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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Bridge’s of love Episode 3 & 4

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🖋Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋

🎗Entangled love🎗

💓Episode three💓



Lady Morgana Pov

I snatched my hand from her and stare at her with hatred written boldly on my face.

You will live to regret your life you idiot! I yelled at her as I quickly picked up my bag and walked out.

Mrs Sebastian! She called me with a loud voice and I turned around

Mark this day, you and your family will pay for everything you did to me… I swear on my Nana’s grave… She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

I sighed aloud as i walked away and the police led her back to the prison.

The nerve of that freaking girl, she thinks am afraid of her but what she doesn’t know is that i never give up and as for that bastard she’s carrying in her womb I will make sure that worthless thing will perish…i have already paid an officer to keep an eye on her… I thought as i drove my car in anger.


Mommy! Are you ready for this beautiful day? Daisy asked dressed in her wonderful attire.

Of course baby! Finally your brother is going to marry Julie the governor’s daughter…. I smiled as we held hands and walked out of the room straight to the decorated car outside the compound.

We were at

the reception garden when my phone rang aloud.

It was the female police I paid to keep an eye on that peasant girl.

Hello! What is it? I asked

She’s in labour my lady… He said as my eye widened in shock

What? Is the mid wife there? I asked

Yes ma’am! He replied

Let me speak to her…. Hello! Listen once she gives birth to that thing, I want you to tell her that her child is dead, hand the child over to this officer do you understand me? I asked

But ma’am! Why should I lie to her and… The mid wife asked

Shut up and do as i said you fool, let me speak to the officer… I yelled

Hello ma’am! The female officer said

Listen! Once she hands the baby to you, kill the child… I don’t ever want to see or hear about her ever again… I ordered

Consider it done ma’am! She said as i hung up

Good! There will be no reason why that stupid Imelda and my son will have anything in common… I smiled mischievously

Mom! Are you OK? That was Andrew’s voice as he saw me standing at a corner

Yes son! Let’s enjoy the party… I said and walked away with him.

Imelda’s Pov

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around…

Where’s my baby? I managed to speak and tried sitting up

Calm down Imelda! You are not yet strong enough.. The mid wife said

Actually Imelda you had a baby girl but… she said

A baby girl? Where’s she? Where’s my baby? She asked roughly shaking my


She died some minutes after birth am really sorry… The mid wife said

No! You are not telling me the truth, she’s not dead, I have a feeling my baby is alive… Go and bring my daughter… I yelled almost tearing the mid wife apart.

Miss Rodriguez! Pull yourself together…. The mid wife said but I didn’t care

She’s the only one i have on earth! She’s not dead, No! You will pay for this Lady Morgana I will destroy your lives… I yelled as I collapsed.

Officer’s Pov

The mid wife placed the baby in a basket and handed it to me.

I carried the basket and boarded a bus heading to San Francisco.

Why is Lady Morgana so cruel? Especially to this innocent child? I never wanted to get involved with this but she threatened the life of my family, but I can’t harm this innocent baby girl… I thought within myself as i got down from the bus.

But if I don’t kill her then Lady Morgana will surely hurt my family… I thought again as I scratched my head in confusion.

it was already dark and I pitied the innocent child.

I saw a garbage bin by the roadside, I was so far from Manila so I quickly kept the basket by the trash bin.

Am sorry little baby but I have to do this cos of your cruel grandma… I said as i removed the bead necklace I was wearing and wore it on her neck as I left her there and ran off.


Mr Bernard’s Pov

My wife, my son and I were hurrying to the town market to buy some dry corn that we will use in cultivation.

Let introduce myself, my name is Bernard Hildalgo, am a poor farmer here in San Francisco with my wife Jane Hildalgo and my six years old son Nathan.

Jane and Nathan were hurrying as I bent to fix the buckle of my shoe and I suddenly heard a baby cry.

It was coming from the trash can beside the road.

Jane did you hear that? I asked but sh shrugged it off

Hear what? she asked

the baby cry? I said as i drew closer to the trash can and open it and the cry became more loud.

I opened the basket and I gasped….



To be continued….

😪OMG! This is getting more interesting…. but what happens to Imelda who’s stuck in jail? 😪

Stay tuned!

All rights reserved Pinky Preshy Chioma!


💓Episode four💓


Mr Bernard’s Pov

I found a cute little baby kicking her legs in excitement.

Jane! Jane!! It’s a baby…. I yelled as I quickly brought her out of the basket and carried her.

She coughed slightly probably she got cough but who could be so cruel and heartless to keep an innocent child here in the cold.

What? In a trash? Jane asked as she shrugged

Yes! And it’s a baby girl… I said

Baby! Baby!! Nathan smiled at her but she kept coughing.

Bernard just keep that trash baby back into the trash can or better still hand her to the police…. Jane said as she stared at the baby in disgust.

What? I love the baby already…. She’s the daughter we never had… I said patting her softly

What? We barely have enough food and money for our upkeep, and we find it hard to take three square meals and here you are bringing in another mouth to feed besides this child is cursed that’s probably the reason why the mother of the child rejected her… Jane said

I don’t think so! Anyways am heading to the hospital so that I can get some medicine for her, she’s probably feeling very cold… I said as i walked away

Bernard threw that cursed child… Jane yelled as I paid no attention to her and walked away.

I hate her already…. Jane screamed in annoyance


I got to the hospital and handed the baby over to a nurse.

So nurse! What’s wrong with my baby? I asked anxiously

Just slight cold…. She has catarrh and cough due to cold but I have already given her some medicines and I will also give you some to go home with and avoid leaving her in the cold…. The nurse said and I nodded in excitement

Alright nurse! I said

What’s her name so I can write it in her form? The nurse asked as I suddenly became quiet.

Sir! What’s your daughter’s name? The nurse repeated her question

Uhmmn…. Isabella! Isabella Hildalgo… I said as the nurse smiled

You’ve got a sweet name cutie… She said as she touched the baby’s cheeks and she smiled broadly

I carried the baby in my arms and headed home, suddenly something fell out of the baby’s cot.

I bent down and picked it up, it was a bead necklace…

I guess this is from your real parents baby Isabella… I said as i pocketed the bead necklace.

Jane’s Pov

I waited impatiently for Bernard in our slum house located in the hills.

What does Ben think he’s doing? How can he think of bringing another mouth to feed in this house? We barely take three square meals daily and now this? He has to take back that trash baby to the garbage cos that’s where she belongs… I said in disgust

Jane! Jane!! I heard my name from outside as Bernard entered with the baby.

I thought that by now you would have taken that baby back to the trash can… I said but Bernard just smiled as he kept the baby on the bed, she was sleeping peacefully.

Come on Jane, this is no time for argument… all I want you to do is to take good care of baby Isabella and not that which you are saying… Bernard said

You are so unbelievable Ben, how will we fend for this child together with Nathan and you and I? I asked angrily

It’s nothing Jane! Actually am going to apply for more jobs so that we can earn more money to take care of our daughter Isabella and Nathan…. Bernard said as i sighed angrily and walked away.

I just abhor that baby… I said but Bernard was already changing her diapers.

Imelda’s Pov

I need to leave this place Amy! I really need to… I cried bitterly as my new friend in jail Amy hugged me tightly

Me too Imelda, my son is out there all alone since my mother died few weeks ago… Nicole my son is with one of my relatives and am sure he’s not being treated well.. Amy cried

Amy I really need to make the Sebastian’s pay for all they did to me… I cried

Imelda! Imelda!! One of the inmates in jail shouted as she rushed to me with a newspaper

What is it? I asked anxiously as she handed the newspaper over to me and i read out the headlines.

Andrew Sebastian the son of the late popular senator joyfully announces to the world of the dedication of his new born baby boy with his wife Julie Sebastian…. I read as anger consumed my heart.

I hate you Andrew! I hate you… I cried as i threw the newspaper away in anger as Amy held me close to herself and hugged me.


One of the officers walked into the prison and there was absolute tranquility.

Listen up all of you! We will be going for a job in the next town’s prison so if you hear your name you step out straight to the van outside… She ordered

Yes ma’am! We chorused

Emilia Cruz! Susan Jones!! Amy Ramirez!! Imelda Rodriguez and Kathryn Guidottii…. She mentioned as Amy and I stepped out and headed to the van as we eyed each other.

Our plans are finally working… It was already very dark as the van took off.

We were half way close to the next town where Amy and I pleaded with them that we actually want to urinate.

Officers please we want to urinate… We said in unison

We were led down the van as an officer followed us with a gun.

We pretended to be urinating as we found out that she was a little absentminded.

Amy picked up a log of wood and landed it on the officer’s head as we took to our heels in the jungle.

Catch them! Get those two they are escaping… The officer yelled in pain as he blew his whistle and the other three officer’s ran out of the van and started pursing us.

They shot their gun aloud and unfortunately the bullet shot my hand and I fell on the ground groaning in pain.

Imelda! Imelda get up we have to go right now, the Corps are getting very close to us… Amy cried trying to help me , I was so weak.

The police shot their gun again…..


To be continued…

😱 Imelda is big trouble, I hope they are safe oo and Isabella? I think Jane hates her 😱

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