Castle of love episode 41 & 42

Castle of love episode 41


(At Lucas hospital)

Queen Victoria: (looks at Austin) You….

(She walks over to him and furiously sl@ps him)

Blair: (she goes to her) Why’d you sl@p him?

Queen Victoria: (To Blair) You better stay out of this! (To Austin) What have you done?

Austin: (sobs) I…. I didn’t mean to….

Blair: (To Austin) You didn’t mean to what?

Queen Victoria: (To Austin) Why don’t you tell her what you did

Blair: Austin, what is she talking about?

Queen Victoria: (To Austin) Ohhh so you haven’t told her? (To Blair) Your darling husband is the one behind this, he stabbe-d the king

Austin: It was an accident, Tiana and I were struggling with a knife and she made me stab him

Queen Victoria: Sure, that’s what they always say, Blame everyone but yourself!

Blair: He didn’t do it, I know him.

Queen Victoria: Well he did do it. And I guess you don’t know him as well as you think you do, Your husband is a murderer.

(Doctor Welsh comes out from the ward)

Queen Victoria: Doctor Welsh, how is he?

Doctor Welsh: (sighs) He’s in a really critical condition and he’s battling for his life, When he got stabbe-d, his internal organs got punctured which is causing him internal bleeding

Blair: (covers her mouth) Oh my God….

Doctor Welsh: At this stage, we can only pray for God’s intervention.

(He goes into a ward)

Austin: (bows his head) I don’t know what I’d do if my dad doesn’t make it

Blair: plea-se don’t say that, He will survive this.

(Back at the castle)
(Cecilia and Paul wakes up from sleep)

Cecilia: Good morning Paul

Paul: Morning sis, Where’s mom and dad?

Cecilia: I don’t know, I’m just waking up too

(Axel and few other guards enter the room)

Cecilia: Good morning Axel, where’re you coming from?

Axel: Tiana and the hitman escaped and we went after them, Unfortunately they got into an accident and the car exploded, killing them

Cecilia: Ohhh no

Paul: This means she has alre-ady served her punishment, Good riddance!

Cecilia: (hits Paul lightly on the shoulder) How can you be so ins-en-sitive? I never liked Tiana but I also didn’t want her dead

Paul: But why’s everywhere deserted?

Axel: Your father, the king just got rushed to the hospital

Paul: What? Why?

Axel: He was stabbe-d in the stomach by Prince Austin

(Cecilia and Paul looks at each other in fright)

(Cecilia and Paul rush to the hospital)

Cecilia: What happened? Where is Dad?

Blair: He’s in a ward,lying unconscious.

Cecilia: No, no, no… This can’t be happening

(Doctor Welsh comes out of the ward)

Queen Victoria: So??

Doctor Welsh: I’m sorry, But he couldn’t make it… The king is dead.

Queen Victoria: (she slumps on the ground)

Paul: No, It can’t be….

Blair & Cecilia: (they break into tears)

Austin: (tries to speak but is in shock)

Doctor Welsh: We tried our best to stabilize him but the damage done to his internal organ were way beyond repair… I’m sorry

(He goes back into a ward)

Queen Victoria: (gets up from the ground and faces Austin) I’m sure this was all you wanted all along, Are you happy now?

Paul: But mom….

Queen Victoria: (To Paul) Quiet! (Back to Austin) You wanted to kill your father so you could have the throne of Azrael.

Austin: (crying) No, It was a mistake…

Queen Victoria: As you should know, All crimes will not go unpunished, you pay for what you’ve done, You’re going to die as well

Blair: But you cannot kill him, It wasn’t deliberate.

Queen Victoria: The punishment for murder is murder!

Cecilia: Royal protocols demand that an exception should be made in this case.

(Two days later)

Paul: So?

Cecilia: (cries) His b©dy has been taken to the morgue

Paul: I can’t believe this is happening, First, Paris, Now, Dad (He sobs) I can’t imagine what Austin would be going throu-gh.. What do you think he’s penalty will be?

Cecilia: There’s only one way to find out….

(Queen Victoria addresses the Azraeleans)

Queen Victoria: I know we all are still in a great shock over what just happened to our beloved king, may his soul rest in perfect peace….Everyone, home and away knew who he was, A kind, fair, intelligent, loving and protective king to all of us. But in spite of all of these admirable qualities he still had enemies lur-k-ing around him waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike! But what many people do not know is that one of those enemies is none other than his own son, Prince Austin……

(The Azraeleans g@sps in shock as the guards lead Austin in)

Queen Victoria: This young man who’s the supposed heir to the throne couldn’t wait for his regime so he rose up and killed his own father that faithful day….

(The Azraeleans g@sps in shock once more)

Blair: That’s not true (she tries to interrupt Queen Victoria but the guards block her)

Austin: (mumbles in shame) It wasn’t intentional…..

Queen Victoria: Shut up! (To the Azraeleans) But he will definitely not go unpunished, By the King’s decree, his punishment is…..Exile!!!

Blair: (shouts) NO!!!

Queen Victoria: Prince Austin is hereby banished from Azrael, And if he ever returns, he will be killed on sight (To Austin) Go away and never return!

Austin: (nods) Yes your highness (he goes in to pack his belongings)


Castle of love episode 42

(In Austin’s room)

Blair: Austin, No you can’t go.

Austin: It’s for the best, i’m so sorry Blair

Blair: Where will you go?

Austin: To Woodland hills, My maternal aunt lives there with her husband and two kids

Blair: If you’re leaving then I’m coming with you?

Austin: No, you will stay here and take care of our child, he will be given birth to and grow up in here in Azrael.

Blair: Without a father?

Austin: I’ll make sure I check on you regularly

(Austin pu-lls Blair into a k!ss)

Austin: Goodbye Blair

Blair: (quietly) Don’t go plea-se….. (she cries uncontrollably)

(Outside Austin’s room)

Paul: Goodbye bro, I wish you all the best

Austin: Thank you

Cecilia: (crying) I’ll miss you so much Austin

Austin: All will be well one day (To Paul) You are the next king, take care of Azrael.

Paul: (sighs) I will.

(He hvgs both of them)

(Austin packs his belongings downstairs and head to his car but Queen Victoria st©ps him)

Queen Victoria: Hold up! Where do you think you’re going with that car?

Austin: This car is mine, I’m leaving Azrael with it

Queen Victoria: Not anymore (stretches out her hands) The keys, Hand them over!

Austin: No way! I know my rights, I’m banished not getting str!pped off my properties.

Queen Victoria: (scoffs) Murderer.

(He enters this car and drives out of the castle leaving Azrael)

Blair: Queen Victoria you can’t do this, plea-se reconsider

Queen Victoria: Reconsider what? He killed his own father, the king.

Blair: In a bid to save your from Tiana!

Queen Victoria: I didn’t ask him to

Blair: What you are doing is wrong, You could have waited for a thorou-gh investigation before pas-sing out any judgments

Queen Victoria: A crime is a crime, and it cannot go unpunished, He should be lucky he wasn’t s£ntenced to death!

(Blair leaves the room crying)

Queen Victoria: This is great, all my plans worked at once, This calls for a hvge celebr@tion, But first…(She calls George) George!

George: (over the phone) Good evening my queen

Queen Victoria: Are you busy now?

George: Actually I’m…

Queen Victoria: You know what, My stepson, Austin just left the castle in a grey Peugeot car, I want you to follow him and make sure you bring him to a halt and kill him…. And this time, I want to see evidence of his dead lifeless b©dy.

(In Paul’s room)

Queen Victoria: (elated) How are you my future king?

Paul: You shouldn’t have done that mom

Queen Victoria: (confused) Done what? Wait, is this about Austin?

Paul: (nods his head affirmatively) Yes.

Queen Victoria: Why is everyone painting me as the villain, Austin is the one who killed his own father! Besides I only did what I had to do to keep you and everyone else safe.

Paul: Where do you think he’ll go now?

Queen Victoria: (scoffs) That’s his problem

Paul: I just pray he’ll be alright, I tried calling him but it’s not reachable, I feel terribly bad for him.

Queen Victoria: Ugh! Forget about that boy and focus on yourself… You’re going to be coronated in two weeks time.

Paul: But I don’t think I’m re-ady…

Queen Victoria: (angrily) Be quiet! Don’t ever say that… Do you know what I had to do just so this could happen?

Paul: What did you do?

Queen Victoria: All that isn’t relevant, What matters is you’re going to be coronated soon, Now br@ce yourself, Azrael nee-d a new king!

(In Blair’s room)

Blair: (clutches onto Austin’s pillow while crying) Oh Austin, I don’t know how’ll live without you, why is all these happening now?

(Cecilia enters her room)

Cecilia: How’re you?

Blair: Are you really asking me that?

Cecilia: (t©uçhes Austin’s picture ) I miss him too.I miss my dad as well

Blair: She didn’t even wait for a thorou-gh investigation or even the funeral before pas-sing out his judgment, I hate that woman with my life.

Cecilia: There is something you should know

Blair: What is that?

Cecilia: (brings out a clean knife) I found this guard’s knife at the castle gates, close to Dad’s dried up blood, It must have been where Austin collected the knife from Tiana and “stabbe-d” my dad.

Blair: But the knife’s clean, there’s no blood on it.

Cecilia: My point exactly.

Blair: This means Austin’s innocent (she gets up from the be-d) We have to go and prove it.

Cecilia: Not now, we can’t just use a mere knife to prove that besides there’re hundreds of guards in this castle with this exact same knife.

Blair: So what do we do now?

Cecilia: We be on alert!

(Later that day)

Cecilia: I discussed with the funeral director, Dad will be buried in a week time.

Blair: How about a mortician?

Cecilia: (sobs quietly) It’s been taken care off

Blair: (puts her head on her che-st and pats her) it’s okay Cecilia, You should know that everything happens for a reason…

(At Lucas hospital)
(Paris is discharged)

Mr Smith: Thank you so much my prince, for taking care of the bills

Paul: I alre-ady told you its okay, you don’t have to thank me

Paris: I heard what happened to the king

Paul: (sighs) Yeah…

Paris: I’m so sorry about that, I can’t imagine what you and your household could be going throu-gh right now, I express my condolences, You should know that I’m always here for you whenever you nee-d me just like you were for me

Paul: Thanks

(Paul k!sses Paris pas-sionately)

(On the highway)

Austin: (thinks) Would my aunt accept me if I go to Woodland hills? How will I tell her about all these? How would she react to it?What other option do I have left?

(George and two thvgs follow Austin in a van)

Austin: (notices them) This van has been following me since, Only one way to be sure….

(Austin takes an exit and immediately gets back on the freeway, Still unsure,he slows down his car, other cars behind him pas-s by but George’s van doesn’t then it becomes clear to him)

Austin: Oh no, This van IS following me, What do I do?

(Austin keeps maneuvering in different directions)

Thvg 1: Boss, he knows we’re onto him

George: SHOOT!!!

(The thvg shoots at Austin but he bends down, allowing the bullets to pas-s overhead)

Austin: (he attempts to reach for his phone to call for help)

(The thvgs shoots again, this time, he shoots at the tyre which punctures it and makes the steering wheel difficult to control, Austin’s car goes out of the highway and tumbles down into the river below