Candy crush episode 2

Candy crush Episode 2
“Look Frank, Hope this outfit dey ok oh? See ehn I wan impress this girl so well ehn, until my face impress for her heart” I said.
“U see yourself. Beginning of failure. You carry go wear combination of four colours say u wan go win girl heart. Only you red, blue, yellow and pitch. U be rainbow?
Well, u fit end up winning her sl@p sha. As long as u win something.” Franklyn replied.
I took another look at my supposedly fine self. But with Franklyn’s comment, I knew I had to change it.
So I asked “we-tin u come advise make I wear na?”
“E nor ha-rd , wear suit. Black suit, black tie, black hat, black belt, black shoe… ”
As he was still talking, I quic-kly cut him off, “ah ah, which kind friend you be sef. Na burial I dey go? ”
“Guy wait jare. Nor be u ask me for advice. Am not done na. Lemme continue jor. Then you go come wear white shi-t inside, put on red brooch and hold rose flower. That way, u will be re-ady for her with your black, white and red combination”. Franklyn replied.
“Hmm, I hope this works, if it doesn’t ehn. I nor go happy with you sha oh. You would have wrecked my destiny that way. And am still imagining why you go say make I wear suit from here to here. Well, I hope it works sha.” I said.
Finally, I c@m£ out from my room. And the first comment I got from my younger sister was “brother doh. I nor know say u lose your clas-s mate oh. So today na the burial. Eayah. May his soul rest in peace.”
My mouth was wi-de open. That was when it dawned on me that Franklyn had given me a very bad advice. “I hope this girl likes the outfit sha.” I still said to myself courageously.
No time again, so I couldn’t go and change. I went straight to her house with my mind full of those rehearsed lines with boldness.
She wasn’t outside. So I asked the younger sister to go and help me call her out.
Coincidentally, she was planning to go out too.. So she was gorgeously dressed.
In my mind I was like, when I give this girl my lines ehn, she go believe.
From afar, as she was walking down. Mehn, my head bur-st. She looked exactly like Darego when she first won miss world.
She got close to me and said “yes, how may I help you”.
With this first statement of hers ehn, the rose flower fell from my hand, all my rehearsed lines flew to Kilimanjaro mountain.
“What else will I tell my long awaited Esohe since my lines had failed me? I thought to myself.
At this point, I knew I was doomed…Esohe is just about to sl!paway from my f!ngers.