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Castle of love episode 1 & 2

Castle of Love
Episode 1
Written by Johnny Patel
(In Azrael)
(At the baker’s house)
Paris: Good morning Dad
Mr Smith: Morning my dear, how was your night?
Paris: I slept well, umm… Aren’t you going to the bakery today?
Mr Smith: I am but not now
Paris: Customers should be trooping in my now, I’ll go open the shop
Mr Smith: Can you handle…..
Paris: (smiles) Of course I can handle it Dad, See you later.
(At The Castle)
Prince Austin: Good evening Dad, Tiana and I will be leaving for our date now
King Roland: Austin, I’m not comfortable with the kind of girlfriend you have
Prince Austin: How Dad?
King Roland: I mean, She lacks the qualities of a good girlfriend, let alone, a wife.
Prince Austin: Tiana isn’t bad Dad, its because you don’t like her that’s why you only see bad qualities in her, Get to know her and see.
King Roland: You know you’re my first son, and I’ll need you to take over my kingdom and become king when I die.
Prince Austin: I know Dad, Anyways, we’ll be leaving now.
(Austin’s step mother, Queen Victoria listens from the hallway)
Queen Victoria: (to herself) I’m already tired of hearing Austin is going to become King, I have to find a way to get rid of him so my son, Paul will inherit my husband’s wealth and become the next king of Azrael.
(Later that day)
(A young man named Dylan steals apples from an apple tree inside the castle)
Dylan: (to himself) At last, I’ve gotten the apples (licks his lips) They look so sumptuous
(Two palace guards sees him)
Guard: (shouts) There he is!
Dylan: Uh oh… I have to run!!!
(Dylan runs away from the apple tree and attempts to leave the castle but the guards nearby catches him)
Guard: So you’re the street rat that’s been stealing our apples?
Dylan: Please take them back, I promise I won’t do it again…
Guard: Its too late for that now, We’re going to cut off your hands, I’m going to use you as a scape goat for the rest of those apple thieves
(The guards lead him to the dungeon but Austin’s younger sister, Princess Cecilia intervenes)
Princess Cecilia: What’s going on here (looks at Dylan) Excuse me? Who are you?
Guard: This street rat was caught stealing apples and we’re taking him to the dungeon.
Prince Cecilia: (to Dylan) Why’d you do it?
Dylan: I have nothing to eat and I have no money, that’s why I had to sneak into the castle to steal food… I’m sorry
Princess Cecilia: (To the guards) Let him be
Guard: But Princess Cecilia…
Princess Cecilia: He stole the apples because he had nothing to eat and besides no one in the castle eats the apples frequently, just leave him, he didn’t mean any harm.
Guard: Okay Princess Cecilia.
(The guards leave)
Princess Cecilia: You’re a sneaky little man (smiles)
Dylan: Thanks for saving me
Princess Cecilia: You’re welcome,You can keep the apples anyway.
Dylan: Thanks, what’s your name?
Princess Cecilia: Its Cecilia
Dylan: I’m Dylan
Princess Cecilia: I’ll be seeing you around Dylan
Dylan: You sure will
(Dylan leaves the castle as Cecilia looks on)
(That evening)
(Queen Victoria passes a deserted road and is approached by thugs)
George: Hold up! Where are you going?
(She removes her cape and hood and they see her face)
George: (gasps) I’m so sorry my queen
Queen Victoria: Sorry for yourselves! Well, I have a job for you
George: What is it my queen?
Queen Victoria: I believe you’re familiar with my step son, Prince Austin
George: Yes my queen
Queen Victoria: Good! He’ll be following this road this evening, anytime soon Infact, and I want you and your boys to kill him.
George: (gasps in shock) But my queen, we can’t kill him, He’s royalty.
Queen Victoria: So am I, Let’s make a deal, If you succeed in ending that boy’s life, I’ll give you $5000 and you’ll have a spot in the castle as a guard, Will you do it or not?
George: I’ll do it my queen.
Queen Victoria: (pats him) That’s my boy, When you kill him, I want you to slaughter him and bring me his heart, Is that clear?
George: Yes my queen.
(That night)
(Austin and Tiana are returning from their date)
Tiana: Thanks for today love, I enjoyed myself.
Prince Austin: You’re welcome babe
Tiana: You’re the best boyfriend any girl could ever have.
Austin: (smiles) Thanks babe
(Just then, a truck approaches his car with full speed)
Tiana: (shouts) Austin!!! LOOK OUT!!!
Austin: NO!!!
(In order to avoid colliding with the truck, Austin turns the steering wheel the opposite way but his car goes out of the road and falls into the river below with him and Tiana inside it)
Castle of Love
Episode 2
Written by Johnny Patel
Princess Cecilia: Dad, Has Austin and Tiana returned yet?
King Roland: No, They haven’t (to one of his guards) Why didn’t one of you escort him on his date?
Guard: We wanted to but he refused my king.
King Roland: I’m really worried, Have you tried calling him?
Princess Cecilia: Yes! Severally!
(Just then, Prince Paul, Austin’s younger step brother enter the palace)
King Roland: So???
Prince Paul: I and the guards looked everywhere but no sign if him
Queen Victoria: (pats King Roland) Nothing will happen to him my king.
(They get a call from Lucas Hospital)
Caller: Good evening King Roland, This is Doctor Welsh from Lucas hospital, your son, Prince Austin has been involved in an accident
King Roland: (shocked) What?
Prince Paul: What’s the matter Dad?
King Roland: Its Austin… He’s been involved in an accident
Prince Paul: Oh no….
(At the bakery)
Mr Smith: We did it Paris, we made enough sales today
Paris: I’m so happy, how much did we make?
Mr Smith: (counts the money) $730.
Paris: Wow, in one day? Its a miracle.
(At the hospital)
King Roland: Doctor!!!
Doctor Welsh: Good evening King Roland
King Roland: No time for exchanging pleasantries, where’s my son
Doctor Welsh: In ward 4,he and his girlfriend were involved in an accident but luckily, the locals around that area rescued them and brought them here.
King Roland: How’s his condition?
Doctor Welsh: Not very good, we’re doing our best to stabilize him.
King Roland: Oh no! My son…
Doctor Welsh: And his girlfriend, Tiana has been admitted into a mental sanatorium
Princess Cecilia: Why?
Doctor Welsh: Her injuries were very minor when she was brought here but she kept on speaking gibberish, the trauma affected her brain probably.
(The doctor leaves them)
King Roland: (holds his tears) My son…..
Queen Victoria: (crying) this is terrible
Princess Cecilia: (pats him) Its ok Dad, Austin will survive this, I know for sure.
(In Mr Smith’s house)
Paris: Aren’t you going to the bakery today?
Mr Smith: I’m tired, I want to take the day off
Paris: Don’t worry, I’ll go take care of business for you
Mr Smith: Thank you very much dear
Paris: Its fine
Mr Smith: (touches Paris’ mom photo) Not a day goes by that I don’t think about your mom, If I look at you, I look at her.
Paris: (holds her tears) Her death still weighs heavily on me too Dad, but we have to stop thinking about it because no matter what, we can’t change the past and bring her back.
Mr Smith: You’re right
(Back at the castle)
(In Prince Paul room, Paul paces around his room while his girlfriend and betrothed, Princess Anita stares at him)
Princess Anita: (sighs) Austin will be fine, Calm down Paul.
Prince Paul: There’s no way I can calm down… I’m just praying to God that Austin will be alright
Princess Anita: Don’t worry, I can make you calm down
(Anita takes off his robes slowly but Paul stops her)
Prince Paul: Not now Anita! How do you expect us to have sex at a time like this
Princess Anita: But I already told you he’ll be fine, what else?
Prince Paul: Don’t you realize we have a serious situation at hand, Its a matter of life and death we’re talking about now and all you’re thinking of is sex!
Princess Anita: Ugh! Fine! I’ll join you in your prayers.
(Queen Victoria disguises herself and goes to see George)
George: We’ve done it my queen
(She smacks him across the face)
Queen Victoria: My orders was for you to make sure you kill him and bring me his heart and i made it so simple but somehow he’s lying on the hospital bed, still breathing!
George: (holds his cheeks) I’m sorry my queen, he was in a car on the high way and there was no way we could halt him and slaughter him
Queen Victoria: Do you want to become somebody or do you want to keep rotting out here in the streets day by day?
George: I want to become somebody
Queen Victoria: That’s what I thought, now if you do not do as I instructed, trust me, you’re going to suffer for the rest of your miserable life, Is that understood?!
George: Yes my queen
Queen Victoria: (brings out a small knife from her cape) Take it, I want you to use this exact knife to kill him
George: (collects it) No problem my queen.


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