries” Helen put in
“it’s late for that” Louis protested
“it’s better in the moon light” Helen replied then Louis shrugged and all eyes turned to Margaux
“what? You know am not going”
Louis, Jace and Amber headed to fetch the firewood while I got ready to go for berry hunt with Helen.
“Margaux join us it’s gonna be fun” Helen said
“am not sure”
“come here” Helen pulled her up then she giggled
“you both should go nowhere” Helen instructed Ajax and Gabrielle then they nodded.
We took the basket Helen has earlier weaved from fallen leaves then we went into the bush.
“look” Helen pointed at a fire-fly
“it’s a fire-fly” Margaux chuckled
“and it will lead us to the berries”
We continued our walk in the bush and then suddenly, I felt something crawl on my feet.
“Hel… Arrrrr” I screamed
“what’s wrong Alessia?” Helen asked as they ran to my side
“I think I got bitten by a snake” I groaned in pain
“let’s get out of here” Margaux said in fear
“can you walk?” Helen asked
“I think so” I nodded but when I tried walking I felt a sharp pain on my heel
“I can’t walk”
Helen crossed one of my hands over her shoulders and Margaux did same to the other.
“I tired” I weeped in pain
“we’re already there” Helen soothed
“what happened to her?” Gabrielle asked running to us
“she was bitten by a snake” Margaux replied then they helped me sit on a log of wood
“get me a dagger” Gabrielle instructed then Ajax gave her his dagger
“what are you trying to do?”
“this is the only way to get the venom out of your body before it spreads” Gabrielle explained
“it’s…” before I could complete my statement Gabrielle dug the dagger into my skin and I screamed in pain
“you’ll be fine” Helen pacified
Soon Gabrielle was done then she tore out a piece of fabric from the hem of her dress and tied my heel.
“thank you” I breathed out as I suddenly started feeling weak then I passed out.
I opened my eyes as the rays of the sun hit them.
“Alessia” I heard Alessia call
“how are you feeling?” Louis asked then I sluggishly opened my eyes and saw everyone staring at me
“I’m weak” I replied as I tried moving but felt paralyzed
“try sitting up” Helen said
“I… I can’t move”


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