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burning heart episode 54

[ ★love ♥️ life ★family ]



✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark

Settings : English romance

🔥 Episode 54


” How is he ? Is he okay ? ” Katleah asked Marco immediately they finished talking to the doctor .

” He’d be fine Katleah , don’t you think you should be resting ? We brought him here ” Marco said as he walked away and Nicole watched her sister give a nod .

” Kat …you do remember this man forced himself on you right ? Nicole asked sitting next to Katleah who wiped her tears but they keep rolling down.

” I’m so stupid right ?…I don’t know how to feel anymore Nicole , Franco is cold-hearted ..infact he was obsessed with you to the point he paid my mom to have you …when she couldn’t fufil the dept ,he took me in place ….

He took me without permission ..if there was one thing I badly wanted to him ,was to hurt him in ways he couldn’t imagine …I wanted him to wrath in jail ….but …I..”

” What is it Katleah ? Nicole asked holding both her hands in pannick .

” I’m pregnant. …” She said as she burst out crying badly .

” Oh my God ,did I hear that correctly ? Daniella asked immediately she walked over to them .

” I’m pregnant….I don’t know how to feel and my emotions are just all over the place ” she said crying .

” Since when did you find out ? Nicole asked .

” Before he s£nt me home …I’ve known …I just didn’t know what to do ” she said as tears rolled into her l!ps .

” What do you wanna do with it Kat ? I know this is not easy , but whatever you choose I’m right behind you ” Nicole said and Katleah gave nods .

” I’m keeping the baby. Nikks , this baby means a lot to me , I don’t care how it was formed or the numerous mistakes his father had made in his life , I just want to show him or her all the love in the world ” she said and Nicole hugged her as they both cried Danny wiped the tears that rolled outta her eyes .

” He woke up ? Gilbert ask vincenzo who shook his head negativily ,whilst Marco pretended he didn’t see him .

Fernanda smiled sadly at the both of them ,Franco had been in coma for 3 days since they brought him to the hospital and they’ve been around waiting for when he’d open his eyes, throughout those days Marco and Gilbert had tolerated each other by pretending not to be aware of the latars pres£nce .

” The doctor said he almost cut his vien and that if it had been the case he’d be a dead man by now ‘ vincenzo said and Marco rubbed his face angrily .

” Baby c’mon ” Danny said and rubbed his back .

” What are you gonna do now ? I mean if he wakes up from coma ? Chris asked from the opposite chair .

” Hand him over to the police …” Gilbert said sadly and Marco looked at him with pain in his eyes .

He couldn’t believe the nerve of this man , he’d managed to catch up with Nick after Franco was admitted and hearing about Franco’s story had broke him completely and if there was one big fault in the whole story it was Gilbert morreti , he caused this problem …no one else but him alone .

” You say hand him over to the police like that will solve everything ” Marco spat .

” Marco” Andrew called .

” I’m not gonna cause trouble ….I promise …we just need to talk …” Marco said and Fernanda rubbed her face .

” Calm down mom …” Manuel whispered to his mom .

” Franco …the guy without a surname , that fu-cked up guy lieing half dead in the ICU is your bastard son. .. everyone knows that ,he’s the son you bore out of Wedlock ….

” Now I know you’d say you asked his mom to abort the baby..but do you know what hat happened in his life ? No don’t after all you never even knew what happened in the life of your legitimate children ,not to talk of the woman you told to abort her baby ….”

” According to source Becca went insane after she bore the baby and saw his eyes, the morreti’s Gene ….that woman is the biggest reasons Franco saw us as his enemies , she abused him … physically , mentally and emotionally and the fact that she spat hateful things to him about how you never wanted him , how she was doing him good by keeping him alife… The guy you see in they ICU was never loved … He grew up thirsty for revenge ….

Had no one to show him the right part 😭 I don’t know why but I can relate somehow to that pain of feeling all alone, but Franco he had grew up by eating gabbage on the streets ….”

” Right now I feel like …if I had so much hatred and pain in my heart towards you ? How much hatred would a man who never knew how to love or once loved by anyone feel towards us ? Marco asked and vincenzo felt his eyes stung .

” It burns my heart that he’d go to jail ..but let’s not just throw him in there to wrath , mom …it’s our duty to show him how to love ….

It’s our duty to love him right ” Marco said and Fernanda and Manuel was a crying mess by now .

” Marco …son …in sorry … vincenzo ,Lenora ,Manuel …I’m sorry …dad I’m so sorry …I know no amount of I’m sorry would heal the wounds I’ve dug deep in the hearts of all of you ….if there’s one thing I deserve it’s pain for Everything I’ve done ” Gilbert said crying and the others decided to give the morreti’s space .

” Dad I’m sorry ,I’m sorry for not being the good son you deserved ,for hurting you and Mom …for bringing tears in your eyes over and over again …I’m so sorry ” Gilbert cried and tobias wept with him .

‘vincenzo , son I’m so sorry …I’m sorry for all the times I’ve hurt you ,for being the soul reason for your issues with Marco ….I’m so sorry ….”

” Manuel …”

” Hey Dad I’m fine …c’mon ” Manuel said and everyone chuckled out tears .

” I’m so sorry son …for telling you music wasn’t good enough ,for making you feel inferior I’m sorry ” he said and Manuel smiled out tears .

” Marco ….” He called and Fernanda burst out crying .

” Marco son …I …I feel like I’ve lost my right to call you son when I could never be the best father to you , I’m so sorry …if I could rewind time , I’d never make the mistakes I made in my life ….

My stubbornness and the quest to break your spirit … I’m sorry …I’m sorry for the times I called you useless , worthless and not good enough …, When I chased you outta the mansion …when I drove to the streets you lived and never went into check on you ….”

” When I watched you break time each time you had to pay for college and your tuition fees weren’t enough from the numerous part-time jobs ….son I’m sorry. …I’m so sorry…”

” Don’t you ever think you weren’t good enough , infact I wasn’t good enough for any of you …I failed as a father …a son …a husband …I’m so sorry ” he said and Marco moved into his arms as everyone burst out crying badly .

” I’m sorry too dad. ..

” I’m sorry mom …Vince nuel grandpa Lenora …I shouldn’t have let pain rule me …I just …” Marco trailed .

” I’m so happy to see this day you know …and I know that all we’ve gone through is not to break us , but its gonna make us even stronger ” Lenora said and Marco klzzed her forehead.

” Please Mr morreti your son is awake ” the nurse said and Gilbert wiped his tears .

” Let’s go check on him ” Vince said and they walked into his room .

Franco morreti just stared at the wall in the unfamiliar room .

” Hey …” Marco said immediately they got into his room .

Franco turned his eyes to were he stood and the others then back at the Ceiling .

” Franco do you feel ? Fer asked and tears rolled outta his eyes .

” Why did you guys save me ? He asked with a lump in his throat .

” Why did you guys save me ? I’ve always wanted to hurt all of you …I’d loathed you and didn’t hide it ,why then are you being good to me ? I don’t deserve this show of kindness ….I’m a shame …a criminal a rapist .. a murderer ….a bastard ” he said crying badly .

” There’s no human being on Earth that doesn’t deserve love Franco …you deserve it and … you’re a part of our family ” Fernanda said and he burst out crying badly .

” How can you say that ? Don’t you get it …? I asked Antonia to hook up with your husband …I’m the greatest cause of your pain …Marco I’d s£nt my men to kill you on numerous occasions …I’d …done so many bad things to all of you ” he said Lenora sat close to him .

” So you thought ending your life was gonna be for the best ?she asked .

” I didn’t have any reason to live …so I thought ..m” he trailed and Vincenzo smiled .

” You don’t have to feel that way anymore …” He said and Tobias held his hands and tears rolled outta his eyes badly .

” I’m sorry …sir …” He cried .

” You can call me tobias son ” Tobias smiled .

” And I’m deeply sorry Franco I truly am ” Gilbert said and Franco gave a nod .

” I’m sorry …I literally ruined your family ” Franco said .

” Nah …we where already fu-cked up from the beginning ” Marco said .

” Marco ” everyone scolded at his use of language .

2 week later ..

The morreti’s had looked after Franco and managed to create different bonds with him during his stay in the hospital and he’d fully recovered . He hadn’t seen Kat ever since he woke up from the coma and he felt he didn’t deserve to know either .

Katleah had moved into a penthouse the morreti’s gave in her name .

Everyone already knew she was pregnant well accept the guy who put it in .

” Mom have you seen Franco ? Nuel asked walking out of his room .

” What ? She asked confused.

” Franco wasn’t in his room ..I’ve looked everywhere for him …” Manuel said again in pannick .

” Call Vince and Marco …text your dad ” fer said worriedly .

” I’ve been trying his line it’s not ringing ” Marco said immediately he arrived with Danny by his side .

” Wait …have you checked to police station ? Nicole asked .

” Wait what would he be doing in the pris …..” Vincenzo trailed and everyone stood immediately it sank in .

” He gave himself up ” Danny said and Fernanda closed her eyes as tears rolled outta his eyes .

” He’s just so fu-cking stubborn ” mac said tired .

” Let him ….if that’s the only way he’d come to terms with himself …let him go ” Gilbert said sadly .

” I’d just text Kat …call up the commissioner ” Nicole said and Vince gave a nod .

” You’re right she deserves closure ” he said and Marco just looked away as tears rolled outta his eyes whilst Danny held his hand in support .

She knew too well how much of a softie her boyfriend was .


” Mr Franco morreti you have a visitor ” the cop said and led him our .

He’d gave himself up and confessed to his crimes , the love and care the morreti’s showered him just made him realise just how much he needed to get over the guilt buried in his heart .

He froze his walking steps when his eyes met with Katleah .

She looked beautiful.

” Hi ” he said as he licked his l!ps nervously .

” How are you ? She asked immediately they sat opposite each other .

” I’m …good …I should be asking you that question Katleah …how are you ? He asked and her eyes stung .

” I …I don’t know Franco …I don’t know ” she said as tears rolled outta her eyes .

” Hey what’s wrong why are you crying ? He asked and she bit her lower l!ps .

” I’m pregnant ..I’m pregnant and I want to keep this baby Franco …I want to raise it alone …buh I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about how much of a difference things would’ve been if you never committed those crimes …if I’d met you …as just Franco not the criminal you became …” She said and he sat frozen .

” You’re … pregnant ? …” He trailed as tears rolled outta his eyes .

She nod her head whilst smiling out tears .

” As much as I’m happy ….do you think this is right ? What would you tell the baby ? His dad raped you and is serving his life in jail ?

” What would the society think of you ? Kat look at me , abort the baby start life afresh ..get love get a happy life ” he kept saying and she shook her head crying badly .

” You think it’s easy for me ? Franco ? You already ruined me for any other man …I…” She trailed and he cried .

” Kat move on …I’m never leaving this place you have a big life ahead of you …” He said and she cried .

” Franco ….”

” Visiting hours are over …” The cop said .

” Have a good life Katleah ” he said and as he walked back to the prison Katleah cried bitterly .

Maybe just maybe she had to move on , but there was no way she was gonna get rid of the baby in her womb ..



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