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Castle of sophos episode 1-3

I’m Alessia Donalbain and am nineteen. I’m the only daughter of Malcolm Donalbain and Monique Donalbain. I have only one brother Adrian Donalbain and he’s just five.
Enough of the introduction.
I’m on my way to college now and am presently in my car and humming a song.
I’m here!
Gilbert’s college.
I so hate this school.
I pulled my car in the drive way then headed to the building.
“Alessia!” Amber called running towards me.
I forgot to add this in my introduction. I’ve got three best friends, Amber, Margaux and Louis and we form the ALMA.
“Amber you look too excited what’s the gist?” I asked
“there’s a new hotie in school”
“whatever” I rolled my eyes and walked to my locker
“you need to see him…”
“I’m not interested Amber” I shunned her, then took out my timetable and went through it
“I’ve got Geometry now gotta go” I slammed my locker real hard
“well I’ve got Physics and after now we’ll be having History together” Amber added
“bye” we waved at each other and walked to our various directions.
Amber is so obsessed with guys! She’s always crushing.
I sighed and headed for my Geometry class.
The bell rings for change of class.
“class is dismissed ensure to submit your project” Mr Angus the Geometry teacher said and walked out of the class
I so hate that name.
“hey Ales!” Louis called running to me, he’s the only one that calls me that and I so hate that name
“the name is Alessia not Ales”
“sorry thought it was cute”
“it’s not so stop calling me that” I said and he shrugged
“I’ve got a gist”
“it’s about a Greek castle and Mr Menteth will be teaching us during History class” Louis said.
Louis is crazy about History, he knew everything even before Mr Menteth thought us. Well I wasn’t too good at History but I was better than Amber and Margaux and I loved adventures.
“sounds cool”
“yeah it really is and it’s real”
“what’s real?”
“the castle”
“Mr Menteth is in the class” Margaux snapped
“we’re coming” Louis replied
“whatever” Margaux sighed and walked away, swinging her hips from side to side.
She’s so full of herself. Her dad owns the school so she feels like a princess.
“let’s go, I don’t wanna miss a thing from what Mr Menteth is going to say” Louis said and we headed for the home class.
Margaux and Amber were already sitted, being the four riches kids in school we got our initials inscribed boldly on our desk ALMA, and we sat at the front row.
“late again” Mr Menteth snarled at us. We just ignored him and took our seats.
“now as I was saying…” Mr Menteth went on.
Amber snored as the class went on. She sucks at History.
GRIN! The bell rang
“that’s the end of the class any questions?”
“me sir” Louis raised his hand
“go on” Mr Menteth gestured
“what will happen if the witch gets the locket?”
“she’ll rule the world of Sophos and all the people of light will bow down to her darkness” Mr Menteth replied with a quiver
“can she be stopped?” Louis asked
“I’m not sure boy
you shouldn’t be researching much on this it’s not for you and it’s very dangerous” Mr Menteth warned then walked out of the class
“did you see that?” Louis turned to the rest of us
“see what?” Margaux snapped
“Mr Menteth quivered like he was scared of something… I think he’s hiding something from us…”
“yeah and like he said it’s not our business” I cut in
“let’s go” Amber spoke up
We carried our bags and headed out
“wait a second….” Louis stopped on his track when we got to the door
“this book belongs to Mr Menteth” he said staring at the book that was lying on the floor
“it says…” he picked it up
“Castle of Sophos” he read out
“let’s return it” I said
“no way” Louis hid it behind him
“I’ll study this” he added and began to flip through the pages and a folded paper fell out
“what’s this?” Amber asked picking it up
“lemme see” Louis snatched it
“it’s a map” we all chorused when he opened it
“we need to return this” Margaux said
“gotta go” Louis ran out
“he’s insane” I sighed
“let’s go” Amber said and we headed for Chemistry class
(#The plan)
School finally dismissed and I headed home. I was so stressed out. I parked my car in the garage and walked into the mansion. I rang the doorbell and the door was opened by a maid
“welcome princess” she bowed taking my school bag from me
“look at me” I ordered and she looked up at me
“you’re older than me so stop bowing and calling me serious I so hate it” I said and walked into my room
“welcome princess” all the maids bowed as I climbed the stairs
“I so hate this” I hurled and dropped on the bed
“Alessia” Adrian called running into my room
“not now” I sighed and covered my face with a pillow
“I wanna tell you what happened in school” Adrian giggled trying to pull the pillow from my face
“I’m tired Adrian maybe later”
“please….” he formed a puppy face
“okay you got me” I surrendered and sat up
“tell me but be snappy”
“our teacher…” he began when my phone rang, it was a video call from Louis
“what’s it again Louis” I asked looking at the screen of my phone
“I just found out something about the castle”
“not now Louis” I sighed
“it’s now the people are in danger”
“and how does it have to do with us?”
“the castle is real and is hidden in a very faraway wood but…”
“cut it out Louis”
“we gotta help them I know we can and we’ll learn so much for our exams”
“Louis… I not sure about this”
“please Ales”
“Alessia” I cautioned
“sorry… Sorry”
“how do we get there?”
“I’ve taken care of that”
“is it just the two of us?”
“no Amber and Margaux will come with us”
“you can’t convince them”
“I know and that’s why I told you so you can convince Amber then Margaux will have no other choice”
I was mute for a while
“please Alessia this is our time to explore”
“fine I’m in
we’ll talk to the girls tomorrow” I concord
“that’s the spirit thanks a lot I really love you”
“phew….” I drawled irritatedly
“don’t do that again, it sounds weird coming from you” I stated and hung up.
I took in a deep breath and turned to Adrian who had already fallen asleep on my bed
“thank goodness gracious”
“I’m not going anywhere” Margaux protested when we told them about the castle
“it’s gonna be fun” Amber squealed
“I can’t believe you like this” Margaux rolled her eyes
I so hate this girl!
“come on it’s gonna be adventurous” I said
“no my nails a gonna get broken” Margaux protested
“it’s gonna last for just three days” Louis said
“three what? I’m gonna miss the comfort of my bed and my beautiful home and classy foods and…”
“you’re not the only one who enjoys these privileges” I felt like slapping her
“I didn’t come here to beg you if you ain’t interested we’ll go without you we’ll still be the ALA” I added
“that sounds stupid it’s better ALMA” Margaux said disgustingly
“are you coming with us?” Amber asked
“I will cuz you ain’t going anywhere without the princess” Margaux sighed rolling her eyes. I was so pissed off now that I felt like spanking her
“so what’s the plan? What do we tell our parents?” that was Amber
“simple we’re going for a research on our History project” Louis suggested
“that’s nice cuz our parents will be too busy to call the teachers” I supported
“whose car are we going with?” I asked smirking from Amber to Margaux
“not mine, my mom got me that Leferrari FXX K on my nineteenth birthday and it’s one of a kind” Amber protested
“not mine, do you know how much a W motors Lykan Hypersport cost?” Margaux asked and I was so pissed off then they both turned to me
“mine cost more than a W motors Lykan Hypersport it’s the latest Rolls-Royce Sweptail it cost $ 13 million and I can’t risk it in the woods cuz the entire Gilberts can’t afford it” I replied rolling my eyes at Margaux
“that’s a lie, my family can afford whatever your fucking family can afford” Margaux said getting up and hitting her hand on the desk
“then why a W motors Lykan Hypersport? Why not a Mercedez-Benz or Lamborghini veneno or koenisegg CCXR Trevita?” I fired back
“you’re a bitch” Margaux made to attack me but Louis and Amber held her back
“not now girls”
“let her go so I can use my fingers to give her the best make up of her life” I retorted and walked out
“we can’t embark on this in malice we need team work” Louis tutored as we walked out of the school. Margaux was still mad at me and I wasn’t willing to apologise, she really needed someone to put her in her right senses
“just tell us the car we’re going with and quit the sermon” Margaux snapped him shut
“this Louis said pointing at an old truck”
“how do you expect me to go in that old disgusting…”
“just go home” I interrupted Margaux and walked to the truck
“how did you get this?” I asked Louis
“it belongs to my grandpa” Louis replied
“it’s perfect for the journey” I commented
“yeah” Amber agreed
“What happened to you Bugatti chiron Louis?” Margaux asked but got no reply
“let’s go convince our parents”
Amber got home and headed straight to her parents’ room faking a long face
“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Clara (Amber’s mum) asked on seeing Amber
“Our History teacher gave us a difficult project” Amber lied
“And what’s it that your parents can’t provide?” Simeon (Amber’s dad) asked
“I need to research and my group decided to go on a trip to research” Amber replied feigning tears
“Don’t cry baby you’ll pass the project” Clara consoled patting Amber
“How will I when I won’t go on the trip”
“Who said that? Clara have you been depriving my Angel from anything?” Simeon asked his wife
“No not at all” Clara replied
“Am I permitted to go?”
“Of course” her parents chorused
“Thanks mum thanks dad” Amber said excitedly then pecked her parents and ran out
“Louis come down for dinner” Beatrice (Louis’ mum) called out knocking on his door
“I don’t wanna eat mum just go away”
“What’s wrong? Open up let’s talk”
“I don’t wanna talk, just go away” Louis faked to be sad
“What’s wrong?” Martins (Louis’ dad) asked his wife coming out of their room
“I don’t know Louis has been moody since he cane back from school and he doesn’t want to come down for dinner” Beatrice complained worriedly
“Open up son” Martins ordered knocking on the door
“Go away” Louis threw a pillow at the door
“Now!” Martins said in a thunderous voice opened the door with fake tears rolling down his cheeks
“What’s wrong Louis?” Beatrice asked with concern
“I’m gonna get punished” Louis cried
“Why who’s gonna punish you?” Martins asked
“I failed to do my History project” Louis sobbed
“But why didn’t you tell us? We could had provided you with all you needed for the project” Beatrice said
“It’s a group project and we’re going on a trip”
“You shouldn’t be sad about it ” Beatrice stated
“I can’t go”
“Cuz you won’t permit me” Louis said then his parents glanced at each other and laughed
“Why won’t we?”
“Can I go?”
“Of course”
“Thanks Mum thanks Dad” Louis said then ran to the dinning room
I’m damn hungry.
“I want a new car” Margaux said immediately she entered her parents’ room
“Is that how to knock or how to greet?” Gilbert asked sternly
“I don’t care about that get me a new car and forget protocols”
“What happened to your car?” Maureen asked
“I want a rolls-royce sweptail” Margaux replied crossing her hand on her chest
“That’s too expensive” Gilbert gasped


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