Burgundy Episode 7 & 8

Episode 7.
By Amah
The malice period ended earlier than I thought.
She called on the second day and I took her out over the weekend.
Ireti continues to taunt Sandra and I try to take charge of things.
Ireti do not have a job but she is living large because of her Papi’s wealth. her Papi gives her all she wants and I also made sure she lacks nothing too.
I always wanted to be there for her at all time but not during my working days.
I’m usually in the office within the week, and ha-rd ly have time for other things aside office work.
I also helps my Dad in upd@t!nghis agricultural products on his websites, I follow it up whenever I’m less busy.
Despite mum’s school was in good hands I still visit once in a while. mum sometime calls me to do some school signing on her behalf. I’m her next of kin and also signatory to her account. While she was away in Georgia, I was busy with some of her proprietorsh!pwork.
I always have alot to do for both my Mum and Dad during my spare time and also for myself. I run my own company and made sure that I attended to everything according to how important they come and I speak with my parents almost everyday, giving them upd@t£s and they don’t fail to fill me in on their activities.
Is mostly weekend that I have time for my rest and be with Ireti.
She wanted me to take her out during the week but I was too busy to do that. Ireti refused to un-derstand even after explaining my busy schedules.
She said she wanted to eat out and not Sandra’s food.
” Your maid is a terrible cook, she doesn’t know how to cook or do anything. Her food is tasteless. I will rather eat out than to eat that her hurrible food.
Ireti said that Sandra does not know how to cook, she hates her cooking and wants to eat in one of the best restaurant that I usually take her to
I have to leave office early to do her biddings.
She ate to her fill and said she will be away for sometime, she was traveling with her Papi and will return after two weeks.
” Traveling to where… I asked while picking at my food.
” Papi is going for a business meeting in Dubai so he wants me to go with him. That’s the advantage of being a daddy’s girl. He enjoys having me around and I can’t say no to him…
I smiled, looked up at her before saying.
” you ha-rd ly mention your Mom and sibling, why? Your Dad sounds interesting and lively. I wish to meet your Papi and the rest of your family members soon and to also know your place…when will that be?
” Maybe when I return from my Dubai trip with Papi. I will invite you over to my place… you will get to meet him and also know where I reside. I’m the only child of my parents. Though they are separated, Mom remarries and left me with Papi. So is just me and him for now. I have a good news. Well, I’m letting go of cigarette. I’m breaking free from that add!çtion. I un-derstand how much you hates it and is dangerous to my health, so I’m quitting… for real but I’m a friend to alcohol.
” I’m so happy to hear that…I care about you and I love you…did you know that?
She looked at me and sm-irked her face.
” I’m serious… you are a beautiful lady, smart and clas-sy you shouldn’t be smoking, is really dangerous. back in London, during my school programme, that was the only time I tasted cigarette and is because of cold. A friend gave me the ti-p to have a taste but it was just for a day and I have never tried it again, I will rather go for coffee. Yours have become an add!çtion which is bad. I try talking to you about it different times but you refused listening and I’m happy that you are finally calling it quit.
She smile and said.
” I love you too Mart… everything about you. Your handsome face, the way you speak, act and dress. I love your high taste. just imagine that beautiful aquarium and your Burgundy shoe…it clearly shows that you are also clas-sy like me. But aside all this…I love you and I have quit smoking because of you. I don’t even have any cigarette with me. I trashed everything I had before.
I was happy and relieved to hear that.
I drove back home with her and saw that Sandra has alre-ady set up the dinning for dinner but I told her we are not eating dinner because we ate out..
Ireti interrupted that she was going to eat dinner.
” The restaurant food wasn’t enough and it was not what I really felt like eating.
I was quiet, looking at her as she move to the dinning and instead of dishing out the food to a plate she was eating it directly.
I looked at Sandra’s straight face as she watch Ireti spilling food and oil all over the place and creating more cleaning job for Sandra to do that night
I remembered Ireti saying that Sandra’s food was terrible but she was filling her mouth with it, munching it as if her life depends on the food
I left her and went to the room to freshen up for the night.
Ireti did not shower, she flew into the be-d when she was done eating.
” Baby, you nee-d to take your bath…?
I said urging her to go to the bathroom.
” I’m not smelling. I bath this morning and I’m too tired to bath again. Your over neatness is too much, plea-se don’t disturb me with bathing this night. I have been wanting to ask you why are you always locking your wardrobe? Don’t you trust me?
“I trust you and I’m not locking it because of trust issue, I just don’t like seeing my personal things scattered.
She urged me to always leave it open and promised not to scatter anything in my wardrobe again.
I try tou-ching her but she asked me not to disturb her until she was done with what she was pres£ntly doing at that time.
I left her and even apologize for disturbing her. She was busy with her phone and went on chatting.
It was a good time to check my email for upd@t£s. I took my l@pt©p and did the little I can before returning to be-d.
Ireti was still chatting and laughing.
Her phone rang and she spoke for sometime and went back chatting.
I went out to the sitting room where I was hearing the television sound.
Sandra was watching a movie. She wanted to leave immediately she saw me but I told her to stay.
I sat opposite her and we watched together.
It got to a k!ss!ngp@rt in the movie, I looked at her face and she was looking away like a child maybe because I was pres£nt. I smile at how funny the scene looks.
I relaxed my head back on the cushion. I was falling asleep and was de-eply gone into the dream land when a heavy ban-g woke me up.
I quic-kly stood up and saw Ireti, she just sl@pped Sandra who was standing and holding her cheek.
The movie that Sandra was watching was still showing on the TV
I ru-b my eyes just to un-derstand what was going on.
“Ireti wha… what is it again?
” You are her boss, why will she be sitting down watching television with you. She is very disrespectful and mannerless. Mart this your maid is very stupid and lazy. You left me in the room and c@m£ out to watch TV with a common maid, a nob©dy. A bastard with no br@in.
She sl@pped Sandra again, ha-rder this time I rushed to her and try to lead her away but Ireti wasn’t done.
She pushed the poor girl who was almost falling but had to hold on to a chair.
Ireti wasn’t letting go, she was about to hit the girl when Sandra caught her leg and Ireti fell with a heavy tud to the ground.
I was shock as Sandra mount over her, pounding her like a pestle.
She sl@pped and hit Ireti ignoring her scream. Ireti was on the ground and tries to get free from Sandra’s powerful arms.
I have to quic-kly intervened, and pushed Sandra away from Ireti.
She was p@n-ting angrily as she looked at Ireti who was crying and shouting down curses on Sandra.
I carried Ireti up but she wasn’t even re-ady to st©p the fight. Her mouth was bleeding, her eyes was swollen. I took ice from the freezer and gave to Ireti for the swollen eyes but she threw it at Sandra.
I held Ireti ti-ght and started leading her to the room.
” Leave me, Mart leave me alone let me deal with that lazy maggot. Let me show this ugly stinking maid the stuff I’m made off. Look at what she did to me, she used that her wretched hand to tear myl-ips…She is dead tonight…I will kill and bury her and nob©dy will ask of her because she’s a nob©dy. She l@ya f!nger on someb©dy of my calibre, I’m in a high clas-s that she can never attend to. She is not even worthy to be called my servant yet she had the gut to lift a poverty hand on me. I will beat her before getting her arrested. Mart leave me alone let me deal with your foolish househelp…
I took Ireti inside and lock the door, preventing her from going out. It was obvious that Sandra was powerful and will beat her up if she is allowed to do that.
I was angry at everything and everyone. both at Sandra and Ireti.
Sandra especially for beating ireti up and ma-king her to sustain injury.
Ireti kept jumping up and down the room with different threats for Sandra and even have to transfer her aggressions on me. She took cigarette from her bag, lit a stick and started smoking, puffing out the smoke to my face. She lit up another stick and kept pacing the room with it.
I thought Ireti told me she was done smoking and do not have any cigarette in her bag anymore.
I was too tired from the ladys drama.
I couldn’t sleep that night. I nee-ded to sleep for tomorrow’s work, which was Friday but Ireti’s anger, cigarette and shout will not let me.
She asked me to sack Sandra and I told her I will do that.
She kept up with anger to the following morning before leaving.
She saw Sandra on her way out and rushed to her.
She sl@pped and kicked at her but Sandra used her hand to dodge the b!ow and did not raise a hand on ireti again.
I went in between them and lead an aggressive ireti out.
I left for work without saying a word to Sandra who stood like a statue by the dining side with her hand cl@p together in front of her.
She looks pitiable but I wasn’t in the mood to pity her for beating my woman up.
Ireti left and I went to work. I sle-pt off doing my working hour because I couldn’t get enough sleep last night.
I worked late before going home that Friday. I was happy because it was Friday, enough time to rest.
When I drove into my compound, Musa c@m£ to meet me.
” Oga, small madam say she wan go. She done pack her bag dey wait for you. she talk say you go sackam because she fight with big madam. Oga abeg, make small madam no go..Na beg I dey beg you.
I angrily asked Musa to return to the gate and st©p talking ru-bbish.
Immediately I got inside my house, I saw Sandra. Her bag was indeed packed to leave.
” What is this?
I asked her angrily while pointing at the traveling bags beside her.
” I’m leaving sir. I’m de-eply sorry for fighting with your woman. Anger got the best of me and I apologize for that. I should treat her with kindness and patience despite anything but her continues sl@p and kick plus the terrible names she rained down on me…I couldn’t control myself anymore. I descended on her out of annoyance. I’m so sorry sir and thank you for giving me this opportunity… I was willing to serve, to put my best to work but I spoilt it all by fighting madam Ireti and she was injured in the process. Forgive me. This month is almost gone, only five days left. forget about paying me salary for this month. I will get another job somewhere else and you will get another housekeeper. Thank you once again sir…
I watch her picked up her bag and made attempt to leave.
“Return the bag, we will get to talk tomorrow. I’m going to be-d.
She did not argue as I walk past her to my room.
The following morning I counted the amount for her salary and c@m£ out with it.
Her bag was at one corner of the house
She has cleaned up everywhere and made breakfast for me.
She greeted me, I nooded and hand the money over to her.
She was thri-lled and I can see joy in her eyes as she thanked me.
I moved to the dinning for breakfast
” Thank you sir, I’m..going now. God bless you…
I watch her in silent as she went back to pick her bag.
” I’m not sacking you Sandra. Return the bag. come and take some money for Saturday’s restocking. The fruits in the fridge are almost empty and you nee-d to buy more food stuffs for the kitchen…
She looked up at me like I spoke Latin to her.
” I thought after what happened you will sack me…
I went back eating and ignored her. she thanked me over and over before returning her things to her room.
I know Ireti will be very angry if she comes back from her travel and Sandra was not sacked. I’m glad she’s traveling and I will handle the situation when she comes back.
Ireti was at fault, sl@pping the innocent girl for no good reason. Sandra was only pushed to the wall and c@m£ back at Ireti with full f0rç£. I can’t sack her for such reason because Sandra is ha-rd working and a great cook unlike what Ireti keep tagging her with.
Ireti was on malice mood again before she traveled with her Papi to Dubai.
While in my room working on my l@pt©p the next weekend, I can hear Sandra singing joyfully in the kitchen as she made lunch that afternoon.
She later carried food to Musa.
I opened my room curtain and watch Musa smile from ear to ear as he saw Sandra coming. He was happy, ex-posing his brown set of teeth.
I kept watching as Musa began to sing one of his normal Northern music which he usually sing and I’m almost used to the sound and lyrics of the song.
Sandra was cl@pping and laughing while Musa sings for her.
My smile suddenly turns into a frown. Why is Musa caring so much about Sandra. What sort of ru-bbish is that.
I felt a pang of jealous while watching her get entertained by Musa.
I left my room and went out. Immediately Sandra and Musa saw me they st©pped there choir. Sandra went back in.
I followed behind and hushed her to st©p.
” I know Musa is quiet entertaining but st©p spending so much time with him. After giving him whatever you went to give him returned back inside and stay… your job is in here not at the gate.
” Okay sir, I’m very sorry. your lunch is set on the dinning.
I nodded. She breathed in and walk into her room.
I began to feel sad. Maybe I should have allow her have a good moment with Musa, who can be quiet entertaining.
I enjoyed watching her smile and apparently Musa is her one big fan.
Why did I even st©p their happy moments all because of some stupid jealousy.
What is wrong with me?
I collected a plate of fruit salad, took the remote control, sat on the three seater and change channel to one of Sandra’s favorites comedy channel which i have seen her watching many times.
I increa-sed the volume with the hope that Sandra will hear it and come out of her room to watch and get entertained too.
Even though it looks awkward but I want to hear her laugh just as she was doing earlier with Musa.
Episode 8
I waited but she never c@m£ out and I dozed off on the chair. When I awaken it was almost midnight. 11:46pm.
I went to be-d and was out with friends the following day. I c@m£ back in the evening and Sandra was in her room. She c@m£ out and greeted me. I asked her what was on the food menu for the night, she mentioned spaghetti. I told her to make fruit salad for me, which was what I felt like taking. She quic-kly did and brou-ght it to where I sat watching TV.
My eyes was on her all throu-gh as she served me before leaving. I swallowed ha-rd and looked at her direction. She was going back to her room.
“Sandra, are you busy?
She st©pped and looked at me.
“No sir, don’t have anything doing right now…do you want me to do something for you sir?
I gave a de-ep breath, because what I was about to say will sound strange in my ear and hers too.
“I want you to…i just wanted to ask you if…
I was acting stupid. Why can’t I boldly say that I wanted her to watch the damn TV with me? The word got stuck in my throat.
“To do what sir…what do you want me to do for you plea-se?
“I want yam with vegetable and fish sauce….forget what is in the menu let’s eat yam. Do you care for that too?
That wasn’t what I wanted to say but I changed my mind because the word will not come out straight.
“Anything is fine by me. Let me go and get it re-ady sir…
I nodded as she left. While she was in the kitchen, I was busy with music program showing on the TV. My mind was on Sandra and I couldn’t concentrate.
I stroll down to the kitchen side. And stood by the door watching her without her knowledge. She almost dropped the plate in her hand when she turned and saw me.
“Oh my God. You scared me…do you nee-d anything sir? She said breathing ha-rd and try to steady her racing heart.
What will I even tell her brou-ght me to the kitchen now?
“I’m sorry to startle you, just trying to learn…I mean to watch you cook and learn too.
She smile and I know it c@m£ from de-ep within. I returned the smile and moved closer as she began to teach me how to make a common vegetable and fish sauce that my Mum thought me when I was a teen.
I pretend to concentrate as she went on with her lectures. I was distracted and wasn’t paying any attention to what she was saying but I acted as if I was.
“Tell me about your parents, are you the only child…where are your family?
I shocked her with my question. She pause and looked at me.
“I have a great family and they are all good….thanks for asking.
She went back to what she was doing with a total silent. I as-sumed she was not interested in talking about her family so I decided not to ask her anything personal, maybe I will do that later.
The yam was done and the sauce was re-ady. While she put the yam into a de-ep plate, I dish out the sauce into different plate for both of us. She saw it and try to argue but I told her not to make any fuss out of it.
I took the sauce to the dinning and she brou-ght the yam and as she was about dropping the plate in front of my table where I sat. Her skin brushed mine and my heart tumbles over. My breath rasped.
I guess she also felt it and pu-ll-ed back immediately.
We sat and ate in silent, she was trying to get comfortable with me sitting beside her. I was pretending to be interested in the food but my mind was on Sandra.
“Are you the only child, I heard you speak to your Mom and Dad often. They love you dearly and it makes me wonder if you are their only child? She asked breaking the silent.
“No, I’m not. I have three elder sisters. If you listen to most of my phone calls, i speak with my sisters too. My parents relate with all my sisters same way they do with me… Maybe a little more with me because I’m their only son. They just want me to turn out fine and be responsible. They sometimes treat me like a child forgetting that I’m an adult. A full grown man with bears…hahahaha…
I laughed and she joined in. That was what I always wanted, to hear her laugh.
We talked about myself, my sisters, my parents and my growing up but she never talks about herself and when I asked.
“Your turn Sandra…enough of me. Tell me little about you.
“Nothing much to say. I’m just one ordinary girl from a middle clas-s. Your family clas-s is higher than mine anyway, hahahaha. I love my mum, my Dad… And my brother… I had a younger sister but she’s late. I feel bad anytime I remember that she is no more. Well, that’s all.
She went quiet and frowned
“Interesting. I’m sorry about your sister. I’m also sorry for ma-king you remember what you try to forget.
“Is okay sir. You shouldn’t be sorry. Is all in the past now.
I did not take my eyes away from her. She looks up at me, stood from the table and c@m£ over to clear my plate.
As she went to the kitchen to drop the plates. I try to control my heart beat and the way I was feeling but I couldn’t help it. I walked towards the kitchen, I never knew she was coming and we bu-mped into each other.
I held her in my arms and we were motionless for sometime which seems like eternity. I was carried away and I guess she was shock. I did not let her go due to the h0t emotions clouding my mind. I k!$$£d her she didn’t respond. I tried again and she straightened and struggles to get free from my arm. I still refused to let her go immediately. With all the emotions sto-re up in my heart I gently pined her to the wall and k!$$£d her pas-sionately. My heart and hers where beating so loud, she struggled again and I moved back from her.
I re-leased her and she disappeared like a lightning bolt.
My heart was p@n-ting heavily. I folded my hand into a fist and hit the wall ha-rd . I placed my head on the wall before combing my hand into my low cut hair. I was restless.
“What did I just do? Oh no…I just k!$$£d Sandra. Why will I do such a thing…oh my God.
I swallowed ha-rd and walked back into my room.
I refused to come out of the room. I was embarras-sed at myself. “How can I allow my emotions to get the best of me? Ireti must not know of this or there will be trouble”. I wish I can undo the k!ss….what have I done?
I cried out angrily at myself, I have never allowed my emotions to get out of hand before. But it got the best of me that evening. I sto-red up too much in my heart for her and couldn’t resist the urge of k!ss!ngher.
I went to work very early the following day just to avoid Sandra seeing me, I was too shy to even face her and I guess she was also because she stayed in her room and I did not hear any noise coming from her.
I got to the office and couldn’t concentrate. My mind was on Sandra and what happened the previous night. I try to focus but my mind keeps leading me back to Sandra. I stood and walked round the office. I look out from my office window, repla-ying the whole k!ss!ngscene on my mind. I ru-bbe-d my two palms together and return to my sit. I went back working.
I could have given my staffs some of the work but I chose to do it just to while away time. My stomach churns with a sound and i remembered that I haven’t eaten all day. I stood and went to my office fridge. took the food I sto-re there and microwaved it, sat back and tries to eat but the hunger disappeared.
I hungered for no other food than the one prepared by Sandra. Night c@m£ and all my staff left. I remained in the office and kept working.
When the clock ticked 9pm. I stood, packed up my stuffs, picked up my car key and left.
When I got home, I stood at my door. I held onto the door knob counting numbers and mustering the courage to walk in, face Sandra and apologise for what happened.
I was acting like a coward and that is not the real me. I have never behaved so stupid and felt so embarras-sed.
I walked in and she greeted me cheerfully.
“Welcome sir. I was worried when I checked the time and it was almost 9pm and you haven’t returned. Tried calling you but changed my mind. I set up dinner, I guess you will be hungry…
She was acting as if nothing happened last night. ma-king me feel like I was dreaming when I k!$$£d her. Sandra stood right in front of me, leaving a little distance between us. She made me feel at peace. All the heavy burden was suddenly lifted. I decided to use the opportunity to talk to her.
“About last night…uhmmm! I’m de-eply sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry Sandra. It will never happen again…
She nodded with her head bent. She was avoiding my eyes but I wanted her to look at me so that she can see that I meant it.
“plea-se look at me…look up Sandra.
She did. I bit myl-ips as her eyes shut throu-gh me. She looks so innocent and reserved. Ireti maybe beautiful but Sandra was very special.
“I promise. It won’t happen again. Do you believe me?
She smile and said “I do sir. I believe you.
I went back to my room and freshened up before coming out for dinner.
After dinner I went straight to be-d.
After two days I returned from work very early. I wanted to take over the dinner, so I told Sandra to stand aside let me do it for the night. She laughed out and I made dinner for both of us. I asked her to take a taste and she li-cked up herl-ips and m0an “so delicious”. I laughed and move out of the kitchen, giving her room to clean up the dishes.
I asked her to join me on the dining. We did not make eye contact just concentrated on our food. I was struggling not to to. I finished my food and walked away.
She went to be-d after clearing up and I remained in the sitting room watching TV until I sle-pt off and woke up by 10pm.
I stood and started towards my master be-droom. A noise was coming from Sandra’s room. I pause and went closer, and lean my ear to her door.
Sandra was talking to someone over the phone.
“….seriously, I’m fine, st©p worrying over me. I as-sured you… I’m fine. Yes, I’m working and ma-king my own money…it makes me happy. Like I told you earlier, I got sacked from my previous place and later got another, this one….as a…housekeeper. Does it really matter…all that is matters is that I’m happy working. i know…and I love you too. I really love you but you have to allow me do this. My boss is a gentle man. C’mon…your thinking is weird….hahahaha. St©p it Jeff. plea-se I’m waking up early tomorrow, I spent two hours talking over the phone with you. My ear is paining me. Hahahaha. I have to sleep now plea-se. Sure, I will definitely do that. I love you Jeff, be good and stay away from trouble! Hahaha… Always. Say hello t…
I quic-kly walked away to my room and did not hear the rest of her conversation. I felt heartbroken hearing her speak to someb©dy I as-sume is her man. I was really sad and svçkin my be-d like a child beaten by his Mom. I wish I did not eavesdrop on her conversation with her man. Now that I did, I felt worst with myself. It just dawn on me that Sandra was in a relationsh!pand she loves the guy. She boldly declared it to him. The guy whose name happens to be Jeff seems to have issue with her living and working un-der a man’s roof. A jealous lover like me.
I try to get over the hurt by s£nding message to Ireti but she didn’t reply.
I can’t think straight, why is Sandra been in a relationsh!pmakes me so sad and loss of appetite. I nee-ded to occu-py my mind with something else before I go crazy.
I wish Ireti will speak with me but she was in Dubai with her Papi and do not have my time either. The only thing I’m struggling to get over was Sandra and just realizing she was in a relationsh!pwas heart breaking.
I wonder if I’m really normal. How can I be worried over that when I’m also in a relationsh!pwith Ireti. What is wrong with me?
But no matter how I try to console myself I was still feeling hurt.
The following morning I was up early and left the house without breakfast again.