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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Bridge’s of love Episode 17 & 18

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🖋Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋

🎗Entangled love🎗

💓Episode seventeen💓



Isabella’s Pov

Our lips were still glued together but I suddenly stopped the kiss as i rushed out of the dinning and headed straight to the room.

Oh my goodness! Did he just kissed me? I asked myself as i slumped on the bed smiling.

Why am i even smiling in the first place? Should I be happy that we kissed? Oh Isabella! Why are you day dreaming? You almost died because of his girlfriend.. I said to myself hitting my head with my palms softly

Isay! You are such a good cook! I heard Eric’s voice from the room.

Thank you so much Sir! I said as a smile escaped my lips making me blush

Eric not sir! He said as i giggled and opened the door and hugged him.

I can’t believe i will be having him around for such a long time…. Am deeply in love with him, I just know that this is wrong because he already has a fiancee but I can’t help it.

I was still lost in thought when sir Eric entered the room with a towel tied round his waist showing his sexy manly chest.

Oh my gosh! Am going to die of nervousness…. I held my breath as I watched him walk towards me.

Isabella! How about

we do something different today? He asked me and i gulped in anxiety.

What is it? I asked trying so hard not to show my nervousness

It’s almost evening! How about we eat out and hang out in a bar tonight? He asked

Is that uhmm… Is that necessary? I stammered

Come on Isay! You are something else…. It’s not just necessary, it’s essential to have fun sometimes! He said and I nodded

So what do you think? He asked fixing his eyes on me

Alright! I said as he laughed and walked out of the room.

Jeez! I hope I don’t die starring at him… I said and giggled.


Which cloth do I wear? I said searching the wardrobe

I really need to look sexy! Going out with such a classy guy! I thought.

Just then, there was a knock on my door and I opened the door, it was Eric… He wasn’t fully dressed though.

Here! He said as he handed a package to me and i looked at him with a “What-is-this” look.

Hurry up Isay! It’s almost past seven… He said as i nodded and took the package from him.

I shut the door and held my chest nervously as i quickly opened the package.

Oh my goodness! That was all I could say as I quickly brought out a long expensive black gown and a silver white high heels, a silver purse together with some jewelries and makeups.

It was so beautiful!

How did he know I was looking for what to wear? I asked myself but i shrugged it off.


quickly put on the gown as i spined around in front of a mirror and my face beamed in smile.

I didn’t know I was this gorgeous….

Some minutes later, I was ready as I walked out of the room in my stunning attire.

Eric’s Pov

I leaned over the car with my phone as i waited for Isabella.

Am ready! I heard her tiny voice say as I turned around…

I was already drooling as i saw her walk majestically towards me.

She’s so so BEAUTIFUL!

My jaw dropped in awe as she walked towards me.

Let’s go! She said as i nodded absentmindedly as we entered the car and I drove off still stealing glances at her.

I just hope we will be able to bond tonight… I said to myself smiling.

You look so beautiful tonight Isay! I said with my eye fixed on the road as i drove.

Thank you! She said as i smiled

☺ They are so lovely 💓, don’t you think? ☺

Imelda’s Pov

I walked into a fast food restaurant and bought some take away food.

My mind was still engrossed with how Isabella must have gotten that bracelet.

I have to meet that mid wife to clear things out.

I still have her address in my diary so I will be visiting her tomorrow.

I walked out of the fast food but suddenly I bumped into someone.

Am sorry! Am really sorry… I said as he turned to me and my jaw dropped and my legs became jelly.

Imelda! He called in shock as i gasped

Andrew! I replied as i felt all the past memories flushing back into my head.

Our hands were still holding each others when I quickly snatched my hand from him and gave him a dangerous stare as i walked away.

He bend down and picked up something and called me back.

Imelda! You dropped this! he said and I turned around and saw the bead necklace.

I rushed to him and snatched it from him.

Oh my goodness! Why did he have to see this? he might think I still love him? I thought within myself

You still have that? He said and my skipped… I gasped….


💓Episode eighteen💓


Imelda’s Pov

You still have that? Andrew said and my heart skipped..

I gasped and gulped nervously…

Yes! But that useless necklace means nothing and absolutely nothing to me… I said as i fumed in anger

Really? Then why do you still have it? You even took good care of it… Andrew smirked and I rolled my eyes

Because this is the only thing that will assure me of the whereabouts of my daughter if not I will never touch this… I said and I could see his surprise look.

Your daughter? So you are now married Imelda? He asked and I gave him a dangerous stare

How come you don’t have a ring on finger? He teased and I smirked

Am not married so don’t dare play anymore pranks with me.. I said as he laughed

You are not married but you have a daughter already? She’s a love child I suppose… He said and I slapped him

How dare you? For your information the daughter I had is our child, she’s your daughter…. I said as i pushed him aside and walked away.

Our daughter? We had a child? Andrew muttered


I forced back tears as i blinked hard and headed straight to my car.

That guy is so annoying! He just called my daughter a love child…. Our daughter! I cried bitterly as i hopped into the car and drove off.

I drove into the mansion and walked into the house looking really tired.

The house was so lonely…..

Carrissa! Carrissa!! I called as the maid rushed to me.

Yes ma’am! Good evening ma’am… She greeted and I nodded

Where’s Nicole? I asked

He left for the hospital this morning to be with ma’am Amy! She said

Alright! I said as i breathed heavily and sighed… I headed straight to the stairs.

Ma’am! Dinner has been served!! Carrissa said

I bought some snack from the fast food so I don’t wanna eat… I said as i walked to my large room.

I miss you Amy! Wake up already!! I said to myself as i changed my clothes.

I hope I will be able to find the mid wife Mrs Gladys by tomorrow… I thought.

Isabella’s Pov

I was dying in nervousness as Eric pulled over in a very classy fast food restaurant.

He got down from the car and opened the door for me as i got down.

Let’s go! He said sweetly as he brought out his hand and I sluggishly held him and we headed into the restaurant.

👥Oh my goodness! Look at that handsome dude… He’s with his girlfriend 👥

👥They look so good together 👥… People kept looking at us and gossiping.

Welcome to five star restaurant sir and ma’am! A waiter said politely

Where’s our reservation? Eric asked sternly

Follow me sir! He said

After you! Eric replied as we followed him.

He led us to the VVIP lodge, to a decorated table.

A red flower was used to write “Bella” on the table and I marveled as i smiled warmly.

We sat down and a menu was handed to us.

Let me have chicken sauce and cheese… Eric said

And you ma’am? The waiter asked as I flinged the pages of the menu.

Foreign food! I said to myself

I just want something local! Roasted fish and chips… I said as Eric frowned

WTF! What the hell is that? Eric asked

It’s really yummy! I smiled as he smirked

Really? He asked eagerly

Sure! I said

Alright! Get that for me too… Roasted fish and chips… Eric said as the waiter left.

You mean fish roasted with oven is really delicious? Eric asked

Very much! Especially when there’s pepper in it… I giggled

Shortly, the waiter arrived with our order .

I don’t need any cutlery like spoons, forks or knives… I said as Eric gave me a fork

So how will you eat then? He asked astonished

With my hand! It’s fun… I said and he widened his eyes in shock

What? Really? He asked as i nodded already eating with my hand hungrily

You are something Isay! He said as he kept the fork he was using and started using his hand.

How does it taste? I asked with a mouthful of chips and fish

Yummy! 😋 I love it! He said and I chuckled

Slowly we started enjoying the meal.

Suddenly he used his hand to remove a piece of bone from my mouth and I smiled and he eyed me romantically…. I blushed


Soon we left the restaurant and entered the car then hit the road.

It was a lovely night with my Prince Charming.

Suddenly our car stopped…

What happened? I asked him as he started the engines but the car was not starting.

I think the car broke down! He said as we got down from the car.

We were really worried not until we saw an ice cream man walk past us.

Ice cream! 🍦 I screamed in delight

Hey! Why are you shouting? He asked eagerly

That’s the ice cream man! I said as i yelled and told him to come.

Gosh! This girl is silly! Eric said laughing

How many do you want ma’am? It’s 30 bucks! The man asked

Two please! I said in excitement as he handed it to me and Eric gave him some money.

Keep the balance! Eric said as he thanked him and walked away.

Here! I said as i handed one ice cream to him

Isn’t it that street food are not hygienic? He asked puzzled

I don’t think so! All my life I have always been eating street food so if it isn’t hygienic then I should be dead by now… I said already licking my ice cream as he laughed happily and licked his.

Wow! He said as we licked happily

This is the sweetest moments of my life… I thought

You know what? This will look good on you… I said as i rubbed the ice cream on Eric’s nose and he laughed.

I quickly took to my heels and he ran after me.

you are so naughty! he said as we kept racing happily

Just then, I heard music… It was coming from a bar.

Let’s go in! I said

It’s already late Isabella and the car… he said pointing at the car

Forget about that! Let’s go please… I begged him as he nodded and we walked into the bar and sat down as we watched a dancer dancing.

We clapped our hands in excitement.

Not long enough, we bought some drinks.

I drank the bottle of whiskey…

We kept drinking and drinking.

Eric’s Pov

Isay! Will you stop drinking already you are drunk! I said but she laughed senselessly

Goodness me! I don’t wanna go home right now! She said as she belched loudly and smells of alcohol rushed out of her mouth.

I knew it! I said as i quickly carried her out of the bar and headed straight to the car.

You are so stubborn Isabella! It’s already Past twelve!! I said

Sir Eric! Do you know that. That I’ve been crushing on you ever since… Isabella said as she laughed and I chuckled softly

Really? I asked her

Yeah! but I thought you were grumpy! she said and smiled at nothing

Was that the reason why you never admitted to loving me? I asked more interested

And because your girlfriend Clara is simply a witch! she roared in laughter and that made me laugh so hard

Suddenly she threw up right on my face.

Yuck! I yelled as I quickly picked up my face towel and cleaned my messed up face.

Isabella coughed and choked as she quickly passed out right in my arms.

You are something Isabella! I said as i carried her into the car and I hopped in.

I started the engines praying so hard it starts and luckily for me or for us, it started and I drove off.

I kissed her forehead and smiled at her… My day was fun and all thanks to her.

Imelda’s Pov

That morning, I woke up really early and set off to search for Mrs Gladys the mid wife.

I got to the apartment and I got down from my car and headed to the door.

I made the sign of the cross and breathed heavily as I knocked on the door.

The door threw open and a young lady came out.

Good morning! I greeted calmly

Good morning ma’am! She said

Please am here to see Mrs Gladys the mid wife! I said

Am really sorry ma’am but Mrs Gladys died two years ago and her family moved out of this apartment…i have no idea where they moved to! Am really sorry… She said as i nodded and she closed the door as tears rolled down my cheeks.

How do I know the truth now? I thought still in tears as i headed to my car.

Imelda! A voice called from behind and I turned around…


To be continued….


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