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Castle of love episode 3 & 4

Castle of Love Episode 3
Written by Johnny Patel
(That night)
(George bypasses the security and gains entry into the hospital but sees two nurses in Austin’s ward)
Nurse Blair: (looks at Austin) I wonder when he’s going to wake up?
Nurse Lola: Is he in coma?
Nurse Blair: No, but he’s unconscious, and he supposed to gain consciousness already.
Nurse Lola: But he’s soo cute, even as he’s unconscious.
Nurse Blair: Too bad! You can’t have him, he has a girlfriend named Tiana.
Nurse Lola: I know but… Don’t you have a crush on him
Nurse Blair: Nope, besides even if I did, he wouldn’t reciprocate my feelings at all, I’m a nurse, he’s a prince, we’re from two different worlds.
Nurse Lola: (sings) 🎵Anything is possible 🎵
Nurse Blair: Whatever, we need to go and check on the patients in ward 5
Nurse Lola: Okay
(George waits for them to leave the ward and enters inside)
George: One step closer to becoming rich…
(He raises up the knife to kill Austin but stops at the last minute)
George: I can’t do it, Prince Austin doesn’t deserve to die this way… I’ll have to face Queen Victoria and tell her I can’t do it
(George leaves his ward but the nurses sees him and alert the security guard but George escapes before the catch him)
Nurse Blair: I wonder how he got into the hospital
Security: Please you both shouldn’t tell anyone what just happened
Nurse Blair: Why?
Security: A stranger gained access into the hospital on my watch and if the doctor finds out about it i could lose my job, you don’t want that to happen do you?
Nurse Blair: Fine, We’ll keep our mouths sealed.
(At Mr Smith house)
Mr Smith: Have you heard what happened?
Paris: What Dad?
Mr Smith: Prince Austin was involved in an accident and he’s lying unconscious at the hospital
Paris: (gasps) That’s too bad, he’s too nice, he doesn’t deserve this, I just pray he gets better.
Mr Smith: All Azraeleans are.
(Weeks later)
Doctor Welsh: My king, I have good and bad news
King Roland: Tell me
Doctor Welsh: The good news is that Austin’s health has improved greatly and he’s recovering really fast
Princess Cecilia: (sighs) I’m so happy
Prince Paul: Thank God
King Roland: So what’s the bad news?
Doctor Welsh: He’s suffering from paralysis, he can’t walk well now and part of his brain was affected and it’ll cause him to be mentally unstable.
King Roland: (opens his eyes in shock) What?
Doctor Welsh: Now he’ll experience rapid mood swings, lack of control over his emotions, forgetfulness and so on
Queen Victoria: (sobs) Why is this happening to him? What has Austin done to deserve this…
Doctor Welsh: I’m sorry my king, but there’s nothing we could do, if we tried treating him, it could damage his brain entirely.
King Roland: So what now??
Doctor Welsh: If he takes his medications properly, it can reduce the effects of his mental condition.
(The doctor leaves them)
Queen Victoria: (pats King Roland) Don’t cry, you’re a King, you shouldn’t show weakness by crying
King Roland: Just let me be, Victoria.
(That evening)
(Queen Victoria goes to see George in a dark and deserted street)
Queen Victoria: George!
George: My queen…(brings out a small box, opens it and shows her a bloody heart) I did as you instructed
Queen Victoria: (collects it) Wow, That’s good, But doesn’t this heart look too small in comparison to Austin’s body size
George: Well that’s his heart my queen
Queen Victoria: (hits him in the face with the bloody heart) Do you think I’m stupid? Do I look like a fool?
George: But….
Queen Victoria: Quiet! Austin is now conscious and still breathing, I saw him with my own eyes, You fucking idiot! Now tell me, whose heart is this?
George: But my queen, that’s Prince Austin’s heart
Queen Victoria: I ask again, WHOSE HEART IS THIS??
George: (sighs) Its a pig’s heart, I’m sorry my queen, the securities in there were too many to bypass, I couldn’t do it.
Queen Victoria: I’ll pardon you this time. Austin is paralyzed and has Brain disorders, he’s as good as dead,so either way, my plans succeeded (gives him $5000)
George: (collects it) Wow… Thank you my queen
Queen Victoria: I’ll fulfill my promises to you in full when Austin dies eventually!
(Days later)
(Austin is discharged from the hospital and uses a wheel chair)
King Roland: (hugs him) How’re you doing son
Austin: Honestly Dad, I don’t feel okay at all, I can’t walk and my mind is clouded.
King Roland: You’ll be alright
Doctor Welsh: King Roland… (brings Blair)
Nurse Blair: Good evening my king
King Roland: Good evening.
Doctor Welsh: She’ll be taking care of Prince Austin.
(Austin returns to the castle)
Queen Victoria: Welcome home my dear
Prince Austin: Thanks.
(Austin is welcomed and embraced by his siblings, Paul and Cecilia and the palace guards and servants)
(That night, In Austin’s room, Queen Victoria goes to see him while he sleeps)
Queen Victoria: (to herself) Its just a matter of time before I get rid of you once and for all (smiles menacingly)
Castle of love episode 4
Written by Johnny Patel
(Days later)
Nurse Blair: Okay Prince Austin, you’ve taken your medications today, Glad to see you’re getting better
Austin: Thanks.
Nurse Blair: How’s your head?
Austin: (smiles) Better
(Blair feels his head and neck and she and Austin make eye contact for a short while)
Nurse Blair: (breaks the eye contact) Ummm.. I need to get back to the hospital now
Austin: Can’t you stay a little longer?
Blair: I’m afraid not, I have to go back and attend to other patients
Austin: (forgets what she said and gets confused) Huh?
Blair: I said I have to go back to the hospital to attend to other patients
Austin: (still confused) I don’t understand you…
Blair: I said… Ugh! (She takes a pen and paper nearby and writes it down)
Austin: Okay, what’s your name?
Blair: I told you many times…. (remembers his condition) I’m sorry, Its Blair.
Austin: I’m Austin
Blair: Yeah I know, see you later.
(Blair leaves)
(In the hallway)
Princess Cecilia: How is he?
Blair: He’s better now, Although he still forgets things easily and gets rapid mood swings, but not all the time
Princess Cecilia: I don’t wish anyone, not even my enemy, to be in his state.
Blair: He’ll get better soon, I know.
Princess Cecilia: He really enjoys your company
Blair: Yeah, too bad I’m always busy to be with him
Princess Cecilia: I know, thanks anyway.
Blair: You’re welcome.
(Back at the hospital)
Nurse Lola: You’re back so early
Blair: Yeah, where’s Doctor Welsh?
Nurse Lola: He’s treating a patient.
Blair: Okay.
Nurse Lola: So how did you and Prince Austin go?
Blair: He and I are just acquaintances Lola, don’t let your mind wander off to somewhere else.
Nurse Lola: You have no idea how lucky you are, for you to treat and spend time alone with a handsome prince.
Blair: Yeah, I guess I’m lucky.
Nurse Lola: What’s wrong with you Blair? How can you not have feelings for Prince Austin? If i were you, I’d have kids for him already.
Blair: Well you’re not me, so……
Nurse Lola: I just wish you’d open your eyes
Blair: Okay, ummm, If Doctor Welsh is done, tell him I’ll be waiting for him in ward 17.
(Lola looks on confused as Blair goes into another ward)
(Princess Cecilia goes to Paul’s room and sees him and Anita making out)
Anita: Don’t you know how to knock?
Princess Cecilia: I’m so sorry for intruding
Anita: You should be!
Paul: Its fine, what do you want?
Princess Cecilia: Well the chefs are about to make breakfast so I wanted to ask you what you’ll be having?
Paul: Is there still bread?
Princess Cecilia: No but I could order
Paul: Okay, that’s what I want for breakfast.
Princess Cecilia: Alright
Anita: Excuse us!!!
(Cecilia leaves the room)
Princess Cecilia: Dad, I want to order bread for breakfast, that’s what Paul and I wanna eat
King Roland: Okay, order from Sensation Bakery
Princess Cecilia: They’ve not been available for the past few weeks
King Roland: Ohhh, which other top notch bakery is in a few mile radius.
Princess Cecilia: Let me check…. Ohhhh, I found one, Smith’s bakery.
King Roland: I just hope they’re baked goods are as good as I hope, okay, order it.
Paris: Dad!!! Dad!!!
Mr Smith: What’s wrong dear?
Paris: It has finally happened, the king placed an order for bread just now
Mr Smith: (shouts) Wow, Amazing
Paris: I’ll go deliver it, I wanna know how the castle looks on the inside.
Mr Smith: I’ll go with you, I wanna see the castle too.
Paris: We’ll have to make a fresh batch of bread for him so that if he tastes it and its good, he’ll patronize us permanently.
Mr Smith: Great idea!
(Paris and her dad, Mr Smith goes to the castle)
(At the castle gate)
Guard: Who are you?
Mr Smith: I’m Smith, The king has a delivery from Smith’s bakery.
(Inside the castle)
Paris: Wow, so many guards and maids. I wish I was a princess.
Mr Smith: I can’t wait to see the king.
Paris: (squeals) Me too
Mr Smith: Let’s go drop it in the kitchen
(Mr Smith and Paris goes into the kitchen to drop the bread and sees Princess Anita)
Anita: (sees them) What the hell are you street rats doing in here?


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