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Castle of love episode 21 & 22

Castle of love episode 21
(He goes to Mr Smith’s house, and calls Paris on the phone)
Paris: (quietly, over the phone) Paul? Why’re you calling me?
Paul: Just pack some of your belongings and come out to your porch
(Paris goes to meet Paul)
Paris: Paul, what are you doing here by this time?
Paul: Don’t ask me any questions now, just follow me!
(Paul takes Paris out of the house and they drive off to Woodland hills)
(Anita wakes up)
Anita: (touches Paul’s side of the bed) Paul? Paul? (She looks beside her but doesn’t see him) Maybe he’s in the toilet
(She goes to check the toilet and doesn’t see him, then she sees his clothes, shoes, bags missing)
Anita: How come his things are gone? Oh no, let it not be what I think it is.
(She goes to check if Paul’s car is in the garage and she sees its not there, then she alerts King Roland)
Anita: King Roland!!!
King Roland: What’s wrong?
Anita: it’s Paul, he just ran away from the castle
King Roland: What? When?
Anita: Now! His clothes, bags and car are all gone, along with him.
King Roland: No,no, no (To the guards) Blow the trumpets and announce Prince Paul’s disappearance!!! Azrael is on lockdown, no one goes in or out till Prince Paul is found.
Guard: Yes my king!
Queen Victoria: (sober) Oh no, my only son…..
(King Roland paces around the living room)
King Roland: What have I done? I should have just allowed Paul be with who he wanted, now this has happened, I’m a terrible father.
Queen Victoria: No, don’t say that my king
King Roland: Any report from Axel?
Queen Victoria: Not yet (sighs) I just pray he’s alright, First Cecilia goes sneaking out to see a boy now Paul has disappeared, this is just too much.
King Roland: I know it’s just…. (looks at her) What’d you say? About Cecilia?
Queen Victoria: Oops, that was supposed to be a secret between I and Cecilia.
King Roland: So she’s been going to see a boy?
Queen Victoria: Sadly, yes. Even when I warned her to desist from it she blatantly refused saying I wasn’t her mother and had no right to order her around or tell her what and what not to do.
King Roland: I’ll deal with that later, right now, I have more important things to worry about.
Queen Victoria: This boy is so stupid, why’d did he run away, how am I gonna make him king of Azrael when he’s not in Azrael!!!
(She dials Paul’s number and he answers her call)
Queen Victoria: You silly boy, where are you?
Paul: I’m sorry mom, but I can’t tell you where I am right now.
Queen Victoria: Do you want to put me to shame? If you know what’s good for you, you’d return back to this castle at once
Paul: I’m afraid I can’t do that mom, I’ve made up my mind not to come back there
Queen Victoria: (shocked) What?
Paul: I can’t talk now mom, I’m driving, Later….. (he cuts the call)
Queen Victoria: No no no no, this can’t be happening, what have I done….
(Austin, Blair, Anita and Tiana are in the second living room)
Blair: Are you dialing it?
Austin: Yea but he’s not answering it for some reason
Blair: I’ll try to call him too.
Austin: I just pray he’s alright
Blair: Don’t worry, he’ll be fine (she touches his shoulders)
Tiana: (she jealously removes Blair’s hands from his shoulders and touches Austin) He’ll be fine, I assure you.
(Anita suddenly confronts Austin)
Anita: (points at him) You! this is all your fault, if you hadn’t attacked Paul, none of this would have happened
Austin: Are you alright? What the fuck are you talking about.
Anita: I’m talking about you always bad mouthing Paul and making him feel inferior
(Blair intervenes and stands up for Austin)
Blair: Anita, what you’re saying is nonsense and unreasonable, Austin never bad mouthed Paul.
Anita: Of course, birds of the same feathers always flock together.
Blair: I’ll always stand with what’s right and If you knew who Austin is, you wouldn’t be saying that, he’s kind, loyal and compassionate (she looks at Austin)
Austin: (looks back at her and smiles)
(Tiana notices Austin smiling at Blair and intervenes)
Tiana: (To Anita) Yeah, if you knew who Austin is, you won’t be saying this, What you’re accusing Austin of is the exact opposite of what he did, all you’re saying now is bullshit!
Anita: Just keep quiet you psychopath! How can you side with this nurse even when you know she wants to steal your man, She’s even married to him!!!
Austin: What did you say?
Anita: I said….
Tiana: (interrupts) Don’t mind her, Anita says stupid things whenever she’s angry so just ignore whatever she’s saying.
Anita: (To Austin) Just make sure Paul returns to this castle in one piece, or else, I’ll bring down hell to everyone in this castle, Mark my words.
(She angrily goes into Paul’s room)
Blair: Don’t let her bother you, right now, Paul’s safety should be the most important thing on our minds.
Austin: Yea, your right.
(On the road)
Paris: Paul, where are we going?
Paul: Somewhere safe
Paris: Please stop the car
Paul: Hold on, we’re almost there
(Paul halts the car and Paris gets down from it along with Paul)
Paris: Where are you taking me to?
Paul: To Woodland hills, I want us to start afresh, just me and you and start a family and….
Paris: Oh my goodness, are you crazy? Do you have any idea what you’re about to do, you’ll anger and humiliate your family
Paul: It’ll be worth it when we start a new life together
Paris: (hits her head) What was I thinking? Why did I accompany you in the first place.. I’m so stupid!!!
Paul: Don’t behave like this, I want our best interest at heart and you know that
Paris: What we’re you thinking? Don’t you know your actions will definitely have severe consequences, and I and my father might be involved in it too.
Paul: I’m sorry
Paris: Sorry? Please just take me back to my father’s house
Paul: Paris I….
Paul: (sighs) We can’t go back, its very late, let’s just look for a hotel to stay at till tomorrow.
Castle of love episode 22
(In the hotel)
(Paul and Paris are on the bed)
Paul: I know what I did was a really bad move, forgive me.
Paris: It’s alright, I just want to get back home right now, that’s what’s on my mind, and we’ll need to leave early, I have to go back before my dad wakes up.
Paul: Okay
Paris: I should apologize too, for shouting at you.
Paul: it’s alright (holds her) I’ve never felt this way before, being with someone I love is a life changer
Paris: (sighs) The truth is, I’ve never had a real boyfriend before and if I was going to have one, I’d want it to be you.
Paul: Me too
(Paul leans in and kisses her, she returns the kiss,he climbs on top of her and takes off his clothes and kisses her lips, neck and body while she moans softly but soon she regains her senses and pushes him off her)
Paris: Stop!
Paul: What’s wrong
Paris: I’m sorry but we can’t stay on the same bed, I don’t want anything to happen, I’d rather stay on the floor.
Paul: No, no, You can stay on the bed, I’ll sleep on the floor.
(Next morning)
Guard: My king, Prince Paul has been spotted.
King Roland: Where?
Guard: At Crest Hotel, he lodged in there with a young lady.
Queen Victoria: (sighs) Thank God he’s safe
Guard: Should we go get them?
King Roland: No, leave them.
Queen Victoria: Why?
King Roland: He’s still in Azrael isn’t it? He’ll surely return back to this castle.
Cecilia: What’re you still thinking about? The guard said Paul has been found
Austin: No no, its not that
Cecilia: Then what is it?
Austin: What Anita said, about me being married to Blair, Ever since she said it, it has refused to leave my mind, I’ve just been over thinking it
Cecilia: Anita was just angry at that time
Austin: Exactly my point, the category of people who usually spit out the truth are children, drunkards and an angry person.
Cecilia: Ohhhh
Austin: Cecilia, is there something I should know about?
Cecilia: Uhhhh….
(Just then, a guard enters the room)
Guard: Prince Austin, We just sighted Prince Paul, he’s on his way back to the castle.
(Few hours later)
Austin: Dad!!!
King Roland: What’s the problem?
Austin: It’s Paul, he’s returned, he’s in the living room.
(King Roland goes to the living room and sees Paul)
Queen Victoria: (hugs Paul and kisses him) I missed you so much I thought you’d never return.
King Roland: Well, well, well, I thought you made up your mind not to return back to the castle?
Paul: I’m sorry dad, I don’t know what came over me, I regret my actions
King Roland: Who was the lady you were with?… Don’t even lie to me
Paul: Paris, the baker’s daughter
King Roland: (to a guard) Go to Mr Smith’s house and fetch me his daughter.
Guard: Yes my king
Paul: Dad, please leave her out if this,she doesn’t deserve to be punished alongside me, it was all my fault.
King Roland: Quiet!
(Paris sneaks back into the house and her father)
Paris: Good morning dad
Mr Smith: Morning dear, how was your night.
Paris: Just alright sir
Mr Smith: Madam Oa told me this morning that Prince Paul was missing yesterday night
Paris: Yeah, so I heard but he’s returned now
Mr Smith: How’d you know that?
Paris: Ummm.. The king announced his return hours ago while you we’re still asleep.
(Someone knocks at the door)
Mr Smith: I wonder who that is, it could be Madam Oa
(He goes to open it and sees the) guard
Mr Smith: What’s the matter?
Guard: Your daughter, Paris, is needed at the castle now.
Paris: Oh no
Mr Smith: Why? What’d she do?
Guard: She’ll know when she gets there.
(The guard takes Paris to the castle)
Anita: (To Paul) Stupid boy, you think you can run away from me huh? You’ll never go scot free with that baker’s daughter I promise you, You’re lucky I have a small physique if not, I’d have beaten the stubbornness out of you.
King Roland: (To Anita) Enough!
Anita: Not yet my king, let me speak (To Paul) I can’t wait for your punishments, I’ll surely be there to laugh at you.
King Roland: (looks at Anita without saying a word)
(The guard brings in Paris)
Paris: (bows) Good morning my king…..
Paul: Dad, I’m really sorry for going against you, I regret my actions terribly, I never intended for this to happen and…
King Roland: I’m sorry too
Paul: I’m angry at myself and…. (raises up his head and looks at King Roland) What?
King Roland: (smiles) I’m sorry too, For being too harsh and overly protective, I shouldn’t have done that, I’m the reason why you ran away in the first place, I should’ve let you make decisions for yourself and its clear who you love and want be with and I respect that, So if you intend to be with Paris then i approve of it.
Anita: (shocked) What?
Paul: (hugs him excitedly) I can’t believe this, Thank you so much Dad (To Austin) I’m really sorry I said those horrid things to you.
Austin: Its ok, I forgive you.
King Roland: (To Paris) I’ll uplift your ban, you’re welcome to come back to the castle any time.
Paris: (gasps) thank you very much my king.
Anita: Wait, hold on a sec, What about me?
King Roland: Pack your bags, you’re going back to your kingdom.
Anita: (laughs) There’s no way I’m going back to Cassagrande, I’ll be mocked and laughed at.
King Roland: Should’ve thought about that before speaking to your king rudely.
Anita: But I was just airing out my opinions, King Roland please don’t do this, I’ll be a huge disgrace to Cassagrande.
King Roland: So be it (To the guards) Get her out of the castle.
Guard: Yes my king.
(The guard orders Anita out but she refuses to leave, three other guards help him to pack her belongings and throw her out)
(Paul and Paris kiss affectionately)
Blair: I’m happy for you both.
Austin: So am I
Paris: Thank you, it’s like a dream come true.
Austin: I’m glad Dad had a change of heart, Though its still surprising
Paul: It’s all because of you, if you hadn’t spoken to him, this wouldn’t have happened, so thank you very much, I truly appreciate, I feel like a jerk after saying all those terrible things to you.
Austin: It’s alright, you didn’t mean it, besides its in the past, let’s just focus on the present and prepare for the future.
Paris: (To Paul) I need to go to the bakery to assist my dad
Paul: I’ll accompany you, I’ll go get my car keys.
Paris: No need for that, its just a few minutes walk.
Paul: Hmm, Alright let’s go.
Paris: (To Austin and Blair) Bye.
Anita: I’m not going anywhere without a fight, I thought it wouldn’t degenerate to this but it has, I’ll kill that baker’s daughter!!!
(Anita takes a cab back to her kingdom, she sees Paul and Paris on her way)
Anita: (To the cab driver) Hold on sir, I need you to do me a favor
Cab driver: What is that?
Anita: You see those two coming this way? (she points and shows him Paul and Paris)
Cab driver: Yes, what happened to them?
Anita: I want you to splash mud water on both of them.
Cab driver: I’m sorry ma’am but I cannot do that
Anita: I know what I’m doing, Don’t worry, i’ll pay you double.
Cab Driver: (sighs) Alright
(The cab driver attempts to splash mud water on Paul and Paris but it misses them, Soon he realizes who the person is)
Cab driver: Oh my goodness, that’s Prince Paul, He’ll roast me alive, this was your idea…
Anita: Can you stop overreacting! Be calm and composed, I know what to do.
(Paul angrily approaches the cab)
Paul: (To the cab driver) Can’t you see? You would have dirtied me if I didn’t move away in time
Cab driver: I’m really sorry my prince
(Anita gets down from the cab and goes to meet them)
Anita: Paul, Are you okay? Did he splash you with mud?
Paul: Anita? What on earth do you want, shouldn’t you be heading back to your kingdom?
Anita: I was on my way to my kingdom till I saw you with this scoundrel.
Paris: (To Paul) Please let’s just go….
(Paris attempts to leave with Paul but Anita drags her back and pulls her away from him)
Anita: Get back here you bastard, Because of you, Paul has abandoned me and now I’ll be mocked if I return to Cassagrande, Do you realize what you’ve done? I’ve been bottling up my anger and hatred for you all this while but this time I’m not gonna choke it down!!!
(She grabs Paris by her neck and attempts to strangle her, Paris struggles to free herself from her hold, But she tightens her grip the more and sinks her fingernails in Paris neck, Paul eventually intervenes and pushes her away from Paris)
Paris: (coughs)
Paul: Leave her alone! (He struggles to prevent Anita from touching Paris)
Anita: Don’t touch me, I’ll kill her….
(Anita eventually grabs Paris again but Paul intervenes again and slaps her)


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