Candy crush finale

Candy crush
“Could we all approach this lady at the same time or just come together to form an alliance?” I thought to myself. But either ways, we were all doomed
Finally, Esohe c@m£ out. She was putting on a red go-wn. She had a beautiful hair too that could make any man in his right s-en-se trip and fall.
“Hello!” “Hello” “Hello”, there c@m£ the starting phrase from the three of us. Using the same words for a start just showed me how boring we all were. “At least they aren’t better than me with words.” I said within myself. But with stature, I was probably the strongest, only that it was an irony.
Seeing us, she smiled. At that moment, I knew it was either going to be a battle of words or a battle of b!ows. I could easily choose the former, as my “strong” stature would make me the greatest looser in the latter.
So here we are. Battle of words. I threw the first punch.
“Esohe, just as your name goes, you are really a free gift of nature, specifically s£nt to men like me who are totally capable of ma-king you fall in love and rise in happiness and fulfillment”
“Well, he may be right, only that angels like you are not programmed to fall before you rise again. You don’t have to fall in love with me beauty. Just stand, walk or fly in love with me and you will never regret you did” The second guy said.
“Well, I respect the imaginations of these two. Only that, their thinking is a little bit too streamlined to comprehend the radiation of your beauty my princess. You shouldn’t fall, stand, walk or fly. Just sit, while I do all of those for you.” The last guy said.
That moment I knew I was doomed. “I think their punchlines were better than mine” I said within myself.
But, Esohe was to be the judge and make a selection of who she was plea-sed with.
In a bid for her to show more of her swag before she speaks, she swung her hair for all to move to the back as it is in the movies. Unfortunately, she forgot she was putting on a wig. It fell off and we could no longer recognize the babe we were fighting for. The middle of her head shone like the sun during its h0ttest temperature.
“Could this be the Esohe I wanted to die for?” I said to the other guys. I got no reply as they were probably more confused than I was. We all walked home that day disappointed. She wasn’t really the beauty we fell in love with.
Gladys asked me in church the following week “So you mean you never loved her?”
“Love? With that head? I don’t think it was love my dear. It was just crush and now am over it” I said
“So what about my Akpevwe?” She asked
Then putting my hands the pocket of that my well-ironed trou-ser, I said “Well, if what I had for Esohe was just crush and not love, so also should yours be. Just accept it. We all have been crushed not loved”
The End
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