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June 23, 2021


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Candy crush episode 2

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Candy crush Episode 2

“Look Frank, Hope this outfit dey ok oh? See ehn I wan impress this girl so well ehn, until my face impress for her heart” I said.

“U see yourself. Beginning of failure. You carry go wear combination of four colours say u wan go win girl heart. Only you red, blue, yellow and pitch. U be rainbow?
Well, u fit end up winning her slap sha. As long as u win something.” Franklyn replied.
I took another look at my supposedly fine self. But with Franklyn’s comment, I knew I had to change it.
So I asked “Wetin u come advise make I wear na?”

“E nor hard, wear suit. Black suit, black tie, black hat, black belt, black shoe… ”
As he was still talking, I quickly cut him off, “ah ah, which kind friend you be sef. Na burial I dey go? ”
“Guy wait jare. Nor be u ask me for advice. Am not done na. Lemme continue jor. Then you go come wear white shirt inside, put on red brooch and hold rose flower. That way, u will be ready for her with your black, white and red combination”. Franklyn replied.

“Hmm, I hope this works, if it doesn’t ehn. I nor go happy with you sha oh. You would have wrecked my

destiny that way. And am still imagining why you go say make I wear suit from here to here. Well, I hope it works sha.” I said.

Finally, I came out from my room. And the first comment I got from my younger sister was “brother doh. I nor know say u lose your class mate oh. So today na the burial. Eayah. May his soul rest in peace.”

My mouth was wide open. That was when it dawned on me that Franklyn had given me a very bad advice. “I hope this girl likes the outfit sha.” I still said to myself courageously.
No time again, so I couldn’t go and change. I went straight to her house with my mind full of those rehearsed lines with boldness.
She wasn’t outside. So I asked the younger sister to go and help me call her out.
Coincidentally, she was planning to go out too.. So she was gorgeously dressed.

In my mind I was like, when I give this girl my lines ehn, she go believe.
From afar, as she was walking down. Mehn, my head burst. She looked exactly like Darego when she first won miss world.
She got close to me

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and said “yes, how may I help you”.

With this first statement of hers ehn, the rose flower fell from my hand, all my rehearsed lines flew to Kilimanjaro mountain.
“What else will I tell my long awaited Esohe since my lines had failed me? I thought to myself.
At this

point, I knew I was doomed…Esohe is just about to slip away from my fingers.


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