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burning heart episode 21

[ ★love ♥️ life ★family ]



✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

👠 Episode 21


” Where’s Manuel ? He left already ? He didn’t stay over ? Vincenzo Asked Nicole who sat munching her breakfast happily .

” Ya , he said there’s this girl with big @$$ he wanted to fu-ck …and ”

” Jeez Nicole ” he scolded .

‘ what Vivi jerk ? She asked eyebrows raised .

” You’re seriously asking me that ? Do you seriously need to speak so rawly ? He asked annoyed .

“Are you a kid ? She asked amused .

” I don’t like people speaking like that ….that was one of my biggest issues with Marco ‘ he said and sat next to her .

” Who’s that ? She asked amused .

” I’ve told you Marco is my younger brother, the one before Manuel, everything that comes outta his mouth is raw ….” He said and she laughed .

” Wow I seriously need to meet this legend …” She said in awe .

” No , for my sanity and peace of mind you don’t and will not meet Marco …never ” he said and she glared at him .

” I’ve always knew you where jealous of me. ….”

” Jealous of what exactly ? Your ability to exibit your street life in my mansion ? He asked and his word hurt .

” At least I live my life the way I want , I don’t pretend to be happy …” She said and he stood up .

” C’mon you’re leaving ” he said and she looked at.him in amusement.

” What ? She asked .

” You heard me …you’re going back home today itself .” He said annoyed .

” Fine ” she said with equal attitude .

“Get up now ,you’re not going dressed in that ” he said angrily .

” I can wear whatever I wanna wear vincenzo ,it’s either I go in this or you might as well forget about it” she said and he glared at her .

” Nicole ”

” I’m not your crop top girl that says yes sir to everything you say ” she said .

” Nicole I swear if you don’t listen to me I….”

” You’ll what ? Ask your goons to trash me ? Beat me up ? She asked .

” No , buh I’d do the changing myself and trust me you’d regret it ” he said and she froze .

.” I hate you ” she spat angrily .

” Well the feeling is mutual …dirty commoner ” he said and she removed her sli-ppers .

” Nicole don’t you dare ” he said as she set her kungfu styles jumping front and back .

He rubbe-d his face in amusement .

Never has a girl frustrated him to this point .

Why did he ever bump into this annoying street woman ?


” Serena are you joking with me ? You told me Daniella would meet with the man I have chose-nfor her ….’ Mr Rodriguez said angrily on the phone .

” Theo seriously ? You call me so early in the morning for that purpose ? I haven’t even seen Daniella and I seriously don’t fu-cking care ‘ Serena bursted angrily .

” You don’t care ? You don’t care about my heir ? Are you fu-cking serious Serena ? Why because you’re fu-cking Franco ? He bursted .

” Leave Franco outta your madness Theo ” she spat .

” You’re the most disgusting mother on Earth Serena ….if my deal with the rashfords do not work out because Daniella is seeing someone else I will pull a trigger right at your forehead'” he threatened se-nding cheels down her spine .

” Theo Danny isn’t that kinda girl , I trained her up to be prim and proper heiress even if I wanted to kill her from the moment she took her first breath of life …all you and your daughter have ever brought to me is nothing but badluck ” she cursed .

” Let me tell you one thing Serena , if Daniella doesn’t end up with the rashfords heir to streagnthen my empire , I will hold you responsible for it ” he said and cut the call .

She threw her phone to the wall as she breath in and out angrily .

” Serena are you okay ? Franco asked coming into the bathroom and she for-ced a smile .

” You’re awake babe ? She asked as she ki-ssed his li-ps .

” Ya ….” He said as she hu-gged him.

Shed left him in be-d immediately the mysterious Mr Rodriguez called .

He wondered who the man was and his connection with Serena …

Why was the ever in charge and bossy Serena always trembling with it came to his matters ?


” Here , I want you to get my @$$ignments done …, I’d take it tommorow ” she said without emotions as she dumped the file on the table .

The nerdy girl shifted her [email protected]$$es as she looked like she’s burst out crying in any moments .

” Mmmmm anmm Lenora I …I have lots of @$$ignments I don’t think ….” She stammered .

‘ you don’t think what ? Lenora asked as she raised the girls hair whilst her minions laughed .

” I…d do it ” the girl stammered and she left her .

” Good girl ….” She said arranging the girls hair .

Elias stood shocked in his spot as he watched her …

She walked outta the schools cafe and he went over to the nerd who cried helplessly .

” Hey ”

” Huh hi….” She said wiping her tears immediately .

” You should never have taken the @$$ignments from her …” Eli said and the girl looked up .

” She’d hurt me …” She said sadly .

” Has she ever ….?

” No buh she’s serious ” the girl mumbled softly .

” Give me the file ” he said and she [email protected]$$ed it to him .

” Have a nice day ….” He said getting up .

” Wait what ? You can’t just go with that file …Lenora will kill me if I don’t get it done ….” She pannicked .

” She’d not , not on my watch ” he said as he walked out .

He knew he was getting ready to walk in the Lions Den by getting in lenora’s way , buh that’s what he needed to do ….

That girl was different , she looked like she wanted everyone to endure pain …..,

Why ?

She had so many friends who weren’t really her friends ….

Speaking of friends …. He missed Jessa … Maybe he’d go check up on her later .


” Marco my man how are you ” Nick asked as he walked into the beach house with Marco’s pet dog .

” Alpha ” Marco said excitedly as the dog jumped on him .

” Hey man how are you ,drew said you got shut ? Chris asked .

” Huh ya …they pulled a fast one on me …I’d have died and gone to hell ” he said pla-yfully .

” Well that’s pretty serious ”

” Ya I know , buh you see I had help ” he said running his fin-gers in alpha’s hairy skin .

” Help ? The marco morreti had help ? Chris asked teasingly .

” From Daniella Russo ” he said and the guys smiles immediately vanished .

” Woah ,drew shouldn’t hear of it ” Nick said and Marco rubbe-d his forehead .

” Something keeps pushing her in my path ” Marco said .

” Marco …be careful remember what happened to Andrew ? And …what happened to us ? We never really get to love right in this game ….it’s always tears at the end ” Chris said .

” I know …., I just …Danny is different she ..reads me even before I say a word ….” He said .

” You love her ? Chris asked .

” I’ve forgotten how to love Nick , buh I do know I care about Danny ” he said and Nick raised his eyebrows .

” You told me she hasn’t fu-cked , we both know we all don’t do v!rg!ns Marco …you’re both different for goodness sake ” Nick said .

” I’m not planning on doing anything with Danny it’s just …..”

” Why am I hearing my name ? She asked coming out and the guys jaws literally dropped .

” Damn ….” Chris whispered and Marco nearly laughed out loud .

” Good morning” Marco said as she walked towards them .

” Wow is that yours ? ” She asked happily seeing his dog

” Ya his name is alpha ” he said and she squiled excitedly .

” He’s so cute ” she cooed .

” Hi ” she said to Nick and Chris who immediately composed themselves .

Daniella Russo was really a treat to the eyes .

” Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” they trailed and Marco sma-ck ed their heads .

She Chuckled and Marco pulled her with him .

” Marco I wanna leave now , I have a meeting to attend ” she said and he li-cked his lower li-p .

” Wait I’d drop you off ” he said and his friends looked at him shocked .

” Man you’re leaving us here ? He asked .

” I’d be right back ” he said and Daniella walked in front .

” You’re so whipped man ” Nick said and he gave him the fu-ck you sign whilst Ella chuckled .

” Don’t forget we’re waiting for you Marco ….” Chris called after him .

” Danny you’re going home first right ? He asked staring at his shirt on her bo-dy .

” Before you talk about my outfit like you’re my boyfriend or something , I’m going home first ” she said and he gave a nod .

” Marco you do know you need to see a doctor to at least check on your wounds right ? She asked .

” We’re Talking about this again ? He asked .

” C’mon Marco please ” she said going into her car .

” Fine , just because you helped me last night Ella ”

” Daniella ” she corrected and he burst out laughing ,she smiled at how cute he looked .

” I said I’d drive you home …” He trailed .

” Nope you’re friends are waiting inside and besides I’d be fine on my own ” she said and he gave a nod .

Maybe Letting her go home was the best idea .

” Have a nice day ” he waved at her .


“Fernanda …. Fernanda ” gilbert screamed at the top of his voice as he badged into his mansion angrily .

” What is it Gilbert ! Tell me one reason why you’re screaming my name like I owe you a huge amount of money ? She asked fli-pping her beautiful hair .

” Of cause you owe me Fernanda for giving me good for nothing children ” he said angrily .

” Don’t you dare say that Gilberto , I’ve endured all your madness ,buh another word about my kids and you’d see my madness in flesh ” she said angrily .

” Your madness ? Only vincenzo did the right thing as a morreti by going into the family business ,Marco defied me ,the boy cooks for a living …then their goes Manuel with a lot of hair on his head ,he knows nothing about business and brings me nothing but shame ….Lenora …does nothing buh bring me bad reports from her college ” he said angrily and Fernanda folded her hands .

” And you blame them ? You’ve been nothing buh a dissappointment Gilbert …. Vincenzo did everything the morreti’s way because he wanted to impress you , he wanted you to unite our family ….he even sacrificed his relationship with Marco ….buh no you being a selfish bastard will never see that ….

” Manuel is studying business even if he knows nothing about it ….

Lenora my baby has lost her true self ….buh I know you don’t give a damn …you’re a disgrace Gilberto …”

” You stripped Marco off his allowance and family wealth …you further threw that boy to the path he’s taken today ….you’ve failed as a father …” She said and he slapped her .

” Dad that’s enough ” Manuel said coming out with his guiter on his back .

” Here comes one of the useless things I call a son , see he even came out with his guiter ….” Gilbert said and Manuel hu-gged his mom sideways as he stared at Gilbert .

” You’re nothing buh a failure like your good for nothing brother Marco …”

” Marco is not a failure father …” Manuel said tears in his eyes .

” Well then you are ” he said throwing his results on the table .

” Dad …I told you I wasn’t good in business …”

” Well you’re not good in anything …you’re just stupid and ….”

” Gilbert that’s enough ” Fernanda screamed crying .

” I regret birthing anyone of you ….” He said angrily and stormed upstairs .

” Manuel …” Fer called .

” I’m late for college mother …” He said as he left .

Fernanda rubbe-d her face as her bo-dy shook with emotions . She covered her face as she cried bitterly .


‘ hey I’ve been looking for you everywhere ” Jennifer said staring at Manuel who sat without saying a word .

” Manuel ” she called and he just ignored her .

Woah 🧐

It was quiet a suprise to see Mr dreadlocks quiet .

She followed his eyes to see a pack of used ciggerrate and alcohol bottle .

” Manuel….”

” Go on tell me I’m worthless …that you’re sick and tired of being my tutor …go on tell me …” He said and she stared at him shot of words .

She opened and closed her mouth like a fish .

” I’m not attending any [email protected]$$es today …” He said like it was nothing .

” You’re skipping [email protected]$$ ? She asked .

‘ what’s the use of attending anyways ? He asked and she stared at him .

” You do know you can drop business for music right ? She asked .

” I’m not that [email protected] …”

” What makes you happy ? She asked .

” Music …” He said with a smile

” Business is not you Manuel …trust me you’re Killin your spirit by doing business ” she said and he sighed sadly .

Marco had told him that severally even went as far as fighting with his dad and vincenzo because of that .

He thought studying business will bring peace , it just made things worst he thought sadly .

” What do you think ? She asked smiling .

‘ you’re right …I’m going for music ” he said and she smiled .

Marco would be so proud he decided to go for what he loved , and jenny was his adviser .

” You know you’re quiet the sweetheart when you don’t act like the devil’s twin ” he teased and she sma-ck his head as he laughed .

” Jennifer cavelli is the most Sweetest girl ever ” he screamed and everyone turned she blushed red as she sma-ck him again .

” I hope you’re not feeling my hair to know where you’d start cutting it from ? He asked and she bursted out laughing .


My hate for Gilbert

So long last Derek is the one Mr Rodriguez wants for his daughter Daniella ?

Who smells the war loading …..?

Vincenzo has asked Nicole to leave

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