broken alpha Episode 26

?{ The Light In His Darkness }?

A dark R0m-nce ??

By; Amara Chy ✍️

Genres: Dark R0m-nce, Tragedy, Thriller.

Warning: Do not read if you can’t stand for-ced s3x and brutality!!❌❌
Strictly ??

✨ CHAPTER 26 ✨

“Liliana! Liliana!” Damon called, rushing into the hospital reception with Logan behind him. Liliana and Antoinette were sobbing on one of the benches. Liliana rushed to them as soon as she saw them.

“What happened Liliana?” Damon questioned, Logan had his head lowered, unable to lift the guilt he was feeling.

Damon himself could not believe how much he started to care about a slave, maybe because he knew, how much Logan really liked her, despite his refusal to admit it.

“Well..” Liliana sniffed.

“I found her unconscious on Logan’s bed. I tried everything to revive her, but she didn’t budge. We had to rush her here, I’m scared she’s..” Liliana paused and sobbed.

“No, nothing will happen to Adena. She’s stronger than she looks” Damon as-sured, giving Liliana a pat on the shoulder.

“What’s happening now?” He asked.

“The doctor is in there with her. They told us to wait” Liliana answered.

Damon nodded and turned to look at Logan was still hadn’t said anything yet. He nodded at him and they went to sit on one of the benches.

Logan was surprised when Antoinette flashed a deadly glare at him, showing how angry she was over what he did.

Minutes later, the petite doctor came out to meet them, with her stethoscope in her hand. Her hair was a mess and she looked disorganized. She looked like she hadn’t gotten any rest for days.

“Doctor, how is she?” Antoinette was first to speak, rushing to the doctor with tears in her eyes.

“She’s fine now. It’s nothing to worry about” the doctor answered, ru-b-bing her forehead.

“Oh thank goodness” Liliana breathed out and sighed.

“Great, can we see her?” Damon asked.

“Sure but before that, if I may ask, what did that poor girl do to deserve all the haras-sment on her? She’s bruised everywhere, and is obviously a victim of rap-e !” The doctor glared at them, infuriated over how Adena has been treated.

Liliana, Antoinette and Damon diverted their gazes to Logan who Gr0-ned.

“Mind your business will you?” He said to the doctor. The doctor gasped when she recognized Logan, she bit her li-p and scratched her head.

“I’m sorry sir” she said, she wouldn’t want to get into trouble with one of the most powerful men in the country, if not the most powerful.

“Follow me, I’ll show you her ward” she said, walking ahead and they all followed her into the large hallway. Adena’s ward was the room at the extreme.

“Adena” Antoinette called, rushing over to Adena’s side.

“How are you feeling now? I thought I lost you!” Antoinette cried, giving her best friend a hu-g.

“I’m fine, doctor said so” Adena said, giving her a weak smile. Her eyes scanned the room and her gaze rested on Logan’s figure. She fumed with hatred just by seeing him.

What was he even doing there?

Why did he come to the hospital when he wanted her dead?

She threw her face away and turned to Liliana.

“You haven’t eaten anything. I brou-ght some food from home” Liliana smiled, placing a lunch flask on the drawer. She opened it and the delicious aroma of the soup filled the room. She spoon-fed Adena by herself while Antoinette filled her in with a lot of gossip.

“Did you see?” Damon asked, leading Logan outside the ward.

“See what?”

“The way she looked at you.. she is angry with you, she hates you” Damon said, as they made their way out of the hospital.

“I don’t Fu-cking care Damon. She can despise me all she wants. She’s my Fu-cking slave and I’ll do whatever I want with her!” Logan yelled and walked ahead in anger. He tried to convince himself that Adena will only be a slave and he’ll never have anything to do with her emotionally.

“Ma, I nee-d a favor from you” Adena bit her li-p, holding Liliana’s hand.

“What is it?”

“I have to go and see Tyson” she answered. Liliana and Antoinette gasped, shocked at her request.

“Are you out of your mind? It was Tyson that got you into this situation in the first place! How can you think of going to see him?” Liliana questioned, cross at her request.

“I’m sorry ma. But he called and asked to see me. I have to go and see him” Adena said, tears gathering in her eyes.

She doesn’t know if it’s love, but she felt something for Tyson, he always gave her a sense of wellbeing.

“Adena, I won’t let you go and see him. Besides, if he truly loved you, he wouldn’t endanger your life by asking you to come and see him” Liliana said sternly.

“Ma, please let her go. I’ll go with her and we’ll be back before Logan notices” Antoinette bu-tted in, feeling bad for her friend.

“This is the last time I might see him. Please let me go” Adena added, sobbing already. Liliana sighed.

“I don’t want you to get into any more trouble. Be careful and return soon” she said to Adena whose face lit up with excitement.

“Thank you so much ma!” She said, giving her a ti-ght hu-g.

She didn’t mind dying, besides, what was the purpose of her life?

To serve as a slave to Logan? To fulfil his se-xual desi-res and experience pain in return?

Tyson was the only one who made her feel safe and happy and she didn’t mind risking a little for him.


“You came!” Tyson exclaimed, wrapping his arms around Adena and pulling her into a warm hu-g. Antoinette stood by the corner and watched the lovebirds emBr@ce each other.

“Yes I did. But I have to hurry back soon. To the hospital before Logan notices my absence” Adena answered and looked around.

The apartment was small and packed with a lot of junk. There wasn’t much furniture, just a bunch of used items lying around. It was one of Tyson’s apartments, but he didn’t use it anymore, he sold it to a junk collector.

“Hospital? Are you okay?” He asked.

“I’m fine. I just pas-sed out that’s all” Adena replied, giving him a reas-suring smile.

“So why did you call me here?”

“I’m leaving for Europe” Tyson announced.

“What?” She exclaimed.

“I have to go. I have to put my life back together. After being in Logan’s custody for long, I’ve lost almost everything and now I’m just as broke as my father all those years ago. I have to build myself again, and I will come back for revenge” Tyson seethed.

“Revenge?” Adena asked, ru-b-bing her arm. She was in doubt.

“Yes. And I’ll be happy if you escape with me to Europe. We can start our life together and come back to teach Logan a lesson. I know you hate him too” Tyson took her hands in his and smiled hopefully at her.

“Um.. I.. I don’t know” Adena couldn’t make up her mind.

Yes, she hated Logan, but the thought of leaving him behind, and running away with Tyson made her cringe. And at the same time, she wanted to be free from slavery.

“Adena, you can’t” Antoinette whispered.

“Adena, please” Tyson said, squeezing her hands.

“I.. I just..” she paused and sighed.

“I’ll come with you” she said and Antoinette gasped.

“No you won’t!” Logan’s voice came, as intimidating as it has always been.

“Fu-ck!” Tyson cursed.

“How..” Adena trembled at the sight of Logan.

“How did I find you? I saw you leaving the hospital. I followed you”

“Do you really think you have that amount of freedom? I will teach you exactly what being a slave is all about, you will never again, leave my sight” he dragged her by the arm and pulled her over to his side. She squealed.

“Let her go!” Tyson yelled.

“She’s my slave, mine”

“Today, she’ll get to know exactly what the word slave means” he glared at Adena who was already in tears. Antoinette was also in tears, she stood by the corner, begging Logan not to harm Adena but he didn’t give her a listening ear.

“And as for you, this is the end of the road for you” Logan said, pulling out a gun and pointing it at Tyson.

“No! No don’t shoot him!” Adena yelled out.

In a twinkle of an eye, Tyson had pulled out his own gun and shot at the light bulb, allowing darkness to take over.

Random gunshots were heard, followed by screams from Adena and Antoinette.

“Logan!!” Adena called out but there was no response.

“Logan! Tyson!!” There was still no response.


“Adena” she answered back weakly. Adena traced her voice and found her lying on the floor, she helped her up and they clung unto each other, since it was dark.

“Logan!!” Adena yelled out but there was still no response.

“Tyson..” she couldn’t help but cry, her heart thumping in her heart, fearing the worst. She couldn’t shake the feeling that this was all her fault.

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