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Castle of sophos episode 12 – 14


Author~ Remio Viola
“I’m not desperate, I just want the progress of the Castle” Calix said in self defense
“well the prophecy isn’t for us so we should be thinking of a strategy to get the locket” Ajax said
“Ajax and his friends will set out on the journey tonight” King Alesandro informed
“isn’t it too late to begin a journey?” Egan asked
“we need to protect Sophos and I’ll do that day or night” Ajax said
“this is gonna be so adventurous” Jace, Ajax’s friend said as he mounted on his horse
“I love adventures” Amber giggled
“I just wanna go home” Margaux said as she tried to stable her horse
“I can’t ride a horse” I said as I tried mounting on my horse to no avail
“me too” that was Amber
“how about you Margaux?” Ajax asked Margaux
“I can ride”
“it’s too dark to start practicing horses and besides horses from the royal stable are so crazy like the royal family” Jace said and we all burst into laughter apart from Ajax who was pissed off
“really? Not as crazy as the Evan’s” Ajax smirked
“that’s not true everyone knows my family is a noble one”
“I don’t know that” Ajax said as he tried helping mount on my horse but I couldn’t
“I don’t want some pretty damsel ruining her face” Jace said referring to me
“I can’t do this I’ll trek” I gave up
“it’s late for that and it’ll cause us delay” Ajax disagreed
“I’m not riding on this horse” Amber exclaimed
“come on girls we don’t have time” Louis said
“let’s do it this way
I’ll ride with Alessia and you’ll ride with Amber” Jace suggested to Ajax
“no let’s do it the other way round” Ajax protested and that was it.
I rode with Ajax as we pulled my horse along and so did Amber and Jace.
“we’re heading for the grave” Ajax said when we had gone a long distance
“what do you mean Aileen doesn’t understand the prophecy?” Diana hurled as she glared at the figure standing before her
“the prophecy is only known to Gwydion” the figure said
“how do I get into the cave? How do I know their plans?” Diana asked frustrated as she paced about
“Gwydion’s cave is secured with spells” the figure said
“I’ll visit Margaux” Diana said to herself
“she’s too weak to withstand my torment” Diana smirked
“what about the girl?” the unknown figure asked
“Alessia? Athena is with her it will be difficult to get her but get her will be my greatest achievement”
“the grave” I gasped at the sight of the tomb before us and the cave beside it
“that’s the grave Helen was kept” Ajax told us
“is she in there?” Louis asked
“let’s go into the tomb” Jace said and dismounted from his horse while he helped Amber down and we did same.
“Diana is around” Ajax said looking around
“the place is quite there’s…”
“the bond” Ajax interrupted Louis
“let’s get going we don’t have time” I said running to the tomb with Ajax who held the lamp like his life depended on it
“we Can’t all go in” Jace suddenly said
“why?” Amber asked
“incase Diana attacks” Jace replied
“we can’t possibly fight a witch” Margaux said
“we’ll need to map out a plan…”
“cobwebs” I grunted as I, Ajax and Louis walked inside the tomb with the lamp and a touch
“the tomb is like a house” Louis said
“ahhh” I screamed when I hit my leg on a rock
“what’s wrong?” Ajax asked
“it hurts” I winced in pain
“it’s…” Louis checked what I hit then said
“a grave”
“lemme see” Ajax squatted beside the stone grave and smiled
“we found it”
“so what do we do now?” I asked
“I don’t know” Ajax replied
“what? Don’t tell me I came out here for nothing” Louis blurted out
“where’s Athena?” I asked to no one in particular as I stared around
“let’s open the grave” Louis suggested and tried pushing the stone covering the grave
“no” Ajax held him back
“but why?” Louis asked
“the light in there will kill us”
“then what do we do?” I ran my hand through my hair in frustration
“Diana will be here soon” Ajax said worriedly
“keep the lamp beside the grave” I instructed and Ajax put it down
“what next?”
“I dunno” I hissed
“open the grave”
“what?” Ajax exclaimed
“were not gonna die, they died because they didn’t have a strong lamp to contain the light but we have the lamp” I tried convincing them
“no way I’m I gonna die like this” Louis said stepping back
“there’s no way back if Diana get’s the lamp we’ll still die” I cut in
“Are you sure of this Alessia?” Ajax asked standing to his feet
“you won’t open it completely just make a little gap” I said then he nodded and squatted again
“come help” Ajax beckoned and I joined him but Louis was still standing
“come on Louis” I beckoned and he reluctantly joined us
“one the count of three
And light filled the room like we were going to go blind
“Ajax quick the lamp” I called out and Ajax quickly opened the lamp then the light entered the lamp and he shut it
“that was easy” Ajax gasped
“where are their bones?” I asked as we opened the grave fully
“Sophos’ turn to light no bones” Ajax replied
“let’s go”
We turned around and were shocked
Author~ Remio Viola
“mother” Ajax gasped as we stared at the woman before us
“you’re now a handsome man son” Diana smirked
“is she Diana?” I asked Ajax in a whisper and he nodded
“what do you want?”
“give me the lamp” Diana said
“NEVER” Ajax bellowed and clutched the lamp tight
“I don’t want this to be a do or die affair let’s make this a mother and son affair”
“I’m not your son”
“give me the lamp Ajax”
“I’d rather die”
“really?” Helen scoffed and stared at me
“choose between the lamp and the girl” Diana offered
“you can’t have anyone” Ajax retorted
“don’t be stubborn like Anderson” Diana seethed
“he’s my father”
“and I’m your mother”
“you’re not worthy to be called a mother”
“I’ll make up all those lost years once you give me the lamp I’ll save Helen then we’ll get the locket”
“that won’t be necessary cause I don’t want you” Ajax replied sternly then turned to us
“let’s go”
We turned to leave but suddenly the wild animals that was surrounding Diana came after us.
“give me the lamp and I’ll spare your lives” Diana said as the animals slowly approached us
“Ajax don’t” I bellowed as we stepped back
“we’re gonna die” Louis whimpered
“there’s something about these animals” I thought aloud
“what?” Ajax asked in fear as he clutched on the lamp
“they….” I thought as I watched the animals coming towards us
“they’re not moving” I hurled
“that’s ridiculous they’ll feed on you and the lamp will be MINE” Diana laughed evily
“that’s a lie they’re not real she’s using it to scare us” I insisted
“Give me the lamp” Diana seethed
“NO!” Ajax seethed
“I don’t wanna hurt you son”
“you’re not my mother”
“let’s get outta here” I said and a lion roared at us
“Alessia are you sure these ain’t real?” Louis asked doubtfully
“I dunno but I think so”
“you think so? I don’t wanna die” Louis drawled
“I’ll move first of they don’t come after me then they’re not real but if they do then it will be a sacrifice while they feed on me you escape with the lamp”
“Alessia don’t…”
before Ajax could stop me I ran for the exit and as I thought the animals remained where they were
“that was smart” Louis complimented as they ran to meet me
“I’ll get you Alessia” Diana swore then vanished
“Alessia” Amber ran and hugged me
“Ajax how did it go?” Jace asked running to Ajax
“it’s all thanks to Alessia” Ajax replied smiling at me and I couldn’t help but blush while Margaux rolled her eyes in disgust
“what do we do next?” Louis asked
“I dunno Athena should be here by now” I replied and sat down on a stone
“we need to save Helen before Diana comes back for the lamp” Ajax said worriedly
“well done” Athena said and appeared in form of light
“Athena” Ajax hailed then bowed
“I’m proud of you Ajax” Athena commented
“and you Alessia” she smiled at me
“what about me?” Amber pouted her lips
“and you Amber”
“you’re not proud of me?” Louis spread his hands in the air
“I’m most proud of you Louis”
“I also worked hard” Jace drawled
“and I’m proud of you”
We glanced at Margaux who didn’t say a thing
“I’m honored to have you Margaux” Athena said and we all got playfully jealous
“that’s not fair” we all drawled while Margaux smiled, she looked so beautiful smiling
“it’s a honor to have you all”
“let me see the lamp” Athena said then Ajax proffered her with the lamp and she took it
“the light of my sisters” Athena said in a whisper
“I’ll be back” she added then headed for the cave Helen was trapped
“come with me Margaux” Athena said stopping on her track but didn’t turn to face us
“me?” Margaux asked in astonishment
“it’s a honor doing this with you” Athena said still not turning to face us then Margaux ran to join her as they entered the cave
“I wish she chose me” Amber said dreamily
“it’s gonna be scary in there” Jace quivered
“why?” Amber wanted to know
The two started discussing while Ajax, Louis and I lay on the ground. We were so tired.
“why did you choose me?” Margaux asked as they walked in the dark cave. They weren’t with a touch but the lamp and the light emitting from Athena brightened up the room.
“aren’t you part of them” Athena asked
“I am but it’s always Athena”
“I don’t want you think so don’t let Diana deceive you you’re also special and that’s why you’re doing the greatest part of this mission with me”
“will Alessia be the queen?”
“no” Athena replied
“we’re here” Athena said as they stopped in front of a stone bed.
Helen laid on it with her eyes shut and cobwebs covered her.
“she’s so beautiful” Margaux remarked
“that’s why she ended up here”
“she’ll do the honor of telling you her story when she wakes up” Athena replied then opened the lamp and light filled the cave.
“WOW” Margaux mouthed as the cobwebs suddenly vanished and the cave became bright then suddenly the light went out but Athena’s light still filled the room
“where’s am I?” they heard a voice ask then they turned to see Helen getting up and holding her forehead
they hugged each other
Author~ Remio Viola
Helen was still convinced on how she got to the cave
“you really can’t remember anything?” Athena asked
“Nothing apart from Ares chasing me after the ritual then I threw the locket into the ocean before he caught up with me” Helen replied
“do you recall why he chased you?”
“because I didn’t love him again” Helen replied
“you were under a spell” Athena said
“I’m not I truly love Plutus” Helen protested
“no you don’t it’s Ares you love but Eros cast a spell on you to love Plutus”
“that’s not true”
“do you recall when Zulus came to you?”
“I recall everything and it’s Plutus I love Ares is just jealous and I’ll deal with him for casting me into this deep sleep”
“she’s still under Eros’ spell” Margaux whispered to Athena
“Eros’ spell is difficult to break she might love Plutus forever poor Ares” Athena said sadly
“is there no way to break the spell?”
“the only way is destroying Plutus”
They came out of the cave and met us fast asleep, we were so stressed out that we couldn’t wait for them to be out.
“who are they?” Helen asked referring to us
“Ajax, King Alesandro’s and Diana’s son
Jace a royal friend
Alessia and Amber friends from the modern who came to help us” Athena explained
“Ajax is grown but why isn’t he a god?” Helen asked
“King Alesandro saw it as the right thing to do to protect him” Athena replied
“we need to find the locket but no one in Sophos can swim” Helen said
“that’s an advantage we have over Diana, she can’t swim” that was Athena then she vanished
“Sophos’ always leaves without a signal” Helen sighed the sat on a rock
“you’re so beautiful” Margaux complimented
“arrgggggg” Amber screamed and we got up with a start
“what’s wrong?” I asked getting open sluggishly
“she… a…” Amber stuttered pointing at what I didn’t know and then we turned to what she was pointing and I also screamed
“hey! Cut it out” Louis said then turned and also screamed
“is…she…re…real?” Jace stuttered
“you don’t need to scream” Margaux hurled
“who are you?” Ajax asked
“Helen?” we all chorused
“are those your real eyes? Is your hair real?” Amber asked Helen in admiration
“you’re so beautiful” I mouthed wide-eyed
“yeah and I’m gonna take after her” Amber bragged
“that’s not possible I have the same colour of hair as her’s so I’ll take after her” I protested and Helen smiled at our argument.
Who wouldn’t argue? She’s a real beautiful and now I see why Ares locked her.
“Ajax why aren’t you a god?” Helen asked Ajax
“I lost the form”
“I want you to get it back cuz we’ll need it in this mission” Helen said
“I can’t get it back”
“you can my father lost he’s when I was born to protect my mother but he got it back”
“you lost a part of you trying to protect your throne and you’ll get it back when you protect something as important as the throne to you” Helen replied
“but for now we need to get the locket” Helen added
“yeah that’s why we’re here” Louis said
“you amongst you can swim?” Helen asked
“Alessia” Amber pointed at me
“no Margaux swims better than me she always beats me in swimming classes”
“is that true Margaux?” Helen asked Margaux and she smiled shyly
“I always cheat” Margaux replied
“so do I” I confessed
“what? You two always cheat?” Amber asked in disbelief
“master” Diana hailed bowing down to a figure on black coat surrounded with fire
“you failed in getting the prophecy and the lamp” the figure accused
“forgive me”
“I don’t want you to fail this time”
“we need to use someone from amongst them” Diana suggested
“the boy Louis is the smartest among them so GET HIM”
“let’s get going” Ajax said and mounted on his horse
“can you now ride?” Jace asked Amber as she mounted on her’s
“not really but I can try”
“how about you Alessia?” Ajax asked me
“Helen will ride on mine”
“then you’ll go on foot?” Jace wanted to know
“I’ll ride with Ajax”
We started the ride slowly as we chatted then Louis suddenly stopped along a waterfall.
“what’s it Louis?” I asked as we all stopped our horses
“look” he pointed at the water
“who’s she?” I asked staring at the young girl who was trying to save herself from drowning
“what’s she doing alone here no one in Sophos can swim” Jace said
“we need to save her” Louis said
“no it’s a set up” Helen disagreed
“it’s not a set up she needs him” Louis protested then got down from his horse
“where are you going Louis?” I asked
“to save her” Louis replied and dived into the water
“NO!!!!!!” we all screamed but it was too late as Louis already swept fast to the drowning girl
“how do we get him out?” I asked worriedly
“it’s a trap” Helen said as Louis reached for the girl and they dived into the water together
“where are they?” Amber asked staring at the now still water
“they’re gone” I replied sadly
“it was a trap she now has him and he knows our plans” Ajax said worriedly
“we need to stop them but where could he be?”


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