Broken episode 6

Broken episode 6
That was Sheila’s mother, she abandoned her for no reason after she filed for a divorce to her father.
Sheila’s Father seeing her for the first time after several years was filled with mixed reactions. This is the case where his ex wife was about to marry his own friend who also doubles as his benefactor.
The gaze they both gave to each other when they met made Emily’s father suspicious.
“Do you two know each other” Emily’s father asked.
Sheila’s mother, popularly known as lady Vivian was notable with a flashy looking dress and very visible makeup. Sheila’s father wasn’t so surprised his ex wife has ended up with someone who is rich. Lady Vivian is the materialistic type and he knew her for that.
It was so obvious that their marriage ended because of the financial difficulties Sheila’s father was facing.
Lady Vivian quic-kly c@m£ in just when Emily’s father asked the question.
” Is this the friend you spoke so much about? She interrupted.
“Yeah, my bad” He said. Having said that, Sheila’s father had no option than to just pl@yalong. Throu-gh their conversations even after the introduction, Lady Vivian got to know that the daughter of Sheila’s father had disappeared.
There and then she knew they were talking about Sheila. As worried as she was, she didn’t show any sign of belongingness.
Mean while, Sheila has been in the company of street hawkers, trying to make a living for the past few days since she left home. Strangely, she found comfort in them though it was ha-rd for her to keep up with their way of life.
They always sleep late in front of closed shops and wake up early enough to avoid being chased away by the shop owners.
Putting herself in such ha-rd conditions made her feel that she was ma-king amends for the immoral life she lived with Emily.
Even though her condition was not plea-sant at this moment, she preferred to be in such situations than to lie un-der the same roof with her father who is slee-ping with her ex l£sb!anp@rtner.
With the help of one of the hawkers, she was able to make some few cash for her to start selling her own items.
During one of the hawking days, Sheila met this guy who right from the beginning showed interest in her, however Sheila never gave him the smiling face.
This guy by name Nii, never knew how to quit. He was persistent until one day, he was able to convince Sheila to go on a lunch d@t£ with him.
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He c@m£ for Sheila in his white Toyota Camry and headed straight to lunch with her. Nii succeeded in keeping Sheila for hours which even went late into the night.
Now, on their way back to drop Sheila off, Nii used an unusual road where other vehicles don’t normally use.
That was were he f0rç£d himself on Sheila and R@p£d her. As if that was enough, he abandoned her and left her to her fate.
Emily once again had found herself in Sheila’s Father’s house. She escaped throu-gh the night when her father was having quality time with her to be wife, lady Vivian.
But just some few minutes of her arrival, then main door to the room, opened, at this moment. Emily’s head was comfortably lying on Sheila’s fathers l@ps while he kept stro-king his hands throu-gh her head.
As the door opened, Lady Vivian walked in and saw them right in there. She had followed Emily when she noticed Emily was trying  to sneak out from the house.
To be continued