Candy crush episode 1

Candy Crush
Written By Evans Uhunoma
All Right Reserved.
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Episode 1
All that filled my mind was Esohe
Esohe Esohe Esohe! That was all I wanted to hear. Any other thing was irrelevant.
Esohe was a young girl whose parents had just moved into a new flat in our neighborhood, directly opposite my house. This was a fundamental trouble to me oh.
I had never spoken to her sha. But the fear that I usually feel when I see her from afar ehn, if e hold even jackie chang, the guy fit piss for b©dy.
“Ehm, it’s not as if I can’t talk to her oh. I can, but am just scared a little” I told Franklyn my friend. Franklyn laughed so loud that pple around us thought that he was just about to lose it as he use to have similar symptoms sometimes.
He finally said “Tega, chillax! Nor worry, I know this kind feeling. I first get am for Miracle the other time now… But last last I come discover say I nor even like her like dat sef. See, you be man. Walk up to her and clear her your mind bro.
Finally, the deal day. I woke up by 5:00am. Started to rehearse my lines “Esohe my bright and morning star. Ever since you c@m£ into this neighborhood, my heart has left my che-st. I learnt it now resides with Rev Okafor, just waiting for yours to come, so that we can be joined in holy matrimony. I have never felt like this before in my entire life….”
I rehearsed these lines like 20 times to the extent that when mum asked me to recite psalm 23 in our morning devotion that day, I forgot every other thing and poured it out to them as I have crammed it. Because I had use the la cram, la pour la forget formula. But I had just used it wrongly in this situation.
It was finally Akpevwe, my elder brother’s sl@p that formatted my memory back to normal. I had to recite psalm 23-27 to appease them that morning.
Nevertheless, I still tried to gather the morale I could. In my own mind, I was like “I must make sure I talk to Esohe today oh”.
“How she go just steal my heart like this and leave me to myself all alone” I said to Franklyn.
“Baba go talk to this girl jare, before you stand there they look me like Mike’s bre-ad. U nor know say del@ydey dangerous. Meanwhile I trust those your lines can do the magic sha.” Franklyn replied sarcastically.
“Look Frank, Hope this outfit dey ok oh? See ehn I wan impress this girl so well ehn, until my face impress for her heart.