Carl and crystal lake 84 & 85

(Hold my heart)… 🌹

By Terri Savage 🖊️



Crystal is sitting on a chair in her room whilst brushing her hair, her eyes into the mirror. After she came back from the outing, she took her bath and now she’s brushing her hair to dry it fastly.

The door made a sound and she smiled knowing who would be behind it.

As expected she turned around and saw Carl coming into the room. He smiled at her and she returned the smile.

She stood up from the chair and dropped her brush on the table, walking slowly to him.

He got to her and wrapped his arms fully around her, caging her body against his. She circled her arms around him and his scent blessed her nose.

Their heartbeats echoing throughout the room as they hugged.

“Muffin” He called softly.

“Hmmm” She mumbled against his chest.

Her head was placed on his chest and he stroked her hair.

“I wish I’m bold enough to tell your parents about us” He whispered and she slowly looked up.

“Are you worried?” She asked, peering into his eyes.

“I’m tired of hiding our relationship, I’m fed up with hiding my feelings and affection when we are around people, our friends, I want to let the world know how much I love you” He said and grunted.

“Heartbeat” She called and cupped his cheeks, touching it delicately.

“Don’t be sad, I want that too but we should find the perfect time to do that” She said, and he hugged her waist possessively.

“I love you more” He said, placing kisses on her nose.

“I love you” She said between giggles.

He took his thumb to her lips and started rubbing it there, making her body shiver.

He almost kissed her when they were out with their friends but he had to control himself from exposing them.

She too was having the same feeling, she has become so addicted to his lips.

He was about to connect their lips when they felt something rubbing its body against them. They looked down to see a white cat, rubbing her tail on their legs, it was staring innocently at them.

“Meow!!” It meowed cutely.

Carl smiled and bent then carried it, stroking it head.

The cat meowed again…

“Can’t believe we forgot about her” Carl laughed.

“We got carried away by our love” She joined in the laughter.

“What are you doing here?” Candy asked, coming out from her bedroom.

She had no expression on her face as she said those words.

Jasper’s face held a large portion of guilt on it.

“Candy, listen to me, I can explain”.

“Explain what? For lying to me all this while? Or for claiming to be an orphan?” She asked and laughed.

She felt betrayed by him, all this while she was mingling with the son of a billionaire.

She fell in love with a billionaire son thinking he was a commoner.

“Why did you lie?” She asked.

“Cos I was afraid, I was afraid you guys will not want to associate with me” He replied.

“You’re a fool and a coward, who told you that? Were you happy lying to us?” She yelled n Right now she was angry.

She should have known, it should have ring a bell. His full name is Jasper Warren!!!.

Wait, the company name.. Don’t!!.

“I’m sorry Candy listened to me, I had a reason for doing that” He said as he moved closer to her.

“You were behind me getting the job right? The president, the company belongs to your father right?” She asked and he swallowed hard, looking away..

Slowly he nodded his head positively.

Tears flowed out of her eyes.

She doesn’t know what to feel again, he lied to her but why can’t she be deeply angry with him?.

“I left home when my father brought a lady home and started forcing her on me. I wasn’t in love with her so after much argument with him I left home. He froze my account and thought I would come back but I disappointed him by not coming back. I wanted to tell you the truth but I thought that you would reject me considering how much you hate rich guys” He said and that threw her in a state of confusion.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I love you Candy, I have always been in love with you, I was afraid you will reject me if you find out who I am” He said.

Her eyes widened.

“Please forgive me for lying to you” He added and finally closed the space between them.

Candy stared at him for some minutes before recovering herself.

He was starting to get scared, will she reject him like he had always feared?

“Are you going to…” The rest of the words went back into his throat cos her lips trapped his lips in a passion filled live kiss.

“Am I forgiven?” Jasper asked over the phone as he spoke with Dylan.

“I don’t think so” Dylan said.

“What can I do to earn your forgiveness?” Jasper asked, playing with his fingers.

“You will buy me a car of my choice”.

“Is that all?”.

“Yes” Dylan replied.

“Consider it done, I will…

“Wait, are you serious?” Dylan gasped.


“I was only joking bastard, I know you are a billionaire son but that will be ripping, you are forgiven buddy but don’t lie to us next time no matter what” Dylan said and Jasper smiled.

“It won’t happen again, I have something to tell you, me and Candy we are now dating” Jasper said.

“What!!, when? How? When is the wedding date?” He asked at a rush and Jasper began laughing.

Breakfast is done already and the maids are clearing the table.

“I assigned five guards to start protecting you two from now onward” Daniel said, wiping his mouth with a tissue.

Carl and Crystal’s eyes met.

“Hope you are okay with it?” Nancy asked.

“Yes” Carl replied immediately. To him it was a great idea. What if someone tries to kidnap her again, he can’t afford seeing such happen again.

“Thank you best parents” Crystal smiled, earning a smile from them.

“Time to leave” Nancy said and they all stood, heading to the door.

Succie’s brain stuttered shockingly when Crystal came into the class.

She was so elated when Crystal wasn’t in class yesterday but her worry started the moment she couldn’t get in contact with Jake again. She even went to his house and found the house vacant. His number hasn’t been going through since yesterday.

Her heart was beating so fast, Crystal coming to class looking so unharmed means one thing. Was he caught? If he’s caught that means she’s in trouble too. She can’t guarantee herself that he will rat her out.

She needs to do something before her secret will be out. She was in the plan with him and if he’s caught then she’s not safe anymore.

“I’m coming” Succie said to Octavia.

She started going out of the class but halted when two cops came into the class with Jake.

He was beaten up so badly, handcuffs lingering on his hands.

She shifted back without anyone pushing her.

An alarm was raised in the lecture hall.

👥 Jake..

Succie started shaking where she was standing. Her heart sank deeply into her stomach and she started wishing for the ground to open up and swallow her.

“She’s the only one” Jake pointed at her and that was it, her soul began leaving her body. This surely means the end of her.

“What’s happening?” A student asked.

👥 What are cops doing here?

👥And why is Jake handcuffed?.

The students started murmuring among themselves.

Crystal too was confused about what was going on.

Another person walked into the lecture hall, the vice chancellor.

“Students, I’m here to address something, I will be brief, Jake here kidnapped Crystal and Carl”.

Loud gasps filled the class.

“And Succie here is his partner”.

More louder gasps came up.

“She personally asked him to kidnap her and beat her up, her plan was for him to pour acid on her face, Jake confessed all these to the cops and me, here is my judgment”.

👥 Succie is so evil

👥How could she

👥 I hate you Jake

👥F*ck you b*tch

👥 Crystal didn’t do anything to you

👥 Evil hearts

“We are training students here not to become criminals, so hereby as the vice chancellor of this university, Jake and Succie are expelled and they will be taken to the police station to face trial” The vice chancellor said.

Tears flowed out of Succie’s eyes immediately and she started regretting ever thinking of doing such a thing to Crystal.

Truth be told, she did no wrong to her, she decided to hate her cos she’s more popular, brilliant and pretty than her.

The hate coming now was so consuming.

“Acid” Crystal said, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. So this is what would have happened to her if Mason didn’t come on time.

“Ahhh!!” Crystal screamed angrily and jumped on Succie.

“You b*tch, how dare you criminal?” She yelled and started blessing her face with punches and slaps.

“What did I ever do wrong to you to think about doing such an evil thing to me?”.

The girls too joined and they started raining punches and slaps on her, cursing her in the process.

👥Beat her hard

👥She deserves to die

👥How could she

“You parents made a big mistake bringing you to this world” Crystal said, hitting her on the face.

It took the intervention of the cops to pull the girls away from her.

“Go and die!!”


Succie was handcuffed immediately and the cops started dragging her out with Jake. She turned and her eyes met with Octavia who was staring at her with an expression filled with pity.

She ruined herself by her own hands.

Octavia ran out of the class immediately.

“Calm down” Anne said.

“I can’t believe she could go to such an extent” Carl said as Crystal told him everything that took place.

The news is all over the school anyways.

Jake and Succie got expelled from the university.

“I didn’t know what I have ever done to her, she has always been the one picking up on me, I didn’t think it was this serious, my face would have been disfigured by now” She said and covered her face.

“Nothing happened okay, look at me” He said, taking her hands.

“She’s out in the picture already, that Jake was lucky I didn’t set my eyes on him” He said, imagining what he’d have done to him.

“She should rot in jail” She said hatefully.

That moment Lucy was walking to the rooftop, she was coming here to clear her head but the sight she saw made her stop.

A sudden anger and jealousy surged through her and she lost her thinking immediately.

“I love you” Carl said, smiling at her.

“You’re my life, I can’t do without you” She said and smashed her lips on him.

And that was it, tears slipped out of Lucy’s eyes and she forgot about their friendship. The friendship and the love got a replacement… Hatred….Big hatred kicked in madly.

If only she wasn’t in the picture he would have been hers.

Remembering the conversation she heard from them, her hands tightened.

“Don’t blame me Crystal, you caused it”.

Like that, she turned in tears and walked down… with nothing but hate in her heart.

Daniel was done having a meeting with some of the investors, the meeting ended minutes ago, he was walking to his office when his secretary ran to him.

“Sir…” She called but he already opened the door and went in, so she went in with him.

Daniel settled tiredly on the chair and faced her.

“What’s it?” He asked, looking exhausted.

“Someone drop this” She said, showing him an envelope.

“What is that?” He asked, looking uninterested.

“I don’t know sir”.

“Drop it on the table, I will check it later” He said, half closing his eyes.

She dropped the envelope on the table and walked out.

Daniel stretched out his hand and took the envelope.

“What is this?” He asked and dipped his hands into the envelope.

He brought out the picture and when his eyes landed on it, it widened.

“What!!!” He yelled.

It… was… a picture of Carl and Crystal kissing.

His eyes shot red with anger instantly.

Carl parked in the garage and came out with Crystal.

“I’m so hungry” She said, spreading out her hands.

“You’re so cute” He said and she smiled prettily.

“So romantic” She said as they started walking in.

But the moment they stepped into the mansion the atmosphere that visit them was different. A cold and harsh one.

In the living room was Nancy and Daniel… But one strange thing was that their cheerful and smiling face was holding an angry and cold expression.

“Dad” She called.

“What’s this?” Daniel asked angrily, raising the picture to their faces.

Carl and Crystal’s eyes went wide.

A picture of them kissing.

Daniel’s face was holding a big disappointment on it.

“Tell me this is not true??” Nancy yelled, standing.

Crystal shifted in fear, this is the first time she will be seeing her parents since she was born.

They haven’t yelled at her before, she was always pampered.

“Tell me this is edited Carl!!”.

“It’s not edited, it is true” Carl replied and their eyes widened.


“You two are dating behind our back?” Daniel asked, his anger echoing in his voice.

“Yes…yes dad” Crystal stuttered.

Daniel faced Carl with a disappointed look..

“How could you Carl, I trusted you with her.. Don’t tell me you already have s£x with her”.

“We only kissed…

A slap landed on his face, it was Nancy.

She quickly grabbed his collar.

“How could you? We love you like our own son, dating my daughter under the same roof, you didn’t even care to tell us”.

“I’m sorry I was planning to…

Nancy raised her hand to his face but Crystal grabbed it.

“Don’t hit him again please” She said in tears but Nancy pushed her away.

“I’m highly disappointed in you Carl, after everything we did for you, what were you thinking?” She said and started hitting him.

“Mum!! stop” Crystal cried louder.

“Break up with him now” Daniel said and Crystal faced him.


“Yes you are breaking up with him now, we are not asking for your opinion we are asking you to do it” Nancy said.

“I’m sorry..

“Stop saying that word already, f*cking stop!!” Nancy yelled at Carl.

Crystal’s cheeks were wet with tears, her heart was tearing apart, the feeling of living without him. The feeling of breaking up with him.

It’s like pulling out her life, so how can she live again?. She can’t live without him.

He is the air that she breathes, he owns her, every part of her body and soul.

She can’t.

“I can’t break up with him, I can’t” She said in tears.

A slap landed on her face. First time Nancy will ever raise her hand on her since the day she came into this world.

“You’re breaking up with him and you Carl, you are leaving this mansion today”.

“Sir, ma’am” He finally let out his tears.

He went on his knees.

“Please don’t do this, I am wrong for dating her behind you but I’m deeply in love with her, I can’t do without her my life will be meaningless without her” Carl pleaded.

“There’s nothing that will change our mind, you are leaving this mansion”.

“No!!!!” She shouted.

“I can’t break up with Carl, I can’t”.

“Then prepare to leave Australia, your flight to Florida will be booked tomorrow” Daniel said.

Daniel’s words hit her like a tornado.

“I’d rather die than leave Carl” She said and started running out.

“Guards” Daniel shouted.

Carl stood up and rushed after her.


Crystal got into his car(Carl’s car) and drove out using the gate remote.

“Don’t let her go out” Nancy shouted, coming out with Daniel but it was too late.

She drove out before the guards could stop her.

Carl got into her car (Crystal’s car) and drove out speedily.


She was on a high speed, she wasn’t thinking straight, all she was seeing was what happened minutes ago.

She can’t stay away from him even for a day. No!!!

Her tears blinded her eyes and she wasn’t seeing clearly, her mind was far away from the road.

Carl’s car was behind her but the speed she was driving at started scaring him off.

He never dreamt of something like this to happen, who could have sent them the picture?.

Staying away from her is something he can’t afford to do.

As humans need food and water to survive, that is how she’s to him and the same goes to her.

“Break up with him now!!”.

The words started ringing in her head continuously and then…

She crashed into a car, the collision was so hard that her car started tumbling.

Carl’s eyes went wide when he saw that, his soul started leaving his body. His world came crumbling before him.


He stopped his car and came out, and started running to the other side of the road where the car fell.

He wasn’t looking on the road and when he got in the middle of the road, a car crashed into him, sending him flying in the air. He came back and landed on the road, his blood started flowing immediately.