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Bridge’s of love Episode 5 & 6

🖋 Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋
🎗Entangled love 🎗
💓Episode five💓
Imelda’s Pov
I struggled up and hid at the back of a mahogany to tree with Amy as we held our breath in anxiety.
The police walked up to our hiding place but luckily for us they didn’t see us.
They’ve escaped! They are not here… One of them said
They turned back to leave when I suddenly stepped on dry leaves and that drew the attention of one of them.
I think I heard a sound, maybe they are actually hiding… He said moving very close to me as i held my breath praying inneemindedly.
I almost lost my breath but then his phone beeped and he quic-kly picked up the call and left with his colleague.
Amy and I managed to get to the park that night with my wounded hand tied.
We got on the bus and headed straight to Sitio Nuevas where we planned to start a new life.
We walked into an old building as Amy opened the door and we walked in.
I sat heavily on the dusty chair as I untied the cloth tied to my arm.
Awwcchh….i yelled as Amy untied it.
This wound is really de-ep! Amy said as i yelled in pain.
How long are we gonna stay here Amy? What about the owners of this house? I asked anxiously
The owners are a distant relatives of my mom’s so this is their vacation house… They are not residing here so we can stay here as long as we want…. Amy said
And your son Amy? How will you get your son? I asked
I will go to my relatives and get him… She said
In no time, we will have to save up money so that we can leave Phili-ppines to the states… I need to get rich so I can make the Sebastian’s pay for all they have done to me, my Nana and my daughter.. I cried bitterly as Amy hvgged me ti-ghtly.
Jane’s Pov
Mother! Mother !! Nathan called loudly as he walked up to me outside as i was packing some charcoal
Nathan! What is it? I asked anxiously
Mother it’s baby Bella, she’s crying and father is not inside the house… She needs to drink her milk… Nathan said childishly
And so what? What’s my business with that? Listen son, I have to prepare and go to the market so I can find someone who will buy this bags of charcoal, that way we could earn some money for food…. I said
But mother she’s crying and she’s my only sister… Nathan said and I got annoyed
Shut up Nathan! She’s a nothing but a trash baby and she’s not your sister… I yelled at him
You know what mother? I just wonder why you hate Isabella…. Nathan said as he walked away in tears.
there’s no way I will accept that trash baby as my daughter.
Afterall we’ve enough good to her by taking her in so she should be treated like a princess… I gro-an ed angrily.
That night I la-id on my mat with Bernard but I couldn’t catch some sleep since that little trash baby won’t let me with her loud tiny cries.
Oh my goodness Bernard! Can’t i sleep in my own house? I shouted in annoyance
Come on Jane, the baby needs motherly care that’s all….. Bernard said and I spat out
And what should we do? Take her back to the trash that’s where her good for nothing mother kept her and that’s where she will get all the love she was wants… I said less concerned
Jane what has this innocent child done to you that you hate her so much… Ben said as i snorted
No matter what you do Ben, I will never accept this trash baby…. I said as i quic-kly picked up my pillow and walked out of the room.
Isabella was alre-ady six years old while Nathan was twelve.
Isabella! Isabella!! Where’s that crazy girl? I called loudly as beautiful Isabella rushed out of the slum house.
Yes mother! She answered
Carry those bags of charcoal we will be going to give that to Mrs Garrett now… I said with hatred written boldly on my face
Owww… Isabella gro-an ed as she tried carrying the two heavy bags of charcoal.
Mother! I can’t carry all of this, it’s too heavy and mother i have [email protected] this morning at school… She said as i dragged her hair r0ûghly
You little rascal! When did you learn to talk back at me? You listen up! The earlier you follow to Mrs Garrett’s house to supply that bag of charcoal the better for you cos that will determine when you will go to school.. I said grumpily
But mother! Nathan is alre-ady in school… She said as i pu-ll-ed her ear and pushed her to the bag of charcoal
Carry that now! I ordered her as she struggled to carry the bag as we set off.
Immediately we got to Mrs Garret’s house, she dropped the bag and stretched her b©dy in pain.
You have such a [email protected] working daughter Jane… Mrs Garrett complimented her and I f0rç£d a smile
Thank you Mrs Garrett… she smiled and I threw a dangerous stare at her
How much is your money? Mrs Garrett asked
Three hundred bucks! I said as she handed the money to me
Jane! Jane!! I heard some familiar voices and turned around, it was my friends Shane and Ninay, the left San Francisco some years ago to Manila.
We locked up in [email protected] happily
Oh Shane and Ninay! How have you guys been? I asked smiling as Isabella greeted them
We’ve been alre-ady… by the way Jane who is she? Is she your daughter? They asked and I sm-irked
Yes ma’am! Isabella said dashing out a lovely smile
That girl is such a talkative! She’s nothing but a trash baby so she can never be my daughter… I thought within myself
What’s your name dear? Ninay asked
Isabella ma’am! She answered
Lovely name for a gorgeous princess! You know what you have such a pretty baby girl, you know I really doubt this beautiful girl is your daughter cos you are not in any way as beautiful as she is talk more of being more beautiful. Shane said as i felt stabbe-d in the heart.
I f0rç£d a smile at them as Isabella and i walked home in silence.
Immediately we got home, I pu-ll-ed Isabella by the ear and dragged her inside
Mother! you are hurting me… she cried as i gave her a dirty [email protected]
Shut up you ungrateful little witch! Am not your mother and I can never be your mother.. I yelled at her
Awwch! That hurts! mother am sorry… she cried
You are so happy, you were complimented to be beautiful but let me tell you, you are nothing but an illegitimate trash child, you will stay in here until you learn not to be a talkative anymore… I said angrily as i pushed her into the wardrobe and locked her in it.
Mother plea-se let me out of here! Mother I have [email protected] today! she cried
You will stay there until you learn your lesson! I said and turned to go as my cell phone rang aloud and i picked it up
📱 Hello…. yes! am Mrs Jane Hildalgo!! What? My husband has an accident?… I asked in shock…….
💓Episode six💓
Isabella’s Pov
I was almost suffocating inside the wardrobe where mother locked me in and left.
My intestines were alre-ady cutting off due to hunger and thirst.
Six hours later, I was still inside the wardrobe when I heard the door sound.
Let me out of here plea-se! plea-se let me out… I managed to say
Who’s there? That was Nathan’s voice
Nathan! Nathan plea-se let me out… I cried bitterly as he quic-kly opened the wardrobe in shock.
What are you doing in there Bella? My goodness you look horrible, have you even taken your bath since morning? He asked eagerly as he helped me out of the wardrobe
No Nathan! I haven’t even had breakfast… I said and yawned hungrily
What? I looked for you everywhere in school… I was worried… Nathan said as he hvgged me
Mother locked me in there and she left… I said in tears
That’s so cruel! Don’t worry am gonna get you some food from the kitchen…. Nathan said as he left and later [email protected]£ back with a plate of tomato sauce pork chops and mashed potatoes he handed it to me.
I quic-kly took the plate and ate hungrily with my hand.
Thank you Nathan…its delicious… I said with my mouth full
Nathan! Nathan!! A voice called from outside as Nathan opened the door, it was our neighbour’s daughter and my friend Kim.
Hey Kim! What is it? Nathan asked
It’s your father….she said [email protected] heavily and I almost choked on hearing her talk about father.
What happened to my father? I asked anxiously
What about our father? Nathan asked
I heard he had an accident and was rushed to the community clinic… Kim said
What? Nathan…. Nathan….i cried as he pats my hair softly
OK! Thank you Kim… Nathan said as i quic-kly dropped my plate of food and dragged Nathan along.
Let’s go to clinic plea-se Nathan… I cried
But you haven’t eaten enough and… Nathan said
Don’t worry about me Nathan! Let’s just go… I worried as Nathan nodded in agreement.
He quic-kly locked the door and we headed straight to the community clinic.
Jane’s Pov
I wailed uncontrollably as i saw Ben lying helplessly on the hospital be-d.
He gradually opens his weak eyes and I rushed to him.
Ben! Bernard… Thank goodness you are awake… I quic-kly said
Where’s my Isabella? Where’s Isabella? Bernard said and I frowned
Shouldn’t you be asking of your only son or maybe about me your wife? I alarmed
I have no much time Jane! plea-se i want to talk to Isay right now…. He said calling her by his pet name for her “ISAY”
Well she’s not here… I said remembering that I locked her up in a wardrobe.
Just then, the door threw open and Nathan and Isabella rushed in.
Isabella rushed to his be-d with tears rolling down her cheeks as I sighed aloud and walked away.
Father! What happened to you? Isabella cried
Isay! Is that you baby? He asked as he managed to open his eyes
Yes father! Isabella said in tears as Nathan held her hand
Isay! There’s something I want to tell you, un-der the be-d in the room.. You will see a box there, open it and you will…. see a… a bead n£¢klace, it’s yours I found it in the basket you were placed when I found you so it… It might be a trace to your real parents… Be a good girl and you Nathan be a good boy son and take good care of your mom and your sister Isabella…. Don’t let anyone hurt your sister Isabella OK son? I know you are a man just like your father… Bernard managed to say
Yes father…. Nathan said in tears
Father plea-se get well so that you can come back home… Isabella said crying
I wish that could be possible Isay but it can’t so be a good girl…. Ben said as he slowly closed his eyes
Father! Father!! The children screamed and shook him as i rushed in and we wailed miserably.
Isabella’s Pov
We were all putting on black clothes as i stood close to father’s casket in tears.
Death you are cruel… I said in tears
it was father’s funeral service and Nathan sat in dejection.
Just then, Mother rushed to me and pushed me aside.
Get out of here Isabella! You’ve been nothing but bad luck to this family you ungrateful little witch, since you [email protected]£ into this family it’s been bad luck for us…. She yelled at me and gave me a dirty [email protected] as i cried bitterly
Mother! plea-se let her be!! Nathan said as he quic-kly took me by the hand and led me out as mother kept yelling and raining curses on me.
What does she hate me so much? I thought in tears
I brou-ght out the bead n£¢klace that father was talking about.
It’s not actually mere beads but golden metal beads, it looks very expensive.
Does that mean my real parents are rich? but why did they abandon me in a trash can? Was i a bad girl or is mother saying the truth that I was rejected because am cursed? I don’t believe mother, after all father told me that am blessed and not cursed… I soliloquised
Hey! Witch…. A voice said and I turned around and saw mother starring at me furiously and I quic-kly hid the jewelry.
What’s that you are hiding? Mother asked as I slowly brou-ght out the jewelry
Who gave you that or rather where did you steal it from? She asked wickedly
It was given to me by father.. I said sluggishly
What? We have such an expensive jewelry and we still go hungry? Give me that let me go pound the jewelry and get some money…. She said as she f0rç£fully snatched it from me.
Mother! plea-se don’t…. I cried….
To be continued…
😭Who else is feeling sorry for Isabella? What if Jane ponds(give out the jewelry in exchange for money) the jewelry?? 😭
Stay tuned!

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