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Bridge’s of love Episode 15 & 16

🖋Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋
🎗Entangled love🎗
💓Episode fifteen💓
Imelda’s Pov
Blood kept gushing out….
Amy! Amy!! I cried as i quic-kly fell on my knees weeping.
Someb©dy help! I cried bitterly as Amy was carried into an ambulance and I entered and we headed straight to the hospital.
The police started investigating to find the hoodlums that fired the bullet.
“Hello! Yes officer plea-se do everything you can to find the @[email protected] that sh0t my sister cos i know i was the target”…i cried bitterly as Amy was rushed into the emergency room with a stretcher.
OK ma’am! The officer’s voice echoed from my cell phone as i hung up walking up and down restlessly.
“Oh lord! plea-se don’t let anything bad happen to Amy, I don’t think i can bear it” I thought in tears.
Isabella’s Pov
Clara’s grip was hurting my n£¢k but what hurts the most was the fact that am going to die once she pu-lls a trigger.
She corked the gun about to shoot me when suddenly her cell phone rang aloud and she eyed me dangerously as she walked out of the room to pick the call.
The door of the dark room where I was kept was ban-ged loudly as tears circulated slowly in my eyes and poured down.
I was wailing and gnashing my teeth when I suddenly caught sight of a pair knife un-der the be-d I was lying.
I tried getting it but my legs and hands were tied.
I struggled and struggled ….i just know that if I can’t escape now then I won’t be able to escape forever.
Unending tears kept streaming down my cheeks.
“You can do this Isabella…” I comforted myself with those words and I kept trying to get the knife.
Clara’s Pov
I finished taking the call, it was actually from my mom and i had to lie to her that I went to a slumber [email protected] at my friend’s house.
What a pin in the n£¢k! She just prolonged the lifespan of that worthless girl for at least ten minutes.
I took out the key and opened the door then turned on the light of the room where Isabella was tied.
Oh my gosh! I screamed as i found the old wooden window open and I saw the ropes used to tie her on the wooden be-d she was lying.
No way! Isabella can never escape this… Guys go after her, am sure she haven’t gone far…. I screamed as the goons rushed after her as I kept walking restlessly.
“Make sure you guys bring that stupid girl, I want to finish her myself” I yelled in so much annoyance
Isabella’s Pov
It was really a jungle…
Very dark and I didn’t even think of that as I kept running down and down the valley.
I turned my back and saw three hefty men running towards me.
They have alre-ady seen me and there is no way am going to get away from them.
Hey! St©p there… They yelled at me as i felt goosebu-mps run down my b©dy.
No! I can’t give in to them. I kept muttering and suddenly I saw a de-ep cleft with water in it.
I quic-kly rushed to the cleft and fell into it not thinking of the possible outcome of my actions, I rather die in a cleft than be killed by that wicked Clara.
Kim’s Pov
I wailed uncontrollably as the police, Nicole and the press flooded the h0tel.
Isay! Where are you? You know you are the only family I have here in Manila… plea-se come back… I cried
The police asked me some few questions before they left
I was so worried about my friend Isabella and I just hope nothing bad has happened to her.
Imelda’s Pov
I walked into the doctor’s office with my teary face and voice.
So doc How is she doing? I asked anxiously
You see ma’am the surgery was successful but she went into coma and we don’t know how long this will last… The doctor said as tears rolled down my cheeks.
Oh Amy! I cried helplessly
But can I see her now doctor? I asked
Sure you can ma’am! The doctor said as i walked out of his office
Anyb©dy who did this must surely pay and I know Lady Morgana Sebastian has a hand in this… I said within myself as i sm-irked.
😭But is Isabella dead? 😭
Isabella’s Pov
I slowly opened my eyes…
I was in a strange place but I wasn’t tied…
I couldn’t see properly so I saw things blur.
Then I felt a manly hand holding me and smiling at me.
I black out again….
💓Episode sixteen💓
Lady Morgana’s Pov
I sipped the wine angrily still on the phone.
What nons-en-se! You mean you missed your target and sh0t the wrong person? My goodness! You are so gullible… I yelled as I smashed the [email protected] of wine on ground
Just find a way to clean this mess and listen up if the police ever catches you don’t you dare mention my name you moron! I screamed again as I hung up.
Mom! Who did you say got sh0t? Daisy asked from behind as i [email protected]£ startled
Never mind Daisy! I lied
No mom! I know you are hiding something from me, so what is it you are hiding mom? Daisy asked anxiously
It’s about Imelda! She’s alive and I think she’s the one who abducted Audrey… I said as Daisy [email protected]
What? Daisy asked in tears
Mom we have to do something before Imelda hurts my daughter, you know how much wrong you did to her mom I don’t want to loose my daughter… Daisy cried
Don’t worry Daisy! I will handle this…. I said as i hvgged her ti-ghtly.
Imelda’s Pov
I sat close to Amy’s hospital be-d with Nick by my side.
You mean Isabella has been missing? I asked in shock
Yes aunt best! The police have been searching all over for her, I just hope they find her so that Kim wouldn’t kill herself..Nick said
That’s really bad! Don’t worry I will go to the h0tel first thing tomorrow morning and see how the search has been going… I said as i felt terribly bad.
I really love that girl and I don’t want her to get hurt… I thought
Isabella’s Pov
I opened my weak eyes and looked around the room I was in.
It wasn’t dark like the one Clara and her hoodlums kept me.
The room was actually old and dusty so I sat on the be-d.
Where am I? I said audibly as the curtain opened and to my greatest surprise, I saw sir Eric.
Sir Eric? What are you doing here? How did I get here? I fell over the cleft then what else? I kept asking
Come on Isay! Don’t tell me you are such a talkative… Well I will tell you everything that happened.
Well at first I didn’t know you were kidnapped, so when I heard the news of how Clara humiliated you, I phoned her and scolded her. So later I drove straight to her house but on my way, I saw her driving out of the house… It was almost 8pm so I wondered where she was going so I decided to trail her. We got to a place and she parked her car and started entering the jungle so I summoned courage and followed her. I saw her enter into a small house de-ep inside the jungle. Later, I saw you run out of the small house and I was shocked and not long enough, three hefty men chased after you and I followed you guys since I was hiding. Then you fell over the cleft and they thought you were dead so no-one was close to help you so they left you there and walked back to the small house, that was when i saved you and brou-ght here…. He concluded and a smile escaped myl-ips.
So where is this? I asked anxiously
This place is really very far from Manila and this happens to be my log cabin here in San Nicolas whenever my family and i go for a vacation here but it’s been seven years since we last [email protected]£ to San Nicolas…. He said and I smiled
When am I going back home? I asked with a teary voice
Not anytime soon Isay! You see your enemy is just within so we have to make sure that Clara doesn’t see you ever again and that she believes you are dead so that we can get a strong evidence to s£nd her to jail… He said and I nodded
Thank you so much for saving my life sir Eric… I smiled lightly
You are welcome but you can call me Eric… no formalities required… he said and I chuckled
Here I bought some of the things you will need and I will always come time to time to check up on you so for now let them believe that you are dead… He said
Thank you sir…. I mean Eric…. I said and he grinned
Eric and I strolled around the area, it was actually cool but I will really Miss Kim so much and I wish she was with me.
I miss Nathan and even though mother was grumpy I still missed her too.
The log cabin was cool and the stuffs Eric bought was very helpful.
Well later that day, Sir Eric travelled back to Manila and that was when real loneliness surfaced even though I had everything I needed.
Imelda’s Pov
The next morning, I drove straight to the h0tel.
I walked to the [email protected] where Kim and Isabella are staying and met Kim crying.
She narrated every details of what happened that night Isabella got missing.
Just then, she brou-ght out some clothes to wash and suddenly a bead n£¢klace fell from the clothes she was carrying.
She quic-kly picked it up…
Uhmm… Kim what is that? I asked as she handed the bead n£¢klace to me.
I looked at the bead n£¢klace and I recognized it immediately.
“This is my bead n£¢klace it was given to me by Andrew the day I went to see his mother and when I was in labor I gave it to the mid wife and told her to wear it on my baby’s n£¢k… I thought within myself
Who has this n£¢klace? I asked Kim anxiously
It’s Isabella’s n£¢klace ma’am! She said
How did she get it? Where? I asked forcing back tears
You see ma’am, it’s actually from her real parents I guess… Kim said
Her real parents? What about Mrs Jane? Is she not her real mother? I asked
She’s not ma’am! Isay was actually picked by Aunt Jane and her late husband and she said the n£¢klace is the only thing she has to show that she has a real parents… Kim said as i stood in agape
Ma’am Vanessa! Are you OK? Kim asked and I quic-kly nodded my head
Can I have the n£¢klace? I asked and she gave it to me as i walked away in tears. ”
I’ve been looking for this for years now, how come it’s with Isabella? How did she come in possession of the n£¢klace? I kept thinking as I drove in my car.
😉Are you thinking what am thinking? 😉
Clara’s Pov
I walked into the Sebastian’s mansion and saw Aunt Julie on her way out.
“Hi aunt! Good morning”…. I said as i pe-cked her and she smiled broadly.
“Oh Clara, how are you baby?” Aunt Julie said
“Am good aunt! I see you are living alre-ady, where’s Eric? “I asked
“Well he’s actually traveling, he has a business trip to go to… That’s what he told his dad” Aunt Julie said
“Business trip?” I asked
“Yes! I really need to leave now but he’s still upstairs getting prepared” Aunt Julie said as she hvgged me and walked away.
I quic-kly rushed upstairs and with my usual manner, I barged into his room. He was actually packing his stuffs.
Baby! I said as i wanted to k!sshim but he turned away.
Clara am really busy as you can see….. He said as he sank his f!ngersinto his hair and quic-kly carried his traveling bag and walked out of the room.
I watched him enter his car and zoomed out of the compound.
I know he’s still angry with me but he should have talked to me at least tell me where he’s going.
But I have no worries cos Eric is mine and no bit-ch can steal him away from me now that that stupid girl Isabella whom crossed my path is finally dead… I thought as i smiled warmly.
Isabella’s Pov
Ouch! I yelled as the oil I was using in frying plantain stinged me as i stirred the plantain.
My goodness! I need to be quic-k before Sir Eric gets here… I said as i continued cooking.
Honestly it’s really lonely being here in the log cabin but am just glad that Sir Eric is always here to kill the boredom with me.
Some minutes later, I was alre-ady done cooking when I heard the car horn.
I jumped for joy as Sir Eric entered.
Oh my goodness! This guy is driving me nuts… His attire was killing and he looked extremely handsome and he got me drooling.
He was carrying a small bag.
Hi sir! I said smartly smiling but inside of me I was dying for him.
Isay! He said as he hvgged me and I [email protected]£ very surprised.
Did he just hvg me? I asked myself as we dis£ngaged the hvg immediately.
I will be staying here with you for three weeks… He said and I smiled.
Come on sir! I made breakfast you can join me… I said as i quic-kly snatched the bag from him and kept it on the table as i quic-kly dragged him along with me.
I made the dish myself try it… I said as he laughed and tasted it.
I looked at him with a “how-do-you-see-it” look.
Wow! Delicious… He said and I chuckled as we continued eating and I was trying so [email protected] to avoid eye contact with him.
Let me get a jug of water… I said as i turned to leave and suddenly the sprinkled water on the ground sli-pped me and I almost fell but he caught me and our eyes meet with each others as ourl-ips drew closer to each other.
His nose t©uçhed my nose as ourl-ips were alre-ady close to each others, my heart skipped… I wanted to st©p this but I just don’t want to cos it seems I really want this k!ss.
My heart st©pped beating as we lockedl-ips together….
To be continued…..
💓Love in the air! but is this right? Are they siblings? Imelda is with the n£¢klace so what those this mean? will Clara be able to track down where Isabella and Eric are?💓
Stay tuned!

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