Carl and crystal episode 86 & 87

(Hold my heart)… 🌹

By Terri Savage 🖊️


{WHA….. WHAT???!!!!!}

Nancy and Daniel were pacing restlessly in the living room when the front door opened and they turned to come face to face with Lincoln who rushed in at that moment.

He was panting and his face was holding a gloomy and sad look.

Actually he was able to follow Carl and Crystal and he witnessed the accident.

He was the one that took them to the hospital alongside Mason.

The look on Lincoln’s face was enough to let them know that something was wrong.

“What?, Where’s she?” Daniel asked.

Lincoln looked down, finding it hard to crack the saddest news to them.

“What is going on? Won’t you speak out?” Nancy said, feeling emotions of worry washing through her.

“They…had an accident…A fatal one” Lincoln broke the news with trembling lips.


Their eyes and mouth widened crazily and insanely.

Nancy felt a heavy and deep stung in her heart.

The news hit them like a blasting tornado.

“They… you mean Crystal and Carl?” Nancy asked as her body started vibrating.

“Yes ma’am” Lincoln replied.

“Ahhhh!!!” Nancy screamed out loudly, almost causing the root of the mansion to shake.

“Where are they now?” Daniel asked fastly.

“In the hospital, I took them to Stanley’s hospital” Lincoln replied.

“What are we waiting for?, let’s go there” Nancy screamed and started running out of the house, Lincoln and Daniel followed right behind her.

Nancy and Daniel ran into the hospital like mad people.

Immediately they saw three nurses pushing two bodies on a stretcher to a ward.

They started running there senselessly. Lincoln was behind them.

The nurses went into the ward and as Nancy and Daniel tried entering, they closed the door against them.

“No!!, open the door, I want to see my baby” Nancy screamed and started hitting violently on the door, trying to break in.

Daniel was not in his right state of mind so he didn’t make any effort to stop her. She kept hitting the door till Lincoln pulled her away.

“Ma’am calm down, you can’t go in right now” Lincoln said but she pushed him and went to the door, Lincoln took her away and this time a slap visited his face.

“Don’t touch me, I want to see my baby” She yelled, glaring at him, tears mixed with the anger in her eyes. But still Lincoln didn’t let go of her.

She broke down and started wetting her cheeks with hot tears.

“My baby, I’m sorry!!” She said crying profusely.

Daniel’s eyes were glassy and he kept staring absentmindedly but suddenly his eyes fell on the glass window in the room and he quickly rushed there.

The doctors were working on two bodies, trying to save them. They were working with all maximum seriousness.

Lincoln traced where he was staring at and he understood the situation.

Nancy looked up that moment and saw where Daniel was standing, she broke free from Lincoln and rushed there.

Her heart broke more when she saw the bodies, it was none other than Crystal and Carl.

She felt regret kicking into her body and that moment she started wishing she wasn’t harsh with them, especially with her. She even raised her hand on her, her Cherrie.

More and more tears kept streaming down her eyes till the door opened and two doctors came out.

Nancy and Daniel turned and rushed to them immediately.

“Doctor, how are they?” She asked impatiently.

“Luckily they were brought in on time else we would have lost them. The accident was so critical and dangerous, especially the girl, she got badly injured, it was very hard trying to bring her life back but we were able to do it, but we can’t assure her full safety now, there’s a high possibility of her going into a coma” One of the doctors said.

“Please doctor do something” Daniel said, taking one of the doctor’s hands.

“We will try our best, but we can’t assure you a hundred percent guarantee but we’ll do what we can” The doctor replied.

“Can..Can we see them?” Nancy asked with shaky lips.

“No, what is so dangerous for them now is noise. No one apart from the nurses and doctors shouldn’t enter the room”.

“Don’t take a burden Mr Bills, we’ll do our best” With that statement the doctors walked away.

Nancy was stunned to the core, her breathing started changing.

Daniel got rooted to his place, his body was shaking badly as the doctor’s words echoed in his head.

Coma!! High possibility… Then his tears came streaming down his cheeks, the ones he has been holding since.

“Cherrie!!” Nancy found her voice and uttered her name, shock and regret flashing in her eyes.

Lincoln was holding a dull look. The trio were in total shock.

Daniel and Nancy found themselves moving to the window again. Their eyes peered there and they could see them on the bed. They were directly facing Crystal’s bed.

Wires were connected to her body with an oxygen machine and a life saving machine.

More tears fell from their eyes. Lincoln wasn’t crying but his eyes were red.

Nancy slowly raised up her hand and placed it on the glass.

“Baby I’m sorry” She said, her tears poured again, it was so hot that it almost burnt her cheeks.

“Cherrie, buddy” Daniel whispered painfully as his eyes traveled to Carl’s bed, mere looking at his bed one would know his case wasn’t critical as compared to Crystal’s own.

They started regretting everything, in full folds they are the cause and reason behind this accident.

“Sir and ma’am, please be strong for them, I believe this trial will be over, they will survive it, she will make it through, Crystal is a strong girl” Lincoln motivated speech came up.

“Lincoln, it’s our fault this happened, we are at fault” Daniel said, crying hotly.

“What really came over us?, what were we thinking?? It’s our fault, God please save and protect them”.

Lincoln felt a pair of eyes staring at them and he quickly turned but found no one. He looked frankly and faced the front again.

Mason came out of his hiding spot with a sad face and stared at them before leaving the hospital quietly.

Paisley was in the kitchen cooking, she faced the counter cooking with all her attention. She was wearing a singlet and a bum short, looking kinky and gorgeous in it.

Yes!! She has gotten so close to Harrison and he is getting pretty along with her. They are best friends now. She couldn’t ask for more, even though she wanted more but half bread is better than none right? The answer is definitely yes. I know, sure of it.

He politely asked her to cook for him since he enjoyed her food the last time.

She is humming a song as she mixes the stew, the sweet aroma filling the kitchen and going beyond.

Suddenly a presence entered the kitchen. Harrison was in the living room but temptation coming from the rich aroma made him find himself here. He stood at the door as he stared at her cooking. For the past days that he has spent with her were the best days he has spent with a lady. He wasn’t sure of what he was feeling for her but he knew he felt something for her. She got the qualities he needed in a girl, she is crazy, kind, beautiful and a cheerful person.

He found his feet moving towards her with a wide smile on his lips.

He got to her and wrapped his hands around her from behind.

Her body quickly reacted madly and her breathing became louder, his scent lingering around her nose.

“Harry” She called, biting her lips. Her hand was tightened on the spoon. Does he know what he’s doing to her?.

“Can you call me that again?” He whispered, his crazy seductive breaths hitting against her neck.

“Harry” She called again but it came out as a moan this time. He smiled handsomely and turned her around.

“Couldn’t you wait for me to finish?” She asked, searching his face with her eyes.

“The aroma was so tempting” He replied and they locked eyes.

“The best chef, has anyone told you look so cute when cooking?” He asked and she melted.

“No, you are the first person” She replied, blushing.

“I’m honored, you are…” He paused and moved closer, making their faces so close, just a tin space between them.

His eyes fell on the fleshy part of her face. HER LIPS.

She was returning the same energy. They could clearly hear the loud beating of their hearts.

Their senses started evaporating into thin air and the moment they were almost pressing the fleshy part on each other, his phone started ringing, bringing them back to the state of alertness.

Paisley frowned, angry at the person calling, this was the moment she had been wishing for.

He glanced at the screen and saw Red.

“Red, why’s he calling?”.

He answered the call and his eyes went wide.

“What happened?” She was alerted.

“Carl and Crystal got into a fatal accident some hours ago” He replied with the same widened eyes.


She gasped and covered her mouth with her palms, preventing her from shouting.

The atmosphere in the girls’ room was enough to let even a mad man know that something was wrong.

They sat on the bed, each person in tears.

Since they heard the news and watched the video Anne has been trying to get to Daniel but he’s picking up.

They had to rush to the mansion but no information was gotten from the guards, since Lincoln was still in the hospital with them.

The address of the hospital they were taken to wasn’t disclosed even to the guards protecting the mansion.

“My baby” Anne cried bitterly.

Paisley and Linda’s eyes were so red. They were gobsmacked that they weren’t talking.

“F*ck he is not picking” Anne said and threw her phone away.

Lucy was leaning on the door, she wasn’t crying, she wasn’t happy, she wasn’t sad. Her expression was unexplainable.

Deep down she was regretting betraying her best friend. What if the accident is a result of what she did?.

What if it’s related to it, cos WTF. The accident happened just some hours away after she sent the picture of Daniel.

She closed her eyes slowly..


In the boys room, the same unpleasant atmosphere was taking a tour there.

They tried finding out the location of the hospital but it was in vain, they went to the mansion with the girls.

That even ruined Harrison and Kingsley’s date with Paisley and Linda.

There was total silence in the room.

Each in his own world of worry and prayer.

Leah and Dylan were led into a private room by the server in the restaurant.

A table was already prepared for them.

“Make yourselves comfortable” the server said, respectfully.

Leah and Dylan sat, facing each other.

They are out on a dinner date, she opt. to take him out, he wanted to disagree but he knows better than saying no to her will be useless so he agreed. Though he felt like a parasite, she shouldn’t be the only one taking him out.

In the next minute, the table was full with food. She wanted to order a full table but he stopped her. To him it’s a waste of food and money.

The sound of the cutleries could be heard as they ate silently.

Her eyes were on him and she couldn’t stop staring.

“When will you give me an answer? Or do I have to wait forever?” She suddenly asked and his hand halted and he dropped the cutlery and looked up slowly, meeting her gaze on him.

He was expecting this moment to come but he wasn’t expecting it now.

“How long should I wait?” She asked again and he swallowed hard.


“Are you rejecting me?” She asked, feeling scared and hurt.

Dylan quickly looked away. If it was to him he would have asked his heart to fall for her but since he has no control over it… It chose another person.

“Look at me, tell me the truth, I will understand” She said.

“I’m sorry Leah, I can’t love you back” He finally spoke up.

“Please understand me..”.

“I understand we can’t tell our heart who to love, it does by its own will, don’t feel bad, we can still be friends right? I will try to forget about you”.

“I’m sorry for not reciprocating your feelings back, You have been good to me, we can still be friends” He said and she smiled sadly.

“I know you love Rachel, please take good care of her, don’t break her like that bastard, I will use the restroom” She said and walked out immediately.

“I’m sorry Leah…..

Leah ran into the restroom and placed her hands on the wall and let out the tears she was holding.

“It hurts,” She cried.

“But I have to let go, I should be happy for Rachel” She said.

“I should have seen this coming but I was optimistic” She said as her tears continued falling.

Nancy and Daniel were back from the hospital after staying there for hours, watching Carl and Crystal through the glass window.

Right now they are in the living room with each other in deep regret.

None is talking.. It’s all silence in the living room.

They were so exhausted from crying, Nancy was laying on the floor while Daniel sat dejectedly on the couch.

His phone rang again but this time he took it and switched it off.

Nancy was deeply regretting..If only she knew this would happen.

“It’s our fault, now I’m realizing how wrong we were, our anger consumed us”.

“We are so foolish, now my baby is in there fighting for her life with the same guy that saved this family twice, even risking his life. What was I thinking”.

Right now, they were realizing how harshly and senseless they acted.

What is wrong with Carl dating Crystal? She is not a teenager.. She’s 20.

Why are they realizing it now?? F*ck!!!!!…

She started regretting slapping the innocent guy.

He even admitted he was dating her, not hiding the truth from them.

Only if they handle this with care, none of this would have happened.

Remembering the state she was in, she broke into tears.

“We fail as parents” Daniel said.

“I don’t want my baby to go into a coma” She said and started rolling on the ground as the bitter truth of reality hit her.

Her tears wetting the dry floor, Daniel wasn’t left out in the regret and tears.

Every normal person would want Carl to date their daughter so what was he thinking???.

“God, if they survive, I will allow them to date, please save them, save my Cherrie, save my buddy” Daniel prayed, going on his knees.

“I will even allow them to get married if they want…God please save them!!!!.

The guys and girls bombarded the mansion.

Nancy and Daniel left very early to the hospital.

Luckily for them Lincoln was still at home, putting some things in place.

The news was over the internet this morning. Carl’s fans are crazy over the internet, praying for his survival. It’s even a good thing, the hospital name wasn’t disclosed.

“Boss and ma’am left” A guard told them.

“Still no news about the hospital name?” Harrison asked.

“Stanley’s hospital” Lincoln answered, coming there.

“But one can’t see them for now, I’m going there too” Lincoln said.

“We will follow you right up” Kingsley said.

Lincoln got in the car and was the same with the group.

Nancy and Daniel were seated in the office as Stanley, the owner and head doctor conversed with them.

They got a call to come to the hospital immediately, and here they are..

They were impatient to know the reason.

“Your daughter lose a lot of blood and now she needs to be transfuse, we trying getting blood but we couldn’t” Stanley said.

“I will donate my blood” Daniel said immediately.

“How’s Carl?”.

“He’s stable and out of harm” Stanley replied.

“Take the blood and transfuse her now” He said impatiently.

“We will have to do some testing before taking your blood Mr Bills, follow me” Stanley said and stood up.

Daniel stood up and followed Doctor Stanley out.

Nancy’s heart was beating in fear.. Nothing should happen to her daughter.

The results were out and the nurse in charge of the testing walked into the office and handed the result to Stanley.

She stood aside as Stanley opened the envelope and took out the result.

His eyes widened and he slowly looked up, sending fear into them.

“What’s wrong?” Daniel asked, holding Nancy’s hand tightly.

Stanley was speechless for a while… What is this??.

How can this be happening??.

“What is wrong? Talk to us” Nancy almost yelled.

Stanley gave out a loud sigh.

“Mr Bills, your blood doesn’t match with Crystal’s own. She’s B+ and you are A+” Stanley broke the bombshell.

Daniel and Nancy’s heart flew out of their chest immediately.

“Wha….. What????!!!!!..