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Burgundy Episode 3 & 4

Episode 3.
By Amah
That Saturday Ireti [email protected]£ but did not waste time. She said she was attending a [email protected] and just wanted to st©p by and know my place but she will return back the following weekend and we will spend time together.
Within the week we get to talk more and I was loving the way she made me feel.
On the following weekend, Ireti was coming to spend time with me. I couldn’t just keep calm. My heart was over filled with joy.
My house was in a perfect order. I must impress her in everything. Since I wasn’t a good cook, I decided to order Chinese and other African food from a big restaurant. And they delivered it all in time. I also ordered some continental dish.
I don’t know the type of wine she will like to take but I made sure there were varieties of things. If she doesn’t want one she will want the other.
I set it up on the dining and turned up my power air freshener to freshen up my whole [email protected] The air condition was cooling so well. Everywhere smells and feels nice. With the way I was acting anyone who sees me will think I’m expecting someb©dy that has a key to long life and prosperity, nob©dy will un-derstand is all for my woman crush. My own pretty Ireti was coming to visit me and to spend time with me. I do not want to disappoint in any way. I want to prove how much of a gentle man I was.
I checked the time and knew she will soon arrive. I called her to know where exactly she had gotten to and she said she was very close.
After sometime she called asking me if is okay to park her car outside my gate or can she drive into the big compound.
I rushed out of my door to the gate and told the gate man not to bother opening the gate for my guest, I want to be her personal gate man today.
Musa that have been guarding our gate for years stood at a distance and watch me as if something has gotten into my head.
I ignored him and opened the gate for Ireti. I told her not to park outside she should drive in and park right beside my own car, since there was enough space in the compound.
She did that and I left the gate for Musa to close while I rush to direct Ireti so that she will not park wrongly.
You may think something is wrong with me, but what did you expect from a man who had admire a lady for long and she was finally paying me a good visit. I was re-ady to do anything to show that I was indeed a gentle man and a good man to keep.
As she was about opening her car door and step down I held the door wi-dely open for her and she [email protected]£ out with a cute smile.
Ireti was really beautiful and I can’t hold back myself from the way my heart was pounding on seeing her step out like a goddess.
I wanted to give her a loving hvg and maybe a pe-ck but I did not want to appear too forward. It was as if she re-ad my mind and gently spre-ad her beautiful hands around me.
Oh mine, it was just a mere hvg and my whole b©dy was alre-ady on fire for her. I swallowed [email protected] and guard her to my own [email protected]
When she got inside she exclaim happily.
“Wow….your place is so beautiful and smells nice too. The first time I [email protected]£ I was too much in a hurry and did not really look round. What is that beautiful fragrance I’m perceiving?
I gave a satisfying smile to myself before saying calmly
“Is Lavender power air freshener. I’m glad you like it. Welcome to my home….what can I offer you plea-se. I have different wine, both alcohol and normal fruit wine. I have food too, both Africa and continental dishes…I even ordered for some chines noodles just in case you are interested…
She was still walking round the house, admiring my house interior décor. I turned down the air condition so that she won’t be cold.
I have good taste for good things and everything about me was in high [email protected] I had a mini artificial aquarium which looks so real and it was well positioned in a corner of my sitting room.
After my university, I went to London for my masters and returned with the artificial aquarium. And it had been gracing my house for over two years now. And I love the way people usually exclaim while looking at it. The aquarium was one of the most beautiful decorations in my house.
I was happy watching Ireti rub her manicured hand on the [email protected] surface.
I asked her again what she wanted me to offer her after she [email protected]£ to sit down on the cushion and crossed her fine leg, ex-posing some th!ghs in her short dress.
“Nothing for now. I’m not really in the mood for food. Bring the alcoholic wine let’s be chilling with it while we gist”.
I got the wine and poured some in a tumbler before handing it to her. I sat in the next armless chair close to Ireti with a [email protected] of my own wine in hand.
“So Mart, tell me about yourself, de-ep things about you that we haven’t really discussed before. Are you in any relationsh!p…?
I smile de-eply. I’m always happy anytime she calls me Mart, my nick name. That was what my friends calls me and when I told Ireti she adopted the nick name instead of my real name, Martin Jr.
“I’m from a family of six, Mum and Dad inclusive. I’m the last born and only son. I have three elder sisters two are married and busy with their families. The single one is a successful lawyer in Georgia and My Mum stays with her. Dad is in the country with me and he has a big farm in another state where he spend most of his time. He was an agriculturist before retiring. Mum was a principle, she owns a school but entrust it into able hands before leaving for Georgia. I finished my university here before proceeding to London for my Master degree program.
I stayed with my uncle, my father’s only junior brother who wanted me to stay over there and get a job but I got my own plans and wanted to start my own company back here in my country….I’m a full country man, no place like home. Hahahaha! My Dad also wanted me to come back after my master degree program, been an only son. I returned back three years ago and started my own company here.
And is been flourishing. I still travel sometimes but just for a visit. Planning on starting my own family soon but haven’t been too lucky with ladies. I’m not in any relationsh!pat the moment. [email protected]£d while in UK, during my program days but it ended last year because of distance. No lady at the moment. But I have cousins and friends visiting and they stay days, weeks and even months with me.
I love having people around me, been alone in this house can be boring and I also visit my Dad whenever I’m, less busy with work. Well, just me and myself with my people. So, back to you…are you in any serious relationsh!p?
She smile, gulped down her wine and poured another one for herself. She did not answer the question. Instead, she said
“Your life sound so interesting and stress-free, I envy you though. Getting all the attention as the baby of the house.
I laughed out before replying her.
“No…not really. I work so [email protected] as if I’m the first born of the house. The only good thing my family did for me was education and ma-king me a master degree holder. That was where there strength st©pped and I picked up from there. Is my turn to make my family happy and my parents proud.
There’s really no benefit in been the last child or only son. My people expect too much from me alre-ady as an only son and I really do not want to disappoint them. Now, enough of me, Ireti. Let me hear about your own life. Are you in any relationsh!pand how was your growing up like?
She smile again before gulping down another cup of alcohol. I wanted to ask her to take it easy with the way she was drinking. She was in her fourth cup and I was still in one. I restrained myself from doing that. She must be used to taking too much of alcohol.
She poured more drink into her cup, looked up at me and said with a cute face while waving her hands with her long fixed nails, which she painted all black.
“Well, my Dad got money, I’m not a poor child. I [email protected]£ from a rich home. My Dad gave me everything I want. I got money and my life is moving so perfect. That’s the end of my life story.
She laughed out loudly and I joined in.
I watch her with a smile as she drank de-eply again from her cup. Her phone began to ring. She quic-kly picked up and said.
“Hello papi! Yeah…I’m fine. With a friend. I will see you when I get back. Okay…thanks. Love ya too…
With her last word, I took a sip from my drink and pretend to be concentrating on the television. She started using her phone, I guess she was texting someb©dy. I allowed her and still use my side eye to watch and wait till when she will have my time. When it appears she was taking long, I turned to her and said.
“Maybe we can eat now….
“Hold on Mart, I need to s£nd this to my Dad and reply few messages too from friends. You know been a pretty girl from a rich home requires a lot. One of the benefits is getting different types of messages.
There’s also a friend who was supposed to transfer some cash to me today, I need to s£nd my account details to him…we will eat once I’m done, alright?
I nodded with a smile. Do I really have a choice, all I did was to wait for her to be done.
I later guide her to the dining after she was throu-gh with her phone.
With all the alcohol she took, she was still cool and wasn’t acting drun!kas I have expected her to be
I asked which of the food she wanted to eat first. She looked round the table and twist her face sadly.
“You don’t like any of the food? Is there a problem? There are varieties to eat here. You can make your choice…
Ireti said none of the food on the table interest her. She wanted a chicken shawama, with some vegetable in it.
I [email protected] out and stare right at the filled dining table I set before her. Where I’m supposed to get chicken shawama.
I remembered a place but is a long drive from my house.
“I feel like eating shawama. Nothing on this table interest me at all. I don’t want to eat any of this things here. I wish you can get it for me…but if you can’t then…
I quic-kly interrupted her.
“ofcurse I will get it for you Ireti. Anything for you honey. Do we go together to get it or you want to stay behind?
I wanted her to go with me, sit beside me and we go on gisting like lovers but she said she wanted to stay behind and wait for me.
I went inside my master be-droom, picked up my wallet and told her I will be right back, she smile and said she will be waiting.
I rushed to my car, asked Musa to quic-kly open up the gate and I zoomed out of the compound to shawama joint.
A little traffic but I did not spend up to one hour and I was back with her shawama.
When I got inside the house the whole place smells of cigarette. She was not even in the sitting room. Music was blasting so loud. I quic-kly turned down the noise.
The dining was scattered, I went closer and saw that the dining was really in a mess. She ate out of all the food that I left on the table. Both the African, the chines noodles, the continental dish were all t©uçhed. Half eaten chicken was even on my chair and food oil was spre-ad everywhere both in the sitting room and on my dining. The bottle of alcohol that was half empty before I left to get shawama was now empty and lying carelessly on the floor. The cigarettes she smoked was un-der my table with one leg of her high heel shoe. My throw pillows were spre-ad all over the sitting room. “What the hell is all this? I said to myself sadly.
I didn’t even know where to start from. My house looks unrecognized. Ireti had told me clearly she doesn’t want any of the food on the dining which made me to rush out to get the shawama but now she had eaten out of all the food. Spre-ad oil and pieces of food all over my house and the curtains where not left out with the food oil. The sweet smelling house before I left was turned upside down.
She eating the food was not my problem but messing up with my house was what I did not un-derstand at all. Another leg of her high heel shoe was on the cushion. She probably dropped it when she was dancing. Since she once told me that she love dancing.
I breathed de-eply, dropped the shawama on the table before entering my master be-droom and there she was, she spre-ad her leg wi-de on my be-d. She was half [email protected] but my mind was too occupied to even notice. Some of the Chinese food was littered on my be-d, staining my white be-d spre-ad.
My wardrobe was open. I can’t remember leaving it open.
Something quic-kly caught my attention, the carton that [email protected]£ with my burgundy shoe was at the foot of my be-d. My heart was almost popping out of my che-st as I rushed to it and find it empty. I checked around and saw my burgundy shoe, I [email protected] in relief. I repackage it back to its carton.
I picked up things that she left on the floor.
Was she still the same lady I was crushing on and was re-ady to die for? Is this still same Ireti or someone else?
I asked myself while looking round my room.
Messing up my dinning and sitting room was not enough for her but coming inside my room to scatter my personal thing to the extent of bringing out my precious shoe. A shoe that was so close to my heart.
What exactly was she looking for to have gotten to my burgundy shoe? I felt like shaking her awake from her sleep. I guess she was over fed and couldn’t even lift herself. Since she wanted the food why did she make me drive out in search of shawama for her?
I stared at her on the be-d as she sleep not knowing what to do. I shake my head sadly before going back to the sitting room and resume cleaning and brushing up again. I packed some food out to Musa instead of throwing everything to the waste bin.
I swept, cleaned and brushed up everywhere. I was still on it when she [email protected]£ out. Yawning loudly and scratching her hair r0ûghly.
“Hey Mart, you are back…when did you come in? I waited for you for over an hour and I was too hungry, I couldn’t wait anymore and ended up eating some of the food on the dining. I also had a good dance and I drank some more wine too. I was really exhausted and I decided to find a road to your room where I relaxed. Was thinking you will wake me up whenever you come back…did you get the shawama?
I swallowed [email protected] while staring at her. I don’t know if I should be angry or pity her. I try to wear a smile before saying.
“Yeah, I did. Little traffic on the road but I didn’t spend up to an hour. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Did not want to bother you when I saw you slee-ping…Here is the shawama.
She smile and collected it while I went back cleaning my house and grudging in silent pain
Episode 4.
Ireti left that evening, she saw my mood and knew I wasn’t happy with the way she messed up the whole house.
My house had never been so unkempt, so scattered and dirty.
Even my friends knows me for that. I don’t like an unkempt place. It was so shocking that Ireti could turn the whole house upside down within an hour of me been away.
She picked up her shoe from where I kept them and left. All I did was to walk her down to her car and bid her goodbye.
I re-moved the curtains, the white be-d spre-ad that was stained with food oil, took it all to the washing machine and changed them up with a new ones. I did all the laundry because I don’t have a house help. I never find it necessary to have one. But at a time like this, I started wishing for a help.
I scrubbe-d and cleaned until my house was back in order.
I called Ireti that night to know if she had gotten home safely, I did not want it to appear like I was unkind to my guest, not just my guest the woman that I have always had a crush on until she prove to me how much of a mess she can make within a twi-nkle of an eye.
I called her but she didn’t pick up.
I decided not to call again and sle-pt off.
Two days later, I try calling her but she still did not respond. I began to feel guilty .
Maybe I was too harsh or I overeacted.
I s£nt her a message apologizing and she quic-kly replied, telling me how i treated her like a ghost just because of the little mess she made in my house.
Ireti said she was actually testing me to know how much of a patient man I was, if I was what I claimed to be but in her @ssessment I wasn’t any where close to been a husband material.
That “husband material” she mentioned got me and i started laughing at myself.
How can she even be testing me by scattering up my whole house, even to the extent of getting into my wardrobe and bringing out my burgundy shoe?
I can’t be patient with such ill attitude of hers or did she want me to thank her for creating such a big mess in my house?
I apologize to her anyway and promise to make it up when next she comes.
And after a week she returned again on a weekend.
I did not go throu-gh so much trouble in setting a large table of food for her like the last time.
I may set up and she will decide to change her mind and want something different.
I will rather take her out to the best restaurant to eat. It will also save me some trouble.
And that was exactly what I did. I drove out with her to one of the best restaurant. Ireti couldn’t decide what exactly she wanted on the menu. After my order was taking, Ireti was still checking the menu.
the waiter brou-ght my food and I was set to eat she looked at me like a thief.
” What’s the problem baby?
I looked up from my food and asked her.
She frowned and said
“Mart, Is very rude of you to start eating when I’m yet to make my own choice. That’s so uncaring and bad…
I quic-kly apologize before straightening. I dropped my cutlery, sat back waiting for the queen to make a choice.
When she finally did it was three different types of meal and a c0cktail inclusive.
I kept waiting without tou-ching my food until Ireti’s food was served.
She smiled at the filled table of food and started eating.
I [email protected] out in relief before picking up my fork.
” Hold on Mart, I want to taste yours!
She said while bending over the table to collect some of my own food.
When she was done tasting I resume eating from the one she left over.
I try to engage her in a conversation but she was too busy with her three different plates of food and did not give me attention.
I finished my food and settled with the wine. She frowned again.
” Mart, you are so uncaring. I wasn’t done with yours. I still wanted to eat out of your own. Why did you finish it… that’s not fair.
I swallowed [email protected] Not really knowing what to do.
I called the waiter to bring another plate of food and he did.
Since I wasn’t hungry. I left it for Ireti. If she wants to kill herself with food, then she should go ahead.
Ireti urged me to be eating, that she enjoyed the way I was chewing the food.
I took the fork and picked at the food,
took little into my mouth and chew the food for long.
I kept up with this boring act, all that matters was Ireti enjoys the way I chew so I must keep chewing until I’m asked to st©p.
plea-sing Ireti by all means, I don’t really have much choice in all this.
She later asked me to st©p picking the food because I was messing it up for her.
I was relieved and sat back while watching her eat.
I paid up and picked up my car key and Ireti took her handbag.
Ireti left behind a large quantity of food that can feed two adults. She couldn’t even finish one plate of food but she made sure she t©uçhed all of the food placed before her.
We got into the car and she tries to lit a cigarette.
” No… don’t do that. C’mon babe. Smoking in a car is so wrong. If that’s what you do in your car then is high time you try and st©p it before something goes up in flames.
I said gently to her and re-move the cigarette from her mouth.
She did not argue instead she turned up the music pla-ying slowly in my car.
The music was so loud that I have to scream to speak to her.
I tuned the volume down and she high it again.
I gave up and drove back home with her.
As we got into the house, she went all over me unexpectedly.
In my mind I was shouting ” hey, calm down.. st©p tearing me up like a dog”.
But I never said those words out. I wanted her too but was afraid to make a move and I’m glad she boldly took the first move and I [email protected]£d it. She was rou-gh, not the type of [email protected]ç£I enjoy but I corporated.
Ireti was good and knows how to s£dûç£a man. She was so ro-mantic.
She knows where and how to t©uçh to get me on my toe.
Even though I was alre-ady enjoying the rou-gh pla-y, I wasn’t going to loose my guts and sleep with Ireti without a protec-tion.
I had them in my wardrobe, the ones I brou-ght back from UK. And as I try to rush to gr-ab one Ireti quic-kly spined me over.
I was shocked at her skills in be-d. She sat on me and asked me not to bother getting any c0nd0m, she prefers it raw.
One tiny voice in my head was alre-ady singing “danger… Martin Jr, danger beware”…
There was another loud voice still in my head that was shouting.
” Mart, do it. enjoy yourself with your woman crush. Your everyday crush… She will give you the best s£x you have ever had. Listen to her and get on with it. Don’t spoil this fun… prove to her that you got what it takes…!
As Ireti went on in a k!ss!ngspree, I was having a mind battle and the louder voice was wining the tiny still voice like an echo to my heart.
Suddenly, I turned her over, stood and walked to my wardrobe to get the protec-tion.
She wasn’t looking happy when I returned.
” I’m sorry baby but we have to [email protected] Let’s be on a safe side. plea-se…?
And it was a long night of fun. I got so tired but Ireti wasn’t.
She said I wasn’t man enough to go on a fourth round of s£x with her and I try to prove to her that I’m capable despite how exhausted I was.
She went on ri-ding me like a horse all night until I dozed off.
I woke up late the following morning still felling tired because I sle-pt around 3am.
Ireti was not in be-d.
I stood immediately I perceived smells of cigarette.
She was sitting in the bathroom tub smoking and a bottle of whiskey which I guess she took from my bar was in her hand.
” Are you alright honey…
I said while moving close to sit with her.
” How can I be alright when you sle-pt off like that? What kind of man are you? just a little fun and you are alre-ady snoring like he goat. That was annoying…
She actually called me a “he goat” I gave a sad laugh to my miserable self.
What a life to be referred to as an animal because I couldn’t continue with the all night fun.
I try not to pick offence but made a joke out of the sad moment of my life.
” Baby, next time I will do better. Forgive my incompetence. We actually started around 9pm till 3am. It was a long [email protected] work, I almost [email protected] out from your strong skills. But is better to die well, in the arm of a pretty damsel like you than to die alone… Next time I will ginger my moral and you can have me all you want alright?
I watch her smile as she stood up from the bath and walk out in my night robe which was oversize for her but she looks cute in it.
I brushed and had a quic-k warm bath.
When I [email protected]£ out from the bathroom she was blasting music in the sitting room.
Dancing and shouting out the lyrics of the song
I smile to myself before proceeding to wear clothes, I noticed my wardrobe was scattered.
I saw my shoe, the very shoe close to my heart.
The pack was opened again.
After putting on clothes, I tidied up my wardrobe, put back my burgundy shoe. Lock it up with a key and re-move the key.
I don’t un-derstand what Ireti was searching for in my personal things. I don’t [email protected] my personal stuffs and I hate it when I see Someb©dy doing that.
Nob©dy has any business going into my wardrobe without my permission. There are s-en-sitive docvments and files in the wardrobe locker which shouldn’t be tampered with.
” Babe, did you go to my wardrobe?
I asked her immediately I [email protected]£ to the sitting room.
She took the remote control and reduced the volume of the music before asking me to repeat myself and I did.
” yes, I went to your wardrobe. I was only admiring your shoe. The one you wore to Jide’s wedding. You sle-pt off on me and I didn’t feel like slee-ping so I decided to tour the house, I wanted to while away time and I got hold of your beautiful shoe. After admiring it for a while I returned it back. pla-yed around a little before retiring to drinking and smoke few sticks of cigarette. You wear size 44 Mart? The shoe is size 44, Which is exactly the same size with my Papi. I have been thinking of what to get for him for his next birthday and while staring at your shoe it quic-kly occurred to me to get a beautiful shoe like yours. He will really appreciate it. Yours is still very new as if it have not been worn before and well packaged. You are the first man that I have seen with such beautifully made shoe. Is very special and well crafted. I like it. You got eyes for good things Mart and almost same way with my papi. I will get something similar for him.
I thanked her for the compliments but I was curious when she says getting a similar type of shoe for her Papi.
I guess her Papi means her dad, and how will she get something similar when is obvious that the shoe is not common. I asked her what she meant.
” Do you plan to give a professional shoe makers to create same type of my shoe for your Dad or something closely related?
” I’m not saying it will be exactly yours. I said getting a shoe with same size and pattern for him. I also saw the shoe polish, is not commonly sold, I guess. Seeing your shoe gave me an idea of what I will get for my Papi’s next birthday…I will also invite you when the time comes…
She [email protected]£ to me, ru-bbing her hand on my che-st. I asked her what she wanted for breakfast but she said not yet.
I k!$$£d her gently before taking her to a sit. As we sat down I gently draw her into my arms and said
” I will love to be at your Papi’s birthday honey. Anywhere you want me to go with you I will be glad to and I’m happy you love my shoe enough to get something similar for your Papi. Ireti, plea-se don’t be offended with what I’m about to say. I found out that when you scatter things you find it difficult to put it back in order. plea-se take no offence baby. I’m only trying to un-derstand you and you will un-derstand my type of person too. I don’t like when things are scattered or messed up. Which was more reason why I wasn’t happy the last time you [email protected]£. My wardrobe holds my personal stuffs and even my family don’t get close to it….
“So, what exactly are you getting at Mart? Be open with me and st©p beating round. or are you trying to say I scattered your house and t©uçhed your personal stuffs. Are you trying to insult me in any way..
Ireti snapped at me angrily.
I wasn’t going to let her st©p this conversation. I need to make her un-derstand the rules governing my house which was the same way my parents brou-ght me up.
I hate untidiness. Ireti was pretty, nice accent, [email protected] babe and very good in be-d but i want more than this qualities or abilities that she possessed.
” I can’t insult you honey, I respect you so much which is more reason we are having this conversation. I grew up among girls and my Mom did not exclude me in the house chores despite I was a boy… the only boy. Our house was always well kept. I grew up with that and try to maintain the same habit in my house. While growing up, I don’t do much chores but I always keep my own room clean just like my sisters. Ireti, you are everything I want in a woman but the only thing left is mutual un-derstanding. Can you do me this few favour? No more wasting of food, no smoking, no mingling with my stuffs, no messing up the house and reduce your intake of alcohol…plea…
She snapped at me again while standing up.
” This is bul$h!t, real rubbish…are you trying to tutor me? do I look like a child to you Mart? What sort of nons-en-se talk is this? I should be the one lecturing you on what I hate, not your stupid cheap @ss sitting here and trying to act like s-en-seless lecturer to me. This is bul$h!t… damn you. Listen, I’m a [email protected] babe, men are the ones searching for me, they are re-ady to do anything to have me. I don’t seek for them because I have them lined up.
I’m rich, I got good Life and can afford everything I need. Don’t ever try to boss me around because the same way you grew up with silver spoon was the same way I was brou-ght up but with a golden spoon. I got a better house than this. I grew up with house maids attending to my needs. I tour different countries and live in a well sophisticated house. Is this what you call a house?… what do you even have that you won’t allow me to breath in peace.
Last night I asked you to go raw with me but you were too foolish and did your own bidding instead of mine after which you last only few hours before slee-ping off on me while I was still awake. You maybe handsome and have few coins but that shouldn’t give you any right to talk trash to me.
I’m not in your levels. The only thing I love in this house is that burgundy shoe which caught my attention the first day I saw you and this artificial aquarium you have here as decor nothing else. I have dined with men far more handsome and richer than you so what exactly is giving you wings to run your mouth anyhow? Is it because I [email protected] a night in this local house? If you are searching for a maid, go get one.
If you can’t clean up my mess, if you can’t last all night in be-d, if you can’t tolerate my baggages then you are not man enough and you are not even close to been a husband material. Let me get the hell out here before you ask me to go and Wash your dirty dishes. I was testing you but look at how stupid you are, failing all my test. who are you to Tell me how to live my life? You are a damn fool. Rubbish!!
I was breathing so [email protected] with my mouth open as Ireti washed me with insult. I try to apologize severally but she shut me up.
I don’t want her to leave but she angrily went into the room, pick up her things, change into her cloths and stormed out, straight into her car and was alre-ady driving out after shouting at Musa to open the gate for her.
I went back inside, sat [email protected] on the cushion, holding my head in my hands. I began to regret the whole saga. If I knew that my confrontation will get her so angry I wound have kept quiet and enjoy this whole weekend with Ireti.
Ireti was a beautiful girl. she has a fine shape and was a [email protected] Slaying in all her outfits. She was just my type of woman in appearance but character wise I can’t conclude yet.
I just wish she could be mine but there’s a whole lot of things to consider.
I can’t judge her based on her first or second mistake.
She said she was testing to know if I was a husband material.
I failed in my first and second test maybe I will try to prove to her that I was a gentle man to the core.
The following day which was a Sunday, I decided to rock my shoe to church for the second time.
I couldn’t find the burgundy polish. I searched everywhere but the polish was missing.
How possible is that? Something I kept carefully with the shoe.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I was going crazy and I called Ireti.
if she doesn’t pick I will s£nd her a message but she answered the call.
I stammered before asking her if she saw my shoe polish. I have turned the house upside down but can’t find it.
” The people that sold it for you must have used jazz to collect it back so that you can come back and buy more from them. I hope I won’t get insulted for some stupid polish…go and challenge the seller and ask them about your shoe polish. don’t call me for stuffs like this except if you want to apologize for the way you treated me in your house yesterday.
I don’t have time for Ireti’s trouble so I mumbled few apologies to her before she ended the call.
I was so angry that I couldn’t wear my favourite shoe to Church that day.
Angry with no other person but the stupid sales attendant that sold the polish to me.
First thing tomorrow morning I will be in her store to give her a [email protected] piece of my mind.
Ireti was right about the seller trying to frustrate my life because right now I feel so frustrated that the sales attendant who looks so calm manipulated me. She acted as if she was doing me a favour.
That sales attendant will hear from me tomorrow after that I will get a pres£nt for Ireti just to apologize for getting her pissed.
I will definitely prove to Ireti that I’m a real husband material and re-ady to [email protected] any test she throws at me.
I will tolerate her baggage but she will have to avoid my wardrobe, most especially my favourite shoe. I don’t joke with that shoe.
But for now, I need to deal with that sales attendant first. She will have to provide another new polish for me or I will make sure that she is sacked from her job.

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