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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Bridge’s of love Episode 1 & 2

12 min read



🖋Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋

🎗Entangled love 🎗




Have you ever fallen in love before?💖

If you have, have your love ever been unwanted? 😭


The romance between the wealthy senator’s son Andrew Sebastian and the poor daughter of a plantation worker Imelda Rodriguez was cut short because Andrew’s mother Lady Morgana Sebastian disapproves of their wedding.

But then, Lady Morgana found out that Imelda was pregnant, she didn’t want Andrew to know about this because if he does, he will definitely stick to Imelda who was heartbroken.

So on the day of the birth of Imelda and Andrew’s daughter, she planned with the mid wife and tricked Imelda that her daughter was dead and sent Imelda to jail.

The little baby girl was abandoned in a garbage bin where a poor farmer and his wife found her.

Imelda swore to make the Sebastian’s pay for her suffering and for the death of her daughter (as she thought)

Many years later, Andrew’s son with his wife Julie Eric fell in love…….

But who did he fall in love with?
He fell in love with a poor farmer’s daughter Isabella…….
Are you thinking what am thinking?
Who is Isabella?
Is this a twist of fate?
Will this love grow when there are so many obstacles bridging it?
Is Isabella Eric’s relation?
Will Imelda find her daughter?
What plans have Imelda for the Sebastian’s for

all the misery and the death of her grandma they caused?

Find out in this heart thrilling story!!


💓Episode one💓


Imelda’s Pov

I kept admiring the dress I was wearing on the mirror hanged inside our poorly decorated bedroom. The dress is actually very expensive together with the shoe I was wearing.

It was bought by my fiance Andrew Sebastian, the only son of the wealthy family.

He’s the love of my life… My Prince Charming😘😍

Actually today, am going to their family mansion for the very first time.

His dad is late so he’s going to introduce me to his mom who was highly respected being the wife of a senator and owner of lots of estates, companies and so on.

I was really tensed, I just hope she likes me

Nana how do I look? I asked spinning around slowly.

Ooh my granddaughter is so beautiful… My grandma who sat on the bed arranging clothes said and I blushed.

Am really nervous Nana… I said but Grandma laughed

Don’t be my dear, you are absolutely gorgeous and am sure Andrew’s mom will love you instantly… Grandma assured as i nodded in agreement.

Well, my name is Imelda Rodriguez, am 23 years old….sad to say am an orphan so the one person I have as a relative is my Grandma Eunice, but I call her Nana.

She is the one I grew up with after mother and father died a car accident. Nana was only able to train me in high school but I couldn’t attend college cos she has no money.

So I

had no choice than to join my Nana in her plantation work for us to fend.

Purrrrrrr…… That is Andrew’s car horn blowing loudly.

Imelda! Imelda!! Grandma yelled loudly as I quickly put on the shoes and rushed out.

Bye Nana! I said waving at Nana who smiled at Andrew and I

Nana take good care of yourself OK… Andrew said and Nana nodded.

Love get into the car… Andrew said and opened the car door as i hopped in and he also entered the car and drove off.


As we drove close to the Sebastian’s mansion, I became more than nervous.

Andrew am really scared…. I said breaking the silence

It’s written all over you Imelda, come on babe! You shouldn’t be, look my mom is human just like you are so there’s no need being afraid… Andrew assured me and he pecked my cheek.

I only smiled in anxiety….

I love you Imelda! Just bear this in mind alright… He reassured and I nodded

Minutes later, we drove into the Sebastian’s mansion.

My jaw dropped in awe… It looked like I was in paradise.

It was more like a palace, I kept looking around in shock as Andrew held me back my hand and we walked into the mansion.

Lady Morgana’s Pov

I was sitting on my large soft bed with my desktop computer when one of the maids walked in.

My lady! Sir Andrew is here…. Suzy the maid said as i nodded and turned to leave.

Wait! I ordered as she turned to me

Yes ma’am! She answered

Is Daisy awake? I asked anxiously

No! She’s gone to bed… She said still standing in front of me.

What are you still standing there for? Get lost!! I yelled at her as she quickly rushed out of the room


I walked downstairs straight to the sitting room, I saw the peasant girl sitting with Andrew.

Good evening ma’am…. She quickly greeted me and stood up to touch my fist.

Enough! I shunned her rudely and Andrew frowned.

Mom this is Imelda she’s my fiancee, Love this is my mom… Andrew said as she smiled at me but I frowned.

So this is the wife you told me you have found? I asked giving Imelda a dangerous look as she looks away in fear.

Mom please… Andrew said

Now tell me about your parents? I asked not even sitting down or letting her sit down.

My parents are late ma’am, I live with my grandma…. Imelda said in tears but who cares?

What the hell is actually wrong with Andrew? Of all the beautiful girls here in Manila why should he choose this low life bitch as a wife… I thought

Really? I laughed mockingly as tears streamed down her cheeks

Mom stop it! Andrew shouted angrily

Mommy! Who’s that? A voice said from behind, it was Daisy… My only daughter and Andrew’s only sister.

Ooh! Is she the new maid you employed from the agency? Daisy asked as Andrew got very angry as he gave Daisy a resounding slap

What the f**k? I yelled in shock as i quickly pushed Andrew aside

You slapped me? Daisy asked fuming with anger

And I will slap you again if your manners remain absent… Andrew said

No Andrew! That’s enough… Imelda managed to speak

Listen Andrew over my dead body will you marry this gold digger you called your fiancee… I said in disgust

Is this thing his fiancee? Seriously mommy? I can’t believe this, my friends are gonna laugh at me if they hear this… Andrew Sebastian of all people is getting married to a peasant, dirty, poor, haggard thing… Daisy said as Andrew made to hit her but Imelda stopped him.

That’s enough Andrew! I can’t take this anymore… Imelda screamed in agony as she picked up her cheap bag and rushed out of the mansion in tears.

I won’t forgive you for this mom and you Daisy…Andrew shouted as he rushed out too.

You know mommy! I didn’t know that Andrew lacks good taste…. Daisy said as she sat on the cushion with the remote control.

He thinks I will accept that useless thing? Andrew will get married to the governor’s daughter Julie and that’s final… I said

Imelda’s Pov

I have never been so humiliated…

I feel like some piece of trash, like a useless person…

They were so mean, cruel and heartless.. Just because I come from a poor family.

Her words kept drumming and resounding in my ear.

I didn’t stop running, it was raining heavily but I didn’t mind.

Imelda! Imelda!! I heard Andrew calling me from behind but I paid no attention to him and I didn’t stop running.

I was already wet from the rain.

“This peasant girl “those words of lady Morgana kept ringing in my ear….


💓Episode two💓


Imelda’s Pov

Nana and I were wrapping the rice cakes she made when a flashy car stopped in front of our house.

Nana! Who’s that? I asked in fear cos that wasn’t Andrew’s car beside Nana had warned Andrew to stay away from me since his mom despises me.

It really hurts but I had no choice than to stay away from him equally.

The car door threw open and to my greatest surprise, Lady Morgana walked out of the car with her pretty little witch of a daughter Daisy.

I gasped as my heartbeat increased.

Nana that’s Lady Morgana… That’s Andrew’s mother… I said in fear as Nana and I stood up shivering in fear.

Good morning ma’am! Nana and I greeted them but they just stared at us in disgust and spat out.

Lady Morgana took an envelope from Daisy and threw it at Nana and I.

That is the sum of two million bucks…. Take it and stay away from my son…. She said arrogantly

Lady Morgana! My daughter and I don’t need your money… Nana said as Daisy laughed mischievously and mimicked my grandma.

Oh shut your trap you gutters! We know you need it so quit your pretence and take the money cos i won’t take it lightly with you Imelda the next time I see you anywhere close to my brother… Daisy said wickedly

You know, sometimes I wonder what my son saw in you, like am already feeling dirty just stepping into this area talk more of staying here up to thirty minutes…listen Imelda if you try going against what I told you…. Lady Morgana said and grinned angrily

I will not think twice in sending both you and your stinking grandmother to meet your wretched parents… I will kill your grandma, i swear I will if I see you with my son again…. Lady Morgana said as she turned to leave.

Lady Morgana! I called her and she turned around

Don’t you dare hurt my Nana! Here this is your money you can go with it… I said boldly

•But seriously I don’t know where this boldness came from… I thought

Daisy quickly snatched the envelope from me and spat at me.

Let’s go baby! Lady Morgana said as she walked into the car and they speeded off as Nana and I bursted into tears holding each other.


I laid on the sofa sleeping as Nana rushed in yelling my name.

Imelda! Imelda!! Nana yelled angrily as i quickly jumped up from the sofa

Yes Nana! I answered rubbing my weak eyes

What the hell is wrong with you? Do you want to burn down this house? Nana lamented bitterly

Oh my goodness! The beans… I shouted and rushed out of the room to check up on it.

What is wrong with you Imelda? For the past few weeks, you have become something else… You left the beans on the cooker and slept off… It’s a good thing I came in on time when the whole house is smelling of burnt beans… Nana said

Am sorry Nana… I didn’t… I said but before I could finish talking, I rushed into the bathroom and threw up.

Oh my God! This is not happening… Nana alarmed as i came out of the bathroom with a questioning look

Imelda when last did you see your monthly flow? Nana asked as I stared at her in confusion.

And I gasped in shock…

No way! Nana I think am pregnant and Andrew is responsible for it… I said as Nana sat on the cushion heavily with tears running down her cheeks.

Andrew’s Pov

I already had four bottles of whiskey and still drinking.

How could you Imelda? You couldn’t stand up for our love? You gave up already…

I thought you loved me but no! I was so wrong cos you don’t care about me at all… I kept lamenting as i drank

Andrew! son….what are you doing to yourself? That was my mom’s voice.

Mom just leave me alone right now, I want to be alone… you caused all of this! I yelled

Son it’s about time you move on, it’s two months already.. can’t you see that the useless girl doesn’t care about you? She doesn’t love you if she does she would have come back… Mom said

No mom! She told me she loves me… I staggered drunk

She’s a gold digger son, move on! Look at Julie the governor’s daughter, she’s so beautiful and she loves you… You might be crying because of that useless low life piece of trash while she’s enjoying life with some guy somewhere… Mom said as she hugged me tightly.

Lady Morgana’s Po

The land telephone rang aloud and I picked it up.

Hello ma’am! that was Jack… a guy I paid to keep an eye on that stupid girl Imelda

Yes! What is it? Any update? I asked anxiously

Ma’am I think there’s a problem… Jack said

What do you mean? I asked again

It’s Imelda, she’s pregnant ma’am and I heard she wants to come to the mansion tomorrow with her grandma to inform sir Andrew… Jack said as i flared up angrily

No way! that useless hoer… I screamed in annoyance

Now that I have finally succeeded in making Andrew believe that Imelda is bad for him she wants to show up? You know what? Do that which I told you tonight…. I said smiling mischievously

OK ma’am… Jack laughed and hung up

Tonight Imelda is going to leave our lives for good and we will have nothing like her and her worthless grandma… I laughed devilishly

Imelda’s Pov

I was doing the laundry outside the house that night when I suddenly heard a noise.

The police walked straight to me with a wailing young lady who I don’t know.

Yes sir! That’s her, she’s the wicked woman who shot my son…. She wailed pointing at me as i looked at them confused

What are you saying? Who are you? I asked in confusion

Shut up you ungrateful bitch! how could you? all because of money you killed my only son… she cried

Officer’s what’s going on here? I asked as they were already putting a handcuff on my hands.

Just then Nana rushed out of the house…

What’s going on? Let her go… Nana screamed but they were already dragging me to the car.

I struggle to stop them but I couldn’t… I watched as Nana held her chest in pain.

Actually Nana has a heart problem…

I was pushed into the van as i shouted my poor Nana’s name but she was almost giving up… She’s having a heart attack and I couldn’t do anything as we drove off.

The most painful thing is that… On this day, I lost my grandma… She died and I was stuck in jail for a crime I know nothing of, I was equally heavily pregnant and had no lawyer to defend me so I was sentenced to life imprisonment.

My only hope was my baby….

Miss Rodriguez! You have a visitor…. A female officer told me as i stood up and followed her out.

“But who could it be? I have no relations except for my dead grandma Nana” I thought

Hello Imelda! A voice said as i looked out and saw my worst enemy…. Lady Morgana

What are you doing here? I asked her

Will you shut up! your fate is wrapped in my finger Imelda Rodriguez… you failed to keep your promise of staying away from my son so I just finished your little family up… she laughed devilishly

I will make you pay for this Lady Morgana…. I cried bitterly

How will you do that? When you will rot in jail for good… she mocked me

I will destroy you Morgana, once am out of here I will not only get rich but I will be richer than you and you will pay for all you have done to me…. I gnashed my teeth in pain as she raised her hand to slap me but I held her hand….



To be continued

😭😭Awwwwnnn I feel for Imelda… the saga began now! 😭😭

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