Bridge’s of love Episode 11 & 12

🖋Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋
🎗Entangled love🎗
💓Episode eleven💓
Clara’s Pov
The defenseless worthless waitress managed to get up from the ground in tears.
Am really sorry ma’am! She said as tears kept streaming down her cheeks
You are so stupid… I yelled at her as she quic-kly rushed out of my sight in bitterness.
That girl is such a fool… I will teach her a lesson… I said not minding the fact that i was alre-ady causing a scene there.
What’s her name? I asked the other waitresses
Isabella Hildalgo! They said as i rushed out
Where are you going Clara? Haven’t you lashed out on the poor girl alre-ady so what’s the use of ma-king her lose her job? Eric asked as he held me by my arm
Let me go! I said and snatched my hand from him as i rushed to the receptionist.
Hey! Can I see the manager? I said rudely
No ma’am… Uhmm… Ye… No…. She stammered as i pushed her aside r0ûghly and walked into the inner room.
I barged into the manager’s office and found the young lady busy.
Good evening ma’am! May I help you? She asked politely
Shut up! So if you have no use for me i will come here? I replied arrogantly
Am sorry miss! She said
Well my name is Clara Martinez! I said proudly as the manager laughed in excitement
Oh my goodness! Miss Martinez? I can’t believe am standing with my Idol… She said as she made to hvg me
Hold it right there! I didn’t come here for us to hvg each other besides your filthy self will just soil the expensive dress the more… Am here to ask for something… I said fuming with anger
What is it ma’am? The manager asked
It’s about one of the waitresses… Isabella Hildalgo! I want her fired… I said as the manager gulped nervously
Uhmm… Ma’am she was actually employed by the management itself… She said
I don’t care! I just wanna see her ever again… I said as i picked up my hand bag and walked out not even letting the manager say anymore word.
Isabella’s Pov
I rushed into the restroom and broke into fresh tears.
I was so heartbroken! I wish i never existed… Being poor is the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone.
Just then, the door threw open and Kim walked in with tears running down her chubby cheeks.
Kim! I called as i hvgged her ti-ghtly
Am sorry Isay! She said as we wept together in each others arms.
Where is it? Where is the c@m£ra? I asked no-one in p@rticular as i searched the whole room.
What are you looking for Isay? Kim asked as she arranged the clothes on her be-d.
The c@m£ra… I can’t find it… I said
Thought you wore it earlier before you met that grumpy bad mannered rich br@t.. Kim said as i stood at a place trying to recall where I saw it last.
oh my God! I wore it when the rich br@t bullied me… I said as i fell on the sofa heavily
Did she take the c@m£ra? Kim asked quic-kly
Of what use will it be to her? I asked
I don’t know! But did you see her take it? Kim asked anxiously
No I didn’t! I said still thinking of where I had left my precious c@m£ra.
Eric’s Pov
I brou-ght out the c@m£ra from my bag beside the be-d.
I kept staring at the c@m£ra, just then there was a knock on the door.
I quic-kly hid the c@m£ra and opened the door as mom walked in
Am not hungry! I said calmly as i sat on the be-d
Why is that son? Baby you nee-d to eat besides you did a lot of work today at the office… I don’t want you getting lean… Mom said as she kept looking at my face and tou-ching my n£¢k to check my temperature.
Oh plea-se mom! Am no longer a child, am a man now mom and I will so appreciate it if you start seeing me and treating me as one… I said pissed off
Eric you will always be my baby no matter what… Mom said and I shrugged
Am not hungry mom but am tired so I really nee-d to rest… good night mom… I said as i k!$$£d her and she patted my hair and locked my door
I quic-kly brou-ght out the c@m£ra again and started staring at it again.
That was really so rude of Clara to have treated the poor waitress the way she did but how did she get hold of this c@m£ra? I will have to find out… I said as i kept the c@m£ra and peered into darkness from my window.
Imelda’s Pov
I drove out of the mansion immediately as my phone rang aloud and i picked it up.
“Hello” I said strictly
“Good day ma’am “…the voice echoed
“Have you gotten the information I asked you for? ” I asked anxiously
“Yes ma’am, she was taken to school by her mom but they are yet to pick her up ” he said and I smiled slightly
“That’s good” I said as i hung up and laughed mischievously
“Payback time!” I said as i drove on.
Shortly, I drove to a halt in front of a school…
I walked in gently as the little Audrey saw me and rushed out as she hvgged me ti-ghtly.
Auntie! She said as i pe-cked her
Uhmm.. her mom said I should pick her up from school… I said gently
Am sorry ma’am but it’s not advisable to leave her with you… I haven’t seen you before so I don’t want to get into trouble… the staff said
Awwwwnnn…. Audrey I will have to tell your mom to pick you up herself… I said
Teacher! I know her, she’s my mother’s sister… Audrey said clinging to me
Audrey you have to wait for your mom… the staff said
No! She’s gonna buy me ice cream and mom told me to go with her, she’s so kind… Audrey said as the convinced staff nodded in agreement
You can go with her… she said as i smiled warmly and handed some money to her
Use this to buy some food for yourself! You must be hungry since you have been waiting for Audrey to be picked up… I said
Thank you so much ma’am! She said as i smiled and walked away with Audrey as we entered into my car and drove off.
“This is just the beginning of your misery Daisy! You will feel two times the misery I felt when I lost my daughter” I thought as i quic-kly wiped off my tears.
I sat on the be-d where little Audrey was lying on and slee-ping peacefully.
Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably.
They denied me the joy of having a family! A complete family and left me miserable, if not for Nicole and Amy I wouldn’t have anyb©dy to call my family but now I will make sure they pay dearly for all the made me loose… Rest in peace Nana… Justice I shall get… I cried as i patted Audrey’s hair.
Dear Audrey! Am really sorry baby that I had to involve you in my search for justice and revenge but your mommy and your grandma separated me from my family and also led to the death of my only child and you are the best revenge I can get… I will never return you to them so that they will feel every single pain I felt for the past twenty two years… I said bitterly with grief as tears streamed down my eyes..
💓Episode twelve💓
Daisy’s Pov
I wailed uncontrollably as the police walked throu-gh and from our mansion.
Mom! What wrong have i committed? My little baby! My baby…. I cried as my mom hvgged me ti-ghtly
Don’t worry Daisy! Your husband have been talking to the police and we pray that little Audrey will be found… Mom said as i gro-an ed in pain.
I just hope my little daughter comes back to mommy’s arms again! where are you Audrey? I miss you baby… I wailed in moms arms.
Just then, one of the maids handed a letter to me and i took it.
This is for you ma’am! A man said I should give you this… She said as i took it and she walked away. Mom quic-kly opened the letter and re-ad aloud
. “Daisy.. Lady Morgana hello! You will never find your granddaughter and your daughter Audrey cos finally nemesis have caught up with you and your pasts have rise against you ” Mom re-ad as we g@sped in shock.
Eric’s Pov
I parked my car at the garage in the h0tel as i walked into the building.
I sat on an empty table carefully looking around to see if i will catch a sight of the cute girl.
Sir! What’s your order? My name is Mira .. One of the waitresses asked rolling her eyes se-ductively
I want Isabella! Isabella Hildalgo… I said remembering the name one waitress told Clara that day.
I can give you more than what she can offer sir… Mira said as she li-cks herl-ips in a mischievous grin.
If I were you, I would just obey instructions by going in to fetch Isabella unless you want to take her punishment for her.. I said as the scared waitress Mira quic-kly rushed out and c@m£ with pretty Isabella who was looking really scared probably the waitress must have told her some scary things.
Good day sir! I was told you wanted to see me… Isabella said as tears circulated her eyes slowly and poured down to her cheeks.
Uhmm… You can sit.. I said trying to make her feel better as she sit down agitating.
Well my name is Eric Sebastian, so what’s your name? I asked simply
Isabella Hildalgo sir! She said in anxiety
You see my main aim of coming to see you is to… I said as she quic-kly fell on her knees pleading.
plea-se sir! I don’t wanna lose my job… I promise I will always be careful I will never split wine on your fiancee ever again… Sir plea-se it was just a little clumsy and confused but I promise to be more careful next time sir I beg you…. My mother will kill me if I ever go back to San Francisco, sir I beg you plea-se… She wailed still on her knees
No! No!! Just get up alre-ady, no-one is gonna make you lose your job Isabella… Am not here to scold or scream at you… I said feeling really sorry for her
Oh really sir? So why do u want to see me? She asked softly cleaning her tears
I heard you say something about San Francisco so do you know that place? I asked
Yes sir! That’s where i c@m£ from with my friend Kim! We live there… She said as i smiled warmly and quic-kly brou-ght out the c@m£ra and she g@sped.
Is this yours? I asked her as she nodded
Yes but am not the actual owner of that… She said
So who is? I asked anxiously
Well it belongs to a rich kid… It’s been like twenty years ago but I took good care of that… The kid was grumpy and he sl@pped me so then he dropped the c@m£ra when I wanted to call him back, my brother st©pped me… He picked the c@m£ra and gave it to me but I told him that it’s wrong to take that which isn’t ours but he said its actually a payback cos he sl@pped me so I never pla-yed with that… She said giggling
Wow! You know Isabella it’s really funny but what if i say am the rich grumpy kid… I said and she quic-kly covered her mouth with her palms.
Are you sir? She asked as she choked in surprise
Yes! This c@m£ra is actually mine and am the grumpy kid but don’t worry am not mad at you instead am ashamed of myself for being so rude… I said as she smiled lightly
Really sir? Are you sure you are the rich kid cos you are very nice? She said as i laughed
Of course I am… I said as she nodded
I see… she said
Do you care for food? I can buy you some… I said feeling really relaxed with her cos she’s a kinda lovely to be with… She has lots of stories to tell
No sir! She said ashamedly
Why is that? I thought we are friends alre-ady? I asked her feigning a frown
That’s right but am a little nervous around you… She said and that made me laugh even more
Jeeeeezz! You are so funny Isabella… I said
You can call me Isay if you want that is if Isabella is too long for you to say…she ch!pped in and sipped her orange squash
That’s cool Isay! I said and she chuckled
Well who gave you the short form “Isay”? I asked inquisitively
My late father and my brother Nathan… I really miss them a lot… She said as i smiled
Am really sorry about your father I must have made you think of him again? I said
No of course not! She snorted and I laughed as she continued telling me stories.
You know what? You can keep the c@m£ra… I said handing it over to her
Really? Thank you so much Sir… She jumped for joy as she hvgged the c@m£ra
Call me Eric not Sir… I said as she nodded and she never st©pped talking and to be frank I enjoyed every minute with her.
Mira’s Pov
I watched them from afar as they chatted like they were a couple.
What has Isabella that I don’t have that makes Sir Eric Sebastian of all people to be fond of her? I asked myself restlessly b!tt!g my l!pin annoyance.
I can’t let this continue since sir Eric doesn’t like me then there’s no reason for him to like Isabella… I said again as I quic-kly brou-ght out my cell phone and took their pictures as i walked away angrily.
That girl is damn unbelievable! I wonder what she really has that makes everyone like her a lot… I kept soliloquising
Imelda’s Pov
Mommy! Daddy!! Audrey cried from inside the room as i walked in and saw her awake.
Baby! How are you doing? I asked patting her softly
Auntie! What are we doing here? Where’s my mommy and daddy? Audrey asked in tears
Come on baby you don’t have to cry! You see… Mommy uhmm… She went out of town and daddy accompanied her so whenever they come back they will come pick you up… I lied
But mom never told me about that? Audrey said childishly
Oh yeah! It was an emergency baby and they really nee-ded to be there.. I said
Are you sure auntie? She asked as I looked away and tears filled my eyes but I blinked ha-rd as I f0rç£d a smile at her and nodded as I hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“Oh my little Audrey! Am really sorry but this is the best revenge I can get for my daughter and Nana but I promise to return you to your parents once am done with them ” I said to myself
Clara’s Pov
I la-id heavily on my soft giant be-d with my l@pt©p when suddenly my cell phone beeped noisily.
I quic-kly picked it up… it was a message from an unknown number.
“I have something important to tell you Miss Clara Martinez! It’s about your fiance Eric Sebastian… you nee-d to know about this for your own good..let’s meet tomorrow at St Mary’s church by 5pm” I re-ad aloud as i felt goosebu-mps run down my spine.
What could this be about? If I ever find the flir-t who has been pla-ying with my man! I said as i paused and laughed wickedly
I will crush her with my ba-re hands, I swear to God am gonna rip off her eyes and feed them to the dogs and I will throw her stinky, flir-ty carcas-s to the vultures… I yelled in pain as i picked up a glas-s of water on my stool and threw it away angrily and it broke into pieces as i breathed heavily in so much fury.
What’s going on in there ma’am? my nanny Vero asked from outside
Get the hell out of here you nosy parker! I screamed as I pushed my l@pt©p and it fell off the be-d and I la-id on my be-d p@n-ting in fury.
(This story is written by Pinky Preshy Chioma)
Nicole’s Pov
I was set to leave for the h0tel and i walked out of the mansion heading to the garage when I heard my name… It was my mom
Nick! Nick!! My mom Amy called me and i turned around
Mom! I smiled warmly at her
Come on Nick! Are you leaving me alone in this big house? Mom said and I laughed
I will be gone for only a while mom! I nee-d to explore Manila and most especially I nee-d to see the new clas-sy h0tel that aunt Vanessa built… I said
Alright son! Just don’t waste time… Mom said and I chuckled as I hopped into my car and drove off.
Mom is really something you know! What does she take me for? A baby? She has always been like that! ma-king me feel like a new born baby… For God sake am 23 years old… I said to myself
Some minutes later, I drove into the h0tel and i smiled warmly.
This is wow! I said in awe as i entered the h0tel
Suddenly I sli-pped by the stairs but someone held me and i didn’t fell but I sustained a slight injury on my leg.
Thank you miss! I smiled at the girl who helped me
You are welcome! You only nee-d to be more careful sir! She said cutely… Her voice was so tiny and adorable and I nodded
What’s your name miss? I asked politely
Am Isabella! Am a. waitress here… She said as i smiled
Am Nicole but you can call me Nick… Actually Lady Vanessa is my aunt… I said and she g@sped
I didn’t even know I was talking to my boss… she said and I shrugged
I think your wound is bleeding sir! She said and I f0rç£d a smile.
She helped me sit as she started treating the wound and I stared into her face.
Her de-ep blue eyes, smooth face… She’s very beautiful! I thought
Clara’s Pov
I got down from my car and walked to the field in the church and met a lady with a veil which covered her face and hair and I got visibly scared.
Who are you? I asked anxiously as she backed me and handed an envelope to me
That will give you the whole information you are looking for… She said in a voice that was not clear as she walked away before I could say anymore word.
What the hell is this? I asked myself as i walked towards my car
I gently to-re the pinned envelope and in it were some copies of ph0togra-ph.
I peered into it and my jaw dropped in shock…..
To be continued….
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